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It was any other day for Luke. A boring one. At least he got to make fun of Mrs. Leffer.

"Good morning class,"the overweight redheaded teacher said then asked,"any snarky comments today Mr. Ross?"

"No Mrs. Heffer," Luke smirked.

"Do you know what a heffer is?!" the science teacher yelled.

"Some sort of goat?" Luke said with a naive tone.

"It means a baby cow!" she answered with the correct response.

"More like old overweight cow," Luke said as he classmates laughed in amusement.

"Office. Now," Mrs. Heffer- ehrm Leffer demanded as she pointed to the door.

"Yeah, yeah I know the drill," Luke said and happily walked out of class. It happens two or three times a week, Luke offends his teachers, he goes to the office. It's really irritating for Jessie,his nanny, but he liked her best when she's mad. He opened the door and walked inside the office. He saw the two office secretaries ,Hilda and Maria, talking to this new girl with a worried expressions. Hilda turned to see who entered and gave out a frustrated moan.

"What did you do now Mr. Ross?" Hilda complained. Before Luke could speak, Maria interrupted him with a light bulb face.

"Your homeroom is Leffer right?" Maria asked with hope in her eyes.

"Yup, why?" Luke asked the secretary.

"We can put her in Leffer's class," Maria told Hilda.

"Finally! Okay girl, follow Luke to your new class room. You know what, Luke show her around, I'm putting her in every single one of your classes just to get it over with," Hilda said as she jotted down something down in a sticky note and handed it over to the girl.

"Hey Hilda," Maria said slowly,"are we that desperate that we are putting her in all of Luke's classes?"

"Yes we are Maria, yes we are, even though she's supposed to be in the advanced classes, she's has no other schedule to go with," Hilda said,"Luke, I'm excusing this office visit, just get her to her classes."

"Oookay," Luke shrugged nervously,"let's go now. The class is on the other side." The girl shrugged and followed him out the office. Luke finally noticed her more. Her very dark brown hair was shoulder-length and straight with her bangs clipped back, making a little bump. She didn't have a speck of makeup on, she had natrual long eyelashes around her huge light brown eyes. Her style wasn't girly but wasn't goth. She was sort of a girly goth. She had a white shirt with a black ninja logo and a black and white checkered skirt with a chain. Her shoes were high top black Converse that looked nice on her. She finished her look off with a long necklace of a ninja face, a lot of girly charm braclets, and diamond studded earings. (Star: Or just pretend it's you xD...:'( That's what I'm doing). Luke liked her already. He's going to get her to go out with him by Friday. "So what's your name?" Luke broke the silence.

"Kalitza Cashmereaston," she said said in a mature yet cute voice even though she said it with no expression.

"Cashmereaston? Is your dad Kaleb Cashmereaston?" Luke asked.

"Yeah, stalker much?" Kalitza said.

"My dad is working on a movie with him, my dad is Morgan Ross, they're making a movie together," Luke said.

"Good for them," Kalitza said plainly. Luke gave out a sigh, he wasn't gonna give up yet. As they walked, he noticed that Kalitza was as tall as him. Maybe an inch shorter. Luke was one of the tallest eighth graders at 5'6. (Star: Yes, I know he's short in real life but just go with it.) Luke would just have to ask about her height later. They kept walking until Kalitza tripped over he feet.

"Ugg!" she made a frustrated noise.

"Haha," Luke said,"you're a klutz. I'm gonna call you Klutitza from now on."

"I thought I was gonna get rid of that nickname, but nevermind," Kalitza said from the floor. Luke offered his hand and she accepted it with a smirk. Then, she pulled him down with her.

"Really?" Luke asked her as he dusted off his jeans.

"Never call me Klulitza," she said and stood up. Luke just stood up and they finally made it to class.

"Luke? Wait, who's this?" Mrs. Leffer asked.

"New student," Luke shrugged and sat down.

"Sit down in the empty seat next to Luke, you'll survive for a bit while I figure the seating chart," Mrs. Leffer said to her,"what's your name?"

