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Starts in Jack's POV

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Chapter 61

Dead or Alive

Jack POV

I watched as Mom and the others went into the Bridge…and I made a break for it. There was no way I was going to let my dad…

I was seized from behind by Ben and Sean and forced into a headlock by Ben.

"Let go!" I shouted, "They need me! He'll kill him! I feel it! Please let me go!"

The two grown men didn't let go.

After a few minutes, that crazed 'flight or fight' moment had passed and we were on the platform waiting for a sign.

"Jack?" Ben asked, "Can…can I talk to you a minute?"

I nodded.

"Alone?" he clarified.

The two of us walked down the stairs and into a hallway.

"What happens when they get control of the Lock and restore Cybertron?" Ben asked, "Do you know?"

I shook my head.

"No one's told me anything," I admitted, "I just know that…"

And then it hit me.

"They're going to leave…" I breathed, "And…I'll have to choose…oh dear God…"

"Easy," Ben said, "Jack…I uh…I want you to do something for me."

"What…" I asked warily.

He looked away, embarrassed.

"It's something for you to do…after we get the Omega Lock and fix Cybertron."

Elita POV

"Wreckers!" Ultra Magnus called.

Jolt, Bulkhead, and Wheeljack followed the Commander towards the Bridge.

"'Bee, Smokescreen, Arcee with me!" I ordered, running in the opposite direction.

Suddenly, Smokescreen halted.

I turned back towards the rookie and saw what he did.

Megatron had the Dark Star Saber with him.

"Smokescreen!" I shouted.

He looked back at me and then at Megatron, but then followed.

"We can't stop him," I explained, "Not with that…monstrosity he calls a weapon,"

Smokescreen nodded sadly and continued down the hall.

"Let's move," I said, and the four of us transformed, driving down the hall towards the Lock.

I heard the sudden squeal of brakes and a transformation.

"Go on without me," I heard Smokescreen say.

Arcee, Bumblebee and I transformed and looked back at the rookie.

"That isn't the mission," I growled.

He ignored me and activated the Phase Shifter on his wrist.

"There's something I need to do," he replied, and ran through the wall.

I sighed and turned to my adopted son and my sister.

"Don't you two even think about bailing on me," I threatened.

"'Lita," Arcee sighed, shaking her helm, "You and I have known each other how long?"

"Like I'm going to suffer your wrath," Bumblebee mumbled.

"What was that?" I asked.

"I love you Mom," he replied nervously.

I patted his shoulder armor and the three of us ran down the hall.

"Ratchet, we're approaching your position," Arcee said over the comm…

Right as Starscream and his minions came into the same hall.

"What!?" he demanded.

"Scrap," my sister hissed.

"Attack!" Starscream shouted, and his armada shot at us.

Jack POV

"Ben, you do know what you're asking is crazy, right?" I asked as soon as we walked into the main hall.

"Shhh," he hissed, "I know…but…she'll be unhappy if you don't,"

"She'll be torn between going and staying," I sighed, "Just like me,"

"She'll feel a little better if you do what I've asked you to do,"

I sighed.

"Fine," I said, "I'll do it,"

He grinned brightly.

"Thank you, Jack, thank you so much," he whispered as we came up to the group.

"Ultra Magnus to all units," I heard the Commander say, "We will be delayed…Soundwave pulled one of his relocation tricks."

"Oooo, I really hate that mech," Dusk growled over the comm., "I would give him a piece of my mind if I were there right now…throw him against the wall and make him do what I want for a change. See how he likes that!"

An idea popped into my head.

"Raf," I started, "Can you get me onto the Warship's bridge?"

"Your mom said for you to stay here!" Amber growled.

"Says the girl who sneaks out on every excursion," I retorted.

"Touché," she huffed, crossing her arms.

"Sure…" Raf started, "Now that I have a fix on it…But you won't have a chance against Soundwave! Look what he did to Dusk!"

"I will if I have backup," I replied, looking to Miko, "Still know how to use that armor?"

Miko's eyes lit up mischievously and she ran down to the Apex Armor.

"If you're going, we're going with you," Sean said.

"Yeah, there's no way you're leaving us behind!" Amber added.

"Your mom would kill us if we didn't come," Ben finished.

I watched as all three of them drew weapons.

Sean had katanas much like Wheeljack's, nightmare black blades rimmed with white and a tiny glyph marked on the blade next to the hilt.

