AN: BDSM Universe one shot. DomSnape/SubHarry. Haha I am truly wicked. If you want more just ask. And I might just write the rest.

Play Hard

Harry sashayed hips across the club, showing off his tight, toned, well-kept body. His black skinny leg jeans hung low on his hips and his green mini tee shirt exposed his belly button ring enticingly. He knew he could have his pick of any Dom or Switch in the room as well as few of the Subs, but he had his eyes set on the tall, dark, brooding Dom sipping a drink at the bar.

He'd been watching him all night and he was exactly Harry's flavor. Dark. Dangerous. Edgy. He was the perfect type of Dom to take Harry to the place he wanted to go tonight. The Dursley's were more than pissing him off and with summer drawing to a close, Harry had steam to blow before he went back to school and he wanted to blow it hard, fast, and painfully.

He wanted to scream, to hurt, and to grind his body against the hard, unmoving Top at the bar. He wanted to beg, and moan, and cry, and go someplace in his head that only a few rare people could take him to.

He could feel the eyes of multiple people on him as he made his way over to the bar, but he blocked it out, having only one thing on his mind. He wanted to fuck, simple as that. He wanted his mind blown, and his earth shaken.

He sidled up beside the Dom and in a quiet voice full of intent asked, "May I attend you tonight Sir." The older man seemed to still and stiffen and Harry was about to think he was being rejected before the Dom turned around and Harry saw just who he had had his sights on all night.

He gulped and immediately backed off. "Oh. Professor Sir! I didn't recognize you! I apologize! I'll just be-ya…." He turned and was about to walk away when he felt a strong, calloused hand on his arm. And Harry couldn't help but wonder what that hand would feel like spanking his ass red, and jacking his hard cock.

"Aren't you a bit young for this club, Mr. Potter?" Harry stilled, really hoping that Snape wasn't going to escort him out the door.

"Um….fake I.D. ya know, that type of thing." He gulped again.

"Hmm indeed. Don't you want to know my answer to your earlier question?" Harry blinked owlishly and turned to his professor, his mouth a little wet at the thought.

"Only if Sir wants to answer." Harry responded as he stepped back over to the man and leaned against the bar. Snape tilted his head back and drained his glass.

"I've been watching you watch me all night. It was only a matter of time before you came over, granted…I didn't know for sure if it was you or not. Tell me Potter are you seventeen yet?" Harry tilted his head to the side.

"Yes. Today is my birthday. And I felt like celebrating it. And I have steam to blow off. And I want to blow it off hard. Very hard. Almost too hard. Think you can handle that, Sir?"

Snape chuckled and gave Harry a face splitting leer. "The real question is 'Can you handle that, Mr. Potter.'"

Harry's wet mouth began to positively water and drip. "I think I can handle anything anyone dishes out, as long as that person respects my Safe Word. Because when I play I play safe. It's another matter if I'm collared because then I won't need a Safe Word."

Severus looked down at him with a quizzical look on his face. "I only play safe Submissive, or I don't play at all."

Harry nodded his head and grinned. "We are in agreement then Sir?" Snape narrowed his eyes at Harry for a moment before he turned to the bartender.

"Barkeep, I need a bottle of Red Wine, a room, and basic toy kit." Harry smiled and bowed his head submissively.

They made their way through the crowd to the staircase in the back of the club. They each took the stairs two at a time, more than anxious and throbbing with anticipation. They came to the door of the room in question and paused outside of it.

Snape turned to look at Harry. "Last chance to turn back Potter. I said I play safe and I do. So I'll respect your Safe Word, if you use it, but I plan to spend all night with you. If that's not agreeable with you, turn back now. Once we are through this door, YOU AND YOUR TIGHT ASS ARE MINE FOR THE NIGHT."

Harry licked his lips and took the key from Snape's hand. "I wouldn't have come this far if I wasn't sure, Sir. As far as you owning me and my ass for tonight…that is exactly what I want. What I've wanted for years. So believe me, I won't be turning back."

They locked eyes for a few moments and Harry felt saliva pool out of his mouth at the thought of his secret desire, claiming him. Finally claiming him, if only for a night.

Snape reached up and wiped at his lower lip with his thumb before he sucked it into his mouth and tasted Harry's sweet taste on his thumb. Harry watched the action and keened deep in the back of his throat.

"Please Sir." He whimpered out. Snape smirked. "Please what, boy?" He whispered out.

Harry felt his knees go weak. "Please stop teasing me, unless you plan on fucking me against the wall in the middle of the hall way." He moaned out as he fumbled the key into the lock and twisted it open. He eagerly stumbled into the room and held the door open for the Dom. Severus leered and stalked into the room, kicking the door shut behind him and locking it.