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Helga sat in the back of the theatre, smirking. The gang had all went to see Evil Twin III, now in 3D. The movie hasn't started yet. Beside Helga had come alone, Phoebe not being one for horror movies. Helga sighed and slowly reached into her bag of popcorn. She mercilessly flicked kernels at Stinky who sat beside Arnold. Helga smirked deviously, find a cure for her boredom. Stinky had kept scratching his head, trying to find who was hitting him with popcorn.

Arnold saw the flicker of movement coming from behind him. Curious, he turned around to find Helga grinning and flicked another puffy projectile at Stinky's head. The blonde boy stared at the girl, he felt something rip across his chest with ferocity. Arnold's brow furrowed as he turned back around in his seat. Wait, why am I so angry? I should be happy that she isn't tormenting me...It's not like I care or anything. Gerald would be telling me to be happy. With each thought, he grew unhappy and gripped the armrest of his seat. His knuckles turning white. It's not like she confessed her love to me and her torment shows that she loves me. Or the fact that she is always there when I need it. Arnold's eyes seem to widen with each thought that had surfaced.

"Arnold? Are you feeling alright?" Stinky asked concerned. Arnold just nodded, released his death grip on the chair and turned his attention back to the movie.

He glanced behind at the blonde who was still flicking popcorn at the boys in the front. Sid was the new victim, his paranoid antics sent Helga in fits of quiet laughter. Arnold grew angry again, She was HIS tormentor. Without thinking, he got up and moved to where Helga sat. Arnold swallowed that delicious look of confusion on the girl's face.

"What do you want, Arnoldo?" She harshly whispered. He rolled his eyes and in a daring move, still angry from before, he took a popcorn kernel and flicked it at Helga. She narrowed her eyes, daring him to do it again and flicked one back. Arnold rubbed his nose where the kernel had hit him. A satisfied smirked settled on her features. Arnold leaned back into his chair with a happy sigh, feeling better about everything.

Later, Helga rose her arm to flick another kernel at Sid but Arnold grabbed her hand in another daring move and whispered in her ear, "You are my tormentor. Only mine." He trailed her ear with his finger. Arnold knew his effect on her and watched amused as she dropped the kernel she was holding and her arm went limp. Oh was Arnold going to pay for this later and boy, did he know it. Realizing what he done, he felt horrible. What had I done? What had come over me? I had just used someone's weakness for what? Anger...? Arnold sighed. No, Jealousy my man. Gerald's voice filled his head. Arnold inwardly chuckled and shrugged that thought off. Yeah right. Jealous of my friends who had Helga's attention? No way. Being Arnold, he quickly apologized. "Sorry Helga. I don't know what came over me."

Helga just nodded but punched him in the arm. "Don't do it again bucko or you will face Old Betsy and the Five Avengers." Arnold nodded, hoping to move on.

"So should we say that it was in the heat of the moment?" Arnold almost cringed when those words came out of his mouth. Did he have a death wish or something? He hadn't meant to say that. In his defense the whole FTi thing had been on his mind for months now. He noticed gestures and glimpses from the girl who he thought had hated him with her whole heart but it was in fact the opposite.

Her eyes widened but she kept her composure. "Sure, whatever." What had gotten into my beloved? The last time he behaved so forward was at the...April Fool's Dance when Arnold had found out that I had so cleverly pranked him. So...I hadn't done anything to him, not even flick kernels his way. I can't win with him. And what is up with the whole 'You are my tormentor' thing. What Helga didn't realize is that she was involuntarily staring at Arnold as she tried to figure him out.

Arnold on the other hand was already staring, trying to figure her out and when their gazes met, both jumped in surprise but turned back to the movie with sighs.

Arnold occasionally snuck a glance at Helga every now and then, he smirked. I need to be daring more often. He grabbed her hand and leaned further into the seat, ignoring the strange reaction from Helga as his skin touched hers. He really was a bold kid.

I must really be out of it. Maybe it's that raspberry pie Grandma had made...

Helga was confused. What could possibly be running through his head? I guess it's okay, nobody can see us and we are in the back. So I guess I should enjoy this...while it lasts. Smirking, she grabbed a handful of popcorn and threw it in his face. Arnold glared at her. "What?" Her voice was sweetly innocent. Both were thankful for the tension breaker. Both deciding to let go whatever the heck happened back there and secretly enjoy each other's company meanwhile they leaned closer together with a hearty sigh. The movie continued without a hitch leaving the two to build that special bond of theirs.

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