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Chapter 1 Offerings to the Dragon

(Date October 20)

(Location: Council chamber fire tower hidden leaf village Konoha fire country territory)

The hidden leaf village of Konoha has been put through hell and back, worse than the past three shinobi wars. The village and its citizens has experience the wrath of the nine tails fox demon the Kyuubi. The attack of the demon fox has left the village in almost ruins with a great number of casualties surpassing the death toll from past wars. It's been ten days since the attack of the calamity and they were still in the middle of reconstruction of the buildings and homes. As one of the five main hidden villages and one of the strongest they must remain their strength and high authority at all costs. However with this tragedy that has occurred they have been left in a much weakened state, which it wasn't any good. The village was weak and has been left defenseless while they were still in process of rebuilding, leaving enemy villages to take the opportunity to invade. They were trying to hold on after the Kyuubi's aftermath and having another attack will destroy the hidden leaf. It wasn't long until the ones in charge of the power to make their move.

The chambers were full and it wasn't because all members of the Konoha council were present. Only the three elders who are the most important because they were around since the foundation of the village, Homura, Koharu and Danzo were seated in their respective seats waiting for the ceremony to begin. The rest of the people present were the Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen seated in his seat in the middle. Next to him stood his student and one of the three legendary sanin Jiraiya also known as the mountain toad hermit, he was holding a new born child. On the left side stood three members of the Uchiha clan, the leader Uchiha Fugaku, his wife Uchiha Mikoto holding a new born child and a young Uchiha Itachi. They have all gathered with a sole purpose, to perform an alliance with a powerful shinobi clan outside of the four shinobi nations in order to strengthen their forces against future enemy attacks. Hiruzen has gotten opening a scroll in the middle of his desk, which the document is the alliance treaty.

The guests and the one who were about to sign the treaty was a young man with dark brown hair green eyes tied in a ponytail with a mustache, he was wearing a black shinobi attire with golden dragon designs on the leg side of the attire and the chest area his katana was sheathed on his back. Next to him stood a six year old boy with brown hair tied on a very short ponytail and same emerald colored eyes. His attired was black similar to the young man, minus the dragon designs. The young man smiled at the Sandaime Hokage approaching the desk where the treaty has been placed. His smile was a sign he was well aware what this was about and he was willing to through with it, the young boy stood quiet and in thought while everyone else seemed to be in the same boat except for a few. Jiraiya stood in thought but his face was a bit filled with some grief as well as Mikoto, she smiled as softly rock the infant child.

"I don't want to sound rush Joe-sama but it's time to begin this treaty ceremony between your clan and the hidden leaf" said Hiruzen.

"Hokage-dono I came as soon as I received your message. To think the leaf will be put to such state. Alas I am here and willing to form this alliance with your village for your sake, as well as Kushina-san's."

"I know of your past friendship with Uzumaki Kushina, she was a close friend of yours .It saddens me to remind you of her passing along with her husband the Yondaime Hokage Namikaze Minato, after their great sacrifice to sealed the Kyuubi in their new born child."

"Yes the news has troubled me quite a lot. However Kushina loved this village like it was her original home, and therefore I will give my loyalty to you and its people."

"I appreciate it Joe-sama the village has been weakened severly after the Kyuubi's attack. We discussed this alliance with much thought and we believe it's the only way to maintain our offensive power at bay against any attacks from other villages."

"Then let's start this treaty signing shall we?" asked the young Hayabusa.

"Though you might think it's not necessary since you already checked the treaty document before the start of the ceremony. I suggest you read it again to make sure you're certain of your decision."

"My decision has been made and with signing this treaty I will place an oath to aid the hidden leaf whenever the village is threatened or under attack" he took the brush with ink from the elder Hokage.

"I Joe Hayabusa of the Hayabusa clan and descendant of the dragon lineage will place my loyalty as well as my clan's to aid Konoha in dire times" he signed his name below the explanation and conditions of the alliance.

"With this the alliance between the hidden leaf and the Hayabusa clan has been made."

"Now…." The Sandaime Hokage turned to the new born child in Jiraiya's arms and the infant Uchiha child in Mikoto's arms.

"It's time to give the offerings to Joe-sama as part of the conditions of our new formed alliance with the dragon clan."

"Is this a wise choice?" muttered the scared elder member.

"We already discussed this Danzo. This alliance is too important for the welfare of the village, this must be done" replied Koharu.

"Keeping Konoha with high military power is essential after the nine tails attack. As a military strategist specialist you should know that" said Homura.

"But we're giving away the nine tails to the Hayabusa clan. The power of the demon fox is even greater than having their aid" clearly the war hawk wasn't happy.

"It's not just the nine tails but that is also Minato and Kushina's son. Hiruzen suggested this action because he feared the village won't keep the Yondaime's last wish of treating his son as a hero for containing the Kyuubi. He highly believes he will be treated as such at the Hayabusa village, or perhaps an even better life there than here" said elder woman.

"Hmph…Throwing away such power to hand it over to one of the most powerful shinobi clans in the world" grumbled the scared face covered man.

"Hiruzen you fool, you have gone insane. You shouldn't be thinking with your heart, all because of the sake of that container. Handing the nine tails jinchurikki to the dragon clan is a grave mistake that will cost Konoha's military power."

"I'm sorry for dragging you into this Jiraiya. I know it was hard for you to get here, you're always busy running your spy network" said the elder Hokage.

