'Can't You See I that I Love You?'

Ranma-chan gritted her teeth, finding herself stale-mated with the Amazon. Ranma's immense fustration clashed with Shampoo's deadly determination to see the other girl dead, but neither were able to land a telling blow that could end the match. Ranma's foot slid against the rainslick ground, as she threw a right cross at Shampoo's head. The Amazon parried it, and returned with a bonbori strike to the head.

Ranma backflipped from it, landing a distance away, before turning to run. Shampoo growled, and took off in pursuit.

Kasumi was trembling from the the discussion with Nabiki. It was far beyond what she feared, now, since Nabiki wasn't just VERY mad, she was possibly obsessive. Kasumi decided that if she were to do what was best for Ranma and her, she would comply with Nabiki's wishes.

Just then, Ranma ran into the house, dripping water along the way. She quickly shed her shirt and pants, and quickly turned on the hot water.

"Come on, come on..." Ranma kept mumbling, just as the wall to the side of the kitchen exploded inwards.

"RANMA! YOU DIE NOW!" Kasumi didn't recognize the voice, but presumed it was someone Nabiki had set up to make an attempt at the pigtailed boy. The eldest Tendou sister fearfully stepped back, hoping to stay out of the destruction path.

The dust hadn't cleared, but Ranma-chan could see the figure charging at her...

Right before Ranma had to parry the strike, the water finally warmed up sufficiently.

Shampoo's strike demolished the sink, and Ranma was barely able to avoid the splash of cold water that erupted. Shampoo hissed, and turned to where she saw her opponent evade in the settling dust.

Ranma internally sighed in relief, being back in his normal body, and now having the advantage. He deftly dodged Shampoo's attacks, and finally retaliated, by punting the ball of the mace into the air with a snap kick, and then with the same leg, kicking Shampoo back. Once Shampoo was temporarily dealt with, Ranma started to make a retreat.

Shampoo shook her head to clear the fuzziness from the impact she recieved, and immidiately spotted Kasumi, "You, where Ranma?"

Kasumi was too shocked by what was going on to properly respond, only shaking her head in response. The lavender haired girl did not like the answer.

"You hide Ranma," she hissed, pulling out a sword. Shampoo decided that threatening the girl would get her the answers she wanted, "You die!"

Nabiki heard the commotion downstairs, and had rushed out to see what it was, just in time to see some stranger rushing at her older sister with a sword. The instant slowed to a crawl for Nabiki, but she found that she was also slowed down at the same time. Much to her chagrin, Ranma didn't seem to have that problem, as he intercepted Shampoo with a body check.

"YOU GET AWAY FROM HER!" Ranma growled, relieved that he remembered that Shampoo still was left with Kasumi before he completely left the house. Ranma pinned the Amazon to the ground, arresting any motions she could make completely to retaliate. Shampoo realized she was defeated, for the second time in ten minutes, and began to see red. That was just before she noticed that she was defeated by a rather handsome boy.

Ranma stared back, dumbfounded, as his intended murderer suddenly started to smile affectionately at him. Before he could form an inquiry as to what was going on, Nabiki interrupted his thoughts.

"I presume that this is *your* mess, Saotome?" Nabiki stopped hiding her anger at Ranma after the Catfist, openly showing her furiousness, as she got in Ranma's face.

Kasumi became even more shocked, when Ranma turned and matched her sister's expression, "Don't you start with me, Nabiki. I KNOW you're the one that's had every loony after my butt suddenly." Ranma completely forgot the homocidal Amazon he had been dealing with, as he stood to face off against the middle Tendou daughter, "Check this out, Nabiki. We're gonna finish this soon. I'm gonna get your sister outta your sick and twisted hands, and then you're gonna get yours!"

Nabiki's anger visibly festered to the point where Shampoo stepped back, feeling a slight pang of nervousness, but not understanding what was going on.

Everyone was holding their breath, anticipating what was about to happen between Ranma and Nabiki. Finally, Nabiki turned, and walked away. Kasumi felt an immense sense of dread, as she just realized Nabiki was abandoning the plan she had laid out earlier, and now just outright going for the kill.


Two days, and Nabiki hadn't made any sign of a move. Kasumi knew her sister was patient, and she was going to wait until she set everything up perfectly, before going for the endgame. Kasumi decided to take the initiative, and confront Ranma.

