Where Words Fail
A Klaroline One Shot

\m/ . \m/ Eyes For You \m/ . \m/

Four Months Later...

Klaus hummed softly to himself as he drew in his sketchbook, his pencil moved across the paper lightly, pausing every now and again to make detailed notes in the margins before dancing across the page lightly again. He paused a moment to set it down and pick up his acoustic guitar and he strummed a few chords, shook his head at himself, rearranged the chord combination, then smiled before picking up his notes again and erasing something and writing down something else. He set the book down again and kept playing. Finally the sleeping blonde beside him started to stir.

"Good afternoon," he murmured with a smirk, "I was starting to get worried that you were in a sex coma." Caroline chuckled sleepily as she stretched and woke up more and more. She was still naked but swaddled in the king sized hotel bed sheets, and it was one of Klaus's favorite looks for her.

"Oh please, if I haven't blacked out during sex yet, then you're never going to put me in a sex coma," she said, turning on her side and peering up at him.

"Well, then...I take that as a challenge."

"I'll tell you what you can take," she purred, leaning up and biting his earlobe before pushing his guitar out of his hands and to the side to straddle him, the sheet that was wrapped around her falling to her waist, exposing her breasts, as she pinned his hands on either side of his body.

"I'm listening," Klaus replied, trying to sound nonchalant, even though the urge to wrestle his hands out of her grasp, taking both of her glorious breasts and teasing them with his hands and mouth, made it difficult for him to keep up the mask of disinterest.

"You can take me now, then we can go to the Waffle House and get breakfast..." she began, murmuring as she kissed down his neck, as she kissed down his neck along the strings of necklaces that he always wore. Her lips were uninhibited from caressing his skin as he sat before her shirtless, only in a pair of dark wash jeans.

"It's 2 o'clock, love."

Caroline froze then sat up and stared at him incredulously as if he'd said a purple pig with wings had just flown past the window.

"So? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, isn't it?"

"Well, yes, but I mean-" Klaus started to say but when he looked into Caroline's face for a moment, he said, "Anyway, what was option number two?"

"Option number two," Caroline continued, after giving him a knowing grin, "is you keep writing the song you've been working on when you think I don't notice while I cook us half an English breakfast since someone used up the rest of the mushrooms in the risotto he made-"

"I don't recall you complaining about it while you scarfed down said mushroom risotto," he replied, leaning up to kiss her chin and along her jaw, moving up towards her ear. "Besides, this option, although it involves part of an English breakfast, is sounding less appealing with the lack of sex involved-" Klaus was suddenly falling back against the pillows and headboard, Caroline's hand firmly planted on his chest from pushing him back.

"Well you didn't let me finish," Caroline said, her voice husky and authoritative as she gazed at him intently. A murmur of a growl rumbled in Klaus's chest and she smiled evilly at him.

"After breakfast, you play what you have written so far for me, and then, overwhelmed with emotion and desire from hearing you play it, I'll have my way with you until you fill this entire suite with sheet music." She delivered the speech calmly and coolly, like she was explaining how to tie his shoes, as she kissed down his torso, stopping at his belly button. He groaned, his hands still unable to touch her as her own pinned them to the bed. She chuckled and moved up a bit and rested her chin on his abdomen. "I know, I know...decisions, decisions."

"You know I don't like playing my songs for people until they're done, love," he groaned, like a petulant child. "I will not have my hand forced by you or...anyone...else..." he trailed off, moaning as he tried to keep his resolve, which was proving to be more and more difficult as she started kissing his abdomen again, making another head of his throb just as much as the one on his neck. "Ugh, now you're just playing dirty..."

"I learned from the best," she murmured, her lips still pressed to his skin, and she giggled as he growled and pulled her up to him and spun them, gaining the upper hand, and was on top of her.

"Well then, maybe we should see if the student has surpassed her teacher," he growled low in his throat and his lips went to her neck and she moaned and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

"So you're going with option number 1, then?" she said and he stopped and sighed and let his head drop, burying into her tousled curls.

"I still don't understand this fascination with Waffle House."

"Um, hello, it's delicious!" she said defensively, and she grinned when she heard another disgruntled sigh from beneath her hair. "And you can get steak and eggs!"

"Half an English breakfast sounds better than steak and eggs," he whined and she scoffed.

"Maybe for you! I'm a growing girl, I need my protein!" she said and he brought his head up to look at her and shook his head subtly.

"You're so incorrigible," he murmured and pecked her nose with a kiss and she smiled and squirmed away as if his kiss had given her cooties.

"When it comes to breakfast, you bet your ass I am!"

"Oh, betting my ass?" he replied, his eyebrows raising and a smirk on his lips, and he began to tickle her and try and pinch her butt. "Oh, my ass...right, let's well let's see about yours..." Caroline squealed and squirmed and fought him off as best as she could.

"Stop! Stop it, you big bully!" she shrieked, half yelling and half laughing as he tickled all the spots he knew would drive her up the wall. "What would Rolling Stone say?" she said, gasping her words out as she laughed and tried her damnedest to get out of his grasp. "'Klaus Mikaelson, the Big Bad Wolf of Rock 'n Roll, ends arguments by tickle fight'?" she quoted the made up headline and he grinned at her.

"I should ask you the same thing? What would Rolling Stone say, knowing that Caroline Forbes, Bad Ass Rock Princess, is more ticklish than a silly schoolgirl."

