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Death's Heir chapter 14-

Harry smiled when he spotted Atropos, releasing Cedric's hand to race to the Dementor Lord's side. He mah have been in his Dark form but Harry could still tell it was his beloved friend. He didn't know how, but he did. Atro seemed astonished that Harry was willing to even touch his Dark form, with it's dark scaly skin and overly large cowl. Still, he hugged his little mate close, breathing in his scent, and fighting off a jealous growl when he did so. His mate was saturated with the scent of the Shadow Demon. He really didn't like it. Normally he didn't get jealous, this time however...

Harry burrowed into Atro's arms, feeling safe and totally unaware of the older soul eater's dilemma. He needed this. He needed both of the men he loved to be with him as did this. Because if this meeting with Sirius ended up being a bad idea...

"I've missed you." Harry mumbled and Atropos smirked beneath his hood.

Oh, his little love was so adorable when he was like this. He felt a certain amount of pride in himself that Harry missed his presence after only one day of being apart. Still, he understood it. They hadn't had alone time in a while. Too many responsibilities. Which reminded him. He needed to tell Harry about Voldemort. He would never keep such an alliance from his intended.

:: I could have sworn we saw each other just the other day, little death.:: he teased, his voice coming out raspy in this form.

Harry shivered and clung to the Dementor Lord tighter.

"Yes. But we had a minor confrontation with Headmaster Dumbledore yesterday. And I had a small breakdown."

Atro tensed, his powers leaking out as he glared at the Shadow Demon over in his mate's head. Harry moaned quietly, oblivious.

:: Oh really? And why would that be, child?:: he purred dangerously.

Cedric's eyes became slits briefly before the Demon scoffed and looked away, guessing why the dark creature was angry.

"Dumbledore angered him, causing his Dark side to feel the need to give the old fool 'the kiss'. I had Blaise get him out of there, then we dealt with the headmaster. I fed Harry last night to calm him."

Harry shivered again in remembrance of his rage. He never wanted to be that angry again. Ever. Atropos ran a gray scaly hand through his little death's unruly hair and contemplated the many ways he could kill the headmaster with out it coming back and hurting Harry. He wore fury like an old familiar cowl, letting the rage simmer and boil beneath the surface, rolling at around on his tongue like a candy. He understood his lover's emotions when it came to the crackpot, but he was livid that Dumbledore had provoked Harry's untrained Dementor abilities. Thankfully, as much as he was loathe to admit it. Cedric had maneuvered his fledgling prince out of the meddler's presence in time. He'd never hear him say thank you.
Finally, Harry pulled away and smiled happily at Atropos.

:: Are you ready to go meet Sirius?:: Atropos asked gently, noting the underlying anxiety in those bright green orbs. Harry gulped and shook his head.

"No, but I have you guys there to make sure I'm alright." He stated and grabbed both Atropos and Cedric by the hand.

Atropos felt warmed by the words and allowed himself to be elf to the base of the Whomping Willow. The Hufflepuff demon threw a rock at the knot and the tree dipped it's rather erratic, potentially lethal movement. Harry wrinkled his nose at the dank smell of mildewed earth with in the tunnel. It was a bitter tang that filled their nostrils and reminded him of what he thought death might smell like.
By the time they all made it through the trap door to the Shrieking Shack, Harry was more than eager to leave the tunnel's depths. He would never admit to any of them how utterly terrified he was of the dark. All of his years in the cupboard under the stairs had sought to that. He'd even forgotten his anxiousness over meeting his godfather for the first time in the face of that seemingly overwhelming, endless darkness.

That is, until he came to a stop beside his lovers. It was then he spotted the haunted, emaciated form of Sirius Black. The man who staring wide-eyed at the Dementor Lord, likely because he wasn't feel in the effects of the Dementor's powers like he had whenever in their presence at Azkaban. He seemed confused. Atropos found this all rather amusing, to say the least.

:: Tell him that I won't use my powers on him, unless he harms you.:: he hissed to Harry, gently carding his hands through the fledgling's hair to calm him.

Harry nodded and leaned into Atropos' form.

"Don't worry. His power won't harm you unless you give him reason to believe you are a threat."