"Ranma, I need to talk to you."

The pigtailed boy looked down from the roof of the house, and walked off as if he were stepping down a flight of stairs. Kasumi jolted, as he easily landed in front of her, "Yeah?"

"I have to break the engagement, and you need to leave," Kasumi stated immidiately. She pretty much surmised that this wouldn't work, but she was too stressed to consider anything else.

Ranma frowned even moreso, "I can't do that."

"You don't understand," the young woman insisted, "Nabiki's going to go too far... I don't think this is going to end with... with..."

"I ain't gonna abandon you," Ranma stated firmly, but with a soft tone. He then smirked, hoping to at least supply Kasumi with a little hope of her own, "I wouldn't be much a martial artist if I didn't keep on protecting the innocent."

"Ranma, let me protect you! Nabiki is *dangerous*! She doesn't need martial arts to hurt you!"

Ranma's face grew hard again, "I know that."

"How can you possibly fight her, Ranma?" Kasumi urged on, "She won't meet you physically, and attempting to beat her in martial arts combat will only tip things completely in her favor, and make things worse for you!"

"I'll stop her," Ranma replied, "I have to. I don't know how, but I'll win this." His face grew compassionate before continuing, "Kasumi, I've been talking with Dr. Tristan, he's willing to get Nabiki... and you the help you need, but you have to help me with this."

"I... I can't," Kasumi stated, coming to tears, "You don't know Nabiki like I do, she'll..."

"What you two talk about?" Shampoo's voice called out, as she landed from the roof of the dojo next to the two. Her face held an expression of suspicion, as she moved closer to Ranma.

"Nutt'n you need to be worried about, Shampoo," Ranma stated quickly, but knowing that wouldn't satisfy the Amazon.

shampoo looked between Kasumi and Ranma, before narrowing her eyes, "She is old girlfriend before you marry Shampoo?"

"Wha? NO! She..." Ranma steeled himself, "She's someone I gotta protect from... something."

"She in trouble?" Shampoo enquired, before getting an expression of understanding, "Shampoo know now, Ranma protect nice-girl because he strong husband." The amazon then bowed to Kasumi, "Shampoo then protect, too, with husband!"

Kasumi wasn't sure what to make of it, but knew that the added assistance to Ranma would not turn away her sister.

"I had requested to Sasuke that I was not to be disturbed," Kodachi stated in a cold voice, without even turning to look at her guest.

"I wanted to congradulate you on the victory over my sister," Nabiki stated in a casual, yet emotionless voice.

"Oh?" Kodachi turned away from the chemicals she had been working on, and removed her lab glasses, "I guess I would also have to be grateful for the assistance you supplied, though it was hardly necessary in the defeat of your younger sibling."

"Perhaps, but it was supplied, nonetheless," Nabiki replied, unphased by the condensending tone being used by the other girl.

Kodachi turned back to her work, "I sense this isn't a social visit."

"I have known about your... hobby for a while," Nabiki stated, getting to business, "I require something that you would easily supply me, and discreetly."

"I'm afraid I do not solicit my services out," Kodachi replied while concentrating on her project, "There are plenty of other people who can help you just as easily..."

"But none of them can guarentee the discression I need," Nabiki contered, "I need some sort of poison that would be tailored to work over a ten minute period. Deadly."

"Any common household cleaner could provide the same results, why bother me with such a trivial request?" Kodachi replied with a slight irritation in her voice.

"I need something that wouldn't be detectable after it's ran its course," Nabiki folded her arms in front of her, "I also need something the incapacitate someone with strong martial arts ability for at least half a day. I can pay, as whatever you would request."

"You couldn't afford my fares," Kodachi stated, "I think we are done."

"I AM NOT DONE!" Nabiki shouted, causing Kodachi to jolt in surprise, and almost ruining her project.

"Have a care, Nabiki Tendou, was it?" Kodachi hissed, "You are upon the grounds of my estate, and I have means of dealing with your impudence."

"You know of Ranma Saotome?" Nabiki asked, as if she had never raised her voice.

Kodachi quirked an eyebrow, "I had heard talks from students of your school during the tournament about him, he is quite the unpopular one."

"That's because he attempted to rape my sister," Nabiki stated in a cold voice.