"I'm about to hand over my godson to the strongest shinobi there is. I needed to be here, though it's not like I'm not going to see him again."

"You're taking this rather well."

"I already found out of the death of my student as well as his loving wife. Handing over basically family to another shinobi clan is nothing" he walked over to Joe holding the new born child who was only ten days old.

"This is Uzumaki Naruto son of Uzumaki Kushina and my pupil Namikaze Minato the Yondaime Hokage. As his teacher and pupil of the Sandaime, I offer you my godson in accordance with our alliance."

"Uzumaki Naruto the son from two great people. A hero of Konoha and a dear friend, inside he contains the nine tails fox that lead to their sacrifice. I give you my word I will raise him as my own and make sure he follows his parent's footsteps."

"Once he's older, I will visit him and give him my guidance" said the toad sanin.

"As long as it isn't an indecent guidance that contains the topic of lechery, it shall be fine with me."

"Hmph spoils sport when Naruto's older he will need my advice on women and the nature of sex."

Mikoto held her son with her very dear life it was still impossible what she was about to do. She knew how important this alliance with the Hayabusa clan meant for the safety of their village, but it was hard for a mother to let go of her own child. It wasn't enough to give away Kushina's son but her own as well, it wasn't fair. She held her head up high and did everything she could not to shed tears not in front of everyone. This was all business for the sake of the leaf village this was needed to be done in accordance to the treaty just recently signed. She kept her heart strong reminding her she was a kunoichi of the Uchiha clan, following one of the fundamental shinobi rules to never show any emotions. The raven haired woman gazed over at baby Sasuke who was only three months old this needed to be done but at least he will have a good home and he will be taken care off. Even if he was going to be in good hands, her only regret he won't grow up with his mother and family.

"Do we have to?"

"Mikoto we have discussed this several times" muttered her husband.

The woman gave a nod she walked over to the leader of the Hayabusa clan offering her child.

"This is Uchiha Sasuke, my son and my husband's Fugaku. I offer him to you in accordance to the treaty."

"Do not grieve Mikoto-san your son is in good hands. I will see fit he's raise as a fine shinobi I assure you. You will see him again."

"Thank you Joe-sama" the woman gave a bow.

"Ryu take young Sasuke."

"Yes father" the child Hayabusa was now carrying the three month old Uchiha in his arms.

"This concludes the treaty ceremony with the Hayabusa clan. You're all dismissed."

Everyone started leaving the three elders were the first to take their leave from the council chambers. Jiraiya was about to go but Hiruzen gazed at his thoughtful as it he was telling to stay, so he did. Fugaku and Mikoto left shortly after, Itachi stared at his little brother then back at the elder Hokage before giving a bow and took off. Joe and Ryu remained in their places holding the two babies they weren't going anywhere since the Sandaime has asked them he needed to talk to the dragon clan leader, in private. Hiruzen put his pipe in his mouth enjoying the smoke he inhaled some gazing around the room. It looked like the chamber was clear of any eavesdroppers, but in a shinobi village one could never be certain.

"Are we alone Toru?"

An AMBU wearing a cat mask appeared in the corner giving a bow to the elder man.

"Yes Hokage-sama. They are leaving the tower as I speak and I don't sense anyone hiding. You're the only people present in this room."

"Good that will be all."

The ANBU gave another bow as he vanished in the shadows.

"I apologize Joe-sama, but I have to make sure we're completely alone. We're about to discuss a top secret and delicate topic."

"It is understandable Hokage-dono this isn't the only shinobi village who always have eyes and ears in the shadows."

"I wasn't expecting you will want me to stay" said the toad sanin.

"You're one of the few people I can rely and trust Jiraiya. It's essential that you stay and listen to what we have to discuss."

"Fine by me" he gave a nod while he was frowning mentally.

"There goes my chance to peep at the nearby river. At this hour the most beautiful and curvilicious girls come to play in the water or take a bath."

"There are a couple of issues I believe it's essential we talk about before you return to your village Joe-sama. I hope you're not feeling hasty to return."

"None sense I will stay as long as you need me to be here."

"Very well the first issue I would like to discuss is about Naruto. Now I know you would train him to follow the footsteps of the Hayabusa clan. But I have asked Jiraiya to watch over him and see to his training, once he has reached the appropriate age of course. I hope you have no objections."

"No objections from me whatsoever Hokage-dono, as I mentioned as long as he doesn't teach him in the footsteps of a peeping tom it is fine by me. I will not tolerate perverted shinobis in my village" Joe gave an intense glare making the toad sanin shivered.

"You have my word that I will not teach him any of those things Joe-sama."

"For the sake of my life" he added mentally trying not to look nervous.

"I do have in mind to teach him a couple of ninjutsu, if it's all right with you."

"I see nothing wrong with that, very well Jiraiya-san."

"The second issue also involves Naruto. As we know very well he's the container of the nine tails fox demon that attacked this village only ten days ago, and the leaf is still under reconstructions because of its massive attack. I was planning in making a decree on the village prohibiting the adults from telling their children the truth of the nine tails that is currently sealed inside a human. I was originally planning to tell them that the Yondaime defeated the Kyuubi and die in doing so. However that is all no longer a viable path with this treaty made. I know the Hayabusa village will see Naruto as another shinobi and a living being who will want to prove his worth in the line of duty as such. My point Joe-sama, I would be grateful if you aid Naruto in controlling the chakra of the nine tails.

