Second Chances by Hero541

Chapter 1: Where Am I?

Second Chances

By Hero541

Chapter 1: Where Am I?

"What is it?"

"Ah'm not too sure on that one, Pinks."

"Where'd it come from? Did it just fall out of the sky?"

"What a ridiculous notion, Rainbow. How could it just fall out of the sky?"

"Fine, Rarity. What do you think happened?"

"Well…. I'm not too sure."

Josh heard voices that seemed distant and loud. His head was throbbing, a feeling he was pretty used to by now, but still could incapacitate him from time to time. Damn, he thought, what a wild night last night. That's the last time I mix gin and blow in the same night. He opened his eyes slowly and looked around.

To his left was a medium-sized barn, bright red with white trim, a lavender roof, and an apple-adorned weathervane on top. To his right, acre after acre after acre of apple trees stretched before his eyes. What the fuck? he thought, Did that crazy bitch drop me off in fucking Kansas or something? He sat up and rubbed the back of his head, the pain growing slightly more intense as he moved.

"Look, girls. It's getting up!"

"Can't be too hurt then, I suppose."

Josh stood and turned towards the voices he heard behind him. Initially, he stared at eye-level, expecting to see what he figured would be (judging from the voices) four girls looking at him. However, he saw no such thing, till he looked down. The shock of what he saw next made his brain nearly explode, and he fell to the ground once more.

"What the fuck is this?! What's going on here?!" he shouted.

Before his eyes were six ponies, each about three feet tall and each brightly colored. Two of them had small horns on their heads, and two of them were floating in the air, flapping a small set of wings on their back. The last two looked somewhat ordinary, despite the fact one of them was wearing a brown Stetson hat.

"Whoa there, feller," said the one in the hat, an orange pony with three red apples on her flank, "we're not gonna hurt you or anything."

"How'd I get here?! Where is here?!" Josh shouted, scooting back from the ponies before him.

"We should be the ones asking you how you got here" said one of the winged ponies, swooping down to face Josh, her cyan fur and bright rainbow mane almost hurting his eyes, "Why're you on AJ's farm?"

"Rainbow!" shouted the purple horned pony, stepping forward to push the winged pony out of the way, "There's no need to be like that. I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why it's here." She paused. "You do have an explanation, don't you?"

Josh couldn't handle it anymore. The confusion about his surroundings, the horrible headache he had, coupled with the brightly colored mares that surrounded him became too much. His head started to swim, and he passed out once more, darkness overtaking his mind as he saw the bright colors fade from his vision.

"Quick! Get him inside!" was all he heard from the orange pony as he slipped into unconsciousness once again.

Josh stepped off the stage into the back room, sweat dripping from his brow, his hat completely askew. He had just had yet another successful show here in Los Angeles, and was ready to head back to his room for the night, excited by what could be awaiting him once he got there. As he walked back, he turned to see three hulking security guards holding back a large crowd of his fans, all of whom were yelling and clamoring to see and hold their idol, all the time yelling, "Xploshun! Xploshun!"

Josh simply smiled and waved to them, receiving an excited yell from the crowd. He continued back to his room and walked in to see his agent, Liam, standing near the door.

"Well well, Xploshun," said Liam, handing Josh a water bottle and sitting down on the nearby couch, "yet another successful show."

"When have we ever had a bad one?" asked Josh, taking a sip from his water bottle and leaning against his dressing room counter.

"Not one that I can remember," replied Liam, smirking at his client, "but there's still time to have one. You've still got at least ten more shows to do this month."

"Fuck. That's right." Said Josh, scowling, "Where am I next? Portland or some shit like that?"

"I'd think you'd be happy to go home." said Liam, his smirk dropping a little.

"If there's one place I'd like to avoid sometimes, it's Oregon. I left that shithole for a reason, you know."

"I'm well aware." said Liam, standing to face Josh, "All to become the next big dubstep sensation, right?"

"Damn straight."

Liam's smirk returned once more, and he walked towards Josh, placing his hand on his shoulder. He was unbelievably glad to have someone like Josh to represent. In just a year, they had risen steadily higher and higher, till even greats like Excision, Datsik, and Nero had to admit, they were facing some pretty steep competition in Xploshun.

"Tell you what," said Liam, reaching into his coat pocket and pulling out a tiny bag filled with what looked like chalk, "go out and have a good time. Relax, cut loose a little, and enjoy yourself for a bit. We don't have to leave for Portland for awhile anyway."

Josh looked at the little bag and the white powder inside. He smiled devilishly.

"Aww, Liam," he said, feigning choking back tears as he took the baggie, and opened it up, smelling the contents, "you shouldn't have."

"You'd be surprised how easy it is to find the good shit here." said Liam, taking out a small mirror from his blazer, "There's practically a dealer on every corner in this godforsaken town."

Josh nodded and pulled out a hundred dollar bill from his wallet. He placed some of the white substance on the mirror, using his credit card to pull it all into a straight line. Then, he rolled the bill into a small tube, put it to his nose, and bent down to snort the cocaine on the mirror. It burned heavily as it entered his nose, but soon, a feeling of absolute ecstasy washed over him.

"Tonight is gonna be a goooooood night." He said, turning towards the door, ready for the after-party coming soon.