"I'm ticklish in or out of my schoolgirl uniform," Caroline replied, finally fighting him off enough to catch her breath, "and if you ever want to see me in that schoolgirl uniform again, you may want to consider a ceasefire." Klaus froze, his hands still locked with hers, and he squinted his eyes.

"Well played, General Forbes...well played," he murmured, trying to act disappointed or angry, "but I refuse to eat any of the various items on the Waffle House menu, nor will I play the song for you until it's ready."

"Well then, it would appear that we are at an impasse, good sir," Caroline replied, then sighed dramatically. "And that's really too bad. I had really become fond of that plaid skirt." Klaus gazed at her, stony faced for a moment and Caroline looked up at him innocently and shrugged.

\m/ . \m/

"Fuck!" Klaus said, as he threw down his guitar pick and scribbled out some writing in his notes. "That's not right!"

"Klaus, if it's really not ready, then I can wait!" Caroline called from the kitchen, pushing the eggs around in the frying pan. "Seriously, this wasn't meant to cause you agony and strife; it was actually supposed to be foreplay..." She paused as she heard him growl angrily again then added, "Yeah, as much as I love our rough sex, not really in the mood for that brand of angst right now."

"No kind of sex will be happening if I don't figure out the fucking chord progression in this fucking verse!" Klaus suddenly shouted from the dining room table and Caroline glanced over at him incredulously after she flipped the eggs.

"Well FINE! If you're going to be a fucking jackass then don't fucking play it!" she shouted right back, then turned back to the stove and muttered to herself, "Asshole..."

She poked at the eggs angrily and she seethed, staring at the pan and debating whether or not to toss them in the trash as the final 'fuck you' to Klaus. You'd think she'd asked him to fucking cure cancer the way he was behaving, and she did not order surly boyfriend with a dash of childish and side of temper tantrum. Just as she was ready to turn and toss the breakfast in the trash, she suddenly felt two arms wrap around her waist and a chin tuck over her shoulder.

"I am an asshole," he whispered sadly, kissing the part of her shoulder that was exposed by the neckline of his black CBGB t-shirt that she was wearing, even though it barely reached her thighs. "And you're an angel for putting up with me and I don't deserve you." Caroline sighed, grateful that he came to his senses sooner rather than later.

A few weeks ago, they'd gotten into a fight and Caroline had left their hotel room, slamming the door behind her, and stormed back to the bus. They didn't talk for nearly a full day, even though it felt like a year, and eventually he came to her and apologized, saying that he didn't care who started the fight and that he just hated fighting with her.

She told him that if it was too tiresome to be with her and fighting with her all the time, he could leave and she wouldn't hold it against him. He'd stared at her for a while before slowly pulling her into his arms and taking her face in his hands, whispering, "I'd rather fight with you than make love to anyone else," and kissing her softly.

Caroline let the spatula rest against the pan, and instead placed her hand over top of the two of his, which were laced together and resting comfortably against her stomach. She let her head fall back slightly and it came to rest against his, which was still on her shoulder.

"I'd rather fight with you than make love to anyone else, Klaus," she repeated his words gently, and she felt his arms hug her tighter. She watched as he took her other hand off of the handle of the frying pan and kissed the inside of her wrist then the inside of her palm. Once he had, she took his hand and held it tight and pulled it so that their entwined hands rested over top of her heart.

They stood silently together for a while until Caroline opened her eyes and realized she'd have a blackened egg soon if she didn't take the pan off the heat, so she raised their entwined hands up to her lips and kissed the back of his before gently letting it go so she could move the pan to the unused, cooler side of the stove. Once she had, she turned in his arms to face him, and wrapped her arms around his neck while he wrapped his around her waist.

"How about this: You take a break, we eat some food, and then you come back to it once you've stepped away for a bit? Maybe you'll get inspiration while you take a break," she said with a bright and hopeful face that warmed his heart and she reached up on her tiptoes to peck his lips sweetly. His arms tightened around her when she did and after she pulled back from kissing him, he pulled her back into his arms for a tight hug.

"How do you do that?" he murmured, his face buried in her hair.

"Do what?"

"That," he repeated, and he lifted his head out from her mass of tousled curls and he planted a firm kiss on her lips, "you just make me feel like everything will just work out."

"Because it will," she replied simply with a grin and she pulled his head down to hers for another firm kiss. Once she pulled away, Klaus's head tilted and he leaned his forehead against hers.

"I'll never understand what I did to deserve you, Caroline..."

"Yeah yeah, we'll go out later and do shots and you can toast God for blessing your sorry ass," she said jokingly dismissive and Klaus chuckled as she released his neck and turned to start plating the food. "Now go put silverware and drinks on the table, there's still some orange juice left in the fridge."

"Yes, ma'am," Klaus said with a smirk and she laughed at him and whipped her leg up behind herself to kick his butt with the side of her foot as he passed her. He heard her humming lightly to herself and muttering and he said, "Seems I'm not the only one with a song on the brain," as he passed by her with silverware in one hand and OJ in the other, giving her neck a quick peck in the process.

"Nah, just a tune and some words, but I've just always been horrible with melodies," she said as she placed the empty pan and other cooking tools she used in the sink and grabbed a plate in each hand and followed him to the table. "Kat's always been the better one with melodies, and she wrote most of our songs, I only helped with the lyrics from time to time..."

