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Chapter 5 The Dark Dragon Blade

(Time skip: three years later)

(Location: Hayabusa village forest region Tokyo Japan)

Another day in the village of the dragon clan though it has been very quiet. The shinobi in training were still doing their daily routines while the villages were also doing their usual routine. Truly it was quieter than regularly or maybe they were underestimating the long calm of peace and tranquility. The training ground was the only place which it was livelier than the rest. The apprentices were in the middle of their sword training routine, only this time Genjiro wasn't alone in teaching the youngling. Naruto was present and has volunteered to help the older shinobi with the training. The whiskered blond took the lead using a bokken teaching the ones who were still fresh beginning their shinobi training. Almost everyone we're all children and they were all obeying listening to his words and following his every move. Genjiro just stood watching with approval at the good job the blond was doing proven he can be a great teacher.

The Uzumaki focused on the training making sure everyone was paying attention. To think he was now teaching the next generation of dragon shinobi at his age. He was young though he was only fifteen the rest of the village saw him as a fully grown adult. Their logic was simply based the moment the child starts his shinobi training he was considered an adult. Through the years Naruto has become among the best of the Hayabusa clan next to Joe, Ryu of course. Sasuke was another story he still believe they were equals and their friendly rival quarrel hasn't ended. They will always try to find out who was better than the other in different fields of combat. After a long hour of a session he finally called everyone to follow the next step of their training which consisted in shuriken kunai target practice and the use of the bow and arrows. Omitsu was the one in charge in that field so he let the kunoichi take over for him. Genjiro walked over the blond while he wiped some sweat from his forehead.

"Another day of hard training….?"

"I never mind the workout. It's like warming up before a sparring match with Sasuke or Ryu."

"I doubt it was enough to calm your nerves from the responsibility of been in charge of the village?" the older shinobi looked amused inhaling from his smoking pipe.

"Who says nervous?" he tried to remain calm.

"Naruto-san I think you should be more honest with yourself. Your tone clearly says you're nervous, for you this is a big responsibility."

"It is a big responsibility I'm in charge of everything in this village. Everyone's safety is in my hands, it's up to me to make sure everything is running smoothly."

"That is correct. I suppose you will feel nervous since it's your first time Ryu-sama has put you in charge. Tried to relax and enjoy the calm that has been brought to us. It has been quite peaceful these past couple of months though we shouldn't be too relax we have to keep our guard up and continue training no matter how calm things might be."

Naruto gave a nod true to Genjiro's words he was indeed nervous. First time he was put in charge of the village right now he along with a group we're among the experienced and skilled in the village right now. It has become a little risky because there were some shinobi that were no longer here. His adoptive father Joe left on a long training journey two days ago and it was uncertain when he was going to return the village no longer had his support and strength to defend themselves. His older brother Ryu has left very early in the morning deciding to pay a visit to one of their allies outside of their alliance with the Mugen Tenshin clan. He only knew this other ally lived near the Valley of Shadows which it wasn't that far from their village. Momiji has also departed the village to do an errand as part of her shrine maiden duties he didn't had to worry about her since she was been accompanied by two dragon shinobi. As for his brother, Sasuke left a while back with Ayane doing an errand as part of been with the Haji Mon sect. Pretty much the village felt a little empty without his most important people.

"Everyone else has left and I can't sit by with my arms crossed. I have to keep the village protected."

"If Ryu-sama chose you it is because he trusts you and knows you will do a good job."

"Somehow all of this peace and quiet doesn't seem right. Maybe I'm acting a little paranoid."

"Perhaps you're right maybe this can be considered as a "bad omen" or as they called it" the calm before the storm"."

"What do you mean by that?" the blond turned to him looking worried.

"It's nothing Naruto-san I don't want to worry you. I have a right to think negative, when you reach my age you will understand."

"If something happens I'll make sure we're ready to face it together."

"Your tone reflects your determination it seems you lifted everything else that was making you nervous."

"What kind of leader I'll be if I act nervous?" he smiled.

"Naruto-dono!" said one of the young shinobi in training.

"Omitsu-san is calling for you. She wants you to give everyone a demonstration of your archery skills."

"A teacher's job isn't done" he smiled while Genjiro just looked amused.

"Better not keep the young ones waiting. You know Omitsu can get quite cranky when it comes to tardiness."

"Right don't want her chewing me and spitting me out" the whiskered blond gave a laugh as he left with the young shinobi.

"The calm before the storm…Am I correct or should we just see it as a sign that everything is indeed all right" the older shinobi inhaled more from his pipe.

The whiskered shinobi headed to the shooting area and smiled at everyone waiting for him. Omitsu handed him a bow so he can give a demonstration to the young shinobi in training. He gave them pointers in focus the arrow to the target, he shoot the arrow hitting the bull's eyes. Everyone was impressed and the whiskered blond fired another one hitting a second bull's eye. Genjiro watched as the blond and the kunoichi instructor helping the rookies to fire with more accuracy. Eventually the young dragon shinobi became a short substitute helping everyone present with his advices remembering everything Joe, Ryu and Omitsu taught him. His smile was pretty evident that he was enjoying helping the young shinobi with their training because he knew they were all very important for the future of their village. They were the next generation to fight and defend the world this was something the leader of the dragon clan has taught him. To always aid the young and show them the way he remained like that until the session was over.

(Scene change)

Sasuke and Ayane have recently left the Mugen Tenshin village after doing an errand. It was a simple task but it was still something they needed to do as part of their duty as shinobi. The journey became quiet when they left their allies village there was nothing to say between both shinobi. When it comes to doing missions or errands they have chosen to keep their partnership to a very professional level. That's how it's been for three years but outside of their duties they have kept it well hidden, their close friendship. They have developed as a team and have achieved a very effective teamwork. Neither shinobi gazed at the other but kept on jumping the threes of the large forest as they were heading back to the Hayabusa village which it was quite far from their current location. They weren't planning in stopping to spend the night both shared similar traits when it comes to their duties, both were "very by the book".

The Uchiha has changed his attire after he got used to do missions with the lavender kunoichi. It was a dark blue and white uniform with a headband that had the Uchiha clan symbol engraved in a steel plate. On his back was Kagutsuchi sheathed and strapped along with a bow and a quiver of arrows his shuriken hostler was on his lower right leg, finally he decided not to wear a mask just like Naruto. Ayane was also wearing something different from her last attire it still had some purple but it was well define and it showed her beauty and deadly nature along with purple mantle to cover her head like it was a hood (AN: her default costume from NG sigma 1). Suddenly the raven haired shinobi felt a strange feeling that caused him to lose his balance and fall off one of the tree. The Haji Mon kunoichi reacted quick and caught his hand before he could have had a nasty fall. When she helped him on his feet she was glaring at him with a mix of anger and annoyance.

"What the hell is wrong with you!?"


"You almost fell off, how clumsy can you get?" she crossed her arms giving him a frown.


"Hey you listening….?"