Amber's twin blades slid from her bracers, triangular pieces of glyph-etched, golden metal that mirrored those of Sideswipe and Sunstreaker's.

Ben pulled out his ballpoint pens, activating the thin cords that lay within them, the cords flickered with blue-white sparks, just like Jolt's.

And the Groundbridge fired.

I transformed and stood next to Miko, letting the three adults go through.

"Surprise!" I heard them shout.

"That's our cue Jackrabbit!" Miko chirped and the two of us charged through.

My senses kicked into battle gear. Four Vehicons: minor to medium threat. Soudwave: Major threat.

"You take the two on the left," I ordered.

We both took down the first two Vehicons with ease. Man, these guys are built pretty shabbily.

Miko downed her second one.

"Pick on someone your own size!" she scoffed.

The last Vehicon shot at her, the blasts pinging off of the Apex Armor without so much as denting it.

I punched the Vehicon, sending it flying towards Soundwave, who easily tilted his frame so that the unfortunate Vehicon smacked into the wall.

"Get him?" Miko asked innocently, pointing at Soundwave.

"Get him," I confirmed, glaring at the telepathic 'Con.

And we both charged him.

The mech didn't move much. He lifted a slender servo and a Groundbridge spun to life. Who knows where it lead to! And I don't think Miko and I wanted to know!

The two of us backed up, trying to keep away from the 'Con.

"Raf…" I started, "Showtime!"

"Are you sure about this Jack?" he asked, "Last time we crossed the streams…"

"DO IT!" I shouted as Soundwave kept getting closer and closer with that Bridge, "RAF! NOW!"

A second Groundbridge opened behind Soundwave.

Thank you, Raf.

The pull between the two Bridges got stronger and stronger and Miko and I set our pedes. Amber and Sean hid behind Miko.

Ben started sliding forwards.

"Whoa!" he yelped as he lifted off the ground.

I caught him around the waist and backed up.

Suddenly, the pull stopped.

And Soundwave was gone.

"Enjoy the Shadowzone dude!" Miko called, knowing Soundwave could hear her.

"Say hi to Skyquake for us!" Amber laughed nervously.

"C'mon," I said, "We need to figure out how to navigate this thing,"

We all ran up to the controls and I stood at them, reading.

I pressed a few commands…and the ship rocked from side to side.

"WHOA!" Miko yelped, "Dude! Where'd you learn to drive!?"

I shot her a glare.

"Very funny," I growled, "An Autobot who can't drive."

After a few tries, I finally got the ship righted again.

"Guess you really got them shook up…huh Jack?" Sean joked.

"Ha, ha…AH!" I shrieked, holding my servo against my chassis.

"Jack!" Miko cried, "Are you ok?"

"Get me to the Omega Lock…NOW!" I ordered.

A Groundbridge fired up and I ran through…

Right as 'Bee took two more shots to the chest.

I couldn't move.

Mom was screaming, Dusk was screaming and trying to rip out my uncle's spark…

Dad couldn't do anything but watch in horror as 'Bee's sky blue optics flickered and…and died.

A tearing pain entered my spark…and I knew.

My big brother was gone. Dead.

I fell to my knees and started crying.

Megatron grabbed Dusk and threw her, screaming into 'Bee's lifeless shell, shooting at her as he did.

Another tearing pain. Pitch black optics turning sapphire and then ash grey, my big sister was gone.

There was a sudden burst of violet on my left side and something slammed into the side of my helm, crumpling it, melting it.

It burned, oh dear God it burned!

I heard Mom shriek in denial as darkness crept over my vision.

I put a shaking servo to my helm…why was there a hole? There wasn't a hole…

I looked at Dad and reached for him…

"Daddy…" I breathed…and the darkness rushed in.


I pitched forwards and fell helm first into the Omega Lock.

Elita POV

I watched as the shot crashed into my son's helm and I screamed.

"NO! JACK! NO!" I wailed, thrashing against Ratchet's hold, "RATCHET LET ME GO! LET ME GO NOOOOOWWWW! JAAAACK!"

Ratchet murmured something to me, but I wasn't paying attention.

Megatron had killed my only biological son. My Jack. And I couldn't do anything about it.

I watched as the soft, electric blue liquid cybermatter absorbed my son's frame.

And I felt my spark being torn into pieces.

My children were dead. All three of them.

