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Chapter Three

What's Yours Is Mine

Sora was angry. At him. This had happened maybe... once or twice before? But not like this, never like this, the other refused to look at him, or speak to him, and if he approached him from any closer than 20m the other was quick to disappear, the others sending him pitying looks.

He didn't need there pity, he needed Sora to speak to him. Be with him. It was annoying and frustrating and he almost lost it when Roxas of all people tried to comfort him.

"Sora will calm down, but you really did hurt him." The other had said. "I'd get mad at you for that but it's just Sora being sensitive about something important to him, you couldn't have known. Won't forgive it a second time though." He glared at him after, softer than his usual ones and then left him to his own devices.

"But what the fuck did I do wrong?" He asked and then Roxas frowned, telling him that was up to him to figure out, and then he was gone.

He totally had not punched a wall in frustration after that, had not cursed so loudly and articulately that Sora would have smacked him upside the head –because he only would mind the swearing up to a point and that was most certainly far beyond it. This problem would be so easy to fix if he just knew what he had done wrong, but he didn't.

As far as he was concerned he had acted the same as normal, sure he could be rude and tactless but no more so than normal.

He threw his head back and groaned, glaring at the sky that seemed to mock him with its namesake and colour. He felt the urge to punch it, and then the urge to punch himself for the beyond ridiculous thought.

Still glaring at the sky he shivered, remembering that it was currently the middle of winter and he had decided to go outside without a coat, or hat, or just about anything remotely warm to shield himself from the wind. He hissed and hurried back into his house, wondering why he even went outside in the first place.


Today was a particularly warm day despite the season, or maybe it was just because there was no wind to attack your face and make you curse being born. Either way it was warm enough to be on the roof comfortable and not freeze to death. Vanitas liked it, he enjoyed going to the roof for lunch, or any period really, because it was nice being so high up. It was also amazingly quiet, just the way he liked it. Because the constant chattering of people grated on his ever agitated nerves and it was a constant struggle to not snap at people. He had gotten moderately better at it, mostly because Sora would always look so happy when he was actually civil, and he felt dumb that such a common thing was apparently an accomplishment for him.

And then he sighed, because he wished Sora would smile at him like he always did -all bright eyes and wide grins. But the other still wasn't talking to him, or looking at him for any longer than the split second it took look away when they made accidental eye contact –well accidental on Sora's part anyway. He found it was hard to concentrate on his classes when he spent all the ones he had with Sora staring at the other, he sat either next to or near the other in all his classes and while they were still not speaking Sora still sat there right within reach. Though the other glared –and Vanitas didn't even know Sora was capable of such an intense and actually fear inducing look –if he drifted too close. Though too close was basically any place that was not where his seat was when he first arrived –Sora was always there first –and stretching his arm out too far. And, while normally he would snap and curse and probably punch anyone who dared treat him this way this was Sora and Sora made him feel fuzzy, Sora made him hate everyone and everything a little bit less, Sora made the world seem brighter by simply existing. And he could never do anything to hurt Sora; well at least not knowingly.

He ran a hand through his hair and buried his face deeper into his scarf, it wasn't that cold but it was still pretty damn cold. Or maybe he was cold, that was true too.

"Are you going to sit there and mope forever?" A voice interrupted beside him. It didn't sound like Sora, as much as he wanted it to, and he reluctantly turned his head to see who it was.

Oh, Xion. She was nice, less annoying then most people though still just as chatty.

"Yes." He replied after some moments of silence, turning his head back towards the open sky, gold eyes glaring at it in a not so silent show of defiance towards it.

"Why dont you just, and get this, talk to him." She said; taking a seat beside him and tucking a lock of black hair behind her ears, it was completely baffling to him how she was not cold.

"Yeah, like I haven't thought of that, idiot." He scoffed, putting his head in his knees. "Sora won't find himself anywhere near me unless it's for class, and even then he makes it pretty clear I'm not so much welcomed as to even talk to him."

"He sure is mad at you it's almost scary I've never seen Sora so mad." She leaned back on her arms; looking up to the sky and he wondered if she thought of Sora when she looked at it. Then, quickly, he decided that that was actually kind of weird, and that she probably didn't do that. "We've tried bringing up the subject to him and he just gives you this look that makes you hate yourself and shut up. Actually, he kind of looks like you when he does it." She paused and tapped her chin, "Do you think you could look like Sora?" She turned towards him and he did his best to not scoot ten miles away. "Come on, smile nice and wide!"

He stood up abruptly and did not smile when she wobbled a bit and fell back onto the floor. "I'm leaving." He replied with a frown.

"You're no fun Vani," he would've snapped at her for calling him that, only Sora was allowed the pleasure of that ridiculous nickname but he just didn't care at the moment. "Are you coming to Kairi's Christmas party at least?"

"I told Sora I wasn't going to that and I'm definitely not going to that shit-fest now that he's mad at me." He answered, walking towards the door.

"And Sora was okay was that?" She asked, her tone sounding a bit wary.