"Let's hear it, then," Klaus said as they settled down and he poured her some juice before pouring some in his own glass.

"Oh, coming from you? That's rich! You won't even play me what you have, but you expect me to play Show-and-Tell?" she said, raising an eyebrow incredulously at him as she took a bite of food.

"Point taken," he conceded and they ate quietly for a few moments. They were almost through when he asked, "Will you at least tell me what your song's about?" Caroline looked up at him, chewing her food thoughtfully as she gazed at him, but took a sip of juice and looked back down at her plate before she replied casually.


"Me?" Klaus asked incredulously.

"No, the 'you' sitting over there," Caroline replied sarcastically, looking up only to roll her eyes and gesture with her head at the empty space beside Klaus. He chuckled and she smirked before taking another bite and said, "Of course you."

"Well, aren't we a pair?" Klaus murmured, an amused smirk playing on the edges of his lips and Caroline looked up at him curiously.


"I find it rather interesting that you start writing words when you think about me, but the notes just won't come to you; whereas your melody won't leave my head, but I just can't seem to find the words..."

"Wait," Caroline interrupted him, "'my melody'? Klaus, are you...are you writing a song about me?"

"The melody slowly came to me the day after our first night together, and it hasn't stopped playing in my head since," he admitted. Caroline gazed at him, emotion filling her face and eyes, and he added, "Funny thing is, the more time I spend with you and learn about you, the more I discover in the music. That's why I keep chipping away and writing and rewriting. It's feeling more complete now, but I just can't get the damn words out."

"But you have some?"

"Yes," he nodded, putting his fork down as he finished his food, "the first verse is the only part that came to me right away, but the rest has been a struggle ever since..."

"Well, you mind letting me hear what you have so far? Maybe I can help," Caroline said, setting her own silverware down and resting her chin on her clasped hands with her elbows on the table. Klaus gazed at her a moment before he silently got up and went back to the bedroom and reemerged with his guitar.

"Now remember, it's still rough," he said as he readied himself, "and I'm imagining it very filled out with the other orchestrations and..."

"I know how songwriting works, Klaus," Caroline chuckled and cut him off, "I may not write music, but I am a musician, after all." Klaus smirked and nodded in acknowledgement.

"Okay," he said quietly, glancing at the placement of his fingers for the first chord and he glanced back at his other hand and began plucking strings, his gaze remaining on his instrument as he began to sing.

"Who's that beauty, what's her name?

Now I know I'll never be the same

Bright blue eyes, stunning smile

Only she could change the game.

All I need is just one dance

Daring her for just one chance

Always showing me what I lack

I owe you so much, you brought me back

Never met a girl quite like her

There were others, now there's just her

Now I can see what I've been missing and this is new

Love, I only have eyes for you..."

Klaus suddenly stopped and growled angrily at himself.

"It's wrong, it's just wrong, that doesn't work!" he growled as he ran a hand through his hair. He closed his eyes as he brought his hand to his neck and squeezed it in an attempt to relieve some of his tension.

"No, don't stop!" Klaus's eyes opened in time to catch Caroline wiping her eye stealthily, but before he could say anything, she cleared her throat added, "That melody is beautiful, and the first verse is sublime."

"I'm glad you think so," he said with a small smile, feeling some swell of pride knowing that she liked the melody and first verse were what came to him automatically. But he sighed and admitted, "It's just that damn chorus. I don't like it, it's too redundant, but the last line..."

"No, I agree, you can't change the last line," Caroline nodded and she thought for a second before jumping up suddenly and dashing into the bedroom and returning with her journal. She told Klaus it was more than a diary, that it was a 'mish mosh' of things she always had in her brain, and quotes she liked, or things she read; anything that gave her inspiration or was inspirational in general.

She pulled out the chair beside Klaus and pulled her legs up under her to sit Indian-style. She flipped through the pages of the book quickly, obviously looking for something specific. Klaus glanced over and scanned the pages as she flipped through them, and he started noticing a pattern emerging in the section that she was flipping through.

"Are those poems?"

"Mhm," Caroline murmured, her eyes still consumed with finding whatever she was looking for. "I told you, I tend to think of words and so I just write them down. All a song is is a poem with music," she said simply. "But my other problem besides lacking the music is trying to make sense of the placement and order of lyrics...AHA!" she exclaimed and stopped on a page and jabbed it with her finger, "THERE IT IS! Okay, start again from the beginning, from 'Who's'..."

"Um, okay," Klaus agreed, not sure what Caroline was planning on doing, and he plucked the strings and began the melody again and sang.

"Who's that beauty, what's her name?

Now I know I'll never be the same

Bright blue eyes, stunning smile

Only she could change the game.

All I need is just one dance

Daring her for just one chance

Always showing me what I lack

I owe you so much, you brought me back..."

Klaus took a breath to launch into the chorus, but Caroline sang over top of him.

"Want to trust you, though I am scared

But your eyes sing sweetly to mine"

She sang the new lyrics in place of his and he was amazed at how seamlessly they fit into the beats and rhythm of the song. He gazed at her and played as she held her journal, her eyes on her lyrics as she continued to sing.

"Promise me, we can make it and your feelings are true..."

She turned back to look at him as she sang the last few words and smiled at him and he smiled back at her as he sang.