"Control the fox's chakra….? Why would that ever be necessary?"

"The seal of the Yondaime is very strong and resistant right now it's keeping the Kyuubi completely sealed from making any kind of contact with his human container, however. It won't last forever through the years as Naruto will grow up, little by little the seal will start weakening. In a weakened state it will allow the nine tails to leak his chakra. But that will only happen depending on Naruto's emotions, in this case through his anger. We're concern with his future well-being and we're still unsure how weak the seal will get as he grows."

"As I see…." The leader of the Hayabusa clan stood in deep thought.

"That is why, aside from you. I also asked Jiraiya to help him with controlling the fox's chakra when the time comes."

"So that young Naruto is the one to control it and not the nine tails controlling him, is that it?"

"Yes, I have asked too much from you. I hope you understand how delicate the situation is."

"I understand Hokage-dono and I will aid Jiraiya-san in helping Naruto tame the chakra of the Kyuubi with his own will" Joes gazed down at the baby Uzumaki in his arms.

"All right we can discuss the next issue at hand. This one is about Sasuke, rather is about the Uchiha clan in general" Hiruzen took another inhale from his pipe.

"You look troubled, is the topic highly delicate?"

"Yes you can call it that. The reason I wanted Sasuke to be offer to you as part of the treaty, it wasn't my idea to begin with."

"Really?" the Hayabusa leader was a bit surprised to hear the small revelation.

"It was actually a recommendation made from his older brother Itachi. He asked me to let his brother be part of the offerings of the treaty with the Hayabusa clan."

"Why would he do that?" the young dragon clan leader stood in even deeper thought.

"He didn't answer me when I asked him his reasons to recommend Sasuke as a symbol for the treaty. However, I believe I know why. So help me I hope I'm wrong about this, but there is a possibility there's distrust among the Uchiha clan."

"Distrust….? A traitor in the clan…."

"More or less, I'm certain you know about the history of the clans from Konoha's founding fathers."

"Yes the great Senju/Uchiha feud that went on for many years until the hidden leaf village was built that both clans agreed to live together."

"Exactly I can't be sure about this without any proof, but there might still be members of the Uchiha clan who embraces Madara ideals."

"Uchiha Madara one of the founders of the leaf and founder of the Uchiha clan."

"Deep inside Madara wanted more power enough to reign supreme over the Senju. Even when he agreed that both clans should live together in Konoha. His rivalry and hatred for the Senju clan remained bury in his heart. He tried to convince his fellow clansmen to aid him in a possible revolt against the leaf but they all refuse to help him because they believe they were better off with having the Senju as their allies. After that he left the village and it was Senju Hashirama chosen as the Shodaime Hokage who confronted him at the Valley of the End."

"Yes, I am aware of their legendary clash. It was the same battle that sealed Madara's fate."

"I have never had any doubts that the Uchiha have learned to take a new path living in peace with the rest of the village. I am against the idea that they should be isolated from the rest of the leaf I will not follow the Nidaime's footsteps constantly watching every single move they make."

"Yet it seems young Uchiha Itachi doesn't seem to trust his own clan that he's willing to give you such suggestion in taking his brother away from this village."

"I don't blame him for having his doubts after how long the feud between both clans lasted. But the main reason he probably feels his younger brother will be safe if he was raise outside of Konoha it's because of his experience in the shinobi world. Itachi was only four when he witnessed the dark side of war so much blood and death, it traumatized him for life. Now at the age of nine he has come to understand the prize of such conflict can bring, he will do anything to prevent another war to occur."

"War and death are two things that go hand in hand in the path of a shinobi. It followed us as it was our own shadow. Take it from someone as heir of the Hayabusa clan and the dragon lineage I have taken so many lives both human and inhuman. War may never be stop, maybe prolong it but it can never be avoided."

The Sandaime gave a nod while inhaling more smoke from his pipe.

"I believe we're finally done Joe-sama. Please take of these two with your very own life."

"I will raise them as if they were my own, so do not worry Hokage-dono."

Jiraiya who was quiet for a while turned to the dragon clan leader while keeping his eyes on the newborn Naruto.

"I will keep in touch with you Joe-sama. I'll use my network of spies to aid you in anything. Now I know you have your own network of spies, but it's never enough to have more allies is there?"

"I am thankful for your assistance Jiraiya-san. You're always welcome to my village, as long as you don't do anything inappropriate that might put your life in danger" once more the dragon shinobi gave the toad sanin his warning stare.

"Of course I won't do anything like that in your village Joe-sama, you have my word" replied the nervous man.

"Then I believe it's time for us to depart Hokage-dono take care. I'll keep in touch with you, let's go Ryu."

The young dragon shinobi gave a nod leaving the council chambers carrying the babies. Jiraiya stood in deep thought while gazing over at the elder Hokage he was a bit troubled that he didn't told the Hayabusa clan leader about their enemies, even if they already have their own enemies he thought it was necessary that they know about theirs. Then again the dragon clan might not be surprise to know about them since they have fought opponents that defy the laws of nature. Probably worst enemies than the ones they had, so maybe it wasn't that necessary to tell them of the existence of them. What worried him is that both his godson and the Uchiha baby were about to enter a world far worse than the one taken by the shinobi, been trained by the Hayabusa clan means they will become dragon shinobi. They will fight more than just other shinobi he gave a sigh turning to the man who used to be his teacher.

