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Kalie's POV

What does it take for a guy to get me? Huh? I dunno.

"I dunno," I shrugged.

"You now owe me a kiss," Luke said.


"You shrugged."

"Stalking isn't a good way to get a girl."

"But it's not just any girl, it's you."

"I'm going to tell your mom."

"I'm going to tell Kevin."

"I'm going to tell Stella."

"Well played, Kalie. Well played."

"Just like a Ken doll."


"Nothing, you little vermin."

"You're mysterious, Kalie. You know that. That's why I like you."

"I have no idea what you're playing, Ross but thank you."

"Did you just say thank you?"

"It would have been rude not to."

"You're beautiful."

"Cut the crap, Ross."

"Stop calling me that!"

"Cut the crap, Luke."

"Awe, you know my name."

"I want to kill you."

"Did I hear right?"


"You want to kiss me?"

"Nooo! You naaaty!"

"Haha, you're so cute."

"Shut up!"

"Am I making you blush?"




"Did you hang up on me, Kalitza?"


"Yep, she did."

"No I didn't. I was just clearing your memory."

"Ooh, so I was making you blush?"

"I never claimed that."

"Then why'd you silence?"

"Then why'd you silence isn't a proper word phrase."

"I just made it."


"With the power of love."

"Oh hardy har har."

"Where have you been all my life?"

"Hiding from you."

After being on the phone with Luke for a while, I hung up on him. He was getting on my last nerve with his cheesy pick up lines. I laid back in my bed and phone vibrated. It was Dale Horten. What? I sort of maybe gotten his number when Luke wasn't hovering over me.

Dale: heya Kalitza ;)

Me: heys! wats up?

Dale: thinkin in you. wondering.

Me: wondering wat?

Dale: do u have a thing going on between u n luke?

Me: nothing going at all. just friends and our families have this business goin on.

Dale: so ur single?

Me: precisely

Hm. What did Dale have up his sleeve. He is pretty cute. White nerd glasses, long sandy hair, olive skin, a bit a muscle. He's so hawt.

Dale: I was wondering if you wanted to go out for ice cream in next week? hav detention.

Me: sounds fun. :)

Dale: awesome! i almost thought u'd say no. after all, people say u and luke are eachothers crushes.

Me: i told u nothing is going on. dont worry.

Dale: cool. well i gotta go shower. see u around gorgeous.

Me: bye :]

I put aside my phone once more. It was only 6. Ugh. I was bored. I went out of the room with my phone in my pocket. I went into Kendra's room, and I found her on her couch. She was sleeping on her stomach with her mouth wide open, and her hand was hanging on the side. I laughed a bit, and took a picture of her. This was a keeper. I quickly uploaded it on Twitter, and poked her on the side.

"Kendra," I said. She stirred and rolled over. Which make her fall on the floor on her side.

"Ouch," she groaned and got up. She untied her curly hair from the ponytail and let it loose. "What?" I checked my phone.

"You just got me over 2k re-tweets in under 30 seconds," I said and showed off my phone.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" she growled and chased me around.

"Hey!" I shouted as I ran,"Let me go on my date first before you kill me." Kendra all of the sudden stopped.

"WHAT?!" Kevin shouted as he came in the room. He got me, and hugged me from behind. He petted my hair,"Who's forcing you? Is anyone blackmailing you? My poor baby sister."

"Let- me- go," I said as I struggled but failed. Kevin still didn't let me go.

"What are you doing in here?" Kendra asked Kevin.

"I saw the picture Kalie uploaded, and I came in only to hear Kalie has a date," Kevin said as he kept stroking my hair.

"Let me go!" I yelled even though it was totally hopeless.

"Awe, Kalie is going on her first date," Kendra gushed.

"DON'T GUSH! IT'S HORRIBLE!" Kevin yelled.

"It's not even my first date," I rolled my eyes. Big mistake saying that. Kevin squeezed me harder.

"W-what?" he gasped.

"Yep," I nodded.

"WHO WAS IT?!" he yelled.

"I shouldn't tell you. I have a feeling you might hunt him down," I said. Kevin let me got, and he walked out of the room all traumatized.

"Hehe, so who is taking you?" Kendra asked me then freaked out,"It ain't Luke is it? PLEASE TELL ME-"

"It's not him. It's this kid named Dale. He's pretty cool," I responded and sat on her purple bed. She sat next to me.