Kodachi almost laughed, knowing that Nabiki was embellishing the facts, just as the students were; rumors had a tendency to be that way. Nonetheless, she held herself at bay, "So, this is out of a need for vengence?" Kodachi picked up a rose stem from the flower she had just beheaded for her project, turned around to face Nabiki, and tapped it against her chin, "That, I can respect. That desk to your left, second shelf, forth capsule set from the left. Your second request you'll find on the bottom drawer on the right side, pick any you like. The antidote for the former you'll find next to it as a red tabulet... in case you manage a change of heart. It can be taken before or after inbibing the toxin in a radial period of twenty minutes."

Nabiki found the items, deciding that the antidote would be helpful.

Ranma, was getting nervous now, since Nabiki had yet to make her move. Once again, he was on the defensive, waiting for her to attack so he could respond. That was the only way he knew how to fight this, by reaction.

This was a completely different opponent to what he had ever thought to anticipate. Kasumi was right that he couldn't attack her, since it would only make him look worse in everyone's eyes, and his own honor wouldn't allow him to do such a thing. Kasumi wouldn't back any move he made, extremely afraid of her sister for herself and Ranma. The pigtailed boy had to take some comfort in that thought, that Kasumi was concerned for him, but it wasn't helping him with matters, exept for making them a little easier by giving him the knowledge that he wasn't entirely alone with this.

Shampoo was going to be an impedement, because he knew that she'll sooner kill Nabiki than deal with her; keeping her in the dark was a must, but not an easy necessity.

Ranma groaned, finding all this stratagising giving him a headache. He had to find a way to make Nabiki jump the gun, and soon, before she surprised him at the most inconvenient time.

Soun and Genma had found extra money in their drinking funds, while Akane had been asked by a friend to stay the night. Ranma had an appointment with Dr. Tristan, so he probably wouldn't be home till late. That left Kasumi alone with her sister.

Kasumi dreaded the thought ever more than she had before. The manic edge that Nabiki had grown drove a spike of fear in her that made it hard for her to think, to deal with the situation. She was completely at Nabiki's mercy.

Kasumi unwittingly thought to hide in her room, and hope that Nabiki was too preoccupied to bother her tonight. The eldest Tendou daughter dried her hands from doing the dishes, removed her apron, and went upstairs to her bedroom. She locked the door, and sat on her bed. She was too afraid to even take off her clothes, and knew that sleep would not come for her, regardless of how hard she tried. For almost an hour, she sat, catching every sound in the house with a hyperanxious fear, dreading that they could be made by Nabiki.

The twisting of her door handle almost caused Kasumi to scream; it was Nabiki, she didn't even hear her coming up the stairs.

"Your door's locked, Kasumi," Nabiki stated with a factual tone, "Unlock it."

Kasumi tried to remain quiet, but Nabiki was insistant, "Open, your door, Kasumi." Kasumi jumped at the sudden pounding on the door by her sister's fists, and began trembling. "I SAID OPEN THE DOOR, KASUMI!"

The eldest Tendou daughter, pulled herself all the way onto the bed, into the corner of the walls it was against, and brought her knees to herself. Tears began to flow, but she couldn't stifle them. Why wouldn't Nabiki just leave her alone this time?

"I SAID OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!" Nabiki shouted in her angriest tone. Immidiately, Kasumi got off her bed, and complied. She stepped back, as Nabiki walked into the room, wearing only a nightshirt, from what Kasumi could see from her sister's silouette.

Nabiki cold face studied Kasumi's tear streaked and fearful one for almost a minute, before speaking, "You weren't trying to hide from me, were you?" Kasumi shook her head adimantly, terrified by the hard look her sister was giving her. Even before with Nabiki's visits, she usually held some expression of affection.

"Kasumi, why would you try to keep me out?" Nabiki's voice broke from its artic shattering anger to almost maniacal pleading. She walked slowly against Kasumi, forcing her to stagger backwards, "Don't you enjoy the sensations I give you?"

Kasumi felt her legs bump against her bed, she knew what would happen next, and couldn't bring up the courage to resist.

"Don't you want the things I do to you? Don't you want my touch? I only give you what I know you want."

"I... I don't want it.. anymore," Kasumi sobbed, not knowing where that shred of defiance came from. An image of Ranma appeared in her mind for the briefest of moments.

