Tails and Amy Exploring the Body

(I've written this story as if Tails and Amy were still young, and unknown to the ways and joys of sex, to give it a better storyline. Heh, imagine a Lemon with a storyline! Also, my skills at word play suck, so PLEASE don't flame me due to my poor writing skills, just enjoy. Thank you) P.S. Remember to review. :D

Amy and Tails were playing cards on the floor of Tails' hut.

"Ha! Snap!" yelled Tails, and grabbed all the cards on the floor. Amy pouted,

"No fair, Tails, you can yell louder than me!" She folded her arms and stared down at the floor. Tails put down the pack in his hand and sighed.

"Amy! It's just a game, come on. Besides, you won all the matches yesterday!"

Amy smiled, looking up,

"Yeah, I did. I beat you really good!" She gave a giggle, as she always did when she was happy. She sat on the edge of Tails' bed, and dangled her feet over the edge. Tails looked up at her,

"What did Aunt Bunny teach you at school today?" he asked. Amy looked down at him from her perch.

"We were doing all about our bodies, and how they work"

Tails closed his eyes and poked out his tongue,

"Ewwwwww! Sickly!"

Amy put a paw to her mouth to hide her smile,

"It wasn't like all insides and stuff, we did the outside. We got to see pictures of furs with no clothes on too!"

Tails' eyes snapped open and he sat up on his knees,

"Really? Like, all naughty and stuff?"

"Yeah! Totally!" Amy nodded, grinning. Tails could feel a strange tingling between his legs, something he'd had before, but not often, usually just in the morning after he had got up.

"Where did Aunt Bunny get these pictures from?" he asked, deeply intrigued.

"She got them from a big cupboard full of long tubes. She rolled it up and put it back when we had finished"

"In the school house?" Tails inquired. Amy nodded,


Tails' eyes glazed over briefly while a picture formed in his head.

"Is the school house still unlocked, do you think?" he whispered. Amy blinked,

"I guess so, it's not late yet. But there's no one there to teach right now"

Tails smirked, causing Amy to give a start and blink at him worriedly.

"Are you planning something, Tails?" she asked, a little nervously. The little fox nodded,

"Yeah! Do you remember which tube she put the pictures in?"

Amy looked up at the ceiling, thinking,

"Yes, it was a brown one, with a blue lid, with the letters FBP on it. Why?"

Tails grinned,

"I'm going to go get it!" With that, he opened the door and flew off into the afternoon sky. Amy gasped and ran to the door, unable to stop the little boy fox, since she could not fly, or run fast.

After a brief interlude, in which Amy sat worrying about the trouble Tails could get into, he returned, with the tube. He grinned and sat down on the floor, triumphantly! Amy glared at him,

"You could've got us into trouble doing that! You know we're only allowed in the School House during school hours!"

Tails nodded,

"Yes, but Aunt Sally is always saying we should do more extra curri...curic...curuci...school stuff!" he managed to finally blurt out. Amy shrugged and nodded,

"I guess."

Tails popped the lid off the tube and pulled the poster out. He unrolled it, and spread it out on the bed. His eyes and mouth shot open as he gazed at the pictures. A male and a female wolf, both fully naked, with their intimate parts visible. It was a while before he spoke,

"Aunt Bunny was showing you THIS?" he whisper-shouted. Amy nodded her mouth not moving a bit! The little fox grinned and gazed more at the pictures, admiring the male wolf's anatomy,

"Wow, he's big!" he said, "Don't you think so, Amy?" He turned to her, to see the female hedgehog standing back against the wall and her hands covering her mouth. He frowned and tilted his head a little,

"What's wrong?" he asked, genuinely concerned. Amy's gloved paw pointed at the boy's lower body. He followed her gaze and finger, and gasped as he saw what she had noticed. The little boy's sheath has retracted fully, and his deep red penis has come fully erect! He squealed and covered himself with his paws, blushing.

"Sorry, I didn't mean for that to happen. I guess the pictures made me happy"

Amy remained quiet, almost frozen in her state. Tails rolled his eyes,

"Oh come on, you saw this picture at school, why are you embarrassed about seeing another one."

Amy pulled her paws away, and swallowed, "Yours is bigger!" she said, her voice hoarse and high-pitched. Tails blinked, then grinned, "Heh, yeah, I...err...guess it is, kind of" He slowly walked over to her, "It's nothing to be afraid of though, really" Slowly, he pulled his paws away from his crotch, exposing himself fully to Amy. She stared down at it, slowly become accustomed to the sight of it. She looked up into his eyes,

"Does that happen all the time?" she asked quietly. Tails shook his head,

"Nah, usually in the mornings, or when I see something special, like the poster" He sneaked another look at it, and his erect penis jolted upwards like a spring. Amy squealed and stepped back,

"It's moving!" she cried. Tails chuckled,

"It's natural, it won't hurt you. You can touch it if you like"

Amy shook her head,

"No...not yet anyway" she said. Tails pointed to the female picture,

"Do you look like that when you're not wearing your dress?"

Amy looked over at the picture again, and shrugged,

"Kind of, but not exactly like that"

Tails blinked,

"How not exactly?" he enquired.

Amy fingered the hem of her dress,

"I'm...smaller, and not as...well...puffy!" she finally blurted out. Tails smiled softly,

"Can I see? You did see me, right?"