"Oh, okay, good. I thought Luke was cool. Then he kissed you, then Kandace showed me the video of the night at the hotel. Then he hung up on us. I think you know where we are ALL going."

"Yeah yeah. It's just going for ice cream at the park," I said.

"Weren't you planning that with Luke?" she asked me.

"Yeah. But then then the diner happened, and we never went."

"So what are you going to wear?"

"Normal things. Maybe a skirt."


"Hey girls," Mom walked into the room,"help Kevin with Emma. She's here right now. IF the Ross' ask, she isn't here. I never saw anything. I was at the doctor."

"You're helping her?" I asked with a curious face.

"Poor girl is having a crush," Mom shrugged with her hand on her stomach.

"So when is the baby due?" Kendra asked.

"In three weeks or so," Mom said,"I'm going to take a nap. Help your brother."

"Can she stay over?" I asked.

"Of course. Didn't think of that. Tell her to stay for a sleepover," Mom nodded and went out of the room. Kendra and I shrugged, and we went into the living room. Emma was crying in Kevin's shoulder. Gosh, it's only been a week! May the Harvest Goddess help this fucked up generation. I went and sat next to her.

"Mom told us what happened, you can stay over for a sleepover if you want," I said to her with a smile.

"Really?" she sniffed.

"We can help Kalie get ready for her date," Kendra suggested. Emma's eyes went wide. "Don't worry, it's now with Luke." Both Kevin and Emma sighed in relief.

"Thanks," Emma smiled at us. She stopped crying. Kevin gave us both a smile. We gave him a thumbs up.

"I'll get the snacks," I said to avoid the silence.

"We'll host it in my room," Kendra said," come on, Emma. We can have our own little fashion show. I still have some of my old clothes from last week that might fit."

Seriously? Whatever. Kendra was short. Got it from mom. I'm tall like dad along with Kevin, Kandace, Kendrick, and Katherine. Kendra, Kharly, and Kharlos came out short.

I went into the kitchen, and I started making bowls of popcorn. Five popcorn packets later, I filled up the huge bowl. I then went upstairs and into Kendra's room. Kandace was already in there. I checked the clock. It was 7 already. They had Alice in Wonderland on. What? We're childish.

"So what happened? Are you okay?" Kandace asked Emma. What tha fuck? Kandace? Being nice? Wait, probably just looking out for Kevin. He is her twin after all.

"Mom saw the picture, and she came to scream at us. Then she left. Not too long ago, she came to apologize in my room. We ended up yelling at each other," Emma sighed.

"That shucks," I said to her.

"Yup," Emma said and looked at her chipping nail polish. I had an idea.

"Let's pain our nails," I said with a smile. I wanted to distract her. No, not because she was Luke's sister. Because Mom told me to!

"Sure," Kandace brightened up," I'll get my nail things since I have the most." She got up and left. Emma looked to the side of Kendra's room.

"You have a balcony?" Emma said.

"Yup," Kendra nodded," all of us do."

"That's cool," Emma said," we just have windows and a terrace in the living room."

"It's scary," I nodded," we've had boys climb up our balconies in our old houses."

"Awe," Emma squealed," how romantic!"

"Yeah," I shuck my head," not too cute when they're weird.

"Here I am," Kandace said and came into the room with her nail kit.

It was 12AM. School night. I was irritated. I had a headache. I had v-neck tank top. I had Spongebob short shorts on. I was laying on the floor, cheek plastered on the floor, THESE GIRLS WOULDN'T SHUT UP!

"You know," Kandace said to me," we're going to pull an all-nighter."

"I'm out," I said and got up, brushing off the spare popcorn on me. I wasn't sleepy at all. It just that THEY WOULDN'T SHUT UP! Okay, I get it. British boys are smexy! No need to describe every piece of clothing they own. I walked into my room. I noticed something on the bed.

WHO THE FUCK TOUCHED MR. SNUGGLES?! He was two inches to the right, not the left. Someone was in my room. I then heard small snoring. Was it Kevin? Who was it? I noticed a backpack on the ground. It looked familiar. I walked closer to the bed, and I saw a boy sleeping there. I flung myself at the boy, waking him up. It was dark, and I saw nothing. Good thing I took those self-defense classes. The boy sat straight up, and he started rubbing his eyes. I grabbed his wrists, slammed them against the mattress (which made him lay down, and I hovered over him).

