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Appendix: Events Following the Coronation of Fíli Oakenshield in TA 2942

TA 2942: AfterFíli's coronation, Gandalf, Bilbo, the Rivendell Party, and Legolas return to the West. Legolas leaves them as they pass through Mirkwood, Arwen, Estel, Elladan and Elrohir say their goodbyes at Rivendell, and finally Bilbo is returned to the Shire and Bag End.

TA 2943: Kíli asks Fíli if the fact that he and Elin are taking it in turns to embarrass each other is some kind of bizarre courting ritual. Fíli remains reticent, choosing to focus on the rebuilding of Erebor rather than a personal relationship. He appears to be the only dwarf in the whole of Erebor who doesn't know Elin is in love with him. This being said, he does share a rather tension-filled dance with her at the Durin's Day celebrations.

TA 2944: Bard is crowned King of Dale, and the city begins to flourish once more.

TA 2945: Heartbroken and tired of waiting, Elin returns to her family in the Iron Hills. Kíli hears of her departure a week later and confronts Fíli, who realises what a fool he has been. He rides out to the Iron Hills with Kíli, Dwalin, and his Kingsguard. Reunited with Elin, Fíli asks her to be his queen. They are married on the third anniversary of Fíli's coronation.

TA 2947: Fíli and Elin's first child, a son, is born on Durin's Day and they name him Thorin. In the winter, King Thranduil returns to Erebor, bringing gifts for the new crown prince. Thorin does his namesake proud and throws up all over Thranduil's shiny silver robes.

TA 2948: Kíli marries Neri and officially adopts Elís. Before their marriage, Kíli and Neri's relationship was often tumultuous and full of obstacles, mostly due to the fact that although remarriage isn't exactly a taboo in Dwarven society, it can still be frowned upon by more conservative dwarves and it is rather rare. They keep their feelings a secret from each other for years and from their families for even longer, but finally Kíli comes to Fíli with the matter, and Fíli gives his brother his blessing; in the end, all he wants is for him to be happy.

TA 2949: Gandalf and Balin visit Bilbo in the Shire.

TA 2950: Kíli and Neri's first child is born, a son named Frerin.

TA 2953: Elin gives birth to a daughter, Míra.

TA 2954: Bombur returns to the Blue Mountains with Bofur and Bifur to collect the last of his large brood and bring them back to Erebor. During this visit, Bofur becomes reacquainted with a childhood sweetheart and they decide to marry. Bofur stays in Ered Luin, appointed by Fíli as one of his official representatives in the West.

TA 2955: Neri gives birth to a second son, Keirin.

TA 2989: Balin leads a company of dwarves, which includes Óin and Ori, to try and recolonise Moria.

TA 2994: Moria is overrun. Balin, Óin, and Ori perish.

TA 3013: Dís dies peacefully in her sleep. She is buried next to her brother in Erebor's main vault. The singing at her funeral can be heard from Dale.

TA 3018: Frodo leaves the shire with the Ring. A council is called at Rivendell and Kíli is keen to go as Erebor's representative. Thorin is also determined to join his uncle, but Fíli won't allow either of them to go; he fears that if they leave, they will never return. It is decided that Glóin and Gimli will go instead and Gimli thus joins the Fellowship of the Ring.

TA 3019: The Battle of Dale takes place in the spring. Sauron sends a large contingent of Easterlings to attack Dale. Fíli leads his army into battle alongside Dàin and his forces from the Iron Hills and the men of Dale led by King Brand. After much fighting they are forced to retreat to the Front Gate of Erebor. Fíli and Kíli will not allow their sons to join the fray, believing them still too young for war, but Thorin disguises himself and joins his father's army. He is injured, but survives the battle. Dàin, however, is mortally wounded and dies in Fíli's arms. The forces of Gondor and Rohan defeat Sauron's armies in the south and so the northern armies lose heart and are defeated. The War is won and Aragorn is crowned in Minas Tirith.

TA 3020: Dori and Nori journey to Moria to find Ori's body and bring him home.

TA 3021: Bilbo and Frodo depart for the Undying Lands. The Fourth Age begins.

FO 7: Gimli leads a large group of Durin's folk to the Glittering Caves and establishes a colony there in Fíli's name.

FO 15: Thorin marries a dwarrowdam who has recently come to Erebor from the Blue Mountains.

FO 21: A son is born to Thorin; Fíli's first grandchild.

FO 91: Retirement isn't a word in Dwalin's vocabulary and he continues to serve in Fíli's Kingsguard and train the princes until old age claims him, and he collapses in the royal armoury. Taken to bed, Dwalin dies peacefully with Fíli and Kíli at his side. He is buried next to Thorin and Dís in the main vault.

FO 98: Fíli finally falls prey to the illnesses that come with advancing age and becomes bed-ridden. Once again, Kíli sends for Aragorn. Aragorn and Arwen make the long journey from Minas Tirith to Erebor so that Fíli can say his farewells. After speaking with Aragorn one final time, Fíli dies surrounded by his family with Kíli clutching his hand. He is succeeded by his son, Thorin.

FO 100: After two years of mourning for his brother, Kíli enters the vaults and sits down at the side of Fíli's tomb. He talks to Fíli until he falls asleep, and he never wakes. He is buried in a tomb beside Fíli's and the brothers are reunited once more.

FO 120: Gimli travels with Legolas to the Undying Lands. Aragorn dies and is succeeded by his son, Eldarion.