Author's Note: Okay so, this is a completely AU borderline CrackFic story and I'm not even going to pretend that I know where it's going or that it even has a plot. I let my Imagination off its leash for this one and it's currently running wild through my mind; I couldn't catch it even if I wanted to, it's very poorly trained and doesn't listen to me at all.
Story title courtesy of Iiae, who is also helping to fuel my Imagination, so this story is her fault too.

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Veronica's Zombie Defense Army

Chapter I

Emilie Autumn and Veronica Varlow sat on the tiled edge of the swimming pool with their bare feet dangling in the cool water. The pair were soaking up the last remaining rays of sunlight while Captain Maggie Maggots repeatedly cannon-balled into the deep end, splashing them with water. The girls had finished a summer European tour a week ago and spent the time off relaxing at a secluded cabin in the woods of New York.

"I don't want to go back to civilization tomorrow," Emilie groaned, her face tilted back towards the fading sun.

"Me neither," Veronica agreed, slipping into the pool. She swam up behind Maggie and playfully dunked her head under the water. The petite redhead quickly returned the gesture and the two women took turns dunking each other for a good five minutes before stopping to catch their breath.

"If you two children are done playing, we should probably go get dinner started," Emilie teased her friends but secretly loved to see them enjoying themselves.

"I'll race ya to the kitchen," Maggie locked eyes with Veronica.

"You're on!"

The two women quickly swam to the edge of the pool, boosted themselves out, and ran off towards the cabin.

"Don't run!" Emilie yelled, hurrying after them. "I'm not patching up your scraped knees when you fall!"

The sun had set and the full moon shone brightly through the open bedroom window, its light spilled across Emilie as she laid comfortably snuggled between Veronica and Maggie in the king sized bed.

"My knee hurts," Veronica muttered sadly.

"I told you not to run," Emilie chastised.

Maggie giggled, "You beefed it so hard!"

"Shut up, Mags!" Veronica reached across Emilie to playfully hit the redhead on the arm.

"We are not starting this again," Emilie pinned Veronica's left arm and Maggie's right arm to her side to keep the pair from swatting at each other. "Now go to sleep."

The girls fell silent for a few moments before Emilie felt one of Veronica's long legs move across her own to nudge Maggie. "It's never fucking ending," Emilie muttered in defeat as her friends began to play footsie with one another. She released their arms and tangled her feet up with her friends'. The game of footsie quickly escalated into a pillow fight which ended just as quickly as it began when Veronica's misguided pillow broke the bedside lamp.

"Oops," Veronica muttered before burying herself under the covers and, making loud fake snoring noises, pretended to be asleep to avoid the glare she was getting from Emilie.

The blonde singer rose early the next morning and padded softly to the kitchen to make a pot of tea. Emilie climbed onto the countertop and reached into the highest cabinet to retrieve the cell phones they had hidden there to ensure that they would not be tempted to use them. She turned on her cell phone for the first time in a week while waiting for the tea to finish steeping. The screen of her phone quickly became filled with emergency alerts; phrases like End of the world and Zombie Apocalypse stood out in bold face type. "The fuck...?"

Emilie rushed to the bedroom in the back of the cabin and shook her friends awake. Veronica groaned, pushing the blonde's hand away, "Too early, Emmie," she mumbled into Maggie's hair.

"Veronica, wake up, something's wrong."

Maggie untangled herself from Veronica and sat up pulling the other woman up with her, "What's going on?"

Emilie held her phone out in front of the girls.

"Zombie Apocalypse," Veronica read in a groggy voice. "Someone's playing a joke on you, Girl."

"I don't think so, V," Maggie skimmed through the alerts. "These are all from legit news sources."

"Well damn."

"So what are we going to do?" Maggie asked looking up at Emilie.

"I don't know, Mags..."

Veronica took her own phone from Emilie's other hand and turned it on, "I don't have any service."

"I don't either," Maggie confirmed.

"911 isn't even working," Emilie threw her phone at the bed in frustration.

"I say that we pack up some things and try to find someone who knows what the hell is going on," Veronica suggested.

Maggie and Emilie nodded their heads in agreement.