"Kalie, chill," said a sleepy voice that I recognized.

"Luke?" I whispered yelled," What the fudge are you doing here?"

"I ran away. Mom pissed me off after Emma ran off."

"Just like Emma."

"Emma is here, too? Huh. Weird."

"Yeah. Wait... how'd you get in here?"

"Window cleaner guy gave me a lift to your balcony."

"At this time?"

"I've been here for hours."

"Good, now leave."

"Into the dangerous streets of New York at midnight? What if I get kidnapped?"

"...Hurry up, wouldn't want the kidnappers to get bored, do you?"

"Seriously, Kalie. My mom is going overboard."

"Ugh, fine. Just leave before anyone see's you in the morning."

"Yay. Now, are you going to get off me or keep pretending like you're about to rape me... unless..."

"Eww," I said and moved off him. I sat down next to him after I set my stuffed animals aside. Luke had a koala there. It wasn't mine. "Who's that?" I asked.

"Kenny the Koala," Luke said," can't sleep without him." I laughed a bit. "Oh, look who's laughing."

"Shut up," I rolled my eyes with a giggle," I know."

"Awe, I made Kalie laugh," Luke said.

"Awe, I'm about to throw Luke off the balcony."

"Haha," Luke said and tapped my nose," you're cute."

"Shut up. Dale also thinks I'm cute."

"Dale Horten? What's going on between you and that nerd?"

"He's a hawt surfer nerd," I rolled my eyes," we're going on a date next week after school."

"What? You can't go!" We were whisper yelling.

"Uh, yes I can. You aren't my boyfriend."

"But I will be. If I were your boyfriend, I'd never let you go."

"You just have that jar of hearts that needs to be filled up."

"I'm yours."

"Never, you just offer skinny love."

"Never say never."

"We are never, ever, ever, going to get together."

"But I love you like a love song, baby."

"But Dale is a gentlemen in his suit and tie, you can't love."

"Dale will not bring me down because I am titanium."

"There are exactly 7 things I hate about you and one of them is not I love you."

"Wait until I get a girlfriend. You're not going to like my girlfriend."

"No I won't. This isn't a love story, okay?"

"You know what? When you're ready come and get it."

"Fine then! Good night! Are you happy now?"

"Good night to you, too, darling!" We both turned to opposite ways of the bed, not facing each other, and we went to sleep.

Beep... beep... beep!

My alarm clock rang. I groaned at it. I was going to actually get up and hit it, but I then realized something. I felt comfortable. I just closed my eyes, locking out the beeps, and snuggling close to the teddy bear.

"Awe, is somebody attached to me?" someone mocked. I looked up, and I realized is was freaking Luke. I took a deep breath from the shock, and I pushed him away from me.

"Eww! Why'd you get so close to me?" I said and started rubbing my hands on my arms as if the germs were going to fall of.

"Me? You were the one that decided to cuddle up to me," Luke laughed. I just glared at him with my hands to my sides. I saw Luke look at me, and then he turned around with a redish face.

"What?" I asked him.

"Nice boobs."

That sentence was all it took for me to send Luke Ross into the morning streets of New York, in his PJ's, and at only 5AM. I was quite the early riser.

Okay, maybe I overreacted. No, my breasts weren't fully exposed. I just showed a lot of cleavage. Thank goodness I slept with my bra on... that would have been just awkward. I just fell back on my bed. Huh... it still smelled like him. He did smell good. Wait... I was snuggled up with him. I smelled my tank top then my hands.

Great! I now smell like I got kissed all over by Luke Ross' cologne. Not that I was complaining... OKAY I AM! I looked over my bed, and I realized he left his precious koala. I wasn't evil, so I won't take it to him right now. I can't give it to Emma because suspicion would rise. I have my date with Dale after school. Ugh, this is getting complicated. I'll just see if Luke is going to pick up the koala later on.

But the more that I look at this koala, the more I realize something. I'm actually starting to fall for Luke.

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Luke's POV

It was one long morning, but I was okay. Kalie shunned me the whole day. SJ and JD just shrugged at me.

I was with my friends at lunch. I needed more time on Kalie. "Give me more time," I told them.

"What? Why?"

"She isn't exactly the easiest girl. She is a Cashmereaston."