"Kalitza Cashmereaston," Kalitza said plainly and sat next to Luke. Mrs. Leffer called the office to get some reports and they finally started class.

After first period...

"Who's your next period for?" a blonde girl asked her.

"Maybe you have it with me," a brunette girl said.

"What's your next subject?" a red headed girl asked.

"Ladies calm down," Luke said,"she has all her classes with me. C'mon Kalitza." Luke started walking out of the room.

"You stay away from his heart though," the blonde girl that talked to her said,"Luke is all mine." Kalitza rolled her eyes and went to follow Luke.

"By the way," Luke said,"my schedule has all the classes pretty far from each other"

"Good for you," Kalitza said to him plainly.

"So you have a boyfriend?" Luke asked hopefully.

"I just got here, I'd be a whore if I did," she said to him,"either ways, I'm not interested in dating."

"Why? You're one of those girls that only focuses school and shit," Luke said.

"Not much. My dad would kill me if I dated anyways. Plus, there's no cute boys here," Kalitza said.

"Cough cough," Luke said sarcastically,"sexy person in your presence."

Kalitza rolled her eyes and murmered,"Mweh."

"Don't deny it," Luke started bragging and making motions over his face,"you love the freckles."

Kalitza stopped to look at him more carefully while squinting,"You have freckles?"

"Um... yeah! Are you blind? There like just all over my face," Luke told her.

"I just don't pay much attention," Kalitza shrugged.

"No shit," Luke said,"why do you shrug too much?"

"Cuz' I have nothing else to say," Kalitza shrugged again.

"See!" Luke said and laughed. Kalitza just smiled a bit.

"So I heard somebody likes you," Kalitza said,"she even told me to 'stay away from your heart'."

"You're such a gossiper," Luke rolled his eyes.

"It was that blonde chick that was talking to me," Kalitza said.

"Yeah, yeah. Stella Steinfeild and her two followers Natasha Mcauthor and Rose Stanley," Luke informed.

"I'm telling you," Kalitza told him,"you're a stalker."

"You really think that? She's obsessed with me. Her note books are filled with love shit about us," Luke rolled his eyes.

"Give her a chance," Kalitza told him.

"I did," Luke said,"it lasted less then a week. She's too possessive. Anyway, this is history with Mr. Contrell." Kalitza shrugged and they entered the class while Luke smirked. By Friday ,tops, she would be his next little victim.

After school...

"I bet you love this school," Luke said to Kalitza as they went out the school gates waiting for the bus.

"Why?" Kalitza asked him.

"Cuz I'm here," Luke smiled. Kalitza rolled her eyes and saw the bus coming. "Sit next to me," Luke told her.

"No thanks, what if your girlfriend comes and murders me," she said in an unexplainable tone.

"She won't," Luke assured her with a small laugh. Kalitza and Luke got on the bus after a few students and sat next to each other. Behind her, were two girls giggling.

"What?" Kalitza asked them with a glare.

"OMM! You're eyes sparkle! They're so cute!" the girl with blonde hair said in a fan girl voice. She had her blonde hair straight down with a blue head band finishing her look.

"OMM! You're right!" the other girl with brown hair said. Her hair was curled and had her bangs flicked to the side to make room for her glasses. Kalitza rolled her eyes and turned around. The girls kept giggling behind her though which twitched in Kalitza's ears.

"What the heck are you guys talking about?" Kalitza turned around again.

"Just that you and Luke would make a cute couple, sheesh," the blonde girl responded.

"Like IKR," the brunette said. Kalitza turned red and turned around.

"Who are you to even be saying this?" Kalitza murmured.

"Well I'm Sophie-Jean, but people call me SJ," the blonde said.

"I'm Judith-Danielle, but people call me JD," the brunette said.

"Good for you," Kalitza said, not bothering to look at them.

"I like these girls," Luke said to Kalitza.

"Then go marry them," Kalitza shrugged.

"Are you jealous?" Luke smirked.