The Uchiha was in deep thought unable to pay attention to the kunoichi. What he felt that caused him to trip was a similar strange feeling, at the same time it somehow frightened him. Because he was so sure he has felt it before and the more he thought about it, the more it was starting to scare him. His onyx eyes widened at the realization this was the same bad feeling he got before he encountered Orochimaru three years ago he will never forget it. The fight he lost and he ended up getting the cursed seal of heaven from the snake missing nin. If he was feeling this now after so long then it could mean one thing, something bad was about to happen. Whether it was going to happen to him again or someone else he didn't wasted time, he resumed his jumping from the branches. Ayane followed him and she was clearly not happy he was avoiding her.


"I heard you the first time."

"Then answer me, are you testing my patience?"

"Let's increase our speed and head back to the village."

"….." her anger faded hearing his tone of concern.

"Something wrong….?"

"I have a bad feeling that's all."

"Bad feeling…About what….?"

"I will feel better once we return."

(Scene change)

In a mountain region stood a large army of men wearing samurai armor. There all kinds of warriors from sword wielding ones, to archers, others equipped with sais and others with spears and riding on horses. Among them stood a large man with red samurai armor riding on a horse and holding a longer spear there was another person clad in black samurai armor but there was something different about him. The fact he had no human face behind his armor was a blue flame like his body was only made of fire. They were all in attack formation and they looked like they were about to charge into a war. There was someone else present away from the group but not too far from the black clad samurai, wearing a dark blue cloak with a hood. The hooded figure walked over to the black inhuman samurai handing him a wrapped paper.

"This is the map to the Hayabusa village. Follow it and you will reach it within three hours top" the voice belonged to a young female sounding like she was in her late teens.

"Most appreciated" replied the black clad samurai in a half echoed tone gladly he accepted the map.

"We have fulfilled our end of the bargain now it is up to you to fulfill yours. You can have the dark dragon blade for all we care, but make sure you bring us the one we seek."

"Do not worry. If your information is correct, my men and I arrive at the Hayabusa village. Rest assured we will take the one you desire."

"He won't be that much of a challenge for someone like you. Even a jinchurikki won't be able to top the lord of the greater fiends of the Vigor Empire."

"Masakados it is time" he turned to the red armored samurai on a horse.

"Our mission will be a success Doku-sama. All men forward to the Hayabusa village!"

The large army departed from their spot with Masakados leading the battalion and Doku following them close by. The hooded cloaked stranger was giving a grin even if she didn't trusted the greater fiend as long as he fulfills his end of the bargain nothing else matters. The dark dragon was not her concern since she was after something else, or more precise someone stronger than probably the evil blade itself. Now all she needed to do is wait to hear word from the greater fiend telling her has captured a certain shinobi jinchurikki. No doubt it will eventually turn into an all-out war since she knows they will get spotted by the many Hayabusa scouts that are patrolling the village perimeter. At least the Vigorian army will be doing her a favor if they managed to destroy the village and kill everyone in it. Even if they failed to capture the jinchurikki she will still win. Thinking the last part made her grinned as a familiar spider shinobi appeared kneeling behind her.

"Follow the Vigor army but keep your distance from them. Report back to me the situation over the Hayabusa village."

The spider shinobi gave a nod vanishing from sight as the hooded female was still grinning at the invading army far in the distance.

"Time for the Hayabusa clan to receive a rude awakening…."

(Time skip)

(Location: Hayabusa village)

After filling in for Genjiro and Omitsu Naruto decided to take a break from all the teaching. The blond decided to let the two resume their duties with the young shinobi while he relax starting at the trees and the rivers. The village wasn't the same without his family he already missed Joe, Ryu and Sasuke a lot, and he hasn't forgotten about the young shrine maiden Momiji. Without all those important people the place really looked empty and quite honestly, boring. At least with his brothers he can have pretty interesting sparring matches, with his father he can teach him new things and even techniques. With Momiji he paused, thinking about her will only made him miss her even more. Heck he even missed Jiraiya and even if he disapproves of his perverted nature he got close with the toad sanin after he learned the rasengan and the summoning ninjutsu. Things weren't really the same without them the day was getting quite slow without the people that are very close to the blond.

The whiskered shinobi arrived at the shrine it was the only place he had in mind. Now he knew Momiji wasn't there but her sister and mother were still present and he doesn't mind spending some time with them. It was all right for him to enter the shrine both Monohime and Kureha weren't going to be that busy to receive any guests especially close people to both shrine maiden. The young dragon shinobi went further spotted Kureha in a chamber praying that where he halted his steps. It was wrong to interrupt a maiden when she's doing her duties including praying he stood waiting for her to finish up. The head maiden Monohime was behind him and gave a smile at how patient he looked waiting for her daughter. Even if he was the container of a powerful being like the nine tails fox she still saw him as a hard working shinobi of the dragon clan along with the rest of the village.

"Naruto-san is everything all right?"

"Oh everything's fine. I'm taking a break from teaching the rookies. It's always a busy day to be in charge."

"Do not concern yourself because it's your first time. If Ryu-sama chose you it is because he trusts you."

"Yeah I'd figure that he wouldn't be giving me a very important responsibility if he didn't right? Anyway Genjiro-san said the same thing."

"Of course he wouldn't. You have proven to be a very important asset to the clan. Would you like some tea while my daughter finishes her prayers?"

"It's okay Monohimene-chan I'm not expecting to stay that long. I…."

"What's the matter? You seem trouble."

"Now that you mentioned it something has been bothering me and it's not about been in charge."

"Is there anything I can be of service to make you feel better?"

"Maybe you can help I…Monohimene-chan I kind of been wondering. Do you think Momiji-chan is still angry at me?"

"Why would she be upset with you?" the head maiden was confused at his question she knew her younger daughter better than anyone and one thing was certain she would never be angry with the blond.

"I'm pretty sure you remember what happened a few years ago" he has suddenly blushed a bit.


"What I did?" his embarrassed face got worse.

"I see what you must be talking about" the maiden gave a soft smile.

Naruto gazed from a corner looking at the front of the dragon shrine. His cerulean eyes were on Momiji who was sweeping the floor. He wasn't happy turning to give a glare at Jiraiya who was giving a smirk which only made the whiskered blond to wipe it off his face. He had no idea why he was doing this in the first place because it was a crazy idea that can bring him in serious trouble. This was a crazy idea from the toad sanin that he completely disapproves of it. First he wanted him to waste all of his chakra while having a serious match with the sanin. The results he did use a lot of chakra in order to use the red chakra of the nine tails but why he was doing this still a question he hasn't gotten an answer. Now what he was asking him to do was too much it was impossible to do and he will never agree to do it. It was probably the worse idea the sanin has ever thought and just when he was starting to like him.

"Tell me how the heck is this going to help me learn the summon ninjutsu?" he gritted his teeth.

"I told you. You need to use the nine tails chakra to fully learn it because summoning, like the rasengan is an A rank ninjutsu regular chakra won't be enough."

"You told me already about that. I just want to know why you are making me give Momiji-chan a kiss" he blushed.