"Fine. I'll give you two more weeks. Just because you probably got her hating you by now. Look at the glares she's sending you." I turned around, and saw Kalie glaring at me. Not staring. Glaring. I just kindly waved. "Good luck. You're gonna need it."

A week later... Kalie's date with Dale...

After school, I snuck around. I was following Dale and Kalitza. He was not going to make a move on my girl! Dale bought her an ice cream, and they went to sit at a bench. Note to self, Kalie likes chocolate. I was behind a tree as I watched them.

Then fucking puke-face-idiotic-dust-bunny-ass-hole-fucking-bitc h-mother-fucking Dale put his arm around her. She just smiled and they both kept eating their ice cream. They were laughing about something. What the heck? Why can't I make Kalie laugh? Why can't I get near Kalie? Why can't I even be with Kalie without her moving away? But sure, Dale Horten the puke-face-idiotic-dust-bunny-ass-hole-fucking-bitc h-mother-fucking girl stealer can.

I was not going to allow that. I kept watching them for a bit longer, and I checked my watch. It's been half an hour. I kept watching until i saw Dale do something I just won't allow. He leaned and tried to kiss Kalie. I saw Kalie go back a little. Dale kept leaning in even more. I was not going to allow this.

I ran up to them, grabbed Dale from his collar, and punched him.

"What the fuck!" he yelled and then handed his ice cream over to Kalie (he has good grip- I guess),"Hold this for me, love." Kalie looked mad. I was going to talk to her until Dale pushed me. "What!?"

"What do you mean what?! She clearly doesn't want nothing to do with you!" I said and pushed him back. Kalie stood up with both ice cream cones in her hand.

"Stop it!" she yelled. Nope. Sorry, babe. That didn't even stop up. Dale and I started punching us. "Stop it you two!" Kalie yelled and tried to separate us. Sweety, throw away the ice cream. Maybe it'd be easier. "Luke!"

"Babe," I told her," if you're not going to help me then don't get in the way."

"Dale!" she yelled.

"Love," Dale told her," if you're not going to help me then don't get in the way." He did NOT just call her that. I punched him harder than before. There was an entire crowd around us now. Heck, Officer Petey was there. Dale held his jaw and was about to punch me until Kalie came up to us both.

You know what Kalitza did? She shoved the ice cream cones on both of our heads.

"Both of you, guys," she said," are idiots."

"But Kalie-" I said as the cone fell.

"Remember, I have a knife and scissors. I also have your koala."

After I got home and showered, I decided to head towards Kalie's house again. Luckily, no paparazzi found out about the fight. I'd probably would have been murdered by my own mother. Yeah, my situation is that bad. I knew her siblings wouldn't even let me go through the elevator, so I decided to go through her balcony again.

After thanking the window cleaner guy, I tried to open the door. It was locked. Ugh, common Kalie! There were curtains, so I couldn't tell if she was in there. I heard soft weeping noises inside, but I doubt it's Kalie. I mean, I've seen her cry, but she wouldn't cry for a guy. Would she? I just sat down on the chair she had out her.

An hour later...

I was still waiting for her to see if she'll come out. Eventually, the doors opened, and she went straight to the edge of the balcony. She didn't notice me. She groaned in frustration and shoved her hands in her face. I slowly walked up behind her. I was still limping from the fight, but I managed to reach her.

I went next to her and leaned on the balcony," Hey."

"Luke!?" she said and yelled, looking up. I was taken back a bit. Not because she yelled (used to that) but because she was crying. "What are you doing here? Stop climbing to my balcony."

"Were you crying?" I asked her and wiped one of her fresh tears with my thumb. Kalie pushed my hand away.

"No I wasn't."

"You're crying for someone, aren't you?"

"You're about to be pushed off the balcony, aren't you?"

"Can I get my Koala back?"

"Sure." I followed Kalie inside her room. There was chocolate wrappers everywhere and tissues. I pushed Kalie on her bed. "Hey!" I sat on the end of the bed. "What?"

"Are you crying over Dale?"


"Because if you are, I can assure you, he ain't worth it."

"It's not-"

"Dale is just another guy."

"Dale is not the reason why-"

"Stop crying over Dale. Unless you're crying for another guy. Doubt it. You're Kalie."

"It's you."

"W-What? Me? You're crying over me?"

"Yes! You're the reason! Now leave me alone!"

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