"Not even close," Kalitza responded with a serious and plain tone.

"Fuck it," Luke smirked. 'Wait what?' Luke thought,'I'm so stupid.'

Luke's POV

After a few minutes, they dropped me off at the building where I live. Kalitza said she lived in one of those penthouse buildings like where I live down the block, so we live pretty close to each other. I went up the elevator and saw Jessie and Emma watching a chick flick in the living room since the screening room TV broke

"Hey Luke, Hey Ravi," Jessie murmured not taking her eyes off the screen. Oh fuck. I was too caught up with Kalitza I forgot to get Ravi.

"Hello Jessie," I said in my awesome impersonation of Ravi,"I'm going to got feed Mrs. Kippling."

"Yeah yeah go ahead," my distracted nanny said.

"See ya babe," I said in my regular voice and went upstairs. I laid down undone bed and though how I would get Kalitza. She isn't easy. The other new girls wouldn't even last a day. Ugh! Thinking is so hard! I'm going to play video games. I played for a while until Jessie burst in my room...and tripped over a basketball.

"Agh," Jessie said and stood up in a messy fashion,"you left Ravi at school! I can't believe you would lie like that! Wait, I believe you would but like yeah... Oh what am I saying! I'm going to your school to pick him up. Behave!" She stormed off with me thinking about all the pranks I could do... nah. Mom and Dad are coming home tomorrow. Wouldn't want to get in trouble. After half an hour, I could hear Jessie and Ravi talking downstairs. I went to the staircase to listen.

"Jessie," Ravi said in his accent,"I swear. There was a ghost looking right at me!"

"Ghost don't exist Ravi," Jessie explained,"probably just a dream because you were asleep."

"I wasn't asleep! I was knocked out by that ghost," Ravi claimed.

"Ravi," Jessie said,"You're just sad and are imagining things because you have been forgotten. I should know."

"Oh hi brother who forget me and left me at school all alone," Ravi said as he saw me.

"Common Ravi," I rolled my eyes,"You can make it alone to the bus without... oh yeah huh."

"Exactly!" Ravi said.

"Luke," Jessie asked,"how did you even forget Ravi? Looks like I'll be picking im up from now on."

"He met a girl," Emma came out of the kitchen. STUPID EMMA! I immediately went down the stairs and walked up to them.

"Another girl! Luke common," Jessie said.

"Somebody's jealous," I smirked.

"Here's pictures of them together," Emma said and showed us a slide of pictures on her iPad. There were pictures of me and Kalitza walking in the hall, eating together alone at lunch, and on the bus.

"The fuck? The pictures on the bus are taken from behind... wait... SJ and JD took the pictures," I said as I realized something.

"NO CURSING!" Jessie yelled.

"Congratz Luke," Emma said,"you solved a mystery."

"Haha," Zuri came out of the kitchen and started laughing to exaggeratedly if you ask me,"Luke is actually thinking."

"I know right," Jessie said."Anyways, don't tell your parents about Ravi staying at school." We all shrugged since we knew about the nanny cam.

The next day, I waited by Kalitza's new locker, but I told everyone who asked why I couldn't be next to my locker. Yup, got the secretaries to change that smelly kid's locker with Kalitza.

"Hey Luke," Stella greeted as she continued walking.

"Hey," I said softly. I'm a ladies man, cuz common, who can't resist me, but for sure, I will never get back together with Stella again. She's too... possessive. Every time I looked at a girl, she'd slap me. Common, I'm Luke Ross, a lady's man, I can't ever be in a strict relationship.

"Move retard," Kalitza said as she interrupted my thoughts. I was right in front of her locker.

"Make me," I smirked. Kalitza got the collar of shirt and pulled me in. Our lips were inches apart. I almost thought she was going to kiss me at the spot, but she instead shoved me to the side and opened her locker like nothing ever happened. Inside, she already had posters of singers. Especially Brynt Bentley. (Star: I just made a celebrity up) "You in love with Brynt Bentley or what?"