"Love, I only have eyes for you..."

Caroline smiled widely and clapped her hands excitedly and he chuckled and paused in his playing to lean over and kiss her.

"That was perfect!" he said, amazed and shocked and impressed all at the same time, and Caroline nodded emphatically.

"I was thinking through the beats and I remembered that part of the lyrics that I wrote about you and I thought they'd match up...I can't believe I was right!" She smiled and looked down at her notebook again and flipped the page and glanced at the back. "Do you have more of the song written?"

"I have the entire melody, but I only have a few more lyrics, and they're all scattered throughout," Klaus said, handing her his guitar so that he could retrieve his own notebook. When he sat back down, he pushed his dishes aside on the table to place it down for both of them to read, and he took his guitar back and explained.

"The melody is the same, but after the fourth line, it jumps right into the chorus instead of repeating the melody for another four lines..." Caroline leaned over to glance back and forth between his sketchbook and her journal, and she pointed to his lyric and hummed the melody.

"So you don't have these 3 lines that go," she said and then she quickly hummed the tune, "but you have, 'Really all you have to do is ask'..."


"Okay," Caroline murmured and she glanced over her lyrics, once more down at his, then back at her page before adding, "give me that little bit of lead in." Klaus glanced at his page and began strumming his guitar and playing the short interlude between the first chorus and the second verse. Soon, Caroline was singing as Klaus played the gentle melody.

"Curly hair and a dimpled smile

Eyes that whisper and beguile

Wanna see the world at last..."

She glanced up at Klaus again as she sang her last few words and he quickly jumped in with her.

"Really all you have to do is ask..."

He barely had the last word out before Caroline's hands were wrapped around his neck and her mouth was attacking his excitedly. He chuckled as her squeals of delight were muffled in their kiss, and soon she released him and turned back to place her journal down on the table beside his sketchbook.

"Oh my god, it sounds so beautiful!" she squealed happily, flipping a page in his and glancing at the rest of the measures he'd written and then back at her lyrics in her book.

"Yes, it does," Klaus agreed, sounding both relieved but disbelieving at how well the lyrics and music married together. "It fits together so effortlessly." Caroline stilled as he spoke, a page of each of their notebooks in each hand, and she slowly turned towards him to share her revelation.

"Klaus, that's what you've been struggling with this whole time," she said looking at him, and when he looked back at her, curiosity and confusion equally distributed in his eyes and on his face. "You've been trying to write a monologue, but this song is a conversation."

Klaus gazed at her, amazed and stunned by this epiphany, and he knew in an instant that she was absolutely right.

The melody and first verse had come so easily and naturally to him, but he'd struggled more with completing the rest than he ever had writing any other song in his repertoire. And Caroline's miscellaneous lyrics fit in so naturally that it was scary. He remained where he was, gazing at her, seeming both stunned and intrigued. But after a few moments, when he was still speechless, Caroline decided to elaborate.

"Klaus, I know you meant to write this song for me..." Caroline started, turning towards him to face him squarely, and she placed both her hands on his thigh and squeezed it gently, "And I'm so touched, seriously I'm beyond moved, but...needing help isn't a sign of weakness. Asking for help is actually a show of wisdom and strength and not only that but...the desire to move forward. I am so honored that you wrote this beautiful melody for me, and I would be just as honored to write the rest of this song with you." He listened to her speech carefully, and eventually, one of his hands came to rest gently on top of hers and he smiled at her.

"The feeling is mutual, love. I would have to be some kind of a fool to turn down the opportunity to work with such a talented lyricist."

Caroline smiled at him and Klaus gazed back at her, admiring the way the light in her smile spread through her entire face and into her eyes. She brought the hand that was not covered by his up to his face and she leaned in and captured his lips between hers in a short, but passionate kiss.

\m/ . \m/

After a few hours, Klaus and Caroline were spread out in the hotel suite's living room area with the furniture rearranged so that they could spread out sheet music and sit on the floor. They each had a guitar in their laps and their notebooks out between them. Caroline put on a pair of Klaus's boxers soon after she started helping him and snuck down to the bus to steal some of Katherine's blank sheet music pages. Klaus was erasing the music notes on one page while Caroline flipped through her journal and they were nearly finished with all the lyrics to the song.

"No, no, it was what you said that night after the toast, before we went to the club..." Caroline said, flipping through her journal and then she found the quote and read it aloud. "'You're beautiful, you're strong, you're full of light'... I think there could be this great dichotomy between light and dark in the song since people see this kind of yin and yang in us already," she rambled absentmindedly as she scribbled in her journal and on a few of the pages around her, "you know, light and dark, rough and soft, the good girl and the bad boy..."

"'The good girl and the bad boy'?" Klaus said incredulously, even though his expression was saying he was more amused than offended, "I don't think the things you did last night would warrant you a spot in the 'good girl' category..." He moved to the side quickly to dodge a half eaten Oreo being hurled at his face with a smirk and he added, "I don't think throwing things is something a 'good girl' would do either."

"Are you done?!" she huffed, and he laughed at her exasperated expression, then after a moment conceded.

"Yes, I'm done..." he said with a cheeky grin, reaching to grab the throw pillow between them on the couch before she could grab it and hit him with it. She scoffed and picked her pencil back up and kept writing on the one sheet between them.