"You didn't tell Joe-sama about Orochimaru."

"I see no reason to do so at the moment. The Hayabusa can handle themselves better than us. If it comes necessary to tell him about them, you will be the one to provide him with the information on both parties."

"You're right I think Orochimaru is the least of their worries."

"Considering they have fought monsters and demons, indeed they're the least of their worries."

(Time skip)

(Location: Hayabusa household Hayabusa village forest region Tokyo Japan)

After a long journey Joe and Ryu arrived at their village, luckily they didn't encountered any hostiles on the way. Both shinobi were still carrying the two babies that were given to them as offerings from their treaty with the hidden leaf village of Konoha. The leader of the dragon clan stood in deep thought gazing over at the newborn child, this day forward he truly grateful for the leaf to have given him very important people. The son from the leader of the Uchiha clan and the son of the previous Hokage who died as a hero protecting the village from the nine tails fox. Most importantly he was the son of his dear friend Kushina his thoughts were on the red head Uzumaki. Having her son felt like he could finally repaid his debt towards her he wasn't there to protect her when she needed it. In the end she sacrificed herself along with her Hokage husband to seal the fox demon in their own son. He never cared she was once a jinchurikki just like her son, he has always accepted her as a close friend.

"Listen Ryu…." He started turning to his young son.

"From this day on, these two will be your brothers. They're now part of this clan and family you will honor them and show respect. Remember what I have taught you about loyalty."

"Family first above everything else just like the clan and the village" replied the young shinobi.

"I will keep my word to Hokage-dono. These two will be train as shinobi of the Hayabusa clan they will learn everything there is to know in the path of a shinobi. They will become very strong and they will be part of the distant ancestry of the dragon lineage."

"As you wish father" Ryu gave a bow holding the Uchiha baby.

"Kushina my friend I swear to you on my name I will raise your son to be a fine worthy shinobi. He will honor your memory through his deeds he will be the one to carry both yours and Minato-san's legacies…."

(Time skip: six years later)

(Location: forest region somewhere is Tokyo Japan)

A black blur was seen flying through the many trees passing with impressive speed. The figure stopped for a moment hiding behind thick tree, it was a short person wearing a black mask and uniform resembling the usual shinobi attire. He panted holding a kunai then he followed checking on his gear. There we're still plenty of the projectile weapons there was still the arrows with a regular looking bow hanging on his back. There wasn't a hint of fear in his cerulean eyes, only pure focus and determination. The young mask shinobi gasped dodging incoming shuriken, one of them passed him through the right shoulder giving him a small cut that rip through his attire in said area. He ran spotting many shinobi running after him they followed throwing more of the star shape projectile weapons. More of them were jumping from the trees at the same fast speed their intentions were to surround the young one.

The young shinobi has jumped dodging their attacks blocking a quick attack from a katana with his kunai. His opponent let his guard down from using his sword and he took advantage of it performing a foot sweep that made him fall to the ground. More shuriken were sent flying and he blocked them using kunai in hand. No time to think he grabbed more of the weapon and threw a barrage of kunai at the incoming black dressed shinobi. He made a grave mistake as the shinobi he took down with the kick was back at his feet he noticed too late seeing the katana going straight at him. A shuriken hit the sword preventing it from reaching the young individual another young shinobi wearing the same attire joined the fight. Both stood side by side facing the incoming storm as twice the number of shinobi appeared before them. Every single one of them has unsheathed their katana ready to strike both younglings stood their ground taking more of the projectile weapons.

As a single leaf fell off from a tree the battle started. They were too fast as they performed all kinds of attacks and maneuvers. They weren't the only one the young shinobis proved they were in the same league dodging, blocking and attacking at their opponents. Just when the odds were against them they attack like it didn't matter showing their skills and teamwork, they were doing well. In second shinobi opponents were been sent to the ground as they were been beaten by the younglings. They stood a chance proving they were able to handle themselves in a fight. They were taken back when a new shinobi arrived his attire was of a different color than the rest. It was light blue and his bright jade eyes were on the two young ones. The blue shinobi unsheathed his katana using it to block kunai and shuriken from the two, both charged at him. The rest of the black colored ninjas charged shortly going for an all-out assault like there was no turning for both forces.

"That will be enough."

With those words said all of the shinobi stopped their attacks and sheathed their blades. The shinobi in light blue attire sheathed his katana last as he gave a bow to Joe approaching the group. Both young shinobi were slightly panting from the workout as the leader of the Hayabusa clan stared at them. Since the beginning of the training he has been watching them closely keeping an eye on every move they make. Their performance has greatly improved since they started the training, but most importantly their teamwork has sown a lot of improvement. They now look like they were true shinobi of the dragon clan even at such an early age. But they were still far from being true shinobi and they still has lots to do before they can prepare themselves for actual combat. Still they made a lot of progress and through a lot of effort, managed to hold their own for a while against great numbers of opponents. A smile spread his lips truly proud for their performance.

"That will be enough for today. Return to the village."

The shinobis gave a nod before they vanished leaving the four alone.

"Naruto, Sasuke….?"