"DON'T LIE TO ME!" Nabiki roughly shoved Kasumi onto the bed, almost causing the other girl to bump her head against the wall. Nabiki quickly took advantage, and stradled her sister's waist. "You ungrateful bitch! You're listening to him, aren't you? You're starting to believe that bullshit he's telling you!"

Kasumi freely cried, as she shook her head adimantly. Nabiki sighed, "I'll make you understand again, understand that we belong together. Remember when mommy died? You promised you'll always be there for me? Well, I've always been there for you, too. You know that, right?"

Kasumi closed her eyes, causing a slight gush of tears to streak down her cheeks, as she nodded slowly to appease her sister. Nabiki leaned in, and nuzzled her sister's cheeks with her own, wiping away the tears. "Don't cry, I don't want you upset anymore. I'll get rid of Ranma, and you'll never have to be apart from me again, I promise."

Ranma cut his appointment short with Dr. Tristan, stating he didn't want to leave Kasumi home alone by herself. The doctor understood his concern, and gladly let him go. Ranma arrived in the Tendou household, in the guestroom him and his father shared through the window, just to catch the shout that bordered on a scream.

"Don't lie to me!"

With great stealth, Ranma made it across the room, opened the door, and saw Kasumi's open door. He crept to the doorframe, and listened until his disgust got the better of him. Right after Nabiki made her pledge to Kasumi, he acted.

"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HER!" Ranma commanded, causing Nabiki cover her mouth in surprise, whirl around, and face him with an insanely furious expression.

"RANMA!" Nabiki shrilled, as she leapt from atop Kasumi, and ran after Ranma. The pigtailed boy would have laughed, if it weren't for the graveness of the situation, as Nabiki impotently attempted to pound away at him. He knew that she had finally lost it, and all that was left was to restrain her.

Ranma easily caught Nabiki's wrists, and with more force than necessary, slammed her against the wall and pinned her there with his body. She attacked him first, so anything that came of the physical confrontation would rest as Nabiki's fault.

"You screwed up, Nabiki," Ranma stated with an arrogant tone, "You lost!"

The cold, deadly smile unsettled Ranma, allowing the girl to quickly lean close, and get a firm and heavy kiss on him. Ranma opened his mouth by surprise, which was exactly what Nabiki needed.


"Ah! Ranma cried out, pulling away from Nabiki, and letting her go completely. He suddenly felt sluggish, and woozy with a slight nausia. Nabiki herself staggered a bit, before shaking her head to clear it.

Nabiki spit out the glob of blood that she had gotten from the nick of the glass capsule that held the poison she got from Kodachi. She put the toxin into the glass capsule, and when she had kissed Ranma, crushed it with her teeth with the majority of it in his mouth, causing it to cut him, and introduce the toxin directly into his bloodflow.

"How wrong you are, Ranma," Nabiki stated, using his name more personally than when she had called him Saotome, "You messed up the moment I laid eyes on you." She watched as Ranma staggered to the ground, feeling the full effects of the toxin began to run through him. As he was kneeling, she drove her knee into his face, knocking him back.

"I told you repeatedly to keep out of our business," Nabiki stated in a factual manner, "But you had to go and be the damn hero, didn't you?" Nabiki kicked Ranma in the stomach as hard as she could while he writhed on the hallway floor. The kick didn't affect him any, but the poison in him was annialating him from within.

Nabiki huffed, "Now, this is unpleasant, isn't it? You're going to end up dying in the middle of our floor. That's going to be a pain in the ass to explain." Nabiki raised her foot to kick Ranma again.

"What you doing?"

Nabiki stopped mid kick, and swore, before turning to see Shampoo.

The Amazon had been sneaking into Ranma's room to see if he was asleep yet, so that she could sleep with her husband as a proper wife should. She had seen the commotion going out in the hall, finding her husband squirming in obvious pain, while the not-nice girl kicked him while he was defenseless.

"You hurt husband, Shampoo kill!" The Amazon pulled out her bonbori and a sword, and slowly started at Nabiki. Nabiki quickly took the opportunity to rush down the hall, and down the stairs. Shampoo took off quickly, leaping down the whole of the stairs, and then flipping over the banister, after seeing Nabiki run down the hall that ran parallel with the stairs. She barely caught Nabiki running into a room to her right, and the amazon made to follow, unsuspecting of the baseball bat that had been swung into her face.

