Epilogue: Unification

Wally doesn't forget their sixth Valentine's Day together.

They do everything they can to make sure it will be special. Kaldur agrees to come over to watch Central for him. Artemis bribes one of her colleagues to take her lab shift. The League is told, in no uncertain terms, that if the world isn't ending, they don't want to hear about it.

Apparently, the third – or sixth, perhaps – time's the charm. Their evening in Paris is completely uninterrupted. No water demons appear as they stroll past the River Seine. They're not called for an emergency in the middle of dinner. Nothing attacks the Eiffel Tower, and they make it to the top unaccosted for the first time.

Artemis is admiring the beauty of Paris at night, and pretending not to notice Wally watching her when it happens.

"I… Artemis… wow, I had this all planned out, and it probably sounded better in my head, but I was wondering if-" Wally had been reaching for his pocket, though he obviously didn't find what he was looking for as he began anxiously patting himself down. Artemis finally decides to take pity on the poor speedster when he breaks off his monologue and begins spinning around in a panic.

"Looking for this?" She pulls out a jewelry box. His eyes widen in shock and relief at the sight. "You dropped it when you ran after that chocolate vendor by the river," she says with an indulgent smirk.

"Wh… See, I-" He flounders.

Before he compose himself enough to say anything she drops to one knee and pops open the box. "Wallace Rudolph West, will you marry me?"

The words are barely out of her mouth before he sweeps her up for a deep kiss. When she finally pulls back he touches his forehead to hers and simply says, "Yes."


The Dr. Fates agree to hold a trans-dimensional barrier, temporarily merging the two watchtowers for the event (which, of course, sends M'gann into a tizzy as she tries to coordinate decorations and floor plans in two separate dimensions). Eventually, though, the day arrives, and Wally's trying not to wear a hole in either watchtower with his pacing.

"Recognized: A16. Queen Perdita," His first League's Zeta tubes chime. Wally rushes to great his old – and certainly much older since the last time he's seen her – friend.

"Your Highness! You look stunning, as always." The young woman lightly shakes her head in amusement.

"We hope you are merely being polite. No woman should outshine the bride on her wedding day."

"Your Highness, if I was merely being polite when I said you are wise, kind, and beautiful, I would not feel compelled to add that there is no one who could outshine the Princess of my heart in those respects."

The monarch returns his easy smile. "As it should be."

"Thank you again, for agreeing to officiate for us," he says as he leads her towards the joined main bay that will be the location of the ceremony itself.

"We were honored that you would ask us. Our heart was gladdened to hear you were alive. Our Knight deserves his fairytale wedding, no?"


Wally watches the crowd in an attempt to stop fidgeting while he waits for the ceremony to begin; M'gann will kill him if he messes his tie up again.

Most of both Leagues are there, as are the Team and all the civilians they're close enough to share their identities with. M'gann explained to Wally that at most weddings, there's a Groom's side and a Bride's side. His and Artemis' loved ones are so mixed together, though, that no one even bothered to try and separate them. More surprisingly, perhaps, is that the guests didn't even segregate themselves by dimension.

The Kent and Kent-Lane families, of course, chose to sit together. Probably so Kara and Conner could needle Supes about his recent data with his world's Lois. Clark and 'his' Lois don't even try to help matters. Wally hopes seeing the Lane-Kents will encourage Supes to really go after Lois. She's good for him.

The J'onn's sit stoically together in the back corner. They don't seem to be doing much, but Wally guesses they're probably having a mental conversation or something. Certainly they couldn't sit that still for that long otherwise. Right? Gar sits with them, acting as a bridge between the intimidating Martians and some of his friends, all younger members of the Team.

The Bat Clan takes up whole row to themselves, what with Dick's now-extensive number of siblings and allies. Bats and B make an amusing pair, sitting next to each other. They seem wary to engage in protracted socializing with their counterpart. Wally wonders if Bats would have bolted, had a certain toddler not been sitting on his lap, figuratively pinning him down. Damian-the-older keeps sneaking disgusted glances at his younger self, while said child chews on what appears to be the faux flower that should have been in Dick's lapel.

Diana sits behind Bats, chatting animatedly with her counterpart, Wonder Girl and Hawk Woman. Apparently the shop-talk of a warrior is universal. Wally's just thinking of zipping over – it would only take him a second – to make sure they don't start pulling out weapons when the ceremony begins.

M'gann and Dick lead the parade of bride- and groomsmen as Best Man and Maid of Honor, or honorary sister and brother, respectively. Shayera and John, the couple's newer 'siblings,' follow behind them, somehow managing not to let the awkwardness between them show. In contrast, Kaldur and Zatanna, who follow them, are clearly at ease with one another. Finally, their family members-by-blood take up the rear. It was never a question of having the two in their wedding, but still, Wally's glad he let M'gann pair the wedding party off this way. Watching Bart and Jade try to negotiate their way down the aisle together is a mental image Wally will preserve forever.

At last, Artemis appears, a vision in white. She's beautiful enough that Wally's willing to take back all the insults he's ever made about George Lucas' love metaphors, for certainly there's no reasonable way to describe such a lovely image. Wally won't later remember that Artemis stumbled just a little in the heels M'gann made her wear, or how Ollie threatened him with a glare as the Archer handed her off. The only thing he notices is the blush of her cheeks, the sparkle in her eye, and, almost absently, the tight happiness in his own chest.


"Do you, Wallace Rudolph West, Knight of Vlatava, also known as the Flash, founding member of the Justice League, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I, Wallace West, take Artemis to be my wife and partner forever. I will be hers to have and to hold, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, in this world or any other, as long as we both exist."

"Do you, Artemis Lian Crock, also known as Tigress of The Team, also known as Artemis, of the Justice League, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I, Artemis Crock, take Wally to be my husband and partner forever. I swear not to let him get away with anything. I will be his to have and to hold, in retirement or world crisis, in frustration or tenderness, with this name or any other, as long as we both exist."

"By Our power, We declare you to be, now and forever more, Husband and Wife. Our Knight? You may now kiss your Princess."

Before he can move, Artemis grabs his tie and pulls him close. "We should have done this a long time ago," she whispers against his lips.

"Got that right." And he closes the small space that was left between them.


He's been gone for almost a week – the longest he's ever been on a mission without his partner – and is practically vibrating with joy at being home.

"Hey Beautiful! I'm back!" he calls to the quiet apartment.

"I'm in the kitchen!" That's odd. Usually they come to meet each other if the one of them has been gone. He shrugs it off; it takes him less than a second to get to his wife. He instantly realizes why she didn't come to him. Spread out across their kitchen table are magazines, each displaying pictures of strollers, cribs and baby outfits. Artemis is standing by the table, wringing her hands together.

"Uh, babe?" He questions, because this can't be what it looks like. She has to be looking for M'gann or something...

She walks over to where he's standing, and takes his hands with hers. "Wally, love? I'm pregnant."

He sinks to his knees at her confirmation. He can't help it; he pushes her shirt up, and kisses her belly. "Cool," he says, grinning up at her. "Souvenir."


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