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Chapter 1: Mystix Club


My name is Zoey. I am a sixteen year old girl. I'm princess of Kobata and fairy of life. Still—my power isn't as powerful as the dragon flame. I look to my side and see 5 other girls.

One of them has brunette hair with a little bit of lighter streaks. She has fair skin and I can tell she has dark golden eyes. I don't know what exactly she's doing, but she's probably drawing.

The second one has brunette hair as well. She has fair skin and navy blue eyes. I actually don't see her doing anything.

The third one is texting. She has jet black hair with purple tints, pale skin, and midnight blue eyes. The girl is texting like if there is no tomorrow! She almost saw me looking at her!

The fourth one has red waist length hair, blue eye, and tan skin. She's playing some video game. Lucky her. I brought my phone and the only game it has is 'Ninja Chicken.'

The last one is a girl with tan skin, brown eyes, and medium brown hair. She's making purple clouds appear. She's lucky. If I used my powers...I'd bring the dead back.

I for one...am doing nothing! We're here because Ms. Grieslda said Ms. Faragonda wants to talk to us about something. Whatever it is...am going to pay NO attention.


I noticed a girl with honey brown hair, with deep green eyes, and fair skin coming over here.

"Hey...you know what time is it?" she asks me.

"NoPe!" I say while popping the 'P.' I then added something. "But it will rain in a couple of hours, and there will be lighting." I stated. She slowly nodded and walked away. I guess I made her feel awkward. Well...I'm the fairy of lighting and princess of the lighting realm...I know when it's going to rain.

"Hey what's your name? My name is Cinthia." I said. She turned around.

"Zoey." she simply answered. Zoey...hmmm...I can remember that.

"OKAY! Later Zoey." I say. She turns around and gives me a peace sign.


I put my sketch pad in my bag and put my legs on top of the table. My partner, who has jet black hair with purple tints, raises an eyebrow.

"Whatcha doing?" she asks me. I look at her.

"Um...uhh...no that's not it...I don't know." I answered. It was true. I didn't know. She chuckled and put her phone away.

"You're bored aren't you?" she asks.

"Yes." I answer. "Is it obvious?" She shakes her head.

"Nope. The stars told me." she answered.

"You're Princess Lavanya of Crimsonite. Fairy of the moon and night." I say. She nods.


This girl totally seems familiar to me. She knows who I am. Maybe I know her. "What's your power?" I ask.

"Dreams and visions." she answered. There we go! I know who she is.

"Princess Maria of Starinis." I stated as I point at her. She nods. Our realms are like...sisters.

"How old are you?" I ask.

"16. You?" Maria answered.

"Same." I stated. Wow...now we just have to wait for Ms. Faragonda to tell us why she asked for us. I pulled out my phone again and noticed that it ran out of batterie! Guess I'm gonna do what Maria did...go to sleep.


NO! NO! NO! My damn video game isn't working! Probably because I play with it 24/7, BUT WHY NOW!

I blew a piece of my red hair out of my face. I think I have the longest hair out of all of us girls.

"Pss..." I heard someone whisper to me. I turned around and saw a girl with tan skin, brown eyes, and medium brown hair. She looked bored. Well, that makes both of us.

"What?" I ask her. She raises an eyebrow.

"What power do you have?" she asks me. Now it's my turn to raise an eyebrow.

"Musical Dreams. You?" I answered but then asked.

"Hope." There's an awkward silence. I turn around and try to fix my game. But sadly...only technology fairies can do it.


Is there anything fun to do!? We're just sitting here doing NOTHING! The only thing I can do is...1.) Play with my powers and 2.) Talk. Nothing fun to do.

"Yo! Yo!" someone said snapping me out of my thoughts. I turned around to see a brunette and jet blacked haired girl with purple tints.

"Umm...who's the one who said 'Yo! Yo!'?" I asked. They both raised their hand.

"What's your name?' the brunette asked me.

"Lorelei. And you girls are?" I asked them.

"I'm Lavanya and that's Maria." the jet blacked haired girl answered. I defiantly know who they are. We started talking about something else. Finally...no more boredom.

..::End of P.O.V's::..

The six girls just sat there and talked. Faragonda finally came in. But she wasn't alone. She had the winx with her. The other six girls just raised an eyebrow.

"Um...not to be rude...but why are the winx here?" Zoey asked. Flora raised an eyebrow.

"What's wrong with us being here?" she snapped. The six girls stepped back. They've heard that Flora is the nicest, sweetest fairy in Alfea. Faragonda sighed and looked at the six girls.

"You see girls...the winx are pregnant, which means they can't go on missions." Faragonda started. Maria raised an eyebrow.

"And why are we involved in this?" Maria asked.

"You girls will be going on their missions for them." Faragonda finished. The girls jaws dropped.

"WHAT!? We're charmix fairies NOT sirenix fairies!" Cinthia informed.

Bloom all of a sudden covered her mouth and ran to the nearest trash bin. "Please...help us." they heard Bloom beg.

'Okay...looks like I am paying attention.' Zoey thought.

Stella started thinking for awhile. Her head shot right up. "This could also be your chance to earn your enchantix." she said. The six girls looked at each other before sighing.

"Fine. But if we get hurt—I swear I'll tell my dad!" Lorelei warned.

"Which realm are you from?" Layla asked.

"I'm princess of Espero." she answered. The winx girls quickly nodded.

Faragonda looked at the six girls. "You'll need bodyguards though." she informed. The six girls looked at her if she were crazy.