Authoress POV

Optimus watched in horror as the three shots he was unable to stop crashed into Bumblebee's chassis, into his spark, the Star Saber clattering from his grip. He watched as a shot crashed into Dusk's midsection, as her dark black optics flashed back to sapphire for an instant…and then flickered off. He watched as the last shot crashed into Jack's helm, blowing a clean hole straight through it.

Jack looked painfully at his father, reaching for him.


His voice was like a tiny child's…but all Optimus could do was watch as Jack's optics died as he offlined and as he fell and joined both of his elder siblings in the Omega Lock.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" the Prime roared.

And he snapped.

The Prime twisted out of his brother's grip and mercilessly pounded into the warlord.


The Prime delivered a crushing blow and Megatron yowled, crashing into the wall and down to the ground.

Optimus saw red. He lost everything. Any calm that a Prime was supposed to have…was gone. He saw Elita and Arcee both being held back by Ratchet and Starscream, he saw the sisters screaming for the Warlord's energon.

Megatron grabbed the Dark Star Saber and slashed at Optimus. A burst of violet energy poured from the jagged blade and slammed into the Prime, sending him tumbling over the edge.

The Warlord stalked over to the Prime and raised the sword to execute him.

"Prepare to join your adopted son, your true son,and your adopted daughter in the All Spark!" Megatron snarled.

"MEGATRON!" three voices shouted.

The Warlord turned and felt something sharp pierce through him. He let out a shuddering gasp as he saw the long blade of the Star Saber sticking through his gut.

Three pairs of optics: sapphire blue, royal blue, and sky blue.

Three Autobot younglings dripping with what looked like liquid light.

Skyfyre, Ultimus, and Bumblebee were all three holding the hilt.

"You took my voice," Bumblebee snarled, "You will never…"

"Rob anyone," Skyfyre continued, "of anything,"

"Ever again," Ultimus finished.

Megatron raised the Dark Star Saber weakly, but the sword fell from his grip.

All three children of the Prime tilted the Star Saber down…and darkness overtook the Warlord.

Optimus watched as his brother fell towards the Earth as a glowing meteorite. He closed his optics sadly.

"Goodbye…brother," he whispered.

Jack POV

Dusk, 'Bee and I ran towards Dad and helped him up. My big brother and big sister were alive, heck, I was alive! I still had a hard time believing it.

"C'mon Dad," I said, "Let's get to Mom and the others."

And we climbed back up to the others right as Starscream, Shockwave and a few Vehicons ran out.

"You're alive!" Mom cried, running towards us.

"Bumblebee…" Ratchet started.

"Your voice…" my aunt whispered.

"My voice? What are you g…" 'Bee stopped and Dusk and I stared, "My voice!"

Part of his mask came away, revealing his mouth. A huge grin splitting it.

"Ratchet!" 'Bee cried, running forward and hugging the medic, "I've got my pipes back!"

"Yes!" Ratchet laughed, "Yes, we've noticed,"

"The cybermatter," 'Bee murmured, stepping away and examining his remade body.

"It is the only possible explanation," Ratchet agreed.

"It would seem that the old field medic made good after all," Dad said, putting a servo on 'Bee's shoulder as Mom gave my big brother a hug.

Dad turned to the side and spoke into his comm.

"Optimus Prime to all units," he said, "Megatron…is no more,"

"I don't know if I should be happy or a little sad that he's gone," Dusk said, folding her arms over her chassis.

"Hey…Dusk? You fell into the cybermatter too," I pointed out, "Shouldn't your spark be ok?"

Dusk frowned.

"I'm still getting pain from it…but it's not as bad as before…maybe…maybe I just got more time added to my clock,"

"Back there at the Lock," I said, "You were in Berserker Gear…"


"You didn't try to scrap us,"

She gave a sly grin.

"I finally controlled it," she said, smiling, "I know what I do now. I can control who I give a one way ticket to the Pit,"

"Language!" 'Bee started.

Dusk glared at him.

"…I propose we put it to good use," I heard Ratchet say.

"Agreed, old friend," Dad nodded, "Ultra Magnus, set course to Cybertron,"

'Bee gave a smirk as he held a servo up to his comm.

"Hey, Raf!" he said, "If you can tear yourself from your laptop for two seconds…Bridge yourself up here so we can get to Cybertron already!"

I heard Fowler ask who was speaking and after a moment's pause…

"'Bee?" Raf asked.

"Who else?" my brother grinned, "Come on! We're waitin' for ya!"