Amy swallowed,

"Well...I guess. But don't tell anyone I told you, OK?" she demanded. Tails nodded,

"OK, I promise!" He reached over, and flipped the lock-latch on the door, just to be safe. Amy blushed a little, then unzipped her dress and stepped out of it. She stood in front of Tails, paws behind her back, her naked body right in front of him. Once again, his penis jolted upwards like a spring, but extended even more! Amy squealed again,

"It's bigger now!"

Tails looked down and gasped, his penis had never grown this big! He stroked it in his paw, feeling the rock hardness of it.

"Wow" he whispered to himself, and looked up at Amy again. "Move your legs apart a bit." he said. Amy blinked,

"What? Why?"

Tails smiled, "So I can see you between the legs better"

Amy shrugged and spread her legs a little further, her feet wide apart. Tails dropped to his knees in front of her, taking a close look at her area. Amy gasped,

"Wh...What are you doing, Tails?" she asked, nervously. The fox looked up at her with a faint hint of genuine love in his eyes,

"Amy? Can I...kiss, your area?"

The little, pink hedgehog blinked and swallowed, then opened her mouth to speak, but no sound came out. She cleared her throat and gave a small, quick nod, "Yes" she whispered, squeakily.

Tails smiled and pressed his lips to her intimate vagina, a light, soft smooch emanating from his lips. Amy gasped and stood up on her toes, her little feet turning inwards. Tails heard no request for him to stop, so he placed another kiss on her vagina, resulting in the same response from Amy. For a few minutes, he continued pleasuring her female area with soft kisses, then stopped. Amy looked down, a few beads of sweat on her forehead,

"T...Tails? Why did you stop?" she asked, depressingly. Tails looked up,

"Can I use my tongue, Amy?"

She nodded rapidly in agreement, signaling her eagerness. Tails lowered his head to between her legs once more. He extended his tongue and slowly licked up from the base of her vaginal lips to the top, then back down again. Amy's whole body shuddered as the sensations flowed through her, her little pink feet riding up onto their toes again, and turning inward once more. She began to pant, the occasional whimper escaping her lips. Tails could feel her legs shuddering violently, seeming almost about to buckle. He released his tongue from her, and nodded to the bed. Amy nodded in return, and sat down upon the edge, legs spread. Tails crouched in front of her again, and resumed his eager licking of her vagina. Amy leant back on the bed, her head hung back, panting. She wrapped her legs around his neck, pulling him gently against her. Slowly, Amy's vagina began to open, allowing Tails' tongue to penetrate her, licking at her insides. Amy squealed loudly, clasping her mouth in fear of causing a disturbance from a concerned resident. Tails' mouth suddenly filled with a torrent of sweet, sticky nectar. He gulped and pulled away from her, wiping his muzzle on a towel near his chair. Amy sat up, her face red and flushed,

"Oh Tails!" She panted, "I've never felt anything like that, ever!" She collapsed onto the bed, regaining her strength. Presently, she sat up again, walked over to Tails, and kissed him on the cheek. "Can I do anything for you now?" she whispered. Tails smiled,

"Well, you could do to me what I do to myself"

Amy tilted her head,

"What's that then?"

Tails began to explain the techniques of male masturbation to Amy. At first she was horrified and disgusted, but he managed to calm her down and make her agree to it.

"OK" she nodded, "How shall we sit?"

Tails sat on the edge of the bed,

"You sit behind me, legs around mine"

Amy did so, leaning her head on his shoulders,

"Now what?"

"Take hold of my penis, and do what I explained to you" he answered.

Amy nodded and told hold of the fox's member gently, giving it a few squeezes, then beginning to rub it up and down slowly, in a rhythmic manner. Tails purred and leaned his head back,

"YES, YES! That's good, Amy! Really good!"

She continued stroking him, watching him react to her attentions and admiring his penis as it throbbed in her paw. The little boy fox closed his eyes and sighed happily as the female hedgehog worked her warm, soft paw up and down his length.

"Go a bit faster, Amy" he said.

Amy nodded and increased the speed of her stroking. Tails pushed out his chest and rubbed her legs with his paws,

"Oh! Yes! That's the way! Oh Yes!"

For many minutes, both cubs sat on the bed, Amy working Tails, and he enjoying it greatly! Soon, he felt the familiar sensation of approaching orgasm. He clasped Amy's paws, stopping her motions.

"Get between my legs, Amy! Now!" he exclaimed.

Amy blinked, confusedly, but did as she was asked. Tails worked his member by himself, staring down at her.

"Open your mouth" he panted.

She slowly opened her muzzle, wider and wider until her tongue was fully visible. Immediately, he pushes his shaft forward and sent his huge ejaculated load into her mouth, splattering her tongue and teeth. Amy retched and spat out the semen when Tails had emptied himself into her mouth! He groaned, staggered backwards, and collapsed onto the bed, panting. Amy stood up, her eyes ablaze with fire,

"What was that you made me drink?" she growled, obviously angry.

"It is boy juice" he murmured, curled up on the bed.

"What's boy juice?" she demanded, shaking him.

"You'll find out tomorrow" he said, smiling broadly.

Amy glared and shook him again, harder,

"Tell me now!" she yelled.

"No!" Tails closed his eyes and curled his tails around him.

"I want to know now!" Amy persisted!





"Now!" Tails answered

"Tomorrow!" replied Amy, then sneered when she realized Tails has suckered her. The fox giggled,

"Yes tomorrow!"

Amy growled, "Bah!" and curled up beside him.

The End?