"SAY WHAT!? Why are we going on this mission anyway? Why can't you choose other girls?" Maria asked.

"Because 1.) you girls are failing, and 2.) the winx chose you." Faragonda answered. At this point Maria pouted.

"Okay that makes—WAAAIIITTT—WE'RE FAILING!' Lavanya shouted. Faragonda and the winx slowly nodded.

Tecna put her pocket computer away. "And by going on this mission...you girls will be able to get your grades higher." she informed. The girls nodded. Alex took a step forward and asked Tecna a question.

"Ms. Tecna...this is a VERY important question.." Alex started.

"What is it Alex?" Tecna asked.

"Can you fix my video game?" Alex finished. Stella, Layla, Musa, Lavanya, Maria and Zoey burst out laughing. Tecna grabbed Alex's video game and walked away. Faragonda shook her head and said one more thing.

"Six specialists from Red Fountain will be your bodyguards girls. Which means the winx lovers will come pick you up." Faragonda said. "That will be all."

"Hold up—when are we leaving?" Zoey asked.

"Right now. Now go get ready." Bloom answered. The six girls nodded and went to their dorms. They were right across from each others. They waved goodbye and entered their dorms.

..::3 Minutes Later::.

"You girls ready?" Cinthia asked. The rest nodded. They had a bag with them. They also changed their clothes.

Zoey- She's wearing a light green T-Shirt with denim jeans, brown boots, and a brown and green trimmed base-ball hat.

Cinthia- She's wearing a yellow strapless shirt and a blue layered skirt with yellow converse.

Maria- A cyan blue blouse, silver skirt with crystal blue converse. She's also wearing a crescent moon necklace with a star dangling on its point.

Lavanya- A midnight purple blouse, black denim jeans and silver lucky necklace with plum purple flats.

Alex- She's wearing a maroon short sleeve shirt , greenish red skirt , and dark purple flats.

Lorelei- A pale purple midriff top with puff-sleeves and a pointed neck and a soft pink skirt that has a cut on the left side and the sides are pointed, pale purple belt covered with faint sparkly clouds, always barefoot unless when needed sandals. Right now...she's wearing sandals.

"We should make a club." Zoey suggested.

"Yea...how about the Mystic?" Maria suggested. Zoey nodded with a smirk. The other girls seemed to like it too.

"Wait—we still don't know each others names." Alex informed.

"Well...I'm Lavanya." Lavanya said.

"Name's Maria." Maria stated. Cinthia stepped forward and introduced herself next.

"I'm Cinthia." she said.

"Alexa...but people call me Alex." Alex answered.

"Lorelie is what they call me." Lorelei said. Zoey nodded.

"Okay...I'm Zoey." she said. They started walking down the corridors to the quad...where a Red Fountain ship was.


"Now boys...these girls are 16, which means they are 3 years younger than you. Once you get to Red Fountain I want you to introduce them to their bodyguards." Faragonda explained. The specialists still didn't know about the winx being pregnant.

Riven raised an eyebrow. "Again—why are we doing this?" he asked.

"That's something the girls will tell you." Faragonda answered.

"Which ones...the new ones or the winx." Brandon asked.

"Both. But the new girls will tell you, since the winx won't go with you." Faragonda said.

They heard footsteps behind them. "So this is the Red Fountain ship we've heard about..." A voice that Faragonda could tell belonged to Lorelei.

"Girls...these are the winx boyfriends/fiancés." Faragonda informed. The girls nodded.

"We should get going. By the way I'm Sky and these are my friends; Brandon, Riven, Helia, Timmy and Nabu." Sky said as he pointed out everyone.

"Cool. I'm Lavanya and these are MY friends; Maria, Zoey, Lorelei, Cinthia and Alex." Lavanya said as she also pointed out everyone. They then got onto the ship with the specialists behind them.

..::Inside the Ship::.

"So...Ms. F said you girls have something to tell us. What is it?" Helia asked nicely. The girls knew exactly what they were talking about.

"Are you sure you want to know?" Maria asked.

"Yes. Yes we do. Can you tell us now?" Brandon answered.

"Watch it fringe head. If you really want to know then..." Maria started.

Brandon glared at her for calling him 'fringe head' but decided to ignore it. Riven stood up from where he was sitting at and looked at each girl.

"Then what?" Riven snapped. The girls looked at each other and sighed.

"The girls are pregnant." the girls all said at the same time. The specialists froze. Riven was the one who snapped back into reality.

What he did...surprised the girls and the frozen specialists. "I'M GOING TO BE A DAD! A DAD AT THE AGE OF 19!" he cheered.

"Okay...first I propose to Bloom...we're still not married...but we're starting a family already what the hell!" Sky said both happy and worried. The rest had tears in their eyes or were just frozen to solid.

"Brandon? Braaanndddonn? BRANDON!" Maria yelled. Brandon quickly snapped out of his thoughts.

"WHAT!" he asked.

"Nothing. You were just frozen." Maria answered. Brandon rolled his eyes.

Lavanya looked at Helia an raised an eyebrow. "Why are you crying dude? You look sad instead of happy." Lavanya said.

"I'm just happy." Helia said. The girls all of a sudden remembered about Flora's attitude.

"Yay..." they cheered quietly. They finally arrived at Red Fountain.

'Oh great...time to meet the dudes that are our 'bodyguards.' What did we ever do to the world?' the girls thought as they entered Red Fountain.

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-Blood Tears for Eternity