I own nothing Stephanie Meyer is the true author and nobody knows who made the Greek gods up.

The real me

I squealed spinning around on my heel forgetting that the major still had ahold of me so he spun with me to face the new comer black hung in ice blue eyes he stood around 5'4 more mulched than Emmett "Daddy" I screamed making him chuckle and open his arms I jerked away from Jasper into my father's arms " Bella that is not your father" Edward just had to open his fucking mouth there's go my moment with my father. Daddy set me on my feet to look at Edward with blank eyes I smirked at what was about to come "look here Mr. I got a stick up my ass how about you and little Ms. Crazy assed faker than a Barbie doll keep ya'lls dame mouths shut and let me have time with my draught" Daddy snarled Edwards and Alice's faces were priceless daddy than turned to Jasper "come over here and tell me about yourself boy" I smiled at the approving tone in his voice what could I say I'm a daddy's girl always have been and will always be I watched as Jasper squad his shoulders and held his head high now that's what I wanted a Jasper who could hold his own even with my father and not run away with his tail tuck between his legs like Alice had him doing that made me shiver with disgust before snapping back to the world "Jasper Andrew Whitlock sir it's an honor to meet you" Jasper drawled while shaking his hand hmmm I could get use to his southern drawl but it didn't sound right with his look I found than grew irritated making Jasper raise an eye brow at me "you know you would look a whole lot better in something else besides what your warning" I told him he smirked at me than winked at me he wanted to play did he I smirked back at him.