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Mirrors Don't Show You, They Show Reflections

Perhaps it's wrong the rush you feel when you are with him. This boy of your age, this boy of your likeness, this boy that is so much like you yet the exact opposite.

This boy; Vanitas.

You remember when you first met him; you were running into the main office since your teacher had sent you there for once again being late. You had been running so fast you didn't even see the door open ahead of you and you ran straight into the person behind it.

"I'm so sor..." your apology had died in your mouth as you looked at your victim. He was rubbing his nose, the spot you had obviously run into, but it wasn't that that shocked you into silence.

It was the boy.

His face.

It was yours! Your face!

His hair spiked at all angles, a reflection of yours, except in black. His eyes, you're sure, would be the same as yours if it were not for their seemingly permanent narrowed position and amber glow. Your own blue ones sparkling at the sight before you. It was like looking at yourself in a mirror, a darker reflection of yourself.

Not even your twin bears this striking resemblance to you! And he's your twin.

You notice his gaze on you and you realize he is probably thinking the same thing. After all it's not every day you meet someone who could pass for your double.

He smirks and you redden a bit for a reason you are unsure of; "Vanitas, you?"

"S-Sora!" his smirk seems to widen at your stutter and you inwardly curse, you've never been one to get shy so this is just ridiculous! "It's nice to meet you" you quickly add.

He hums in response and you begin to feel the slightest bit awkward. This feeling intensifies when he reaches a hand over and grabs a lock of your hair; you feel frozen, stock still. You want to tell him to let go but under his gaze all words die out before escaping your mouth. You settle for averting your gaze from the situation.

"I never expected to find someone with hair as naturally dumb looking as mine." His words seem to break this spell that held you down and you are able to find your voice again.

"Hey! I don't think it's dumb, I happen to like my hair."

"So you like having this mess of spikes?"

"Sure it's unique! Well sort of anyways." He chuckles and a frown settles on your face, "I don't see what's so funny!" You think he's about to reply but you remember with a start why you are here in the first place! "Ah, sorry Vani but I have to get a late slip from the office I've already spent enough time talking to you my teacher will think I skipped! Bye, see you around." You walk around him and burst into the office rushing to the attendance desk, you hear him mumble something behind you but you are too far to really hear.

The lady looks up at you as you arrive a smile on her face, "Late again I see Sora"

You scratch the back of your head as an embarrassed laugh escapes your lips. "I overslept again, you know, like usual."

"How is it that you always manage to be late but Roxas never does?"

"Well he always wakes me up like four times but I never stay awake! Eventually he just gives up and goes to school." She shakes her head at you and your grin widens.

"Well Sora I am going to let you off the hook if you can do this one thing for me." You lean in excited, a chance to get out of detention! You are all for that; "I want you to show that boy over there around school, he has first period with you so it shouldn't be that much of a bother to start off at least."

"You mean Vani?" She quirks a brow obviously not expecting you to say that.

"Yes Vanitas, it's his first day here and it would be nice if he had a guide."

"I just talked to him! Yea I'll do it for sure you can count on me!"You give a salute and she laughs.

"He certainly looks like you doesn't he?"

"I know right! Even more than Roxas it's so weird."

"Well than Sora off to class you've already missed enough." She hands you a slip of paper you are all too familiar with and shoos you away.

"Come on Vani we are off to class!" You exclaim, grabbing his hand and dragging him off in the direction of your classroom.

"Who the hell gave you the right to call me Vani." He spits the name out like it's dirt and you laugh in response.

"Well I did! Vanitas is so long you know." You can practically feel the eye roll

"Then why not Van?" He sighs as if this is a regular occurrence.

"Vani is cuter" You actually do hear the indignant sputter that leaves his mouth.

"I assure you I am anything but cute"

"Well people call me cute all the time and you look like me; I think it's safe to say you are cute too."

"Please as if that makes a difference"

"Well doesn't it?"

"Look at it this way if you were an angel I'd be the devil"

You are about to retort when you see the classroom door appear up ahead, quickening your pace you soon arrive at the door all but throwing it open.

The teacher snaps his head at you clearly not enjoying the action. "Sora what in the world took you so long, it has been fifteen minutes, getting a late slip shouldn't have taken that long"

"Sorry Sir but they asked me to bring in a new student" Okay so that wasn't exactly why you were late but it's an excuse and you are taking it. "He's right here!" You finish pulling him in the rest of the way.

"Woah Sora I didn't know you and Roxas were triplets." A voice calls from the back.

"We aren't! I just met him, his names Vanitas." He smirks beside you and you are suddenly sure that whatever happens next won't be to your benefit.