"So we just had another 'Love, I only have eyes for you,'" she sang, and then she wrote and added, "What if you sang, 'Her beauty, strength, and all her light'?"

"Fantastic, that's perfect," Klaus said, jotting it down quickly on the paper.

"Okay, so then it'd be," Caroline started, then she played her guitar as she sang, "'Love, I only have eyes for you / Her beauty, strength, and all her light..." she took a breath to speak, but Klaus began playing and joined in with her.

"'She makes me a better man, through and through'..." Klaus sang and he paused to jot down the lyrics on his paper and he heard Caroline murmur quietly.

"Do you really think that, Klaus?" she asked, gazing at him softly, and he looked back up at her.

"I know that," he replied simply and turned right back to the page, missing the way she gazed at him appreciatively.

Once the lyric was written down, he continued on his guitar, but he didn't know what words to sing so he hummed where he should've been singing. He eventually stopped though and said, "I don't know, here let's go from the top." He began playing the interlude at the beginning of the section, and he heard her guitar begin to play the complimentary accompanying melody, and soon Caroline's lyric began.

"If you don't try to let people in..." Caroline sang.

"And you don't trust them with your heart..." Klaus sang.

"Then you'll just sing a solo and just one point of view..." Caroline sang belting a little in the beginning, before they sang together, Klaus saying, "Love," and Caroline saying, "Babe."

"Love, I only have eyes for you (Babe, I only have eyes for you)"

"Her beauty, strength, and all her light,

She makes me a better man, through and through" Klaus sang, ready to pause and muddle through the next lyric, but Caroline sang strongly and beautifully.

"I couldn't shine without his night" she sang, filling the empty line of music with beautiful words both contrasting in the imagery of his darkness to her light while rhyming with the word 'light' itself. He smiled at her and she looked up at him and smiled warmly at him as they both played passionately and belted the chorus again.

"Love, I only have eyes for you (Babe, I only have eyes for you)"

They played more of the dynamic melody and underscoring and sang the title lyric one final time.

"Love, I only have eyes for you (Babe, I only have eyes for you)"

They played the last portion of music and it ended and Caroline smiled.

"I think it's good! How about we play it once through from the top and see how it goes?" she asked and Klaus gave her a small smile. Caroline grinned and turned back to her guitar to start playing the underscoring, her hair falling over her shoulder and face as she looked down at her Flying V, while Klaus plucked the lead guitar notes and began to sing from the beginning.

"Who's that beauty, what's her name?

Now I know I'll never be the same

Bright blue eyes, stunning smile

Only she could change the game.

All I need is just one dance

Daring her for just one chance

Always showing me what I lack

I owe you so much, you brought me back..."

Caroline began singing her portion, gazing into Klaus's eyes as she did.

"Want to trust you, though I am scared

But your eyes sing sweetly to mine

"Promise me," she began to sing, and her eyes slid shut as she began to belt, "we can make it and your-" Caroline's gasp of surprise was muffled by Klaus's mouth as his lips suddenly pressed to hers while her eyes were closed. Her eyes opened just to try and figure out what was going on and she saw he had already placed his guitar to the side. His one hand was wrapped around the back of her head while his other hand went to wrap around the neck of her guitar.

"Klaus, what are you-" she gasped as his lips went to her jaw and his hand took her guitar out of her hands and set it to the side.

"Keep going, I didn't tell you to stop," he growled as his lips kissed a trail down her neck and her hands found his shoulders and gripped his lean muscles. He expected her to continue singing...even though his mouth was leaving a scorching path across her skin and was wiping her mind completely blank at the same time; was he out of his ever loving mind?! She gasped and tried to control her moaning and remember where she'd left off in the song.

"Promise me," she gasped, as his hands slid down her body and found her hips,"we...can make it...and your feelings...are...true..." She paused and gasped as she sang, needing both to catch her breath and gather her thoughts to remember what she was singing. Soon, he had her lying back on the floor and he pushed the hem of his shirt up her torso gently as he crooned and sang against her skin just above the waistline of his boxers that she was wearing.

"Love, I only have eyes for you..." he sang softly, kissing her skin as he slowly pushed his shirt up her body more, the sheet music beneath them crinkling as she raised her arms and helped him take it off, and he kissed her skin again but paused to repeat, "Sing, love." Caroline took a deep breath and continued with her next verse.

"Curly hair and a dimpled smile," she sang and she reached forward, feeling the urge to bury her fingers in the soft locks that inspired her lyrics as he kissed up her body. She gasped and barely managed to strangle the words out of her throat as he began teasing her breasts gently with his mouth.

"Eyes that whisper and beguile," she sang as she writhed beneath him, her movements making the papers beneath them crinkle and added to the symphony of his moans and her gasps and his kisses upon her skin.

"Wanna see the world at last..." she gasped, her voice moaning the tune rather than singing it since Klaus had gently begun to move his body against hers, with only a thin pair of his boxers that she wore and the jeans he wore separating them.

"All you really have to do is ask..." he murmured to her, and she moaned and arched her back to push herself against him.

"Please," she pleaded, gasping and moaning both in pleasure and frustration, her restless movements displacing most of their work. Every crinkle of paper reminded her that he was literally making love to her on their music, and it moved her as much as it turned her on and she had to have him. "I want you and I need you, oh god, I need you so badly, Klaus." If her eyes hadn't been shut tight in frustration, she would've seen Klaus grin against her skin as he slowly kissed his way back down her body and sang as he did.