Sirius raised a brow but nodded and motioned for them to come further into the room so that they could be more comfortable. Harry sneezed, dust getting kicked up as they moved through the broken down shack. There were only two chairs and a large bed. They appeared to be old and decrepit. As if they'd been there for eons. Their surroundings were desolate to say the least. It was filthy, the moonlight shining through the cracks on the roof and illuminated specks of thick dust hovering in the stale air. Deep gauges, like teeth of some wild monsters animal were torn into the wood surrounding them.

Mold, ivy, and random weeds littered the walls and floors, adding to the wild untamed feel of the shack itself. It looked and felt old. Full of secrets and charts of the past.
Cedric sat warily in one chair, while Harry and Atropos settled on the bed with an obvious ease that appeared to unnerve Sirius and annoy Cedric. Harry curled against Atropos' side, keeping a sharp eye on Sirius as he sat in the other chair. An awkward silence settled around them and the dark haired teen wondered how long it would take before one of them snapped and started talking. By the way Sirius was fidgeting, it would likely not take long.

"So I'm sure you're wondering what I want. Actually, I'm rather surprised you even came. I thought for sure you'd have ratted me out." The escaped convict stated after he cleared his throat.

Harry's eyes widened, astonished that the man could think so low of his character. Then again, for the past thirteen or so years he'd been surrounded by backstabbing inmates. So it was probably an ingrained action.

"I would never do that to someone else. I'm trying hard to find out the truth of people on my own so that I might form my own opinions." Harry assured kindly but firmly, giving Atro a warm smile when the older Dark creature squeezed him in a comforting hold.

Sirius gave Harry a grateful smile and then nervously gazed at his clenched hands, which gripped the he, of his shirt tightly, as if holding it so tight would ease worry.

"Well, thank you. I guess I should start with the fact that I'm not after you. At least not for the reasons everyone assumes. You are my godson, and I've longed to be on your life from the moment James named me thus." He began and when he gazed at Harry he was surprised to be met with only curiosity. So he continued," The night that the Dark Lord killed your parents was heart breaking for me. I left you with Hagrid because the man who betrayed your family wasn't me and knowing who it was, I chased after him. We got into a battle. I was careful not to harm anyone, however the betrayer wasn't. He killed those muggles and then severed his finger, faking his own death in the eyes of the Ministry. When the Aurors showed up, I was blamed and shipped off to Azkaban."

Cedric snorted and folded his arms across his chest, giving a solemn nod.

"Without a trial no doubt. Which means Dumbledore knew your innocence but allowed you to be sent anyways." He commented, causing Sirius to growl.

"Dumbledore wouldn't do that to me." He snapped, garnering scoffs from everyone.

Sirius' eyes darted to all of them individually, confused as to the group's collective response. Atro seemed to find it more amusing than any of them.

"Am I missing something?" The Black heir asked dryly.

Harry shifted slightly in Atropos' arms but nodded.

"Dumbledore sent me to live with abusive muggles. He's turned the whole of Gryffindor house against me. This year I've almost been killed twice by people Dumbledore holds in high esteem, a teacher named Remus Lupin and my former best mate, Ronald Weasley." Harry stated, irritated with having to explain himself, but knowing it was needed.

Sirius' expression darkened but turned both shocked and murderous, an odd combination, at the mention of Remus Lupin. Cedric noticed and smirked.

"That's right, Black. Your good friend Remus Lupin fired a spell at Harry for no reason. Ronald Weasley because he was angry. Dumbledore, just the other day, told Luna and I to stay away from Harry if we didn't wish to be 'tainted' as he put it. Still think your precious Headmaster wouldn't turn on you in a heartbeat if it meant he could get rid of Harry?" The 'without getting his hands dirty' was left unsaid.

Sirius was suddenly replaced by a large Grim. Its black shaggy coat bristling as it growled and paced the floor. After a few moments the animal was replaced by an equally furious Sirius, he didn't even pause in his steps.

" I can't believe Remus would ...why...maybe it's because..."

Harry watched the man as he mumbled to himself for a long, tense moment. Sirius growled again and faced his godson. Harry gulped under the Grim animagus' scrutiny.