"In order to use the nine tails chakra you will have to go through a life and death experience. You might die if you don't pull it off. And if you die Joe-sama will kill me, so you're not the only who is taking a big risk here."

"And you want me to go through this because…."

"If you die it's better to live with no regrets. What better way to kiss the girl you like, right?"

"I guess that makes sense but I still don't like it. If I actually succeed in learning the summoning ninjutsu I will have to face Momiji-chan after this. She might never speak to me again, she might even hate" he gave sigh thinking he won't be able to live with himself if the young shrine maiden will despise him.

"This is a risk worth taking gaki. Now go ahead and do it, time's not to waste."

"This better work or you're going to get it" he took a deep breath as he left.

"Good luck gaki."

The whiskered shinobi walked over the front of the shrine feeling so embarrassed. Momiji was still sweeping the leaves while he could feel his stomach been invaded by butterflies. Never he thought he will be doing this it hasn't even cross his mind to tell her how he feels now he was about to do something very risky. But then again if he does fail to learn the summoning technique then there won't be nothing to regret with doing this since it might be the last time he will see the shrine maiden and everyone again. The blond kept a positive attitude he walked until he was close enough to her, the young shrine maiden stopped her sweeping spotting him. The smile she gave him was so sweet it made him feel worse while his heart was beating like crazy.

"Naruto-kun hi" she gave a small bow.

"H-hi Momiji-chan…."

"What is wrong? You sound nervous."

"I…I there's something I have to tell you…."

"Are you sure you're all right? I've never heard you sounding this nervous before" she got worried at his tone and behavior.

"Yeah I'm fine I need to tell you something…."

"What is it?"

Without giving it another thought Naruto has put his hands on her shoulder surprising the shrine maiden a bit. He leaned in and claimed her lips in a very tender and passionate kiss making Jiraiya grinned in pride at the blonds actions. Unfortunately for the whiskered blond Monohime and Kureha were present and both had their mouths wide opened from the shock of the sight. Momiji was shocked feeling his lips on hers and her entire face has heat up. The kiss didn't last that long as she has recovered and broke it, she reached out and slapped the blond before she ran back to the shrine. Her face was red but it was blank not showing her expression. Naruto gave a sigh touching his hurtful cheek it was colored red from the hit he knew he has screw up big time. He did enjoyed the moment and he was now looking forward to fail learning the summon ninjutsu so he can die and disappeared from this world.

"I would never forget that day. After that I didn't spoke to pervy sage for a while…."

"Naruto-san I don't think my daughter is angry at you at all. She was only surprised you would do something like that, she never seen you as that kind of person."

"I know I made a big mistake and I feel terrible for doing that to her when it was uncalled for. I don't want her to stay mad at me forever. I tried apologizing to her but she never paid attention to me. Maybe it's better if she stays that way with me for good…."

"Don't be too hard on yourself Naruto-san. I talked to her a while back and she's not angry at you. She hasn't avoided you that much."

"You're right. We still talk and spent time together but somehow I feel like something's not right. It feels a bit different she's acting different since that day."

"You will find out someday Naruto-san" the head maiden gave a smile.

"Can't you tell me?"

"I'm afraid not. This is a matter you will have to discuss with my daughter."

"Hmm okay…."

"Mother I need your assistance to reinforce the barrier around the dark dragon" Kureha finally finished approaching the head maiden.

"Yes it is time to reinforce it."

"Reinforce the barrier….?" asked the confused Naruto.

"The barrier that protects the dark dragon blade from getting stolen must be kept strong. It is recommended that it gets reinforce once a week. You are welcome to join us if you're interested Naruto-san."

"I don't mind if you don't."

The whiskered blond followed the two shrine maiden to another room. It was bigger than the previous where they held their prayers on the front stood an altar. His cerulean eyes were on the item on the altar hanging from two wooden pincers the large sword with many sharp edges and the golden handle that that resembles the head of a demon he has been told about. One of the relics of the Hayabusa clan the dark dragon blade it was the first time he was laying eyes on it. He was told by Joe that the sword was evil and destined to remain locked and protected by the shrine maidens an evil power meant to never be used. Both shrine maiden got closer to the large blade while Monohime allowed the blond to walk closer too they didn't mind if he got a closer look at the evil blade.

"This is it?" asked the blond.

"The Dark Dragon blade legends say that it was carved out of the bones of a black dragon. It brought plague and death to the world during the age of ancient myth it has been sealed by those of the dragon lineage since the dawn of history because of its capacity for evil, made possible by the souls of the vanquished Black Dragons that dwell within it. It is said that if the Blade's seal were to be broken, it would gather the hatred and evil of mankind and comfort it upon the one who wields it transforming the wielder into the Devil incarnate" Kureha explained.

"However, not even those of the dragon lineage who protected it knew the extent of its power. Or us for the matter" followed Monohime.

"That is why this sword must remain untouched by anyone whether the person has evil in his heart or not. This is one power never meant to be use" replied the young shrine maiden.

"If it ever falls into the wrong hands it would mean a catastrophe for the entire world. It is our duty to keep the Dark Dragon sealed and protected. Kureha my child let us begin the process of restoring the barrier to its original state. It will take a while so bear with me."

"I know mother you have taught me well."

Naruto knew there was no need for him to be present so he chose to leave the chamber. As he walked the halls of the shrine he spotted Genjiro entering walking up to him. His expression was so serious it brought chills to his spine it was a sign that whatever it was, it was nothing good. Maybe this was the reason why he felt the same bad feeling again, or as he believes it was karma acting up. He was ready to face any kind of news as long as it wasn't that the others who left the village days ago we're in any kind of serious danger. But this wasn't the time to panic remembering his status he was in charge while Ryu and Joe were away from the village. He needed to be calm and serious without doubting his abilities from his hard training. Whatever the older shinobi was going to tell him he will face it head on without looking back.

"What is it Genjiro-san?"

"We have an urgent situation" his tone was enough to tell the blond shinobi something was really wrong.

"Our scouts have spotted a large army heading to the village. They're all in attack formation no doubt they're planning to invade us."

"The Black Spider clan?" it was the only enemy the blond could think off.

"According to our scouts they don't look to be shinobi. They're all wearing samurai armor and there's an amount of them riding on horses. Whoever they are, they intend in invade us with a full scale attack."

"This is what my karma was warning me about" Naruto gave a mental sigh it was time to act like a leader.

"Gather the women and children into the shelters, locked the front gate and lead the groups to the front lines while Omitsu-chan will lead the archers into position. Looks like you were right about the calm before the storm."

"Sometimes I hate to be right."

"Right, I'd better get ready for battle."

(Time skip)

As the sun slowly descends upon the Hayabusa village the shinobi have prepared for the incoming storm. Every single one of the dragon clan has geared and has stationed at the front gates. Genjiro was present changed to his shinobi attire and Omitsu who has also changed to her rightful shinobi uniform stood in the highest point of the village with a large group of archers. They have closed the main gate while Naruto stood with another group. The whiskered blond changed to his shinobi attire which it was a combination of yellow and black the colors seems to go well with him. The blond shinobi stood tell as the one in charge he will be the one to lead and give the order to stand their ground and defend at this incoming threat. According to the last report from their scouts they were twenty kilometers northwest which meant they were about to arrive her any minute. No warning was needed to be given since they knew the mysterious army's intentions were to invade them.