"We're good friends," Kalitza shrugged,"jealous?"

"Maybe. Anyways, how do you know him?"

"My dad's a movie and music producer. He basically discovered him. We were also childhood friends."

"Oh." The bell rang a few seconds later and the class was on the other side, so it was a long walk.

"Did you see the pictures on Facebook that SJ and JD post online?" Kalitza suddenly said.

"Yup, I look fucking sexy."

"Not even close."

" do you have them as friends on Facebook already."

"I'm a famous producer's daughter, the whole fucking school added me already. I just accepted everyone though. Every person I don't add, I get a rumor on how I act superior to others and other fake shit."

"I understand ya'. I really do. I'm also really sexy so girls all over me." Kalitza just rolled her eyes. I would have told her that's she's pretty or something, but I didn't. "So you do the homework for Leffer?"

"You're gonna copy me huh?"


"Too bad, spent all day thinking and playing Gem Hunter."

"Marry me."

"Eww no, boys have cooties."

"You know you love me."


"What were you thinking in?"



"Not much."

"So you did think of me."

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't."

"What were you thinking."

"You have a huge zit on the side of your forehead."

"Good way to ruin the mood."

During lunch, SJ and JD dragged Kalitza away. I went with my usual friends.

"Ay Luke," my friend ,Irving, greeted me. My other friends also said 'hi' and we started eating. "So you gonna break her heart?"

"Of course, duh. She's just playing hard to get. Really hard to get," I responded.

"I'll buy you a new video game if you break her heart by the end of the month." Irving told me.

"Deal. Why so determined?" I asked

"Cuz she didn't accept my friend request," Irving noted.

"Check your notifications," I said. Irving took out his phone and checked.

"Oh... well a deal is a deal. If you don't break her heart by the end of the month, you give me 50 bucks."

"Fine then," I agreed.

Kalitza's POV

I was stuck at a lunch table with SJ and JD. Not to be mean, they're really cool, but I prefer hanging out with Luke. I know his history, and I'm interested in his next move. Mission is too reject him. I'm not spoiled in my choice in guys, but I won't ever date a player. I refuse to be one of his girls.

"Stop thinking in Luke," JD told me.

"Let her, they'd make a cute couple," SJ said.

"I know they would," JD agreed,"but then again, she'd just be another of his girls."

"Don't worry, I'm not stupid," I said,"I refuse to be one of his girls."

"What if you're just his girl. Not one of them," SJ challenged me.

"Mweh," I shrugged.

"Okay girl," SJ started,"we need to get rid of you're nasty habit of shrugging." I just smirked and shrugged again, knowing how much both of them hated it. I love annoying people.

After school, I went up the elevator and into the penthouse. My little brother and sister ,who are twins, were watching TV.

"Hi Kalie," my sister greeted me in her cute little voice. Yes, people called me Kalie for short, only at home though. I make everyone call me Kalitza at school.

"Hi Kharly," I told her and hung up my coat on the coat rack. I went up to them and gave them each a kiss.

"Eww," my little brother made a face.

"Be quiet Kharlos," I rolled my eyes,"you know you love me." Great. I'm acting like Luke now. "Wheres Kevin?" I asked for my older brother.

"Maybe still at school," Kharly said and tilted her head to the right side.

"Maybe with his new girlfriend," Kharlos said and tilted his head to the left. Like I had my habit of shrugging, the twins tilted their head to the side. We heard the elevator open.

"Hey angels," Kevin greeted us. Looks like somebody is in a really, really, really good mood.

"Why being nice? Let me guess, you met a girl?" I questioned.