"Don't know why she loves me at all," he crooned as she kissed down her body, painstakingly and slowly. His hands slid his boxers down her legs, revealing her to him and he tossed them aside. He slid his hands up under her legs until he hooked them behind her knees and pulled her legs open gently. He kissed down from the top of her knees down the insides of her thighs while he sang, "Don't know how she breaks down my walls." Caroline's breathing got deeper and she was lost in the sensation of Klaus's lips and hands against her skin, and she writhed in frustration until she realized he'd paused in his actions since she wasn't singing the next verse.

"Babe, I only have eyes for you!" Caroline called quickly and Klaus rewarded her by suddenly putting his mouth on her and feasting on her sensitive flesh. She moaned and his movements slowed as a warning and she quickly forced out the next lyrics to ensure that he would keep going.

"You make me feel like I'm alive

Like a whole new person too, you do

And I could say a million times..." she sang quickly, half of her words moans and gasps rather than music as Klaus tortured her and teased her.

He sunk two fingers into her quickly and kissed her legs and sang, "Love, I only have eyes for you," as Caroline moaned, every thought she ever had leaving her brain as he pleasured her. He knew she should sing her next lyric in order to earn his ministrations, no matter how distracted she was with pleasure.

However, the smell of her arousal, the smell of the fresh sheet music they'd just broken in, the sight of Caroline naked and writhing on top of the music they had written together was all too much for even Klaus, and he knew he was through playing games. He suddenly pulled Caroline's hips up off the ground and continued his sweet torture on her with his tongue.

Caroline gasped in both surprise and delight as Klaus continued to ravish her with his mouth and since she couldn't reach his curly hair or body with the angle he held her, her hands instead flailed around, desperately clutching at the sheet music that was in reach. Her hands crumpled some papers within her fists and she gasped and called his name as she let her orgasm wash over her. He kissed her trembling legs softly and lowered her back to the floor gently and massaged them soothingly as he kissed back up her body.

The moment she was able to, Caroline buried her fingers in his locks and held him to her as she kissed him fiercely. He responded by matching her fervor in kind while he pulled her up so that he was on his knees and she was straddling him comfortably while she kissed him.

"Make love to me like your song, Klaus," Caroline suddenly gasped against his mouth and Klaus wrapped his arms around her to stand up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he slowly moved and stepped as gingerly as he could on the sheet music scattered around them and brought her to their bedroom.

He placed her down carefully so that she sat on the edge of the bed and he slowly broke his lips from hers and raised up to stand again. He gazed down at her and she at him silently as he ran the back of his knuckles and thumb across the planes of her face as her hands tenderly traced the definition in his torso. It took Caroline a moment, but then she found herself tearing up as she realized: he was humming their song. She smiled up at him through the tears gathering in her eyes and he suddenly held his face in her palm and swiped his thumb across her lips.

"Caroline, I..." He trailed off as he gazed down at her, and she heard him sigh exasperatedly. She knew it wasn't about her, though; he was frustrated with himself, and after what he had just done in the living room, she had no idea why. But then she saw it there in his eyes; that same look in his eyes as he'd played his song for her for the first time.

She saw love. Honest, adoring, melodious, passionate, genuine love.

Caroline swore if she died in that moment, she'd die the happiest death and not have a single regret. Before her stood a man that was known by so many as one of the callous and self-serving egotistical rockstars in the industry, and she herself had even thought that he was just a playboy that was not even worth trying to save. But just by being around each other, she not only learned that they had so much in common, but he was not what he seemed at all. Then again, neither was she, and he told her he had had his own misconceptions about her before they met.

Now they had been touring for months and she and her band had been promoted to headlining with him and his band. Even more than that, he hadn't left her side since he shown up in her trailer after what she'd been so sure was going to be nothing but a one night stand. He told her he was attracted to her but felt something more than attraction for her as well, and he'd used every second of their time together proving it to her.

And with him standing before her and trying to tell her that he loved her, she knew that it was not only his big gesture to her, but a moment of vulnerability in order to open up to her. He had begun to open up to her about his sordid past and she had done the same in kind to prove to him that she appreciated his honesty.

Not to mention his song; Caroline's heart fluttered just thinking about the soul-bearing and beautifully haunting melody of the song he'd been inspired to write because of his love for her. His love for her was in every stanza, every note, every lyric, every word. Even still, his love for her was in his willingness to write the song with her, not just for her. He never ever let anyone hear his work before it was finished, but he played his song for her when all he had was the melody, a verse, and a few lyrics.

He let himself be vulnerable with her, doing what he had never done comfortably with anyone before, and shared a personal bit of himself that he felt was incomplete and allowed her to help him. But Caroline knew that he'd let himself be vulnerable with her in more ways than one. He had taken a leap of faith, he'd taken a chance not knowing if she would too, and that showed her so much courage than any random show of strength or leadership.

They had both grown so much, and she wasn't about to let this precious moment slip away.

She sighed happily, leaning forward to rest her forehead against his stomach as she collected herself and she felt him lean down and kiss the top and back of her head and she smiled. She slowly leaned back up to look at him and she gazed at him a good long while in comfortable silence. She leaned forward to press open mouthed kisses to his body as she slowly stood, never tearing her eyes from his the entire time. Once she was standing before him, she leaned forward and kissed him, her arms wrapping around his shoulders and neck as she embraced him, and his arms wrapped around her shoulders pulling her up closer to him. After she felt like she'd thoroughly kissed him, she pulled away and gazed up into his eyes between her eyelashes.