"That's right we aren't related at all," a shiver runs down your spine and you know this isn't going to end well, "We are..." he drapes his arms around you and you repress a shudder at feeling his breath brush against your ear. "lovers." He kisses you on the cheek, right beside your lips, and you let out a small squeak as your face turns a bright red.

The class erupts into conflicted and confused noise at the scene and through it all you manage to hear Roxas's enraged shriek of "GET AWAY FROM MY BROTHER" as you hear a loud crash, you assume Roxas threw his chair back when he jumped up to yell.

All the while Vanitas is laughing even as he whispers in your ear "I really was going to let it slide you know, calling me Vani and all, but then you have to go and call me cute Sora! You had it coming" the mischievous glint in his eye is almost blinding.

"You really are a devil" you mutter.

"Well of course, I am many things; a liar is not one of them." You aren't entirely sure you believe that. "But since I am a devil and you are an angel, will you fall down to join me or lift me up with you?" His voice is right next to your ear and it's then you notice he is still draped around you. Locking you in this somewhat awkward embrace.

You are just about to move away when soft hands forcibly pull you away from him, placing you behind them.

"Sora are you alright?" His voice is laced with concern for you even as he glares at the raven-haired boy in front of him.

"Yes I'm fine Roxy really you don't have to do this!" You attempt to appease your brother as you know he can be a bit too protective of you. No one ever believes you are the older one with his protective streak and occasionally more mature attitude.

"Yea Roxy we were just playing around, loosen up." Your brother is shaking with rage and you are really unsure of what to do.

"That is ENOUGH!" The teacher's voice rings throughout the room and every single voice quiets, Vanitas's laugh finally stops and you feel Roxas calm down beside you. "I want everyone to calm down and go to their seats, Vanitas you will sit beside Sora" Roxas makes a motion as if he were about to argue but the teacher is quick to continue "no buts Roxas, that is the only available seat in this classroom." Roxas clearly is not pleased but says nothing. "Now I will be seeing you, Vanitas and Sora after school for this disruption."

Vanitas nods with a smirk as he heads towards his seat you quickly following. Roxas stays back for a moment and you know he wants to yell at the teacher about how none of this is your fault but you send him a warning glance and he reluctantly follows you to his seat.

To think you just escaped detention for being late! You will never escape that afterschool hell.

You sigh as you sit down; Vanitas is sending you an amused stare while Roxas glares daggers at him. You were hoping they would get along but you aren't sure how possible that is anymore. Another sigh escapes you as you turn your attention to the board in front of you. In all this commotion over half the period has gone by and the teacher looks reluctant to teach at this point.

Honestly you would probably feel the same way.

A tap to your elbow draws you out of your musings and you turn to see Vanitas looking at you, the amused look still in his eyes. You spare a glance at Roxas who has quit glaring at him in favour of listening to the teachers droning. Once again you turn your attention to Vanitas.

He smiles and waves and you roll your eyes at him. You quickly write onto a piece of paper before sliding it over to him.

What do you want?

He passes it back almost too quickly.

To talk of course.

About what?

Why about how cute you looked when I kissed your cheek of course!

Your face turns as bright as a tomato at the mention of it, other than your mother you've never actually been kissed! And even though it was just to your cheek it is still the first one you can remember getting that wasn't from an adult or from a female friend when you were younger.

A million things run through your head a reply; you end up settling on;

So i was cute what about it?

You were so shocked, have you ever even been kissed?

You are certain that if this was a real conversation the blush on your face would speak for you.


Maybe I should claim that too?

You turn your gaze to him and he smirks as he waggles his eyebrows. You are torn between laughing and blushing so bright you could pass for a street light.

You settle for both.

It's a quiet laugh, almost a giggle, and you quickly stifle it before it draws any attention.

I don't think i'm ready to sell my soul to the devil

Hmm does that mean you will be?

You hadn't intended for your words to take on that meaning but it's kind of too late now.


You aren't sure if your answer is to be amusing or because it really is the truth. You aren't entirely sure you want to know.

Before Vanitas can pass you back the note an eraser hits the side of your head, you turn to see a glaring Roxas. "Sora stop passing notes with that guy and pay attention" his words aren't more spoken then they are heard by you. It's more mouthing and telepathic communication that you have always been able to do and it freaks out your friends.

"Fine" you grumble back and he frowns, oh there will be words later you can tell.

You send Vanitas an apologetic glance and his eyes narrow the slightest bit before turning their attention to the teacher speaking, you quickly do the same.

It was an interesting morning you muse as your hand unconsciously lifts up to touch the spot where Vanitas kissed you, a slight tingling feeling still remaining. Interesting indeed.

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