Chapter One

Summary: When Tony disappears for a few months, th rest of team Gibbs wonders why he left. But when Toy suddenly appears, he ignores them and won't talkto anyone except Ducky, Palmer, and the Director. What secrets is Tony hiding and why?

It was a normal day at NCIS. Gibbs was who-knows-where. Ziva was down at the firing range, saying her aim was off after a two week medical leave. McGee was down in Cyber Crimes helping his fellow computer geeks. And then there was Tony.

Tony was bored. Gibbs had told him to do paperwork while everyone else did something that was fun to them. Gibbs ha also threatened Tony with a month of desk duty if he even thought about leaving before he had finished the paperwork. So Tony was stuck filling out all his paperwork, all of the paperwork Gibbs didn't want to do, and McGee and Ziva's paperwork that they refused to do.

Tony looked down at the sheet he was filling out now. It was a form for Gibbs replacement cell. Third one this month. Tony really needed to put a note on there that said to give Gibbs the simpliest phone they had. He grabbed his pen and was about to put the pen down to start filling out the sheet, when his phone rang.

Tony put down his pen and grabbed his phone and leant back in his chair.

"'Very' Special Agent Anthony-" Tony began, but was cut off by none other than Director Vance.

"DiNozzo," the director said in his sharp voice. Tony immediantly sat up straight.

"Yes, Director Vance?" Tony asked.

"Come up to my office. We have something we need to discuss." The dial tone was the next thing Tony heard.

Tony put down the reciever and stood up. He striaghtened his jacket and made the walk to the director's office, wondering what he had done wrong now.

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