For the whiskered blond this battle meant everything. It was up to him to defend their village against a hostile attack and depending of the outcome of the battle it will determine his skills as a leader, and if he's worthy of been one. Ryu put him in charge because he trusted him like Genjiro said so he will make sure the dragon shinobi doesn't regret his decision. He will show everyone he has what it takes to be a leader and he was willing to put his life at risk for the well-being of their village like every shinobi present here. Though he wished Sasuke was here at least to have more strength to their battalion they were going to need everyone if Genjiro's report was correct of the large numbers of the enemy heading their way. And so he stood like a hawk watching over its terrain, waiting for its pretty to show up before it charges in for the attack. Soon one of the scouts arrived before him giving a signal that they were coming. The blond shinobi signaled the Hayabusa forces to stand by and wait for the enemy to reveal themselves.

His ears caught up the heavy sounds of horse footsteps he knew what it meant. They were here they have finally arrived to attack their village. The blond has signaled everyone to get ready the enemy was coming and from the horse's rapid footsteps they were planning to charge in for the assault. The hostiles forces arrive a group of samurai riding horses Omitsu ordered the archers to fire as a storm of arrows has fallen on the warriors they were all killed on the spot and the shinobi with their arrows had the next arrow to fire. More samurai arrived and once more they were killed by the many arrows, another group arrived with archers firing their own arrows. Some released arrows with fire which became troublesome as some of them hit the interior of the shinobi village. Members of the clan have gotten shot by enemy arrows but they were still holding their ground their objective was clear not to let the hostiles cross the bridge that will lead to the village.

"Keep firing!" shouted the whiskered blond.

"There seems to be no end to this" Genjiro kept focused on the battle firing an arrow hitting one of the samurai on his chest.

Naruto knew what needed to be done in order to prevent these hostiles from entering their village. It was a careless move but he saw it as the only solution for their problem. From the look of things they weren't planning in backing down no matter how many of them were getting killed. The blond charged sheathing Fujin and cut down a couple of the samurai with swords he ran towards the end of the main bridge. He didn't had to worry about Ryu or Joe getting angry with him for what he was about to do, desperate times calls for desperate measures. The whiskered shinobi went into the ultimate technique stance as his sword was charging up building up a current of wind. He remembered the times he was training to master the wind sword and the amount of his chakra he needed to use to succeed the first attack of the blade. The blond final unleashed a powerful gust which it was strong enough to blow any enemies heading his way but the force was strong enough to destroy the wooden bridge. The rest of the samurais were cut to pieces by the sheer force of the wind.

"A wise choice Naruto-san" Genjiro approved of his action.

With the bridge gone the enemy was now having trouble getting across and to their destination. The dragon clan has taken the advantage but they weren't still calling for victory yet. They were still firing their arrows while more samurai were getting killed along with their archers. Naruto has done the same thing changing to his bow and arrows to join the fight. They weren't planning to rest until every enemy unit has been wiped out for good. Meanwhile the fighting was happening the samurai clad in black armor was watching everything unfold from a small hill, though he still hasn't been spotted by the Hayabusa clan. They were only concentrating in killing the hostile forces on the front lines. The samurai in black on his inside a bright azure flame he admitted to be impressed at the blond shinobi's course of action though it was futile. He and none of his forces weren't leaving until they acquire the item they were looking for. He gave the order to Masakados the large samurai in red armor to take the next step in action.

"Clever jinchurikki, but not clever enough…." Doku gave a hand sing to his forces.

Naruto spotted new people wearing similar samurai but they appeared as they have used a teleportation ninjutsu. His eyes widened as they have cast some sort of technique that created a bridge colored blue, like it was chakra. The blond stood shocked not believing they had a plan to cross over from the very beginning. In other words it was pretty much pointless to destroy the bridge if they were planning in doing this all along. A large group of samurai riding horses were the first to cross the blue colored bridge, behind them a battalion of sword fighters and archers charging for the kill. The blond shinobi acted using flying swallow and a barrage of attacks that sliced the warriors. The ally archers used their arrows to take out the hostiles on horses. There were Hayabusa shinobis that were stabbed by their spears and their bodies thrown out into the river. It was inevitable that the enemy made it inside the village but Genjiro and every shinobi of the dragon clan went for the kill no mercy in their eyes.

"Spare no one!" shouted Masakados leading the attack.

Eventually everything turned into a bloody fight where shinobis were falling everywhere, from both sides. The blood was everywhere the killing was endless, arms were cut, heads rolled and legs were cut. The dragon clan was fighting for the sake of their village and everyone living in it that was their reason to kill every member of the enemy forces. The blond regrouped with everyone and Genjiro using their swords, their shuriken and kunai helped the fight as the enemy was losing members, but sadly so did them. The whiskered blond got lost fighting so many opponents, lost in the killing with Fujin and his attire stained with their blood. Masakados stood on the front gate standing proud at his forces on his high horse he will joined the onslaught soon. Doku slowly entered standing next to the warrior clad in red armor. Behind his helmet his azure flame stared down at the casualties like it meant nothing to him, the mission was the only thing that was important to him.

"Doku-sama, now's your chance to infiltrate the village and retrieve what is rightfully ours" said the samurai in red.

"Before I leave I want this village burn to the ground."

"It shall be done Doku-sama."

The raging battle continued as more blood was shed and bodies fell. Soon archers fired their flame arrows hitting part of the houses from the village it will eventually become a fire that started spreading everywhere. Now things became very complicated for the members of the Hayabusa clan because they're only focus was the enemy, putting out the fire will be done for when the hostiles forces have been neutralize. The village will be brought down in flames and there's nothing they could do about it. It was their honor first before their own village, since it can be rebuild. The battle rages on while Doku has made his way into the depths of the area with Masakdos by his side. Naruto killed another samurai with aid from Genjiro while Omitsu took down another archer with her arrows. The blond shinobi took noticed of the two individuals who were far away he suddenly got a bad feeling since he was only staring at their backs. Another samurai riding a horse was taken down as the blond left the group and went ahead after them without saying a word to his allies.

(Scene change)

(Location: Near the Valley of Shadows)

As they were getting closer to the fortress where the leader of the shadow shinobi Murai, Sasuke's feeling was getting worse. Both he and Ayane ran fast through the paths of the forest this bad feeling angered him of course he knew something was happening and it was driving him crazy not knowing what it was. The lavender haired kunoichi gazed at him with some concern in her eyes he hasn't acted like this since the encounter with Orochimaru three years ago. It was a serious that needed looking out and the only way to make him feel better is to return to the village though she couldn't explain why she wanted him to feel better. Both shinobi stopped as their eyes widened in shock staring in the horizon. In the far distance they saw smoke there was obviously a fire somewhere in that area. They couldn't believe what they were seeing and it made sense what was that feeling warning the Uchiha over and over.

