Rain relentlessly rushed at his face as he hurried home. Kida had been held up by the guys in the Yellow Scarves wanting an explanation as to why he was refusing them too attack the Dollars. It was just yesterday that he had discovered his best friend, Mikado Ryugamine, was the true leader of his rival gang. Betrayal hit him hard when the informant's words really sunk in that day, and he still felt sick to his stomach as he darted through the unusually vacant streets of Ikebukuro.

Sharply turning a corner, the blond found himself smacking straight into another body, backing off quickly on impulse. Damn his tendencies to get so lost in thought, he was going to get himself killed by doing something like this. As he looked up, brushing his own hair from his face, he was struck with the thought that today might just be that day. The older blond stared down at him with a blank expression, his glasses slipping down to the end of his nose as he did so.

Closing his eyes tightly, expecting some form of immense pain, Kida's mind blanked. How big of an idiot do you have to be to run smack into Shizuo Heiwajima on an unoccupied street where no one is around to save you? Firm hands grasped both his shoulders and he let his eyelids slowly flutter open. His pleading eyes met Shizuo's stern ones. Kida felt his bottom lip trembling as the older blonds mouth moved slowly.

"I'll give you a three second head start," his whisper was harsh. Kida knew better than to contemplate where to go, and instead just made a random dash in any direction. Quite literally running for his life. The sound of heavy footsteps behind him forced his pace to quicken significantly, turning corners to dark alleyways wherever he could, making tremendous leaps over oncoming obstacles, desperately hoping to lose his hunter. This was some sort of personified game of cat and mouse and he was not playing the preferable role.

Whilst dashing down a certain alley, Kida found himself yanked from his path into the warmth of a building, the door slammed loudly behind him. A sigh of relief left his lips as he leaned against the wall and stared into the eyes of his savior. The deep brown, mischievous eyes.

" Kida-kun. You've gotten yourself into a troublesome situation," and he didn't at all sound sincere. Kida thought he even heard a small chuckle leave the man's lips. Izaya Orihara. Of all people to find, he found Izaya Orihara. Damn him and his awful luck! The gravelly voice of his chaser brought his attention back to the closed door.

" Masaomi! Why don't you come out and play?~" the sound was muffled by the walls but his voice was perfectly clear in Kida's mind. Izaya smirked and put his index finger to his lips. Kida could only nod is response as he listened to the damage being done outside. He needed some sort of distraction, and clearly the older man had noticed this as he began to play with Kida's hair. It was soothing and he couldn't say that he didn't enjoy it. Izaya's fingers tangled in Kida's blond locks and slid through.

A loud crash brought him back to reality as Shizuo hurled himself through the locked door. His whole body went numb with fear as the older blond stared straight at him. But he did notice his eyes stray to the side as something had distracted him. Then he realized Izaya's immense laughter and he edged away from him slowly, hoping to avoid being involved in whatever conflict was about to happen between the two of them. His attempt was unsuccessful, as he was pulled in closer by the arm that Izaya had wrapped around his waist now. Unaware as to when this had happened, Kida was confused by the sudden closeness and was caught pondering over how exactly he should react.

Shizuo gritted his teeth and clenched his fists, sending a tremble of terror through Kida's body, but Izaya only laughed more. This only angered Shizuo more and things could only get worse from here. Izaya was pulled from his place as the blond grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him up close to his face.

"You pathetic flea. The things I'm gonna do to you-"

"I've just had the most wonderful idea, Shizu-chan!" he interrupted, finishing with a diabolical snicker. Whatever he was thinking, Kida wanted no part of it. To be honest, at this exact point in time, he wanted nothing more than to be at home curled up in a ball in bed, clearing his mind of everything. The last thing he ever wanted to do was be involved in Izaya and Shizuo's 'disagreements'.

"And what would that be?" Shizuo grunted, sounding reluctant to participate in whatever game it was that the young informant was planning.

"Let's have Kida-kun come and play with us tonight.~"

Whatever that meant, Kida knew there was no escaping it.