The collision caused Shampoo to fly back into the wall on the other side of the hall, and slumped down as Nabiki stepped from around the doorframe, tossing aside the bat she had hidden prior.

Shampoo was groggy from the impact, allowing Nabiki to straddle her. "I oringinally intended this for Akane," Nabiki stated, factually, as she brought out the syringe she had taken out of the room she was hiding in, "Just in case she declined her friend's invite." The middle Tendou sister jammed the syringe into the center of Shampoo's chest with little delicacy, causing Shampoo to jolt from the pain. Nabiki slowly pressed the plunger on the syringe down until it was empty, before removing it. Shampoo found herself fading from conciousness, unable to do anything but impotently raise her arms slightly.

Nabiki strode back upstairs, and was somewhat surprised to find Ranma slowly making it to his feet, as Kasumi looked on in absolute terror. "Ever the defiant one, eh, Saotome?" Nabiki slugged Ranma, causing him to drop onto his hands and knees, "Take a hint, die, and get the hell out of our life!"

Ranma continued to fight in vain, as Nabiki continued her dialogue, "You know? I have to thank you, Saotome. I never realized truly how important Kasumi was to me, until you tried to take her away from me, you bastard." Nabiki stomped down on Ranma's head, as he attempted to stagger back to his feet. "Fighting for what's mine, that's what this is all about. Now I understand, Kasumi is all that matters in my life now..." Nabiki turned to smile warmly at her oldest sister, "..and now, I think she realizes it, too."

Kasumi staggered back into the wall, and began to quickly hiccup, as if to start another crying fit. Instead, she closed her eyes, and her breathing calmed. Nabiki began to smile in absolute victory, until Kasumi replied.


Ranma raised his head slightly to look at Kasumi, an action that went unnoticed by Nabiki.

"No, this isn't right," Kasumi started in a quiet voice, "I told you this wasn't right. That mother wouldn't want us to do this, that everyone would tell us it was wrong," as she spoke her voice grew firmer, yet she kept her eyes closed, "I knew this was wrong, and you wouldn't listen to me."

Kasumi took a deep breath, and continued in a more audible voice, "I never wanted this, but you wouldn't listen to me. I told you so many times to leave me alone, that I hated it, but you didn't care! I hated it, don't you understand?" Kasumi's eyes opened, showing her now angry and hard irises, "I hated it, hated what you did to me! Hated having to fear if someone found out..."

Kasumi was now close to shouting, "I *hated* the way you took advantage of me. I *HATED* you TOUCHING me! HOW could I EVER love you? I HATE YOU! I NEVER LOVED YOU! I HATE YOU!"

"Ka-Kasumi..." Nabiki staggered back from each screamed word, as if she was being riddled by physical blows, the last three broke something in her, as she fell against the wall, with her legs barely supporting her.

Kasumi was crying again, while Nabiki was leaning against the wall. The silence was only broken by Nabiki's shallow breathing, Kasumi sobs of anguish, and Ranma's soft scuffling along the wood floor, as he tried to get to upright.

"Ranma." Kasumi looked back up to her sister, surprised that she said anything. Nabiki opened her eyes, and lifted her head, which allowed her sister to see her face. Any trace of emotion was gone. There was no love, no anger, no sorrow. It was just cold...



Nabiki pushed herself off the wall, and grabbed Ranma by the back of his shirt. With a strength she had never displayed before, she hurled Ranma down the stairs, almost causing him to miss them completely.

Kasumi screamed in horror from the top of the stairs, as Nabiki calmly descended them, and walked to the kitchen. She exited it, carrying a butcher knife with her. Kasumi rushed down the stairs, as her sister stood over the groaning pigtailed martial artist, aiming to wrestle the knife away from Nabiki before she plunged it into his body.

Right when Kasumi got in arm's length, Nabiki lashed out, back handing her older sister away with a blow that sent her almost flying.

Once Kasumi was dealt with, Nabiki looked down at Ranma with a detatched expression. She kneeled next to Ranma, and raised the knife into the air.

The knife decended towards the helpless young man, and made contact. Ranma winced, as he felt the tip drive shallowly into his chest, just before a loud thump sounded, and Nabiki tripped over him.