"I know," she whispered, her face an inch from his and she gently traced the sides of his face with her fingertips and added, "me too." Her eyes flitted back and forth between his eyes and lips, just as his were, and soon he was leaning in and capturing her lips again. She wrapped her arms around his neck and his were around her waist as she pulled him back to the bed with her. He settled comfortably on top of her, but she soon rolled them so that she was resting against his body. She broke her mouth away from his to trail kisses down his jaw and she scattered kisses all around his face and neck.

He realized in that moment that her scattered kisses weren't random; she was kissing each of his freckles and she was taking her sweet time doing it too. He couldn't help but hold her hands tightly in his as she kissed his skin, feeling more and more overcome with emotion as he became aware of her doting act. He sighed her name and she smiled against his skin, hearing her name falling from his lips as softly as snow. Her goal began that moment to make him say her name in all manner of ways; and she knew the perfect way to start.

She pulled his jeans down his legs, and her commando rockstar didn't disappoint her. She couldn't help but look back into his eyes with a look of appreciation mixed with pride and lust, seeing that he was just as, if not more, aroused than her. She slowly and lightly dragged her fingernails up his legs and she watched his manhood twitch as she teased his nerves, grinning when she heard him moan.

She gently and lightly trailed her fingertips up his length and he grunted as he bit back the loud groan that threatened to escape his throat. She smiled as she slowly wrapped her hand around him began to pump up and down, tantalizingly and agonizingly slow. His hips rose slightly to meet her hand and she watched them move in tandem with her hand, grinning when he began clenching the sheets in his fists.

Her hand paused and he glanced down and groaned her name as he watched her lean down and lick her tongue up his entire length from his base to the tip, her eyes never leaving his the entire time. His eyes became half-lidded, even though he tried his hardest not to close them. When she suddenly blew a breath of air on him, the cold air hitting the wet trail she'd left on his length, he jerked and writhed in their messy, unmade sheets. Before her name even left his lips, she took him entirely in her mouth and his head fell back and he moaned.

She took as much as she could, and her hand massaged anything she couldn't, and she alternated between taking him all and teasing him. Sometimes she'd take him all at once, but other times she'd just take the tip of him in her mouth, her lips grazing his tender skin lightly; and other times she'd just tease him, only the tip of her tongue tracing along his length and other erogenous zones while she worked him with her hand. After a while she felt his thighs tense and his hands held her face and pulled her off of him, and she gazed up at him and smiled. He was as ready to be in her as she was, she couldn't deny either of them what they wanted any longer.

Happy that she was on the pill and didn't have to go looking for a condom, Caroline crawled up Klaus's body and her lips met his again and greeted each other like old lovers. She felt his one hand on her hip and the other positioning his length between them and when she felt the tip of him at her entrance, she moved her hips down as she held his face in her hands. Her mouth broke away from his as she moaned in delight, feeling him within her, filling her and stretching her.

She knew she could make love to Klaus 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and every time would be like their first time. She would always gasp and cry out as he filled her and stretched her with his length and girth; yet somehow, they still fit together perfectly. Caroline had been more than happy to go on the pill so that she could feel him with absolutely nothing keeping them apart; but she could never be close enough to Klaus. Being with him, whether they were making love or performing on stage together, just felt so right.

She pushed herself up so that she was sitting and moved herself up and down his length, feeling already close to the precipice. She felt Klaus's hands hold her waist and he met her downward motion with his upward thrusts, but it wasn't fast enough for Caroline. She could feel herself unraveling and she was too close to go that slow. She planted her hands on his chest and pushed him down roughly and forced him down as she had her way with him.

She whimpered as she felt her inner walls start to flutter and her toes started to curl. She gripped the skin of his chest tightly between her fingers, and when her hands flew to her breasts, she saw the red marks she'd left on his torso. He didn't seem to mind, however, since his hands quickly took the place of hers and teased her soft mounds and switched from pinching her nipples to rolling his thumbs over and around them when her hands rooted themselves in her long blonde locks. The roughness of his hands tweaking her breasts sent pleasure shooting through her body and she cried out, calling his name, as she clenched down on him and her whole body shook.

She fell forward, barely bracing herself with her hands on his chest, and his hands slid up her back and along her skin, tracing her curves and his fingertips drawing the length of her spine. She murmured contentedly and she felt his lips in her hair and on her forehead and she brought her head up to kiss him lovingly. His tongue explored every nook and cranny of her mouth slowly and she held his face and eventually pulled back to study it. He gazed up at her warmly, and her expression mirrored his before she smiled and giggled a little. He knew it and she saw it all over his face; she'd been insatiable and taken what she wanted and he'd just been along for the ride.

He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and his hand lingered, rubbing the side of her face gently, back and forth over her cheekbone. She almost spoke to laugh and tell him that if she could, she'd never leave their bed, but then she heard very faintly; he was humming.

He was humming the song, their song.

She blinked and did her best not to tear up, and she leaned down again to capture his lips again and his hands and arms held her close to him, not letting her move more than an inch away from him. He began to speak as he slowly began moving his hips again, and instantly Caroline slowly moved hers with him.