"That location…." Ayane started her voice reflected her shock.

"It can't be…." the Uchiha followed with the same tone of shock.

They ran at high speed now there was concern and panic in their eyes. This was really happening the Hayabusa village was under attack. Both shinobi thought of going there and help in any way they can. Sasuke saw that they were passing through the valley at the top of the hills stood the shinobi fortress the hideout of the shadow shinobi. He hasn't forgotten they were a small clan that we're allies of the Hayabusa clan. In this time of need maybe they will be of help he turned to the lavender haired kunoichi who seemed to have forgotten where they were.

"Go tell Murai, I'll head for the village!"

The Haji Mon kunoichi only gave a nod finally remembering their current location and jumped the hills heading to the fortress. As Sasuke opened the double door that heads out of the valley his thoughts were only on his village and everyone in it. Ryu, Naruto were the first to pop in his mind he was worried even if he knew they can take of themselves in a situation like this one, he already knew his adoptive father was away on a training journey that was the only reason why he didn't thought of Joe. He ran fast without holding back as anger was welling up in him whoever was responsible for the attack was going to pay dearly with his life. There wasn't going to be any mercy only ruthless death to his enemies or he will burn them to ashes with Kagutsuchi.

(Scene change)

(Location: Inner Sanctum shinobi fortress)

Ryu stood seated in Indian style position along with Murai leader of the shadow shinobi. The dragon shinobi has decided to paid him a visit but not without proving his worth to the clan leader first. They have engaged in fierce combat to show he was indeed a descendant of the dragon lineage. He has learned the shadow shinobi honored strength above everything else and in order to have audience with the clan leader he has to show it. After a long fight the Hayabusa finally showed his worth before the shinobi leader, they gave a bow before settling down. The man with long silver hair has noticed the sword next to the dragon shinobi and he recognized it anywhere. The sword that it was the symbol of the dragon clan passed down by the descendants of the dragon lineage, only the heir of the Hayabusa clan can wield it.

"The Dragon sword, so your father has decided to give it to you?"

"He has entrusted it with me while he continues his training in the forest. He never seen to be satisfy with the strength he possess" Ryu took a hold of the katana.

"Someday you will understand the pursuit of power, perhaps you can start with your training here. And what of its sister blade the Dark Dragon has he entrusted it to you as well?"

"….." the dragon shinobi stood in thought before speaking again.

"It remains in the village under the protection of my clan. They will make sure its left untouched, its dark power sealed."

"It's a shame such a sword must remain untouched. Such power unused, alas I'm not of the dragon lineage so the sword is not of my concern."


Both shinobi felt a presence getting closer to them they reacted as the door of the room opened rapidly.

"Murai-sama the Hayabusa village-"Ayane stood in shock spotting the dragon shinobi getting up his eyes on her.


"…." Murai gazed over from his window and he could see the smoke in the far distance, the location was definitely coming from the dragon clan's home.

"You better go now. Your clan needs you."

(Scene change)

(Location: Dragon shrine Hayabusa village)

Monohime and Kureha were still performing the technique to reinforce the barrier around the Dark Dragon blade. But they were aware of the constant they were in as they could hear the battle cries coming from outside. Their village was under attack and they were caught in the middle of the conflict especially when the enemy might try to enter here and steal any of the relics from the dragon clan under their watch. The head shrine maiden turned to gazed at her daughter there was fear in her eyes since this was the first time the village has been under attack after a long time. But she was still keeping focus in finishing up with the barrier not letting her fear overcome her. They still needed more time and it was hard to continue with the conflict going on, the head maiden only hope the Hayabusa forces have kept the enemy from entering the village. Once they were done here she will perform a barrier around the shrine to prevent hostiles from entering if there was enough time to finish with the protective technique on the evil blade.

"We're almost there Kureha be strong. Don't be afraid everyone is fighting really hard."

"I know mother. Naruto-kun and everyone are making sure we're all safe."

"Monohime-san, Kureha-san!" a clan shinobi stood at the doorway.

"I'm here to stand and watch over both of you."

"Thank you we only need a couple of minutes to finish reinforcing the barrier."


Both shrine maiden turned to see the shinobi has been sliced in half. They gasped from all the blood, but they were shocked staring at the person who killed him. The samurai in black armor holding a wicked looking katana both noticed behind his mask nothing but an azure flame he was definitely not human. Monohime couldn't take it anymore she interrupted the technique as she got in front of her daughter protecting her from the incoming harm. Kureha gasped but didn't wanted any harm on her mother, the head shrine maiden kept her behind her not showing any fear to the samurai clad in black. Tears were falling from the young maiden not wanting anything to happen to her or her mother, and yet all she could do was stay behind her while their lives were in grave danger. The azure flame being took a few steps getting closer to the two while they stood on the spot, his katana stained with blood looking like it wanted to release more.

"Hand over the Dark Dragon."

"This sword was meant to never be used by anyone. Its dark power is to remain untouched by humanity" said Monohime.

"My master wants its power. You will not stand in my way" he walked over with sword in hand.


"Shhh it's all right I'm not letting him harm you."

"I will take the sword and your lives as well."

The head shrine maiden glared as she was holding a purple colored jewel in a strange looking shape. It was glowing as she cast a technique releasing a blast that hit the samurai in black.

"Kureha run!"

"I'm not leaving you!"

"Do as I say! Go to the shelters and wait with everyone."

"A futile effort" the samurai raise up looking unharmed.

"No" the young maiden stood in horror as the samurai raised his sword ready to strike her.


(Scene change)

Naruto has followed the samurai in red armor further into the village. Not that he was surprised the samurai has lured him into a trap and obvious ambush. Groups of samurai riding horses arrived using their spears while others firing arrows. The whiskered blond fired his arrows focusing on the archers first all of his shots were right on hitting them. For the ones with spears he blocked their attacks with Fujin knowing they can use the long weapons to grab him and throw him like a rag doll. He stroked them down using the flying swallow technique cutting them off from the horses. More samurai arrived and they were taken out the blond has switched once more to his arrows all the training he did under Omitsu and Ryu has made a big difference in his aiming, which it wasn't considered the best back then. The fire has spread over the village and the houses and other places were burning, the blond shinobi fixed his gaze over to the last enemy standing.

His cerulean eye glared down at the samurai in red armor a lot of anger was shown. This was the person who led the attack to the village he was responsible for the state it was in. He was responsible for the many casualties that were up now from the dragon clan, and counting. There wasn't going to be mercy for this man the blond gripped the hilt of his katana and showed the determination to defeat him. He was going to kill him for everything he did no one gets away with hurting his clan members and destroying his village. Using arrows will be wise against an enemy on a horse but this one seemed to be tougher than the regular samurai he killed. He unsheathed Fujin once more planning to slain him with his main weapon he has seen the way he rides. The samurai in red was fast for someone looking like he was heavy meaning stronger attacks will be the key to bring him down. The whiskered blond prepared to unleash an attack while the samurai stood in his place holding his long spear.