"Why wouldn't he? I hate parties and I hate the holidays and it's just a shitty day." He snapped, the way she said it bothering him.

"Oh, I see." She said, head once again turned to the sky. "Sora thinks Christmas is really special, it's one of his most important days."

"What are you going on about?" He hated how strained his voice sounded when he asked.

"Oh nothing," She was smiling he knew it, she wasn't facing him but he knew it, "I think I figured it out though." She finished with a laugh.

He would have asked what, but he knew, and he was pretty sure he knew now too. He cursed loudly and her laughter intensified. How the hell was he supposed to know that; really this was completely unfair.

But it wasn't because this was Sora and he should have known that this friends and family and love and charity thing was right up his alley. Though it still seemed wrong, it felt like too intense of a reaction even if he did like it. He scowled; at least he knew what to do.

"Figured it out yet Vani?"

"Oh shut the hell up Xion," He snarled, swinging the door to the school open, "and don't call me that!" He then proceeded to storm out in the manliest way possible.


He hated parties, he hated unbearably loud noises, he hated large amounts of people, and he hated the fact he was even here. But he was, and he had a reason to be here and he would be civil at least until he accomplished his goal, then he would leave probably.

He spotted Riku, Namine, and Roxas over by a nearby couch and made a beeline for them, skillfully avoiding tipsy teenagers and swooning people. They were chatting when he arrived, a bowl of chips sitting in Namine's lap that they were all eating from.

"Have any of you seen Sora?" They all looked at him oddly, Roxas cupped a hand over his ear and Riku pointed at the stereo, he realized they wanted him to speak up and he sighed. "Have you guys seen Sora?" He tried again, louder as to be heard above the music.

"He's upstairs with Kairi." Namine answered, and then he must have glared at her or something because she made a squeaking noise and quickly amended herself. "The noise gave Sora a headache and she went upstairs to help him lay down, Kairi may like throwing parties but she doesn't really like all the noise either."

"Why the hell would she throw them then?"

"They're fun." Riku said simply, taking a sip from a drink Vanitas was sure was not there five seconds ago.

"Well whatever then I'm going upstairs." He gave them a half-hearted wave and began to walk towards the stairs, Roxas yelled out that it was the second door from the left and he lifted his hand in acknowledgement. He wasn't sure why Roxas would know that but could probably assume Namine had told him, his voice carried a lot farther than hers.


Somehow upstairs was a million times quieter than downstairs, as if there was some soundproof barrier between one floor and the next; he didn't understand it but was infinitely grateful for it. The sudden difference from blaringly loud to dull beat was a blessing to his ears and he would have sighed blissfully, but that was beneath him. He could almost hear Xion laughing at the statement, he sighed.

Standing in front of the door Roxas had indicated he could already hear the laughter of both Sora and Kairi, he grit his teeth, he hadn't heard that laugh in awhile and it was so frustrating that it was his own stupid fault that he hadn't. He swung the door open to find Kairi and Sora leaning on each other and laughing loudly. He was mildly jealous but pushed the feeling down; they were best friends and were always close.


The word came out like a breath and he despised it. Sora's eyes flickered toward him and they were so blue, and so wide, and so Sora and how he missed them.

He hated how Sora could make him feel so unlike himself.

Sora's gaze stayed on him, and he took that as a good sign because the last time Sora had looked at him this long was before the other started to ignore him. He opened his mouth to speak but then Sora was gone, having ran past him and through the door leaving him and Kairi behind.

"Fuck." He groaned, glaring at a sympathetic looking Kairi.

"Vanitas, Sora just –"

"No stop, it's fine, I'll fix this." His words were halted, punctuated by sharp exhales as he struggled to keep calm.

And then he left ignoring the fact Kairi was still trying to talk to him, because he was fine, he would be fine.

He reached the bottom of the stairs just in time to see Sora's mop of spiky brown hair disappear behind a door in the back of the room. He smirked, once again working his way through the crowd of people and making his way to the door where Sora was.

Opening the door slowly, the first thing he realized was the fact the room was empty. The music was a little less loud, but more than loud enough to be properly heard, and the fact that he was in the kitchen. He spotted Sora on the far end of the counter, looking out the glass pane doors that lead to the backyard. The other sighed, and drooped further in his position face almost leaning against the marble counter.

"Sora" He tried again, and he felt something –what that something was he didn't know –when he saw Sora tense up at the calling.

"Vani... tas" He responded without looking back, and he took a small bit of comfort in the fact that Sora didn't hate him enough to not call him by his nickname –or the more depressing thought that he was simply used to it and it didn't mean anything.

"Sora, look at me." Sora shook his head and lowered his head further and Vanitas slowly approached until he was standing behind him. He mumbled something under his breath but he didn't catch what. "Sora I'm sorry."

And then the other whirled around and pinned him against the little island. His eyes were blazing and even he had glared at him Vanitas had never seen the others eyes so intense.

