Twilight fan fiction

I'd never given much thought to how I would die, but to die in the place of someone I love, seemed like a pretty good way to go

I would miss the warm Arizona sun, my overprotective, crazy father, Ryan, and his new wife, but Phyllis was trying to restart her music career so that meant we'd be on the road a lot. So I decided to move in with my mom, Charlotte. She lived in the almost constant rainy overcast small town of Forks Washington.

I'd been born in Forks, and lived there until my father decided to leave. I spent Christmas and most of my summers with my mom, up until a few years ago when she was promoted to Chief of Police, making her work up to seventy hours a week.

The plane landed at four in the afternoon, I walked off the plane, and into the small Seattle airport. Just as I grabbed my two suitcases, a small, yet strong, hand grabbed my shoulder. I turned to see my mother, staring at me. I was surprised to see tears welling up in her eyes. I smiled and gave Charlotte a hug.

"Hey Mom."

"Oh Ben, look at you, you've gotten so big," she said. I hadn't seen my mom in two years, the last time I had been a short, skinny 15 year-old. Since then I had grown a full 18 inches, making me 6'5, and had somehow put on muscle, I don't know how since I never played sports, I was almost inhumanly clumsy. I looked at my mom, and truly realized how much we looked alike; we had the same dark chocolate hair and eyes, and the same pale skin.

My mom helped me with my bags as we walked towards her cruiser. The car ride was silent; music was the only thing filled the void. I truly slept most of the time, due to jetlag. Once we pulled up to the house, we started to move me in. She led me to my old room, which she had kept almost the same, except for the new bed and comforter.

"I'll just let you settle in than, um later we'll grab some dinner okay?"

"Sounds great Mom, thanks," I said giving her a weak smile. She did the same and walked out of my room. That was one of the great things about Charlotte, she didn't hover.

Later that night we went to the only diner in town, the one she took me to almost every night when I came to visit. We were waited on by Stephanie, the same waitress who I had known from my childhood. She didn't give us a menu, simply telling the cook to make our old usual, for Charlotte a giant steak and a large pile of fries and for me a hamburger and onion rings. I felt so strange; it seemed that the only thing that had changed in this town was me, but the strange part was that I liked it, it was home. While we were eating my mom started talking about her friend Billie. She and Charlotte have been friends since their early childhood; Billie lived on the La Push reservation, her mother had been the last chief of the Quileute Tribe.

"You 'member Julia, right?" I shook my head. Julia was Billie's youngest daughter, a couple years younger than me. We use to make mud pies together when we were little. "She and Billie are at the house right now, doing some quick fixes to your homecoming present." She said without any enthusiasm.

"Which is?" I added a bit curious.

"Billie's old Chevy, you're gonna need a car to get around"

"You got me a car?!" I said almost expecting it to be a joke. She nodded while sipping her coffee. I was thrilled; my father did not like the idea of me having a car, too risky he thought.

When we got home, Billie and Julia were still there, Charlotte and Billie gossiped, and I got reacquainted with Julia. To me she still seemed like the same Julia as I had known as a kid, though, and I don't know how, I kinda got the feeling she didn't see me as her old mud pie buddy. After we said our goodbyes, I went straight to bed, in preparation for my first day at Forks High School tomorrow.

Starting a new school in the middle of the year is not typically appeasing, especially when that school has the same totally student body as your previous school had of the senior class. The moment I walked into the hall I was the object of every kind of stare possible. I could hear the whispers and out of the corner of my eye I could see some point. Before I was even at my first class I heard gossip about me. The mindlessness of it was almost humorous, but also truly aggravating.

Gym: First Period! Why, why, why was I forced to take gym? Despite my size I was extraordinarily clumsy, finding something to trip on while walking on a flat surface. To top it off we were playing basketball, bad for me since everyone passed me the ball because of my height. When this boy, Jesse, passed me the ball it slipped from my hands and hit this girl in the head. I ran over to her, apologizing profusely.

"I am so sorry, I told them not to let me play." The blond girl looked up at me.

"Oh, it's fine, no blood no, foul. I'm Michelle, you're the new boy right? The one everyone's been talking about?" Great, I thought people talking about me, just what I was afraid of.

"Yah, that's me." Suddenly the sandy haired boy came up to us.

"Hey, Michelle, everything okay?" He looked up at me; there was a sense of jealousy in his seemingly kind gaze.

"Yah, everything is fine, I was just talking to. . ."

"Ben" I said. She gave me a smile, and started to twirl her hair. A loud whistle blew from behind us.

"Swan, Stanly, get back over here NOW" the gym coach yelled. We did as we were instructed. The rest of the class went by as slowly as the beginning had been. My next class was creative writing. The class was taught by Ms. Elkins, a small, perky woman in her early twenties. I enjoyed that class, it was calming and I had always had a knack for writing.

Once the bell rang I went to the cafeteria, after getting my lunch I saw Michelle wave to me to come over. Not knowing anyone else I did so. I sat silently as she introduced me to her friends; Jesse joined us, sitting in between Michelle and me. From the corner of my eye, I saw a group of students entering the cafeteria. I turned to get a better look at them, and my eyes widen as I was able to fully take them in.

"Who are they?" I ask aloud. Even without looking at where I was staring Jesse answered.

"The Cullen's, they're Doctor and Mister Cullen's foster children. They moved down here from Alaska last year. A weird bunch really."


"Well, they're all together, I mean together- together. The big one with dark hair, that's Emmett, he's with the blond girl, Rosalie. The short girl with the spiky hair, that's Alice and she's with the blond boy, Jasper." There was one left. A girl, who was undoubtedly the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, was walking alone. Her long waist length reddish-brown hair flowed behind her. Her snow white skin made her blood red lips stand out from where I was sitting. I stared at her dumbfounded. How could she be alone?

"Who's she?" I asked Jesse. He looked up and smiled a little.

"Oh that's Eliza, Eliza Cullen"