"You're stronger than you look. Then again, you are a jinchurikki it is to be expected."

"Shut up. You're going to pay for attacking my village bastard!" the whiskered blond growled his eyes have changed color to a crimson blood.

"This must be the first time you see so many of your clan dead. This will always follow those who walked the path of the shinobi. Some will live, some will die, either way they are destine to continue facing life and death. It's a never ending circle-"

"Shut up don't give me lectures, I'm going to kill you!"

"Prove it then" Masakados gave a grin behind his red helmet.

Before Naruto ten samurai appeared equipped with sai the ones further from the blond fired a ball of energy at him. The whiskered shinobi used reversed to dodged them and countered with kunai hitting their mark the blond blocked their sai attacks with his sword countering every one of their moves. He cut their arms and legs finishing them without a thought the ones who got lucky were the ones who teleported away. He didn't waste time going to perform the ultimate technique Fujin was gathering wind wanting to use the first level attack of his sword. It was unfortunate that the samurai teleported back in front of the Uzumaki allowing to used his gust stream on them they were blown away along with been torn to pieces from the strong pressure of the wind. The blood was everywhere before he turned that the samurai in red was gone, he gasped dodging a spear attack from said samurai. He threw his kunai and he blocked them with his long weapon riding his horse he charged again at the blond. The whiskered jinchurikki leap back taking his distance from the samurai but he was still glaring at him with his blood red eyes.

"A sneak attack, I'm not surprise."

"I admit that you're quite strong but I will make sure to stop you with my next attack."

"I'm right here" the blond stood in attack position holding his sword.

"Hmm...Doku-sama hasn't given me the order to capture the jinhcurikki in accordance with the deal we made with the Black Spider clan. That means I can kill him, figures he wasn't planning in fulfill his end of the bargain from the start" he gave a slight chuckle.

"Time to die jinchurikki."

"You first…."

Masakados charged his horse speeding up he was still grinning. He performed a speed trust with his spear but he was shocked, the blond has disappeared. His eyes widened in a moment whiskered shinobi appeared before him and performed a quick attack with his sword. The horse speed away from the blond before he realized he has received a deep cut on his chest he eventually lost his balance falling off. As the samurai in red armor hit the ground Naruto appeared holding a blue sphere of spinning chakra on his left hand. The blond was still glaring at him with the same red bloody eyes he showed no mercy smashing the rasengan he learned from Jiraiya into his face. It was so powerful it destroyed his helmet and the force blow him hitting a wall from a stone wall. The blond shinobi walked over to the fallen samurai noticing his face was completely twisted from the attack it was covered in blood. It was time to deliver the final blow or maybe it wasn't necessary since he looked like he didn't have much time.

"You've underestimated me…."

"It doesn't matter if you have defeated me, you're too late" a grin formed on his bloody twisted face.


"By now my master has taken the Dark Dragon blade…."

"The Dark Dragon" the blond stood shock his eyes widened.

"No Monohimene-chan and Kureha-chan!"

"Hahaha…The Vigor Empire shall unleash the power of the Dark Dragon bringing the true meaning of terror over the world…." Masakados finally went limp he was dead.

"I have to hurry to the shrine. But the fire" he made hand seals performing the summoning jutsu.

As the smoke vanished a five foot yellow toad wearing a blue jacket stood in place.

"Oh Naruto, how're you doing?" said the young looking toad.

"You've grown Gamatatsu but we don't have time to waste. I need you to go help everyone with the fire engulfing the village hurry up!"

"Right!" the toad jumped away heading to the area where the fire was stronger.

"Kureha-chan and Monohimene-chan please be safe."

(Scene change)

Sasuke used his agility to cross over the destroyed bridge that leads to the village. His onyx eyes widened staring down at his home wrapped in flames. Anger swell within him if he finds any of the ones responsible for this he will make them pay dearly. He spotted Hayabusa shinobi along with Genjiro, Omitsu, Sanji holding many buckets of water in order to put out the fire. Many dragon shinobi were obviously gathering the water from the river that surrounds the village. The Uchiha didn't waste time aiding everyone he grabbed some buckets and gathered water even if the fire was too great to be put out with just a bucket. He wondered the whereabouts of Naruto he should be here helping the clan it made him think that maybe there were still enemy forces present and he was engaging them in combat. If that was true he couldn't let him face them on his own his thoughts were interrupted when he spotted a yellow toad releasing large amounts of water from his mouth.

"Looks like Naruto is helping after all" he knew the blond was the one who summoned the toad.

Ayane and Ryu arrived shortly and there was no time to say a word. The dragon shinobi has went ahead to find any survivor and Naruto while the lavender kunoichi joined up with everyone with helping putting out the fire. They were making some progress thanks to Gamatatsu and his water surge technique it won't be long that they will succeed in extinguishing the flames. Suddenly the Haji Mon kunoichi has stopped her actions glaring at a particular spot she has lowered her bucket taking a kunai. Sasuke noticed her expression immediately he could tell something was up her anger was enough to tell him that there were still enemy forces in the village. He will gladly kill the ones who attacked his home no matter how many of them are. He prepared his shuriken and Kagutsuchi ready to take them on he had plenty of hatred to kill an army of enemies.

"Where are they?"

"Over there!" she threw her kunai at a corner and emerged one of the samurai with a sword.

The Uchiha charged so fast stabbing his sword on the samurai's left shoulder. He cried out as he was met the glaring eyes of the sharingan. He pressed the sword on his wound making his cried louder from the pain. Ayane got next to him glaring at the enemy she made sure that there weren't any more hostile forces in the area once it was clear she turned attention to the wounded samurai. The raven haired shinobi saw an opportunity to get information on the enemy before he kills him.

"Who sent you?" his tone was very cold.

"Kill me, I will never talk…."

"I can arrange that" he activated a genjutsu hypnotizing the samurai.

"I'll ask again. Who sent you?"


"Doku….?"Ayane was a bit surprised since she heard the name before.

"Why did you attack this village?"

"The Dark Dragon…."

Sasuke's eyes widened while the lavender kunoichi next to him was shocked. The Uchiha killed the samurai while getting up he was frantic now he knew where to go or where Naruto was. If there were still more enemy forces they were probably in the place where the evil sword was located.

"They're after the Dark Dragon blade. Stay here and put the fire out with everyone. I'll head to the shrine."

"…" the Haji Mon kunoichi only gave a nod while in deep thought about the mentioned of Doku.

(Scene change)

As Naruto arrived at the dragon shrine he gasped that the entire place was in flames. He growled killing the samurai present they were starting to get annoyed since he was so worried for the head maiden Monohime and her daughter Kureha. Ever since he found out from Masakados that they were after the Dark Dragon blade he was only thinking about the well-being of both because they were guarding the relic at the shrine. His cerulean eyes widened once he took down the last samurai his eyes were on the front of the shrine. Kureha has been attacked and she has fallen to the ground, her Shinto attire was covered in blood. The one responsible for attacking her was a samurai clad in black armor behind his helmet was an azure flame, and he was holding the Dark Dragon. The whiskered blond stood in pure utter shock watching the young maiden looking like she was dead, until she gazed over at him looking in so much pain.