"I guess that brings me to the other thing I needed to talk to you about. Harry your father really wasn't James Potter. I don't know who he is but Lily made me swear to tell you at least that much. She and your real father loved you very much." He confessed, intense grey gaze boring into the teen's own.

Harry nodded, blinking back unwanted tears at the knowledge that he was loved by people no longer living.

"I know that already. The part about my father not being James anyways. Atropos said he knew my real father well. Said he was a Lord." The black haired teen hedged. He wanted to keep the information of his creature heritage silent for the moment.

Sirius appeared shocked and gazed at the Dementor Lord.

"You knew Harry's true father?"

Atropos inclined his head.

::Yes, Ăšlairi was a great person. Not many knew what he looked like. He was a fair leader, a decent healer, and he absolutely refused to harm women or children.:: the Dark creature stated and while his mate translated, he began playing idly with a few strands of his little one's hair.

The younger soul-sucker stared in awe at his lover. This was the first time he'd heard anything about his father and he was gobbling it up like a kid at thanksgiving dinner. Much like he had when he first had been told about the late James Potter.

"Wait. Harry's father was a healer?" Cedric asked incredulously.

Atropos shifted so that the bottomless black of his cowl met with Cedric. Although the Shadow Demon couldn't see it, Atropos was showing off a pointed toothed grin.

::We all have quirks. Mine are the pointed teeth. With my brother it's an obsessive need to dye his hair every color imaginable. It just so happened that Harry's father enjoyed healing those unjustly hurt by either Dark or Light wizards. Whether it be Light, Dark or creature, he would heal them enough that they could get themselves to professionals. It's a rare gift actually, much like Harry's.:: The Lord Dementor explained, Harry translating once more.

The demon teen raised an eyebrow and grunted,

"Who knew."

Atropos chuckled out a raspy laugh and decided he could continue this meeting in human form. After all, if Sirius betrayed Harry he could always eat him. He switched forms quickly, ever mindful of his little death's eyes on the transition. He settled Harry closer to him and glared at the stunned Black.

"It's something we wished to keep from mortals. Death itself granted us many of our powers to pass judgement on the truly corrupt. It's only been recently that most of our powers have been misused. It's a disgrace to our kind really." Harry shivered as Atropos' voice rumbled out of his chest, of which he was comfortably seated against.

He always enjoyed it when Atro was in his human form. Still, that didn't mean he didn't find the Dementor sexy even in his Dark form. He smiled softly, anticipating that day.

::Pervert.:: Atropos whispered, in their tongue and the teen found himself caught between scowling and blushing.

Sirius' help of shock brought their attention back to him and they found the older wizard staring at Harry with an expression bordering on slight fear.

"Your father was a Dementor Lord? Oh boy. No wonder she never said anything,"

Harry flinched at the fear he saw but found he understood it. Sirius didn't exactly have a good rapport with the Dementors.

"Now that you know, what will you do?" Surprisingly it was Harry who demanded the answer from the dog animagus.

Atropos and Cedric peered at Harry with pride in their eyes, stiffening when the answer to their endless questions was not forthcoming. This would be the moment of truth. This was the moment that could ruin it all. Black could leak what Harry was to the Ministry. He would no doubt be jerked up and experimented on. The first of the Dementor's able to live as a human. It seemed to take forever for Sirius to decide but when he did, his starlight grey eyes held nothing but love for the teen encompassed in Atropos' arms on the bed. With a determined nod he stepped closer, kneeling, to Harry's dismay, respectfully.

"I would still like to be in your life as your godfather, no matter what side you choose or if you decide to stay out of the war, I will show you that not all Light people are bad. That you can trust me."

Harry blinked and after a questioning glance at his lovers, he gave the Black a wary nod.

"I will give you a chance, Sirius, but I can't promise your safety if I or my friends are threatened by you, is that fair?" He replied.

Sirius beamed like a school child, at once making his haggard features appear more youthful and energetic. Quickly he nodded and stood again, settling nearer to his godson now that he was no longer deemed a threat.

"So...tell me about yourself, Harry?"

-end of chapter-