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Chapter 3

Sky, Stella, and Tecna appeared in the forest on the outskirts of Gardenia.

"Alright so what do we do now?" Stella asked.

"The logical coarse of actions is to head to Blooms's adoptive parent's house. They then can point us in the direction of somewhere where we can get it translated." Tecna stated.

"Alright, lets get moving." Sky said.

It took them about fifteen minutes to get to the house. Sky knocked on the door and Vanessa answered it.

"Hello Sky. Hello Stella and Tecna. Come on in." Vanessa greeted, allowing them into their home. "Where's Bloom?"

"That's actually why we're here, Vanessa we need a little help." Sky said.

"Has something happened to Bloom?" Vanessa asked worried"Well, we had our final battle with Baltor. Bloom was able to destroy him but in the process he cursed Bloom." Sky explained.

Vanessa gasped, "Will she be ok?"

"That's why we're here. The curse was in a language none of us know. Bloom recognized it, but since then she has become aggressive and won't talk. We were hoping you could point us to someone who could translate it." Sky explained.

"Can I take a look at it?" Vanessa asked.

"Yeah, sure." Tecna said as she walked over to Vanessa. Tecna pulled up the spell on her PDA and handed it to the older woman.

"Well I can't translate it but I recognize the language. The spell is in Latin."

"Do you know anyone who could?" Stella asked.

"Before you three go on a man-hunt for a translator, lets try Google Translate." Vanessa said as she walked over to the computer. She pulled up the Internet and went to the page.

"Alright I set it up to translate it from Latin to English. Just type it in letter for letter and the computer does the rest." Vanessa explained. Tecna typed in the spell and hit translate.

"The translator says, ' Powers of darkness I command you, turn this one into'..." Tecna stopped talking. Her face went pale.

"Tec are you alright?" Stella asked.

"We need to get back to Alfea." Tecna said as she closed the Internet browser.

"Vanessa we will call you as soon as possible on her condition." Tecna said trying to comfort the distraught woman.

"Alright, just go save my daughter." Vanessa said. Tecna then left with Sky and Stella following.

"Tecna what is going on? What did it say?" Stella asked.

"I don't have time to explain, we need to get back before Bloom hurts anyone!" Tecna insisted.

"Alright." Stella said, annoyed and defeated. Stella then used the scepter to transport the three back to Alfea.

Bloom was laying on the bed in the hospital room. She was reading up on her race in the book Queen Serana gave her.

'It's depressing that i'm the only one of my kind. But it is interesting the power my kind can hold, no wonder all the humans killed them off. That's more of a reason I need to stay in here alone. They'll think of me as a threat, but of coarse I am one. I'm starving myself, and eventually I will lose control and hurt someone.'

There was a knock at the door so Bloom made the book disappear. Flora then entered the room.

"Bloom sweetie, how are you?"

"I'm the same as I was when Layla visited." Bloom answered plainly.

"I really wish you would tell someone what's happening. We're all worried about you. You haven't eaten since the battle and that was TWO days ago." Flora sain as she sat in the chair next to Bloom.

Bloom sighed, "Flora, normally I would tell you, but if I do I don't know how people would react. In my current condition I'm unstable, so if someone threatened me then I would retaliate on instinct. I don't want to hurt anyone." Bloom explained.

"But Bloom if you tell us then we might be able to help." Flora persuaded.

"Flora I've researched the subject before, there is no way to help it." Bloom explained.

"Well Bloom, if you want you could tell me. You know that I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to." Flora stated.

"Flora with a condition as sever as mine, you couldn't keep it to yourself. You would tell someone because you would think that it's for the best." Bloom stated.

"Please Bloom I have to know! I promise you that I will not tell anyone. Besides Sky, Stella, and Tecna all went to Earth to get it translated. They should get back anytime now and they will tell Faragonda for sure." Flora said.

"Fine! If the secret is going to come out I might as well tell my roommate so she knows the truth." Bloom said. She then got up and walked to the door. She opened it to see that both of the Winx that were still here were ease dropping.

"You two, leave now!" Bloom ordered and the two reluctantly left. Bloom then went over to where Flora sat. She grabbed another chair and sat down right in front of Flora.

"Alright Flora. The spell was cast in an ancient Earth language called Latin. Baltor used it that way so I would know what was happening. He was just up to his tricks again." Bloom explained.

"I'm really glad he's gone." Flora stated out of the blue.

"I am too. Anyways, the last word in the spell, 'lamia', is the key." Bloom paused. "You remember earlier in the year, those two weeks I spent all my free time researching something." Bloom asked.

"Yeah you were very secretive about it. You told me that it was silly what you were doing and wanted to keep it a secret." Flora said.

"Yes, well my search sent me to Cloud Tower. In Griffin's personal library there was a book filled with the very information I was looking for. Baltor must have found the book during his occupation of the school. In the book, there was a spell to change someone into what I was researching, but it required an emense amount of dark power." Bloom explained.

"This is all nice to know honey, but you never told me what you are now." Flora said.

"Oh yeah, sorry." Bloom apologized.

"I don't know how to say this, so I'll just say it. Flora, Baltor turned me into a vampire. The first vampire to be seen in over five millennia." Bloom finished.

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