"Exactly. Remember I started my school with Kandace and Kendra a week earlier than you should have and the younger twins and Kendrick still have until next week," Kevin said while rubbing his imaginary beard,"giving me time to get a date earlier than you." That was Kevin's habit since he was little, touching his imaginary beard. Kandace was Kevin's twin. Yes, there's two sets of twins in this family. That's why we are eight going on to nine kids. My dad is a famous and snotty producer, but he's loyal to his family. All of us are from the same parents. Who knows about later though. I hope we stay this way forever though. Mom, she loves kids. She said she always wanted to be like those happily ever afters where the queen and king have like twelve kids. That's exactly what it means. We are going to be twelve kids whose names start with K and middles name that start with C. Just just my mom's name is Karol Cindy and my dad's name is Kaleb Carter. We are one epic family.

First it's our oldest sister in college, Katherine Cristine. Her habit is twirling her hair around her finger, which explains why she needs it to be long. She decided to follow my mom's footsteps in fashion designing. Hey, my mom isn't an interested person who married dad for the money. She had a tiny business and dad hired her personally without her expecting it. Then they fell in love, stuff happen, and yeah...

After Katherine is Kendra Cindonna. She's a Junior (11th grade) in high school right now. She's one of my favorite siblings actually. I have many reasons, but the main reason is cuz' she gives out awesome advice! Her habit is biting her nails since they grow freaking fast.

Third are the twins Kevin Chris and Kandace Carrie. They are freshman (9th grade), which means they are a year older than me, you know Kevin's habit and Kandace's habit is standing on one foot like a bird when they go to sleep. Kandace is hardly ever home, but when she is, she's always online. Kevin is outgoing but not too much. He stays home a lot and spends time talking with me or playing with the twins. To be honest, I prefer Kevin.

After them is me. I'm in eighth grade right now... you don't need to know my middle name. My parents decided to experiment giving me a name they made up. They are wonderful. (Sarcasm). My habit is shrugging.

Until my brother after me, Kevin was the only boy. When our little brother Kendrick Clark was born, Kevin got rid of the title 'only boy'. Kendrick is eight right now, so I was about 5 when he was born, and the older twins were 6. He's a trouble maker but he's pretty smart.

After my brother Kendrick, are the younger twins. Kharly Chamomile and Kharlos Chad who are five. I freaking love Kharly, she's so cute and chubby. Even though like the rest of us, will be extremely thin when they grow up, even mom whose pregnant always kept her model figure. Kharlos is so whiny and spoiled so yeah. He isn't exactly my favorite. Though his curly long hair is to die for. So are his chubby rosy cheeks.

Right now my mom is 8 and a half months pregnant. Almost due, I hated the fact that we had to move right now. I'm used to moving all over the place, but with with mom pregnant. Seriously!? Dad is Dad. They won't tell us what the baby is though. I have a feeling it's another set of twins though. Why? Because she has the same stomach of when she was pregnant with the twins and not with Kendrick. Yay. More siblings. (Sarcasm.)

Luke's POV

I laid down in my bed bored. Wait... I got Kalitza's number! I dialed her number and she answered.

"Hello?" a person asked.

"Who's this?" I asked.

"Who's me? Kharly, Kharlos, cover your ears... okay good. Who the fuck are you?! You can take them down now. Take them down. You can uncover your ears now!" I heard some voices in the back ground.

"Kalitza?" I asked.

"Luke?" she asked.

"Yeah it's me," I answered.

"Wait, let me go to another room. There nosy ears in here," she told me.

"You're so mean," I heard a guy's voice in the back ground. I waited a while until she answered again.

"Hello? You still there Luke?"

"Yup. Who was the guy in the background?"

"My brother."

"Oh yeah huh, your parents have like 20 kids."

"Hey it's only 8 going onto 9... or 10."

"Wow. You only have three brothers huh?"

"Yup, it's like 5 girls."

"In my family it's only 4 kids. 2 boys, 2 girls... oh and a lizard."

"Don't you have a nanny or something?"

"Yeah... who's the stalker now."


"You just shrugged didn't you."

"Where's the camera?"

"I can tell you did. I know you that much."

"Yeah, sure."

"So you want to go to the park?"

"That's random... I ain't saying no though."

"Friday after school?"

"Sure, why not." A huge smile appeared on my face after she agreed, yup. Guess who's getting a new game.

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