One of the young shinobis removed his mask revealing a six year old boy with spiky blond hair and cerulean eyes, with whiskered marks on his cheeks. Joe was amazed at how much he resembles his father Minato, not that he was disappointed he didn't took the physical from his mother. The second youngling removed his mask revealing a boy of the same age with raven black hair and onyx eyes. The Hayabusa clan leader felt like he was staring at Itachi, how much he has taken after his older brother. At the same time he also resembles his mother Mikoto. He gave a smile at the two boys who knelt before him he felt pride at the two, the same way he will feel for his blood related son.

"You two have done an admirable job. You were able to fend off great numbers without hesitating. Your teamwork was favorable watching each other's backs. Remember to always trust and rely on each other, even a shinobi knows how valuable teamwork is. Because it can affect the outcome of a battle, today you have done another step that will turn you both into a full blood shinobi of the Hayabusa clan. I am pleased with these results. Let us return to the village so we can get back to your sword training."

The young shinobis gave a nod as they followed the other two leaping from the tree branches. Both keep up fairly while Naruto could feel Sasuke's stare enough to annoy him. It wasn't enough to hear their father's approval of their performance in the training but he has to displease with probably with him. By now they knew each other from the times they have spent together training and living in the dragon clan village. They had a decent relationship since the saw each other as family even if they weren't blood related. Surprisingly they acted like they were really brothers and they have come to see each other as rivals to see who will become stronger than the other. They have shared their sparring matches and so far they were evenly matched, not the results they were hoping for. But once their training will be completed they will have a match to determine who's the strongest for good.

"That's the last time I'm saving your butt" the young Uchiha gave a frown.

"What are you talking about? I was doing pretty good before you came and put your nose where it doesn't belong" the Uzumaki glared at him.

"You would have been in big trouble if Ryu's sword strikes you."

"I blocked it!"

"No I blocked it with a shuriken!"

"That's not true, don't lie. It goes against the Hayabusa code of the dragon to lie."

"I'm not lying, you were the one who wasn't paying attention to your opponent."

"Not true!"

"It's true!"

"That is enough both of you" warned the thirteen year old Ryu to both younglings.

"Yes, big brother" both mumble.

Joe who has been listening the entire time shook his head while giving a sigh at his two adoptive sons. It was a good thing Ryu didn't turned out that why because he was an only child, but this was different.


(Time skip)

Joe stood watching as Ryu was giving Sasuke sword training using wooden swords of course. The young Hayabusa has been taught enough by the clan leader and he can hold his own in a fight with the weapon. Naruto was patiently waiting for his turn especially when it was discussed between his father and the young dragon shinobi that each of the boys will have their turn for a period of time. The Uchiha was doing well but as expected Ryu had the advantage and took him down a couple of times. He had the perfect offense and defense while the whiskered blond was trying hard not to laugh. Then again if he did that he'll be making the raven haired shinobi angry, not to mention the blond has served his share of many humiliating defeats at the hands of their older brother. After another clash the Uchiha was sent to the ground yet again not looking happy with the results. The young dragon shinobi stood calm and collected at his loss.

"You're letting your guard down too many times Sasuke. Your opponent can easily kill you from different angles."

"Fine, one more time."

"All right one more time. Naruto you'll be next."


Suddenly Joe sensed it in a heartbeat. Ryu was the second to noticed, followed by the two younglings. The presence of somebody else and they doubt it was anyone from the village coming to pay them a visit. The Hayabusa leader signaled them to resume the training while he decides to greet or attack whoever has come to the household. He left the dojo walking the halls of the dragon clan's main house reaching the entrance. There was no need to get hostile recognizing the visitor, just friendly company. But he felt a little wary for his presence all of the sudden coming all the way here since there were very few shinobi to come to their village without been detected.

"Jiraiya-san let me remind you. Just because I consider you an ally, it doesn't mean you can sneak in to my household whenever you please."

The toad sanin jumped from the roof getting next to the clan leader.

"I know. Just arrived here recently, I came to deliver some news that will be useful to you."

"Very well judging from your expression, I'd say they are troubling news."

The toad sanin stood quiet in deep thought his face growing with concerns.


He took a deep breath facing the dragon shinobi leader.

"The Uchiha clan has been completely wiped out."

"Has there been an attack on Konoha?" asked the shocked leader.

"Not an attack, it was done from within the village. One Uchiha took down every single member in just one night."

"Only one…Who is this Uchiha?" Joe was impressed for one shinobi to kill an entire clan.


"This makes the situation more complicated" the dragon shinobi gave a sigh making it very difficult to reveal to Sasuke the death of his clan at the hands of his older brother.

"The Sandaime is doing everything in his power to keep the situation under control in the village. He doesn't want this whole incident to panic the rest of the people, not to mention he doesn't want to bring any details of the massacre. Everything is been keep under wraps."

"What a lowly path he has taken, to become a traitor before the leaf's eyes. What has become of his fate?"

"He left the village of course. As of now Uchiha Itachi is now an S rank missing nin with a high bounty on his head. His information has been sent to all bingo books of every hunter nin in Konoha."

"I do not understand what could probably lead him to commit such thing…."

"His reasons are unknown but maybe…." The toad sanin paused in deep thought.

"Is there something else you wish to share with me Jiraiya-san?"

"I don't know something is odd in all of this. For Itachi to kill the entire clan, it could mean he might have plotted it for a long time. Something of this scale will take months even years to plan out. And if it took that long then maybe…It doesn't make sense. Sandaime has told me Itachi was always suspicious of his own clan for what reason I don't know, but if his goal was to kill every member of the Uchiha clan. Then why suggest that Sasuke was taken out of the village as an offering to the treaty with the Hayabusa clan?"

