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"Ugh... stupid dyslexia." I muttered under my breath. I was reading my history text book.

"Miss Adriana," Mrs. Jadsion asked," is there a problem?" I looked at her confused for a second until I looked down. My worksheet was only halfway completed while others were already done.

"Uh... No Mrs. Jadsion" I replied. Gosh I hated my new Private School. Every school I go to I always get kicked out within a year. HECK I don't even last a MONTH without getting suspended.

"Well then... 3 min. left to finish the assignment." she barked. "If" she replied," you dont finish within 3 min. you get detention." Golly I thought. This isnt new for me. She knew and I knew that I would be getting detention. "RING~RING". Saved by the bell I thought. Knowing I was going to get it I jumped out of my seat and ran for my locker. It was the last period so I was getting ready to leave when the "popular girls" just had to be heading by.

"Oh look, the circus is in town today." chided Chloe, the leader of the group, who was holding some bottle water.

"Look here...how did these rats get in here?..." I mimicked.

"UGH!" screamed Chloe. She threw the water in here cup at me. At the last second I thought DONT GET WET. I Looked down and saw that the water just absorbed into my clothes and looked like she did nothing to me.

"What-" stammered Chloe. That wasnt even the cool part. Looked at the bottle and simply thought Explode.The bottle of water then exploded and got water everywhere except me. While they were still in shock I shoved the rest of my books into my backpack, closed the locker door and took off. I ran outside and headed toward my bike. I quickly unlocked the chains around my bike and fastened the strap on my backpack and took off to my parents mansion. As I rode down the block my midnight black hair wildly whipped around my face and started to get into my sea green eyes. A couple blocks later I finally reached my parents mansion. I Parked my bike and thought in my head in a couple weeks I will finally get a car. You see... I am 15 and in a couple weeks I will be 16. I dug around in my backpack for awhile to find the keys the the mansion when I heard my cell phone go off. "BEEP~BEEP" I looked at the caller ID to see who it was. Its was my best friend Julie.

"Whats up?" I asked?

Julie bleated,"Can I come over?" She sounded so nervous it kind of creeped me out.

I replied,"sure." I reached the door only to find it was opened. I shrugged it off and walked inside. I was startled to find the maid here. She was supposed to only be here on the weekends. She stood there looking at me while she was licking her lips. I found that a bit off but looked away. A few min. later I heard knocking t the door. It was Julie. I walk over there to open the door but the maid got in my way. She grabbed my hand and said," You are not going anywhere child."

Julie then started pounding harder on the door. She then Shouted," OPEN THIS DOOR NOW!" But then something strange happened, the maid's skin started smoking and soon she turned into half woman half snake lady. Echidna I thought. but when I spoke something else came out. Ἔχιδνα" Is what I said.

The snake lady soon replied," Be careful with names child!" Julie then kicked the door open. instead of shoes all I saw was a pair of hooves.

"COME ON LETS GO!" screamed Julie. We ran across the lawn with the Echidna behind us. I then felt the sprinklers under our feet. I thought back to when I made the water bottle explode. I then thought Explode. The sprinklers behind us exploded with so much pressure the ground shook. We then headed to Julie's car. Once we were all in the car Julie slammed on the gas pedal. With my AHDH time passed by quickly. On our way to somewhere Julie handed me a business card. Its read something like this to me Camp Half Blood.

"Camp Half Blood?" I asked?

"SHHHH!" cautioned Julie. " Its the place where you will be safe." She explained.

"Your Not all mortal Adriana," she explained ," your half god and half mortal."

"Um I dont know what you are talking about." I said confused.

"Your father is a greek god." blurted Julie.

"A greek what-" I gasped. I was interrupted from an explosion behind us.

"Were almost there." murmured Julie.

"Where?" I asked

" Didnt you read the card? We are going to Rhode Island!" shouted Julie. We barely missed an thankfully empty car that has been thrown at us. We soon reached a place were there was a strawberry patch covering green valley. That happened to be when we ran out of gas. Julie then handed me a necklace.

"NO TIME FOR GIFTS NOW!" I screamed.

