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He was growing angrier by the second. Why was she the one to push his buttons? How did she she know what buttons to push? This darn devil. She blows her long blonde bangs out of her eyes. After all these years, she kept her hair in pigtails. He hated to admit that he actually admired her dedication, she was being true to herself but right now, he was angry and couldn't remember that admiration.

The two blondes had met in the library for a project that their teacher had given and smartly put them together. Luckily, they were in the corner of the library where the librarian couldn't shush them. Helga slammed her fist on the table.

"Sheesh, Arnoldo! Huckleberry Finn is a classic."

"Helga, we are supposed to argue why it shouldn't be read in schools. That's what our teacher assigned US." Arnold pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Blah, blah. blah. I don't care!"

"You are so difficult, Helga."

"Oh, thanks Football Head." She rolled her eyes. "You're a real thorn in my side too."

Arnold clenched his fists, his eyes flashing red for a second. He was furious. "Am I, Helga?" He took a daring step towards her. "What is your problem, Helga?" His voice was dangerously low for Arnold.

She nodded curtly before backing into the bookshelf, knocking some books down. To be honest, she was a little afraid of Arnold right now. Helga knew she had been pushing his limits lately, though she didn't know why. Okay she did, Arnold had been inching closer and closer since the FTi fiasco. He had been flying under her radar, she passed off his interest as friendliness because he thought he owed her or something for saving the neighbourhood years ago. "You and that stupidly shaped head of yours!" Gaining strength, she glared.

Arnold threw his hands up in frustration. He did not notice that he had backed her up in a corner. "Oh and you haven't been a walk in the park either!" He let out a hot breath before placing his hands on either side of her head, on a book shelf behind her. His head was bowed, Arnold noticed how close their feet were. Arnold's eyebrows scrunched up but no longer from anger. Huh? When did we get so close? Then he looked up into her wide blue eyes. Apparently she noticed the close proximity as well. Before he knew what was happening, he could have sworn she was leaning in and he was too. Soon enough, they got lost in the heat of the moment. Arnold pressed Helga up against the bookshelf which caused even more books to fall. It was intense and passionate but when are Helga's kisses ever gentle? Arnold held Helga's waist as her lips did wonders on his. He moved his other hand to cup her face in his hands and traced the curve of her jaw. Sending shocks of pleasure up and down Helga's spine. She let out a gasp to which his lips quickly swallowed. Arnold couldn't help but smile into the kiss as they continued. The world was becoming hazy, kiss induced passionate fire which consisted of none other than Helga. She was sucking his lower lip quite fervently. Arnold's tongue asked for entry and when she allowed it, his tongue explored her mouth and tasted the flavour of Yahoo Soda. Helga relaxed her tense shoulders as her knees buckled and moaned into the kiss. She ran her fingers through his blonde hair.

And that's when he realized…he was kissing Helga. Helga G. Pataki! As in the girl who tortured him for years, causing him nothing but trouble (and kissed him, now for the 4th time). She was his arch enemy. He pulled back, his own eyes searching hers. A few moments of silence passed by before Helga quietly coughed and adjusted her shirt. Arnold realized that his hand was still on her waist, his ring finger touching bare skin. He backed away, moving back to the table they were working at. Arnold ran a hand through his hair. He did not fail to notice all the books scattered on the floor because of their previous actions.

Helga caught her breath and joined him by the table. "So…um. I guess one reason that Huck Finn shouldn't be read in schools are because of the language." Suddenly feeling self conscious, she crossed her arms but muttered, "Not that I agree with it, of course."

Arnold smiled, "Okay." He wrote the point down. "Why don't you agree with it?" He asked curiously, leaning in just a tad.

Helga looked up from drawing circles on the desk, a dreamy look on her face faded. "Doi! Because the language gives it an authentic Southern feel. Sheesh, Football Head." She took a seat beside him. "What else you got?"

The teens continued their project with little to no awkward tensions. Cute chatter filled the corner of the library but both of them didn't notice that they were sitting closer to each other than when they had started.

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