"You…you got your voice back!"

"I'll explain when you get up here," 'Bee promised, "C'mon!"

"Just a minute!" Raf cried excitedly.

Elita POV

The Spacebridge opened and we came into Cybertron's airspace. Jack and Dusk had both reverted to human form, and I noticed Jack's eyes glowed bright electric blue as soon as we had come through the Bridge.

A sad smile graced his face as he looked at our home.

"Optimus," Ratchet started softly, "I am afraid that I…was never able to learn Shockwave's side of the cybermatter equation…this…may be all we ever have. And Cybertron is a much larger planet than Earth,"

"Then we must launch the Cybermatter directly at Cybertron's very core," my mate answered.

I looked at him, shocked.

"Optimus," I started, "Into the heart of Primus himself?"

"That is what I am planning to do,"

Ratchet shook his helm incredulously, but turned to the computers again as Optimus and I headed out.

"Optimus, out there on the Omega Lock," I started, "Did you see who I thought you saw?"

"They looked like the mechs I once knew," Optimus nodded, "But I cannot be for certain, any records of them show them as deceased."

"We are haunted by ghosts then," I said, shakily.

"But it is a friendly one at that," Optimus replied, "It seems that Recoil, Cliffjumper, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Ironhide and Jazz are on our side…even from the grave."

"I always wondered what happened to Recoil," I murmured as we neared the Well of All Sparks, "He just disappeared."

"I suppose we will never know," Optimus said, putting his arms around my waist and then giving me a light kiss.

"I'm not sure I like your new height," I pouted, "I have to stand on the tips of my pedes just to reach your chassis!"

"Perhaps you need to grow a little more," he teased, a low, rumbling purr building in his chassis as he swept me off my pedes.

"Commander!" Wheeljack announced, walking in and making both Optimus and I jump, "Oh, sorry,"

Will we ever get a moment alone?

"What do you wish to report, Wheeljack?" Optimus asked, putting me down and straightening to his full height.

Wheeljack cleared his throat.

"We've arrived at the Well of All Sparks," the Wrecker muttered.

Optimus nodded and the three of us went back to the bridge.

"Are you ready?" Optimus asked Ratchet as he came up behind him.

Ratchet gave a nod…and pressed on the screen.

The Omega Lock glowed and a stream of pale, blue white light shot from it and into the gaping hole from which so many new sparks had come from, had taken sustenance from. Ever since Cybertron went dark, no sparklings had lived…

Except one.

And he stood before us now.

Jack leaned over the railing of the deck, eagerly watching as…

There was a bright glow that emanated from the planet and I felt a rush run through me.

"Well done, my children,"

Every Cybertronian/Cybreian and the few humans who could understand Cybertronian stood stock still at the deep, rich voice that came from seemingly the depths of Cybertron.

"Well, he's awake," Dusk shrugged.

"Was that...?" Sean started.

"Primus," Jolt smiled, "He's awake. After all these eons,"

"Ahhh, such luster," a voice said from behind us.

We all turned to face a familiar red Decepticon medic.

"What!?" Knockout demanded, "I'm joining the winning team!"

And he was promptly knocked flat by Miko's fist.

The human Wrecker dusted her armored hands proudly before crossing her arms.

"Sw-eet!" Amber cheered, "Man, wish I could do that!"

"You already took out a 'Con!" Ben protested.

"Screamer's a wimp. He don't count," Amber shrugged.

A sudden shriek pierced through the air.

Everyone turned to face the window…right as a shadow passed in front of our sun.

"The Predacon," Ultra Magnus snarled.

"Draconus," Jack growled, form flickering.

"I guess some fights are not meant to be finished in one major battle," I said.

"If he gains his sanity again," Jack started, "Which…I think he might. He will come after me for one of two things."

"And they would be?" Jolt asked.

"One: I broke my promise to him, I didn't offline him before he could hurt Megatron," Jack pointed out, "And Two…I helped Bumblebee and Dusk kill his father."

"We'll fight him another day," I replied, "I know it will not be the last we see of Draconus…or the Predaking,"

Jack POV

Winning a major battle and ending a war: Good thing.

Restoring my real home world: Even better good thing.

Dad telling us that the 'Bots would have to leave to repair said world: Bad thing, very, very, very bad thing!

I leaned on the railing, thinking about my decision and vaguely hearing something Fowler was telling the other kids. Dad had told me that I could stay here with my friends…or I could go with him and Mom and 'Bee and Dusk and Arcee back to Cybertron to rebuild.