"I see what you mean. If what you say is true, then perhaps he wanted to protect his brother from getting kill."

"That's what I was getting at. Kill the Uchiha clan while his brother is safe, then what is his goal if he doesn't want to get rid of all members….?"

"You guess is as good as mine" replied the dragon clan leader.

"This is hopeless I'm not getting anywhere. If I want to get some straight answers, I will have to talk to the old man. Whatever he's been hiding he will tell me everything he knows."

"I appreciate you have taken your time for sharing this information to me Jiraiya-san."

"Wait Joes-sama. The reason I came here was to warn you that just in case-"

"You believe Itachi might come after Sasuke?" cut off the clan leader.

"That's right. Itachi is no ordinary opponent he's truly a prodigy of his clan. Becoming ANBU captain at the age of twelve and what he was capable of with what he did to his own clan."

"I understand but my shinobi can handle themselves well they're always prepared for anything. If Itachi decides to set foot on my village he will regret it."

"Although I don't think he's planning anything for the moment. Most likely he'll be in hiding knowing that Konoha will be hunting him down."

"I will make sure to inform you if my spy network finds any leads on Itachi."

"Thanks for the help, though my network will also be looking for leads on him too. One more thing before I go…Are you planning to tell Sasuke about his clan?"

"I will eventually tell him. He'll be devastated to find out everything including his family are gone, and he will feel worst when he finds out his clan was killed by his own brother. But not now, it's too soon to bring such news."

"I hear you. Well it's been swell but I have to get going I have other places to visit and people to talk."

"Leaving already? Don't you want to know about Naruto? He has improved greatly in his training."

"As expected from Minato and Kushina's son, I will visit him but not today. He's still not ready for my training."

"His chakra is above average level I have never met a shinobi with such large chakra reserves. Aside from me and Ryu but that's just because we're from the dragon lineage."

"He must have inherited Kushina's chakra reserves. Those of the Uzumaki clan are known for the insane levels of chakra and their long live gene."

"I know of Kushina's chakra level but compared to Naruto, his level is even higher than hers."

"I'll see you later Joe-sama" the toad sanin left the household vanishing.

"Another troubling topic I have to reveal to these two. Telling Naruto about the nine tails demon in him and now telling Sasuke the fate that has befallen to his clan."

(Time skip)

It was around that time in the season where the cherry blossom trees starts to blossom. The majority of the trees surrounding the Hayabusa village were filled by the beautiful pink petals. Most of the villagers and the shinobi have decided to take a small time off to gaze at the event. It felt relaxing to look at the petals fall along that it was such a wonderful sight. Naruto and Sasuke stood on the courtyard near the Hayabusa household they were doing the same thing as everyone else. Ryu stood on the ledge of the entrance he has removed his shinobi mask watching his two brothers enjoying the pink petals falling from the trees. Joe eventually joined his son in time for the event a small smile spread his lips gazing over at both younglings. Not too far stood the shrine of the dragon where there were a couple of people outside gazing over the cherry blossoms. They were smiling looking over the petals like they were drawn to them.

Naruto was the one to notice the people over the shrine and smiled recognizing them. The first person visible was a young woman looking in her late twenties wearing a Shinto priestess attire. She had long dark hair reaching a little below her waist, with chest nut eyes. She was very pretty the second person noticeable was a girl wearing the same attire with dark hair tied on a ponytail and the same color eyes, she was also pretty. The third was also a girl wearing the same attire but she looked a bit older than the first girl, with dark shoulder length hair and same color of eyes. Obviously they were related to the young priestess. The whiskered blond was happy to see them he has known them not that long, but he already saw them as good friends. The blond grabbed Sasuke's attention pointing to the Uchiha about the presence of the two girls and the adult priestess. His reaction was a little of the same as she smiled at them.

"Kureha-chan! Momiji-chan!"

"Naruto-kun" smiled one of two young priestesses Momiji.

"Naruto-kun, Sasuke-kun!" Kureha followed waving at both young shinobis.

"Came to watch the cherry blossoms bloom?" said the young woman.

"It has always been a beautiful time of the year Monohime" replied Joe.

"Mother can we spend time with Naruto-kun and Sasuke-kun?" asked Momiji.

"Very well, I have to attend Saji. But don't forget both of you still have your shrine duties to fulfill after" replied the priestess in charge.

"Yes mother" Momiji bowed to the young maiden as she left entering the shrine.

"It's pretty isn't it?" smiled the young blond.

"It sure is!" followed her older sister.

"I love nature so much. The cherry blossom petals blooming is the prettiest of all" said Momiji.

"I think it's very nice" smiled the whiskered blond to the younger priestess.

"What about you Sasuke-kun?" asked Kureha.

"It's okay I guess" the young Uchiha smiled at the sight.

The raven haired youngling stood in thought as he had a feeling something was up ahead. His onyx eyes were fixed on the stair that leads towards the path of the dragon tower. Even at his early age he could feel his intuition kicking in, the presence of someone close to said path. He remained quiet and by now he was ignoring Naruto and the both shrine siblings while Ryu was still in his place watching over the younglings and his father was nearby. He couldn't stay here and do nothing if whoever he was sensing was a hostile enemy the village will be in great danger. No chances in hell he was going to let that happen he was committed and loyal to the dragon clan as much like his whiskered brother. By now the rest of the young kids present noticed his far off expression, Kureha went to him examining that he wasn't attention to them.