"No." Vanitas squirmed under his gaze and he resisted the urge to scowl, he felt weak and powerless like this and he was not used to that all. "Don't be sorry this is my fault."

"But I –"

"Didn't know, didn't know that this was important to me, why it was important to me." And then his gaze lightened and he looked away. "You didn't know and then I acted like a... like an asshole."

"Can I know why now?" He asked, smiling down at the boy who would now not look him in the eye.

He scratched the back of his head and laughed awkwardly. "Uh, fine, but it's really dumb and you have to promise not to laugh." He did not, however, wait for his answer before continuing. "Okay, so, when I was l five all our parents decided to go on a camping trip for Christmas. And it was fun, but then we decided to play hide and seek after our parents went to sleep and I ended up tripping while looking for a hiding place and ended up –I don't even know actually –and I was there for hours and I was crying because it was Christmas and I was alone and I thought I was going to die like this and just wanted to have fun with everyone. And it was probably well past noon when they found me and I wouldn't stop crying oh my god. They were offering me presents but I just wanted everyone else to have fun and play and ever since I just, don't like not being with my important people on Christmas so when you said you weren't coming I," He paused, rapid speech slowing down to a halt as he ran a shaky hand through his hair, "I, I was scared that you'd disappear or something if we didn't spend it together. It's dumb, I'm dumb..." And then Sora was rambling about something and Vanitas stopped listening.

Instead he just stared, stared at Sora who was just talking and talking head bobbing around as he talked, but his hands remained around him keeping him stuck there, he wondered if the other even remembered he put them there.

"Sora," He began, and thought that maybe he heard something but ignored it, that wasn't important, "Shush, you're rambling you idiot."

"Shut up Vani! I will ramble if I want to ramble."

"Well I mean you like sounding like an idiot so I'm not surprised." He smirked and Sora gasped throwing his head back in mock shock. And then he froze, face turning a bright shade of red, confused he followed Sora's gaze, a mistletoe coming into view.

He turned his gaze back down, a shyly smiling Sora coming into view. He smirked and Sora's smile widened, blue eyes closing as he leaned forward. It was soft and sweet and perhaps it was because it was Christmas or because it was their first one in awhile, first one since Sora started ignoring him but it felt nice it felt so nice.

And then it was over and they were pulling apart and there was a distinct ache in his chest that he tried very hard to ignore. Sora smiled, so bright it almost hurt, and leaned his head against his shoulder.

"Merry Christmas, Vani."

"Merry Christmas, Sor." And then he was smiling too and the expression felt weird on his face but he just couldn't stop himself from grinning like an idiot at the moment. Because it had been far too long without Sora, it had been over a week and that was just too long to not have the other in his life.

"Hah! I knew you could look like Sora if you smiled!" A voice, Xion's, yelled from behind them and Sora shot off him like a bullet, eyes wide and face flushed. He scowled as he turned, annoyed she'd ruin the moment and angry Sora wasn't next to him anymore.

He turned, fully intent on snapping Xion's head off only to find that it was not only Xion that was there.

Xion, Kairi were grinning like madmen, hands clutched tight as the leaned against each other, Namine was covering her face and blushing with a smirking Riku beside her and Roxas, well Roxas looked half torn between feeling glad and feeling unadulterated anger.

"How long have you all been standing there?" Sora asked with a shaky voice.

"Long enough to see you guys suck face for the better part of 3 minutes." Riku said with a smirk and Sora groaned, burying his face in his hands mumbling something that sounded like 'oh god why' into them.

"It's not like we haven't seen you guys kiss before."

"But this one was private!" He yelled, though it was muffled as he had yet to pull his face from out of his hands.

"We're going outside." Vanitas stated through clenched teeth, still annoyed at the interruption.

"But it's snowing out there!" Sora whined, trying to tug his currently grasped wrist from the other.

"I. Do. Not. Care." He hissed.

He heard Xion and Kairi tell them to have fun and Riku wishing him luck followed by an annoyed and tired groan from Roxas before he shut the door to outside.

It was thankfully empty out here, everyone preferring the heated interior to the snowy exterior, and he sighed in relief, grabbing a shivering Sora and holding him close.

"Vani it's cold let's go inside I'm not dressed right for this."

"No can do Sora I'm tired of interruptions we are going to stay out here and you will stay in my arms until I am pleased because I have not held you in to damn fucking long and you are going to make up for lost time."

"But Vani" He whined.


"If we get sick I'm blaming you." Sora said with a pout, glaring, slightly, up at him. He was barely taller than Sora but Sora was leaned back and managed to make himself smaller somehow.

"We aren't getting sick." He replied firmly.


They did end up getting sick and spent a good portion of the winter break in bed together playing videogames and watching shitty movies. Sora was annoyed for the first little while but Vanitas firmly believed, and would conveniently tell no one, that this was some gift from the Gods/God/Santa after having been separated for so long. Vanitas learned he was a rather possessive person and did not like being separated from what he considered his.

He would have to be a bit more careful lest this happen again.

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