"Kureha-chan…." He whiskered shinobi still looked in shock.

"N-Naruto-kun…." she finally closed her eyes as the blond feared the worst.

"She hardly put up a fight on the contrary to her mother" spoke the samurai in black.

"….." the blond shinobi was shaking his fist in anger.

"Monohimene-chan too…."

"The jinchurikki if you're here then it means you defeated Masakados. You have arrived right on time" he left the shrine entrance meeting up with the blond.

"I'm supposed to capture you as part of fulfilling a deal however I'm not good at keeping my promises. I will not miss the chance to test the power of the Dark Dragon against a jinhcurikki."

"Monohimene-chan, Kureha-chan…."

"What are you mumbling about?"

"Monohimene-chan, Kureha-chan" red chakra started pouring all over Naruto's body.

"…." Doku has suddenly taken a step back.

"You…." The blond glared at him with his crimson eyes and sharp fangs.

"What is this?" thought the samurai in black armor without a hint of fear.

"You fucking bastard!"

(Scene change)

The Kyuubi stood inside his golden cage while he was wrapped in heavy looking chains that it was representing the seal Monohime placed on the blond when he was younger. As soon as the fox felt the powerful hatred from his container he growled in anger releasing his chakra crossing over the cage. He didn't have a choice but to obey because of the second seal placed by the head shrine maiden. But it didn't mean he has to like it.

(Scene change)

"Grrrraaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Naruto's body was engulfed in the red chakra taking the form of the fox along with one tail on his back.

"Such power…."

"I'll fucking kill you! I will never forgive you!" his voiced sounded so feral filled with so much hatred.

The blond charged at a fast speed unsheathing his sword Doku managed to block the attack but the force sent him flying back to the burned shrine. He didn't gave the samurai the chance to get as he lunge for the kill and used his free hand which it had sharp claws and lay a scratch on his armor. He unleashed another attack with Fujin, but this time the azure flame samurai blocked it with the Dark Dragon. The samurai performed dozens of flurry attacks with the cursed sword but the whiskered shinobi has proven he wasn't going to be beaten so easily. Naruto was so angry glaring at Kureha and Monohime's murderer his anger was still burning with his free hand he has formed a purple colored rasengan. The blond aimed the purple chakra spiraling sphere at the black samurai but he was quick blocking the sphere with the dark blade. The force was so strong but the samurai stood his ground this time now he knew what kind of opponent he was facing.

"So this is the power of a jinchurikki…Impressive."

Doku understood why the Black Spider clan was after him that they will choose between him over the Dark Dragon blade. It's like the jinchurikki was more powerful than the dark sword itself but it didn't mattered to him his master wanted the sword and he will bring it to him no matter what. However it didn't changed his opinion about not fulfilling his end of the bargain with the spider clan they couldn't get their hands on something so powerful like a demon container. With the whiskered blond they might become so powerful that they might try to destroy the Vigor Empire and that was something the samurai in black couldn't let that happen. The samurai used all of his strength as he charged at the jinchurikki filled with red chakra he blocked his dozens of attacks before plunging the cursed sword straight at him. Naruto was so focused on the fight that he didn't saw when he was wounded his red eyes widened realizing the azure flame samurai has stabbed the Dark Dragon on his chest.

"Ugh...No" the red chakra has suddenly left his body as the samurai removed the sword from him.

"It is over jinchurikki."

"I…." Naruto hit the ground but he was still breathing he could feel the chakra of the nine tails healing his wound but such injury will take time to heal completely.

Doku heard a scream of anger as he saw another shinobi charging at him with sword in hand. The blond smiled seeing Ryu arriving he was fighting the samurai in black armor with everything he had. Using the Dragon sword he attacked the samurai endlessly while he dodged when he needed to. But no matter how bravely the dragon shinobi was fighting the blond could see that even his adoptive older brother and heir to the dragon clan was no match for the azure flame being. He growled he couldn't get up the wound was too much and the red chakra will take a while to heal it, he won't be able to assist the older Hayabusa. No matter how quick he was the samurai in black seems to be faster Ryu has used all of his sword techniques and he still looked like he didn't had the advantage. The azure flame being wasn't even giving him time to use the ultimate technique because he was attacking the dragon shinobi without stopping.

His cerulean eyes widened as the worst has happened the samurai has attacked Ryu giving the dragon shinobi a fatal wound. The one shinobi he thought it was invincible and couldn't be defeated seems to have actually been beaten in combat. He tried once more to get up but it was futile and just like that the fight was over. The samurai in black armor left shortly after he defeated both shinobi while Naruto was growling and cursing at himself for not been able to stop him and avenging Monohime and Kureha's deaths. He felt so useless but since he was still losing too much blood the blond eventually fell unconscious. While the fire was still burning the dragon shrine a falcon flew getting on a tree branch it was watching the fire and its eyes gazed at the two fallen shinobi. It stood there for a minute before it flew away. By the time Sasuke arrived at the scene it was too late he was shock to see both of his brothers have been beaten lying on the ground looking like they were dead.

(Scene change)

The shinobi from the Black Spider clan returned and gave his full report to the hooded woman. She listened to every single word and the more she heard from it, the angrier she got. She found out that Doku engaged the jinchurikki in combat and that he obviously had the advantage in the fight. She growled punching a nearby tree they were too far from the Hayabusa village to be seen by one of their scouts but she didn't took these news well. Their job could've been made so easy thanks to the lord the greater fiends but no it has to be done the hard way. Of course things can't go according to plan like she has learned today. If the samurai in black armor were right in front of her she will give him a piece of her mind for been such a liar and a bastard. The one thing she hated the most is that they let him go taking the Dark Dragon when that was originally their goal to take in the first place.

"Curse that Doku! Who the hell does he think he is not fulfilling his end of our bargain!?" she growled again losing her patience.

"He had him he had that blasted jinchurikki right where he wanted. All he needed to do is grab him, but no he has to leave him there. I should've never trusted him, if there's one thing I hate are liars."

"Arachnia-sama please calm down" replied the spider shinobi.

"Don't give me orders!" she glared at him.

"It wasn't an order. I just think you should calm down and think things thoroughly."

"Hmm…Yes you're right looks like the plan of doing business with the Vigor Empire failed miserably. It's all right I will think of something eventually. It seems the responsibility of capturing that jinchurikki has always been in our hands" she gave a grin under her hood as she vanished with the shinobi following her.

"Just you wait jinchurikki, your days are numbered…."