"I hear it everytime you laugh," he said, knowing full well that she knew he was talking about their song. "Everytime I look at you; when you smile, when your face scrunches up when you're really focused on something...when you sigh and murmur in your sleep, or when I'm inside you..." Caroline gasped, his tender and passionate words caressing her as he moved within her, and his lips danced along her face leaving kisses in their wake. He traced her lips with his soft, sweet kisses and he continued, his steady rhythm within her never faltering.

"Everytime I try to tell you how I feel, how I can't imagine my world without you anymore, my brain shuts down and I forget every word I've ever learnt...but I hear your song. Our song and it fills me up and I know...I'm home. That you're my eternity and I could spend the rest of forever making music with you. It's what our song tells me, and I know even if I had the words, I wouldn't need them. Our song speaks for me when I can't, Caroline..."

She felt his thumbs sliding across her cheeks, and that was the only reason she realized she was crying. She gazed down at him and wiped his cheeks with her own thumbs, wiping her tears that had fallen on his face, but he gently took her hand and pressed a kiss to each of her fingertips. Once he had, she held his face in her hands and kissed him urgently and amorously, feeling her climax building once again.

"Come with me, Klaus," she gasped, her voice barely a whisper as she tried to kiss him again, but her mouth hovered less than an inch from his as the waves of pleasure started to build more and more. His own breathing became strained but he managed to respond to her, and his reply took her breath away.

"I'll follow wherever you lead, love," he murmured, leaning his head up just enough to kiss the corner of her lips and along her cheek, "whatever you do, Caroline, I'll always be right behind you." A strangled cry escaped her throat and she locked her hands and arms around his head as her walls clenched around him, her orgasm coaxing his own from his body, and their shuddering gasps mingled together in a soft, erotic duet.

They held each other for the longest time as they were before they separated, and Caroline turned so her back was facing him and pulled his arm around her waist. Klaus pulled her into him, knowing she loved nothing more than cuddling into him and spooning, and he gently brushed her hair to the side so that he could kiss the tattoo on her right shoulder blade. He traced it lightly with his nose before kissing it again and she smiled at the feeling and murmured.

"I knew that was why you shared the song with me," she said.

"'Where words fail,'" Klaus said, reading her tattoo, "'music speaks.'"

"And you knew I'd listen," she murmured, taking his hand in hers and squeezing it.

"Who's handwriting is it?" Klaus asked gently, not sure if she would give him an answer. There was a small beat of silence before she replied.

"My dad's. He sent me a letter right before I graduated high school after I told him and my mom that I wanted to be a musician and left Mystic Falls. He was found behind his desk stabbed to death soon after I got it. 'I always knew you were special, my sweet Caroline. You've had music in you since the day you were born and it's been the one thing that has never changed over the years, besides my love for you. Follow your heart, and if you ever lose your way, remember: where words fail, music speaks. Listen and you'll always find your way.'" Klaus listened to her confession, hearing it slowly devolve into soft crying, and he kissed the tattoo again before trailing kisses up her shoulder and neck and tucking his chin over her shoulder.

"Sounds like a wise man," he murmured softly, "I wish I could've met him to thank him for bringing you into the world...and for coming out after rather than before..." he added in the hopes of making her laugh, which she did and he was glad he had succeeded.

"Oh my god, my dad would've had so much fun trying to break you, the Big Bad Wolf of Rock and Roll with his teeth in his little girl," Caroline laughed.

"It's not my fault he didn't make you more familiar with Little Red Riding Hood," he growled playfully, before nipping at her neck.

"Oh he did, but I'm sure he'd be rolling in his grave if he knew I had special red lingerie for the Big Bad Wolf," she giggled, turning to face him and catching his bottom lip between her teeth and biting it gently before kissing him.

"Of course Red's not as innocent as she seems," Klaus chuckled as she kissed the scruff on his chin and she looked back up at him.

"My, what big eyes you have!" she said, her voice unusually high and he grinned devilishly before rolling her and pinning her arms above her head.

"All the better to see you with, love," he growled, his head moving down quickly and he latched onto her neck and she murmured contentedly until he heard her gasp.

"Oh! And that's not the only thing that's big..." she said, wriggling underneath him and pressing her body into his more. "Dear oh dear, what would Grandma Forbes think?"

"Let her think what she wants," Klaus muttered, his mouth finding its way back to hers, but breaking away to say, "I'll tell you what I think: I think I'm going to ravish you again, and I think we may need to talk about that special red lingerie you have, Red."

"I think that is definitely something I could consider, Mr. Wolf," she grinned, leaning up and capturing his lips again, kissing him fiercely enough to warrant the wolf title herself and she surprised him by rolling them over so that she was straddling him. Her victory was short lived though as he grinned and rolled them again, and the two battled for control as they revved up for round two.

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Author's Note: HELLO! I'm sorry! I've been hoarding this literally, forever, and it's been waiting in my Google Docs because my plan was to have friends record themselves singing the song so you all could hear it, but I'll do that eventually! If you're curious about the song, the melody is "(You Want To) Make a Memory" by Bon Jovi. I tried to match my lyrics to the syllables in each lyric as closely as I could, and that's why I wanted an audio clip for you all to hear so you would know what it sounds like in my head ;) But I'll post that eventually...hopefully!

Hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did! :) xo Becky