"OPEN THE LOCKET!" she explained. I did and what happened surprised me. Its turned into a 3 feet long celestial bronze sword.

"ITS MAGIC SO IF YOU LOSE IT IT WILL REAPPEAR ON YOUR NECK!" she explained then started jumped out of the car and head toward camp. The Echinda was close enough to grab us by the time we were a couple yards away. The Echinda grabbed Julie by the leg and pulled her down. Then it happened to rain. I felt a sudden burst of energy. I screamed and the ground below us started to shake. EARTHQUAKE I thought. The monster let go of Julie and swayed from the earthquake. At blinding speed I ran toward the monster and raised my sword. With a quick -slash- the monster dissolved into golden dust. I felt the energy drain away from me as I continued up the hill to reach Julie. When I did she was unconscious. I had to use all the energy I had left to climb up the muddy hill and pass the other side while dragging her. Julie muttered something like"Nature..." When I finally reached the top of the hill and past the boundary line, I passed out.

I woke up with a bad headache. A blonde girl loomed over me, muttering something to a boy who looked just like me. I guess that they were too busy in a conversation to see me. I tried to get up, but my side hurted so bad it made me groan in agony. I felt like I was going to pass out again. Thats when the girl and boy saw me. Thats when I WANTED to pass out and I did. Okay. A couple hours later I think or can be days I woke up in an empty room. I felt ten times better then before. I looked outside and saw that Its was probably morning. I stretched felling slight discomfort from my wound. ( which I dont know how that happened) and got up. Thats when the blonde girl walked in again.

"Hi..." I said meekly," my name is Adriana." I held out my hand for her to shake.

"Hi I am Annabeth. Nice to Meet you." She replied. She took my hand and shook it. Instantly we both knew we were natural friends.

"Ummm Annabbeth.." I asked," do you happen to know the time?"

Annabeth glanced at her watch. "Its 9:56, we just finished breakfast. Percy should be on his way any minute now."

"Who is Percy by the way?" I asked

Annabeth started blushing bright red, instantly I knew she liked this Percy guy, " He is just my friend, he is the son of Poseidon. I am daughter of Athena."

Annabeth then asked me" Which side of your family would be your parent god? The mom or the dad?"

I then said slowly," I dont know honestly, I was adopted at a young age." At the same moment the Percy guy walked in.

"Hi there I am Percy" he said.

"Hi I am Adriana." I replied. We stood there in a moment of awkward silence.

"So ... what day is it today?" I asked partly out of curiousness and to break the tension.

"Oh... it's Friday.." replied Annabeth.

"Um do you want a tour of the camp?" asked Percy and Annabeth together.

"Sure," I smiled, " Why not?"

Because of my AHDH time passed by fast. It was night and we had just finished diner. I was sitting at the Hermes table since I was unclaimed.

A centaur named Chiron pounded his hoof against the floor to get the demigods attention.

" Ahem. We have a new camper today. Her name is Adriana Grant." Chiron announced. Demigods clapped and I couldnt help blushing from all the attention.

"Now today we will be having our Capture The Flag!"Chiron shouted. Demigods cheered and shouted.

The cabins were taking sides. The Hermes cabin took side on the blue team, which I was thankful for, because Annabeth and Percy were on that team. I nervously took off my necklace and opened the locket which turned into the 3ft long Celestial Bronze sword. Mine looked exactly like Percy's. I looked up at him and he too was looking at my sword. We then Focused on the task ahead of us.

"GO!" announced Chiron. There was a tugging sensation in my Gut telling me to get close to the water and I did. When I stepped into the water I felt a sudden burst of energy go through me like electricity. I was ordered to protect the flag. I then saw a girl about my age trying to get through. I thought about what I did to the monster. I thought EARTHQUAKE. When I did the ground started shaking voilently around the forest. People had to crouch to keep there balance. The only one who was still standing was me. I then thought Oh my gods... i then thought up . I was blasted out from the water and into the sky. I was 15ft in the air. People gasped and looked above my head. I then saw what it was. " Adriana Grant " Chiron said bowing, " Daughter of Poseidon."

:O sHoCkEr! Percy has A twin sis! U have to wait to uncover the truth... mwahhhh! :{D