A/N - Hey guys, the actual story will be updated soon, I'm prewriting chapters to stop the gaps between updates being so long. But I'd love it if you guys gave me some ideas for these drabbles, seeing as I only have a certain amount of ideas.

"Shaun of the dead?" Clyde asked. I smiled, shaking my head as I lay, squished in between Luke and Clyde, the three of us under a duvet, wrapped up on the sofa in the living room.

"Zombies aren't scientificially accurate." Luke muttered, going through the pile of dvds on his lap.

"Who cares about scientifically accurate, Lukey boy!"

Luke picked up another dvd, staring at it carefully, "Bridget Jones." He read carefully, before tossing it aside gently, "That's Maria's."

"I don't understand why she had to go out for the day with Chrissie and Ivan anyway?!" Clyde muttered. "What if aliens turn up and we need her?"

"You've got me, we're only one man down." I said, peering over at the dvds. "Now, can we please just pick a film?"

"What about this?" Luke asked, holding up a dvd with a spaceship on the case.

"Does a sci-fi film really appeal to you consindering what we do?" Clyde asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

Luke stared at the dvd, not really listening, "It's directed by Steven Spielbering."

I laughed, shaking my head at the two boys, "Go on then, pop it in."

Clyde grumbled to himself, leaning over me, snatching the dvd from Luke and scrambling off the sofa over to the television. He opened up the dvd and popped the disc into the television set as Luke sat the rest of the dvds on the floor.

"Let's see how "scientifically accurate" this film is," Clyde said sarcastically. "Compared to when we deal with an alien invasion." He scrambled back up and under the duvet, snuggling into my side.


"That was rubbish!" Clyde exclaimed as the credits rolled down the screen. I laughed, looking between the two boys I was cuddled between.

"There's no way that would ever really happen." Luke commented. I smirked, shaking my head as the heavy rain pitter patted against the window. Out in the hallway, the sound of the front door opening and shutting flowed through. The living room door opened up and a slightly flustered Maria stepped in, grinning. She turned back, putting the umbrella she was holding back in the hall before walking into the living room. I stretched my legs out slightly from under the duvet and Maria headed over to us, sitting in between my legs.

"How was your day with your Mum and Ivan?" I asked, wrapping my arms around the young girl, placing a kiss to her head.

"Rubbish." Maria laughed. "Mum bought a load of clothes as usual. Then, we went for lunch and she had her tongue down Ivan's throat."

"Lovely." Clyde said dryly, wriggling his nose in disugst.

"That could be you one day!" I laughed. "You might have a girlfriend one day Clyde."

"Clyde's cool rule number two, deny all emotion, especially involving girls!" Clyde said.

"Yeah, yeah." I laughed, poking Clyde in the side of the head.

"Anyway what about you?" Clyde asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

"What do you mean?"

"Yeah!" Maria said in agreement, looking up at me. "What about The Doctor?"

I had to laugh at that, "The Doctor?" I asked. "There's more chance of The Doctor... I don't know... turning into a human than anything happening with us!"

"She doesn't need a boyfriend." Luke said protectively, grabbing my arm and pulling it round him, placing a kiss on my arm. "She's got me."

I laughed, looking between the three of them.