The middle Tendou daughter rolled a bit, coming up to face her youngest sister. Akane's face held an expression of grim determination, as she used her arm that wasn't in a sling, to slug Nabiki, and knock her unconcious...

Kodachi arrived with the police, after Sasuke had alerted her. The youngest Kuno had sent the family retainer to keep an eye out for occurances at the Tendou household, as she was curious to why Nabiki was so set against the family guest.

"It wasn't poison?" Ranma asked, incredulously, as they stood outside.

"It was," Kodachi replied, as she looked towards the entrance of the Tendou training hall, "but it was hardly deadly. I wasn't about to give her something that would make me an accomplice to murder, regardless of my... undeserved reputation."

Akane stood next to Kasumi, as Ranma stood on the other side of her. Next to him, Shampoo stood, glaring at the entrance to the home, and waiting for Nabiki to come out, "Shampoo will kill girl for trying to kill husband and Shampoo!"

"No Shampoo," Ranma stated with a sigh, as he covered his chest wound that the arriving ambulance had bandaged for him. He was also grateful for Kodachi supplying the antidote, though he still felt a little dizzy, "The police will handle this, you shouldn't interfere."

Shampoo growled, but complied, "Only because Husband wish."

All of them turned to see several police officers leading Nabiki out. The middle Tendou sister kept her head down, until she was in proximaty to her family. She looked up, and directly into Kasumi's eyes, causing the eldest daughter to stagger back at what she saw. Nabiki then looked away, as she was forced into the police car.

As the other officers shooed neighboring spectators off, Kasumi, Ranma, Akane, Shampoo, and Kodachi watched the car courrying Nabiki off. As it got farther away, Kasumi felt something in her chest tighten, tighten until it became an unbearable knot.

Right then, Kasumi knew. Right then, she began to cry for the loss she now felt, and the realization that had dawned upon her.

Ranma immidiately knew, too, and fought back his own tears. Perhaps if he had met them sooner, if he fought harder, if he could have shown Kasumi that there was someone else...

"I'm sorry," Ranma chocked out, as he wrapped his arms around Kasumi, "I'm so sorry."

Akane bowed her head, and began to quietly sob, as Shampoo looked on sadly, and Kodachi looked away with an uncomfortable expression. Ranma himself was in tears, as he pulled Kasumi into his shoulder, where she let forth all the anguish that now overwhelmed her...

Now that she would never be with Nabiki again.


Six months later...

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize that it was hurting you so much!" Nabiki said in a sad, infinitely apologetic voice, "I was just afraid, that if I didn't show you how much you meant to me, you would leave me. Just like mommy left us."

"I never wanted to hurt you, you mean everything to me. I couldn't be without you, I couldn't stand to see you sad. I would do anything for you, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! but I couldn't let you go!"

Nabiki finally looked up to face the one she was talking to, "I can't tell you how sorry I am!" Nabiki's voice began to choke, as a lone tear rolled down her cheek, "Can't you see that I love you?"

A soft, femenine thumb gently fell against Nabiki's cheek, wiping the tear away. Nabiki's anguishing expression turned to one of wonder, as she looked into her elder sister's understanding face, filled with uncondintional loving.

The soft halo that surrounded Kasumi's face against the soft, soothing whiteness made her seem like an angel to Nabiki. To Nabiki, Kasumi was absolutely perfect. The younger girl leaned forward, just as her sister leaned towards her, and their lips met in the softest, sweetest kiss Nabiki had ever felt; filling her with unexperienced elation, while calming her down completely...

The nurse looked on, as Nabiki leaned forward, apparenly kissing her imaginary visitor. She shook her head, sorrowful for such a young girl to experience such tragedy; she had been like this for months, with no improvement.

"I wish there was something that could be done for her!"

"I wish so, too," the young psychiatrist responded, marking off his patient observation chart for one Nabiki Tendou, "I would say that the only surmisable treatment would probably just make things worse, if they could."

The nurse nodded sadly in understanding, and turned off the lights to Nabiki's padded cell, once the doctor finished his observation.

Nabiki leaned back, reducing the strain on her straight jacket, as she stared at Kasumi in total awe. Even in the darkness, she glowed.

"I'll never leave you alone, Nabiki," Kasumi stated, "Never..."
i"You promise you won't leave me?"

Kasumi felt the need to wrap her arm around Nabiki, "I promise. I will never leave you alone."/i