"What's wrong Sasuke-kun?"


"Father" the young Uchiha turned to Joe.

"Yes Sasuke….?"

"I think there's somebody over there" he pointed to the stairs of stone leading upward.

"…" Ryu has already noticed the present a while ago but remained calm.

"I see" replied the clan leader.

"Can I go and check it out?"

"Go ahead my son" he gave a smile as he gave a bow leaving.

"What's going on?" asked Naruto.

"It's all right it's nothing to get concern at."


"As Ryu said there is nothing to worry about. But I believe Sasuke is going to be surprise who is the mysterious perpetrator hiding in our village."

(Scene change)

Sasuke quick step the stairs sensing the presence getting closer. If there was someone here not friendly he wanted to be the first to find the hostile and take it out before everyone else in the village finds out about it. He mentally smiled he would do anything to please his father and older brother. A grin appeared on his mind wanting to show Naruto he's better than him for sensing the presence while he hasn't, he was busy still talking to Kureha and Momiji. He could see it now getting all the credit while the blond was left in a corner feeling jealous for his triumph. One large leap of his victory over the whiskered blond in their rivalry he stopped reaching the entrance leading to the tower. The presence was very strong in this area confirming the possible hostile was here. The young shinobi has taken some shurikens from his pouch gazing all around. There was no fear in his onyx even at such a young age, if he's not successful in defeating the enemy he knows the rest of the village will act and kill him. But that's not what he really wanted.

"I know you're here. Come on out already!"

"You shouldn't say that to your enemy."

"Where are you?" he turned to the closest direction where he heard the voice.

"No…." his eyes widened at how close the presence has gotten so close to him.

The Uchiha couldn't react in time spotting the sharp point of a kunai knife on his right cheek. He was able to see the owner of the weapon and it wasn't the right person he was expecting to see. It was a girl looking the same age as him with short lavender hair and pink eyes. She was wearing black shinobi attire with the color purple on the front part of the uniform. It didn't go unnoticed to the young Uchiha the butterflies design on the right corner of her attire's shoulder path. She was definitely a shinobi and with the way she was looking at him, so young and her expression was enough to freeze anyone in their tracks. Sasuke tried to remain calm if he could throw one of his shurikens at least with the purpose to distract her, he might still have a chance. He couldn't gulp or stay frozen his only focus was to escape from the young kunoichi before his head gets stab. He wasn't going to let it end here not after training hard and with goals to become a strong shinobi within the Hayabusa clan.

"Don't even think using those shurikens, throw them on the ground now" her tone had a hint of arrogance.

The young Uchiha obeyed throwing the projectile weapons, he was at her mercy and it angered him.

"Aren't you afraid I'm going to kill you?"

"Aren't you afraid I might?" he countered and his tone had the same amount of arrogance in it.

"It's not what it looks like from here" the kunoichi hide her grin.

"He must be one of the new shinobi in training under Joe-sama. Scaring him a little will be fun…."

"Calling out to your enemy like you just did is a big mistake. Doing that will result in getting you kill very easily."

"Who are you to tell me what's right or wrong? I only take orders and advices from father."

"Father….? Is he talking about Joe-sama?"

Sasuke finally saw the opportunity he was looking for. The lavender haired kunoichi seemed in thought like she has lowered her guard. In one quick and swift movement he launched a fist straight at her. She saw it coming thought she was surprised at his speed without noticing she moved the kunai closed to his cheek. She was shocked to have created a small cut on the young shinobi when she didn't mean it. Her intentions were to give him a scare, but not like this. The Uchiha launched his fist and the kunoichi dodged it doing a backflip, landing behind him. He did the same in to turn back to her it was a fatal mistake to turn your back to the enemy.

"She's quick on her feet, who is she….?"

"Not bad. I guess he's not that weak."

"I'm planning on beating you, whoever you are."

"You're really stupid" the lavender haired girl gave a frown.

"What did you say?!"

"I see you managed to find Ayane" Joe arrived gazing at the two shinobi.


"Joe-sama" the kunoichi gave a bow to the clan leader.

"I received the report from Shiden-sama telling me of your arrival. You'll be staying here a few days providing your services for the Haji Mon."

"It will only be for three days. After that I will return to the village and continue my training under Genra-sama."

"Anyone who aides the Mugen Tenshin clan is always welcome to this village. I can tell by looking at Sasuke you two have already done some introductions" he noticed the cut on the Uchiha's cheek.

"Joe-sama I-"Ayane hesitated she feared the dragon shinobi might get upset for the recent accident.

"It was my fault."

"What?" the young kunoichi was surprised.

"I wasn't thinking clearly, I got angry and got cut by one of my shuriken. I thought she was an enemy, I'm sorry for disappointing you father."

"None sense you haven't done such, this was merely an accident nothing else. Ayane this is Uchiha Sasuke from the hidden leaf village Konoha and one of my adoptive sons."

"He's from the hidden leaf and he's an Uchiha" the kunoichi stood staring at him.

"Sasuke this is Ayane from the Mugen Tenshin village she's a member of the black ops branch the Haji Mon sect. They're the ones who aide the Mugen Tenshin clan from the shadows and they're specialized in cover operations, though she's still in training."