Friends or Family…

I held my head.

This was hard, very hard.

I watched as my aunt walked by me and stopped.

Arcee looked back at me, noticing that I was still in human form.

"It's been quite a ride," I nodded.

"Keep in touch Jack," my aunt started, "Don't make me hunt you down,"

I gave a weak smile at her attempt at a joke.

"You won't have to," I said.

"What?" she asked.

I hopped over the railing and hit the ground lightly.

"Jack…what are you doing?" Raf asked.

"Aren't you staying here?" Miko added.

I smiled sadly at them.

"I've spent seventeen almost eighteen years on this planet…" I said, looking up at my parents, "I think it's time for me to learn what life's like on the planet I was supposed to live on,"

Mom gave a choked sob and embraced me, rocking me back and forth, I could feel the joy and love from her as I made my decision to go home. To go back to Cybertron.

I looked down at my human form, rubbing my arms, and running my hands through my hair.

"I don't think I'll be needing this form for quite a while," I finally said.

I felt my Legacy take hold and the electric rush flooded me.

"Are you ready?" 'Bee asked.

"There's…one more thing," I said, turning around.

Heavy footfalls came from the hallway...

A crimson and gold mech came through, albeit a little unsteady on his pedes.

He had the same build that I did, but his helm was plain, more similar to 'Bee's than mine. The mech came up to Dusk who froze, watching the stranger warily.

The mech disengaged his battlemask and Dusk shrieked.

"I was expecting something a little more on the hugging side," the mech said with a bit of disappointment…

With Ben's voice.

Dusk's optics were huge, she started to shake violently.

Ben put a servo gently on Dusk's shoulder.

"I told you I'd love you even after the stars turned cold," Ben whispered, his sapphire optics gleaming brightly, "That means, I'll follow you no matter where you go,"

Dusk started crying and Ben pulled her close.

"Wh-what have y-you d-done!?" she wailed, "J-Jack! Wh-why?"

"I didn't want to see you unhappy," I replied, "It was Ben's idea."

Ben and Dusk broke apart and Ben knelt down to face his mother.

"You're not mad, are you?" Ben asked.

"Mad?" Dr. Williams asked, "I am royally furious that you didn't tell me! But…sweetheart, is this what you want?"

A gentle smile graced his faceplate.

"More than anything," he replied.

Dr. Williams laid a hand on Ben's helm and a low rumbling purr ran through his frame. She then kissed him and turned to Dusk.

"You keep an optic on him, Dusk," she warned.

"He's not coming," Dusk stated bluntly.

"I am too," Ben protested.

"Over my cold grey sparkless she…" Dusk stopped, and raised a servo to Ben's shoulder.

What was there…it even shocked me.

It wasn't an Autobot insignia, nor even a 'Con or a Predacon's…

It was a silver bird with its wings outstretched, holding an olive branch in its right talon and a sword in its left.

Ben wasn't an Autobot.

He was an Autari.

Ben smiled.

"I think you have had more influence on us than you thought," he said, "Jack meant to make me an Autobot…but Ratchet says that when one is around a Cybreian…a little bit of them rubs off on you. I've known you since third grade Dusk, and I know you think that I can't marry you because you say you have a year left to live…"

He lifted her chin and looked her straightforward.

"I love you more than anything, so what if you are dying? I'd rather have you than any girl on this planet…or on any," he continued, "I want you to know, even when you're gone…I will never love another, you are my other half. Please, allow me just a little pleasure, even if it is for less than a year, please,"

Tears streamed down my sister's faceplate and she ran into Ben's arms, wrapping her own around him.

Ben rubbed between Dusk's wings and stopped suddenly.

He held her out at arms-length.

"Did I just hear what I think I heard?" he asked.

Dusk gave a nod, her optics still closed.

A smile lit up the red and gold mech's faceplate as he once again held Dusk close.

"What'd she say?" I asked.

Ben looked cheekily at me.

"That's for us to know,"

He turned to the others and the both of them waved farewell.

'Bee and I joined them at the edge of the Groundbridge.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Ready," my family and Ben replied.

And we walked through the Groundbridge…

And onto Cybertron.

I felt a joyful peace rush through me and I shuddered in the delight of it.

"Welcome home, Ultimus Prime," Primus' voice thundered, "Welcome back, my son. The Last Prime."

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