Author's Note: The first two additional characters join in in this chapter.

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Veronica's Zombie Defense Army

Chapter II

A bright purple Ford Ranger came speeding down the winding mountain road. Behind the wheel was a brunette in her early twenties, and riding shotgun with her feet hanging out the window was a redhead a few years younger than her companion.

"I really wish that you wouldn't drive so fast," the redhead commented as the wind stung her bare feet.

"And I really wish that you would put some pants on," the brunette retorted glancing down at her friend's black glittery panties.

The younger woman scoffed, "You love it! Besides, it's too hot for pants."

The driver rolled her eyes.

"Speaking of zombies, there's some now," the pantsless passenger pulled her feet into the truck and pointed at the three figures walking down the center of the road.

"They don't walk like zombies...and one of them is pushing a wheelbarrow," the driver squinted, trying to get a better look.

"Best to hit 'em anyway."

"I'm not going to mow down a bunch of innocent people!"

"Fine, pull over and I'll do it," the redhead reached for the steering-wheel.

"Get your paws off the wheel!" the older woman smacked her friend's hand away. She slowed the truck down to a crawl as they came upon the figures in the road. "No way, is that-"

"VV!" the redhead screamed, leaping out of the slow moving vehicle to tackle the raven haired woman standing a few feet away.

"Iiae?" Veronica widened her eyes in surprise before the smaller woman slammed into her with enough force to make her stagger back a few steps.

"Fucking nutter," the driver muttered, pulling up along side the group of girls before shifting the truck into Park and switching off the engine.

"I can't believe it's really you!" Iiae screeched, still holding Veronica in a tight embrace which she gratefully returned.

"I can't believe it's you either!...Why aren't you wearing pants?" Veronica pulled back to get a better look at the girl's glittery black panties.

"Check out the back," the brunette suggested with a smirk.

"Kristi!" Veronica gasped and waved at the other girl before spinning Iiae around to look at the back of her panties. Fuck Off was written in big bold glittery letters across the redhead's cheeks. "Classy."

Veronica bounced over to Kristi and pulled her into a hug, "I've missed you, Girl!"

Kristi squeezed the taller woman tightly, happy to see a familiar face, "I missed you, too."

"Ahem," Emilie cleared her throat loudly. "Are you going to introduce us to your friends, VV?"

"Oh yeah," Veronica blushed, pulling away from the brunette but still keeping an arm wrapped around her shoulders. "This is Kristi, and that's Iiae; they're part of the VKA."

Kristi bared her left wrist to show off the VKA that she had tattooed there. Iiae pulled down the already low-cut neck of her black Corrupt Me tank top and displayed the VKA tattooed atop her left breast. "Awwww yeaaa," she beamed proudly.

Kristi rolled her eyes.

"Don't roll your eyes at me!" Iiae pulled Kristi away from Veronica and playfully bit down on her friend's right shoulder.

"Bitch!" Kristi hissed, punching Iiae in the arm and biting her shoulder in return.

"The members of your army are really weird," Maggie whispered to Veronica, who just nodded in agreement staring at the feuding girls before them.

"Well, as entertaining as this is," Emilie finally spoke up, "we should probably get back to the cabin before nightfall."

"Yeah, you're right," Kristi removed her teeth from Iiae's shoulder, who stopped pulling the brunette's hair in return. "Everyone hop in the truck, I'll drive." Kristi paused to stare at the blonde singer, "Hey, Emilie?"


"Why the hell are you pushing a wheelbarrow?"

Emilie heaved a heavy sigh looking down at the wheelbarrow in front of her that held some canned food and bottles of water., "Because we don't have a car. We had a car service drop us off at the cabin so that we wouldn't be temped to leave and could actually relax."

"Oooh," Kristi nodded her head in understanding, "That was a terrible idea."

"Clearly," the blonde said dryly.

Veronica pulled her's and Emilie's suitcases to the back of Kristi's truck, Maggie dragged her's along as well while Emilie pushed the wheelbarrow. Iiae lowered the tailgate. The girls gasped. The bed of the truck was stocked with shotguns, hunting rifles, a crossbow, ammo and even a katana; a few boxes of canned goods and water were buried in the far back along with Kristi and Iiae's own suitcases.

"What the fuck?" Veronica dropped the suitcases and stared wide-eyed at the stash.

"Yeaaah," Kristi placed her hands on her hips. "we've kinda been raiding the hunting cabins in the area."

"Nice," Maggie pulled out the katana and began to slash at the air.

"Who the hell goes hunting with a katana?" Emilie asked, watching Maggie jumping and slashing at nothing.

"Me!" the older redhead grinned.

"Damn right you do!" Iiae and Maggie high-fived.

Kristi moved aside the guns and loaded the girls' suitcases and canned food into the truck bed. Maggie refused to give up the sword, swatting Emilie's hand away every time she tried to take it. The blonde finally gave up and moved to enter the front of the truck.

"Shotgun!" Veronica said, beating Emilie to the passenger side door.

Since Emilie and Maggie were the two smallest, they crawled into the half-cab space behind the front seats and buckled in to the small seats that pulled down from either side of truck. Kristi got behind the wheel, while Iiae shimmied into the center seat and Veronica followed in behind her.

"Here," Kristi lifted the shotgun off the dashboard and passed it to Veronica. "If you're going to ride shotgun, you have to look the part."

Veronica blanched, "I can't take that, I can't kill anything."

"You don't actually have to kill anything," Iiae assured her. "You just have to hold it incase we need it."

Veronica shook her head quickly from side to side.

"Alright then," Iiae took the gun. "I'll hold it."

"Center shotgun, close enough," Kristi started the truck.

"Let the bodies hit the floooooooooooor!" blasted from the speakers.

Iiae quickly turned the volume down earning her a growl from Kristi, she hated it when people touched her radio.

"It's part of her Apocalypse Mix," Iiae explained to the girls.

"And my theme song!" Kristi added, banging her head to the beat and swerving to miss hitting a squirrel.

The truck sped down the empty road as Veronica directed the way to the cabin.