"No way she's already been train to a high rank like black ops" the young Uchiha felt inferior to her because of her current status.

"Nice to meet you Ayane-sama" he felt embarrassed to meet her because he thought he wasn't worthy to be in her presence, for crying out loud her rank was higher than his as a simple shinobi in training or more precise a rookie.

"Don't call me that" the lavender haired kunoichi gave a slight frown.

"Apologies my son but Ayane doesn't like any formalities or suffixes just call her" Ayane"."

"Please to meet you Sasuke-dono."

"Don't call me that, I don't like those kinds of suffixes" it was the Uchiha's turned to frowned.

"Even if they're shinobi in blood they're still children by standards" Joe gave a smile.

"If it's all right with you Ayane would you like to join us for some green herb tea? You can meet my other son. You're in an ally village you don't have to always watch in hiding."

"If you insist Joe-sama…."

"And you Sasuke?"

"It's okay with me too father."

(Scene change)

When the three returned to Ryu a certain young Uchiha was feeling regret. Regret that he ended meeting Ayane in such an embarrassing way. Thinking she was an enemy and even try to attack her he was lucky he didn't hurt her or he would've been in big trouble. The cut on his cheek was the least of his worries it was only a small cut, nothing some ointment will heal. Gazing at Naruto the blond was still talking to Momiji and Kureha, they were laughing like regular children. He gave a frown now he wished he stayed with them, instead of going after someone who was never a threat to begin with. If he had chosen to ignore his sixth sense he would've prevent been in that embarrassing moment. It was too late for regrets because it was done and at least Joe wasn't upset with him. The raven haired shinobi went back to the whiskered blond who broke his attention from the two shrine maidens in training and to his brother.

"Did you found the enemy?"

"Shut up."

"What? What did I said?"

"Just be quiet" he muttered.

"Ryu-sama" she gave a bow.

"Ayane, it's good to have you here again."

"Ryu please prepare the tea."

"Yes father."

"Naruto you'll be joining us as well."

"Yes father, you guys want to come?"

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun but we have to go" replied Kureha.

"We have to get back to mother, we'll see you later" Momiji smiled waving at him as she left with her older sister.


(Time skip)

(Location: Tower of the Dragon)

As night falls on the Hayabusa village the time for the ceremony began. Naruto and Sasuke stood with their shinobi attire and masks as they were ready for tonight's ritual. Joe as told them about the ceremony of the dragon an initiation to make them part of the clan and be part of the dragon lineage. After training hard they were ready to go through with this with no second thoughts when they only wanted to make their adoptive father proud. They stood at the top floor of the tower with various shinobi gathered as well as the shrine maiden Monohime with her two daughters Momiji and Kureha. Ryu was also present with his regular blue attire and out of the tower Ayane stood watching in secrecy at the ceremony about to begin. Joe was before everyone and both shinobi behind him stood the statue of a dragon colored gold while both claws had different colors. The left claw was black and the right claw was white, meaning the light and darkness.

"We are gathered here on this evening to welcome two special shinobi to our clan. Through their hard training they have proven to be committed and worthy in becoming one of us, they have chosen to join this family. Now it pleases to be standing here about to officially mark these two into members of the Hayabusa clan and honorary members of the dragon lineage."

Joe signaled for Monohime to come and the priestess gave a nod walking to the clan leader. She was holding a metallic urn handing it to the dragon shinobi.

"In here is the blood of the legendary dragon Shenryu. According to legends from Shenryu gave birth to a man, the first shinobi that fought against the forces of darkness to bring peace and balance to this world. He was the first dragon shinobi that is the origin of the dragon lineage we of the Hayabusa are direct descendant from the dragon Shenryu, chosen to fight evil wherever it lurks. And now two new shinobi will join with the same goals."

"Uzumaki Naruto step forward."

The young blond did facing his adoptive father holding the metallic highly decorated urn.

"Do you swear to honor the Hayabusa clan, protect them, and lay your life on the line for the sake of this clan and your allies? To defeat the forces of evil at all cost that threatens this world human or inhuman, to punish them with sever justice and show now mercy to those forces?"

"I do" the whiskered blond couldn't contain his eagerness.

"Then it's time to proceed with marking you with the blood of Shenryu."

"Um father…We don't have to drink the blood right?" asked the nervous blond while Sasuke gave a sigh for his comment.

"No" he had to smile at his humor.

"Oh okay" he felt so much better knowing.

"However, I will place the blood on your forehead as a sign that you're been conceive to the dragon lineage."

Joe opened the urn and with his index and middle finger soaked them with the blood inside. He marked the blond's forehead with it. Once he was done he turned to the Uchiha waiting his turn, he walked over to him holding the urn.

"Do you swear to the honor the Hayabusa clan, protect them, and lay your life on the line for the sake of this clan and your allies? To defeat the forces of evil at all cost that threatens this world human or inhuman, to punish them with severe justice and show no mercy to those forces?"

"I do."

The clan leader took more of the dragon blood and placed it on his forehead. Joe was taken back noticing both young shinobi's eyes have changed color. Naruto's cerulean eyes have become a bright emerald green it was the same with Sasuke. Both had the same color as Ryu but it didn't shock him at all. In return he has given a small smile before turning to the audience present.

"Hokage-dono it seems giving me these two boys was fate after all…."

"I give you Naruto and Sasuke Hayabusa."

To be continued

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