"Are you ok?" The Doctor asked. I blinked a few times, wrapped up in mine and The Doctor's duvet in our bed, looking up at The Doctor peering over at me, smiling softly.

"Yes." I sniffed. I was ill. A bloody cold. Just a plain old, human cold.

"You shouldn't have been running through the forest." The Doctor muttered, sitting down on the edge of the bed, stroking my head. He was right of course. Only a few days ago, Martha and I had saved The Doctor from his human self and the Family Blood, and I'd been running away through that forest, trying to keep the fob watch safe.

"I had to keep you safe." I croaked.

"I have to keep you safe." The Doctor whispered, placing a kiss on my forehead. "That's my job."

"Excuse me." I laughed. "I've been running this spaceship and your companions in check the last couple of years."

"I try my best."

"You're not very orderly are you?" The Doctor smirked, leaning in to kiss me when I buried my head into the duvet. "No, you'll get ill."

"Think of yourself for once." Martha said. I looked round to see Martha walking in, getting into the other side of the bed, pulling the duvet over the two of us. The Doctor pulled the other side, getting in so I was snuggled in between both him and Martha.

"Group hug!" The Doctor cheered, reaching over me and squishing Martha in, hugging the both of us.

"You're both going to get ill." I mumbled.

And needless to say they both caught the cold.