(Time skip: the next day)

Slowly Naruto opened his eyes and realized he was lying on a futon of his room. Gazing to the window he noticed that it was morning already his eyes widened remembering what happened last night. The attack on the village, his fight against Masakados, his encounter and defeat at the hands of the samurai in black armo. His cerulean eyes softened remembering Kureha's death as well as her mother, and then he remembered Ryu was also beaten by the samurai who stole the Dark Dragon blade. The harsh truth emerged he has failed to protect the village from the enemy, he failed as a leader. He knew his father Joe will be so disappointed in him for his failure. When he returns from this training trip he will face him and tell him exactly what happened. The blond jinchurikki snapped to reality realizing he wasn't alone in his room Sasuke, Ayane, Genjiro, Omitsu and Sanji were present. He had no idea how long they've been standing there but they all looked like they were relief he was awake.

"How're you feeling Naruto-san?" Omitsu was the first to ask.

"Terrible" was his only reply.

"You're telling me. Almost the entire village was burned down. At least the wound you received has been healed" Sasuke didn't sound happy in the least.

"The nine tails must have healed it. If it wasn't for it Naruto wouldn't have survive."

"How's everything going Genjiro-san?" the blond gave a soft sigh.

"Not everything is in a bad state. We managed to put out the fire, all thanks to your summon who was a big help. We already started the rebuilding process."

"That's good to know" the Uzumaki made a long pause.

"What about Kureha-chan and Monohimene-chan?"

"…." no one gave a response while Sanji has lowered his head.

"As I thought" the blond whispered not believing they were both gone.

"Besides them Genjiro-san, any other casualties….?"

"I'm afraid there's quite a number of our shinobi who have been killed in action. I apologize for been the bringer of sad news."

"That's all right this was a tough battle. These people who attacked were no amateurs, they've put up a good fight" Naruto thought about the samurai in black armor.

"Wait…Is Ryu all right?" the whiskered shinobi panicked a little remembering the azure flame being has defeated him.

"Ryu-sama is well. His wounds have healed and he already left to discuss a few things with Murai-sama" replied Omitsu.

"Naruto we should talk about the enemy" Sasuke started getting to a new topic.

"The Dark Dragon blade has been stolen. They invaders took it that was the only reason for their attack on the village…."

"Yeah I'd figured" once more the blond thought about the samurai clad in black armor.

"The samurai I got the information from has also told me the army was been led by someone named Doku"."

"Doku, then it must be him the one who killed Kureha-chan and Monohimene-chan…."

"I fought and beat his second in command. Before he died he said something about the Vigor Empire."

"Vigor Empire…It sounds familiar" Ayane thought out loud.

"You know something about it?" asked the Uchiha.

"I heard a few things but I believe Murai-sama will know more about the empire. He will definitely fill Ryu-sama in what he knows."

"This Vigor Empire seems to be interested in the power of the Dark Dragon. Which is nothing good I believe" said Genjiro.

Suddenly Sanji started sobbing obviously he was devastated that everything that happened to the village, and obviously the death of Kureha and Monohime. Omitsu took the boy out of the room to get some fresh and try to cheer him up, that was something Naruto couldn't do at the moment. He was also in the same mood, depressed, disappointed and angry with himself. He needed some space to think about things but one thing was certain, he wasn't going to let things stay like this. The Vigor Empire needed to pay for what they did. They also took a very dangerous weapon which it was truly evil either way they needed to be stop.

"Ryu is leaving for the Vigor Empire. Ayane and I are going to aid him" said the Uchiha.

"I knew you were going to say that. I'm gearing up and coming too, no way I'm staying behind. But first I will pay my respects to everyone."

"We'll go ahead."

Genjiro left the room while the two shinobi were about to do the same.

"Ayane?" called the whiskered blond getting the kunoichi's attention.

"Look after Sasuke would you?" he smiled.

"Hmph…I don't need permission from you for that" her tone wasn't rude yet it wasn't kind either.

"I don't need someone looking after me."

"Let's go we have to leave before Ryu-sama does" the Haji Mon kunoichi ignored his comment.

(Time skip)

(Location: Graveyard Hayabusa village)

Naruto was back in his shinobi attire he was knelt before the graves of Kureha and Monohime. Around both graves stood the fallen shinobi of the dragon clan that fell during Doku's attack. So many lives that perished because they were trying to protect the village now he prayed that their souls have marched to the other side where they can get eternal rest but he knew that wasn't going to be. They won't be able to rest peaceful until they have been avenged for their deaths only by killing the one responsible. He remembered his fight against Doku he wasn't human his strength was truly something to fear not to mention he was able to fight when he was using the nine tails chakra. The blond jinchurikki made a prayer to everyone including Kureha and Monohime it was the only thing he could do at the moment. There was also blame himself for failing in protecting everyone the village got attacked and almost burned completely. He suddenly felt a presence as he got up to see Ryu who changed into his black falcon attire.

"I thought you were leaving for Vigor."

"I am. I decided to come here to retrieve a couple of things including speaking with you."

"Listen Ryu I'm sorry, I wasn't strong enough to prevent the village from getting des-"

"The village is been rebuild and everyone is helping. Genjiro told me of your performance during the attack, there is nothing to be ashamed of. You acted like a true leader it was expected that there were going to be casualties."

"But Kureha-chan and Monohimene-chan are gone. I wish there was something I could've done, if I only I arrived on time then maybe they would still be alive."

"Death will always follow those who walk the path of the shinobi it is inevitable. Monohime and Kureha knew of the great danger they were facing and expected to risk their lives for the protection of the relics that were guarded by the ancestors of the dragon lineage."

"I'm going to help with the reconstruction of the village. After that I'm coming with you to Vigor."

"Aside from paying my respects to my clansmen, there's another reason why I need to speak with you."

"What is it?"

"I need you to stay here because Momiji hasn't return from her errand. I need a favor from you that you will tell her the fate that has fallen to her mother and sister."

"What? Y-you want me to tell her that they're dead…That will be so hard I don't think I'll be able to go through with it."

"More importantly I need you to train her."

"Train her. You want me to teach her to fight?"

"In order for Momiji to not share the same fate as her family she must be train in combat. Can I trust you to do this?"

"I…Yeah you can count on me. I'll help her get strong."

"Thank you."

"Hey Ryu…That samurai the one who took the Dark Dragon was really strong."

"Doku indeed. Murai told me he's the lord of the Greater Fiends from the Vigor Empire. I guess it's to be expected of his inhuman strength."

"Make sure you give the Vigor Empire and Doku what's coming to them" he smiled before leaving when he stopped.



"When I'm done with Momiji-chan's training I'll be joining you in Vigor. You can count on it."

The dragon shinobi gave a nod as he knelt before the graves and started giving a silent prayer to his clansmen brothers.

"You two can count on it too" Naruto gazed over Kureha and Monohime's graves as he left.

To be continued

There first chapter of the first arc is now officially done. I can give a small spoiler that Orochimaru will be appearing in this arc, as well as Kabuto and the sound five I haven't forgotten about them lol. There will be more characters from the Narutoverse appearing on this arc too but that will be all, don't want to give too many spoilers I leave you guys guessing its better that way. As always thank you very much for all the reviews showing your support with marking the story to favorites and follows I will see you all next time farewell!

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