I got bit by a plot bunny. Plain and Simple. In TF Prime, Elita-One is never mentioned. In the fanfics about her, no one knows if she's alive or not...what if she was alive...but closer than anyone thought? What if right before Optimus left Cybertron, Elita was sparked...and was to have the Prime's heir? AU to my other TF Prime Fic.

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You Must Go Without Me

Unknown POV

The War has lasted long. But on this day, much is wrong. I ran with my sparkmate and my younger sister towards the waiting vessel that would take us to a distant world. I did not know the world's name, nor did I care. All I knew, was that if we were to survive, we must depart immediately.

I stopped waiting for my sister to catch up.

"Sister, hurry!" I shouted, "The ship will not wait!"

"Go without me," she said, "I'll only slow you down!"

My sparkmate picked up my sister and began to carry her towards the ship, I followed closely behind.

"Autobots! Stop them!" a familiar voice shouted.

The three of us turned, and faced the warlord.

"Megatron," my sparkmate hissed, setting my sister down gently.

I placed a servo on his shoulder.

"Don't," I said, "Keep going to the ship, we must escape! Don't look back, just go!"


"Go!" I said, picking up my sister.

My sparkmate nodded, grasped my servo firmly, and pulled both my sister and I along. The ship was so far away, how in Primus' name were we supposed to make it? The Decepticons fired upon the three of us, right as we made it to the courtyard. The ship's ramp was beginning to close.

I saw three familiar shapes in the doorway, three friends of my mate. They all tried to stop the ramp from rising, but the ship was too stubborn.

My sister cried out in pain and I stopped. My mate looked back at me with his royal blue optics.

"Go," I said, "We will find you, just go!"

"I won't leave you," he said stubbornly.

"Sweetspark," I said, "You must. Your survival is vital to our cause!"

"Your survival is vital to me," he said, grasping my servos.

I sighed.

"You are making this harder than it is already," I groaned, "I will not leave my sister, you must go!"

He didn't move.

I growled.

"Move!" I snapped, "We'll be fine!"

An explosion separated the two of us. And I heard his voice calling out, but getting cut off suddenly. My spark leaped up into my throat, had he…no…I would have felt it…

The ship's thrusters blazed and the vessel took off. I sighed in relief, my mate was safe.

For now.

I picked up my sister and ran into an alleyway, right as the Decepticons flooded the courtyard.

"Sister?" she asked, softly, "Where is your mate?"

"Safe," I said, stroking her helm, "Just as we will be. We will see him soon I assume."

I dearly hoped I was right.

For Arcee's sake.

For my mate's sake.

For our unborn sparkling's sake.

I am Elita One. And this is my story.

And that's the prologue. I rarely see any Elita centered stories, and I don't think this will be much of an exception, as big secrets are to be kept here. Next chapter, Elita and her sparkling arrive on Earth and learn to blend in with the human race.

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