Hi this is my first Powerpuff girls story so I hope its not crap.

Butch: it probably will.

Bubbles: Butch that was terrible!

Buttercup: Yeah Butch! If you are going to insult someone at least do it right, never say probably when insulting someone. Its like your not my counterpart jeez.

Brick: Dude you just got insulted about how you insult. Thats just plain funny.

Boomer: Come on lets just get to the story.

Blossom: For once I agree with a Rowdyruff let's get to the story.

Ok lets get started but first I don't own anything.

Bubbles P.O.V

BEEP BEEP I look over at my alarm clock 5:30 am like every morning. I get up up and go to my bath room. Yeah, thats right I got my own bathroom and bedroom the professor finally gave us our own rooms, walk in closets, and bathrooms when he said that we were fighting too much. After my shower I chose my outfit (which was a white lacy dress that goes to mid thigh and light blue wedges. My makeup is light pink lip gloss and light blue eye shadow). Then I go curl my hair. Then grab my schoolbag and go down stairs and start making pancakes.

"Hey Bubbs, I love mondays going from a whole weekend of studying, extra credit projects and homework to going to all AP classes and staying after classes to get more extra credit projects and talking to friends about everything school related." Blossom rambled on she always gets this way on mondays. Her outfit was her signature bow and a pair of blue jeans with a belt and a rainbow shirt that was tucked into her pants with a pink flats. I stopped trying to get her to dress fashionably when we were 11( we are 17 by the way).

"Hey Bloss. Did you hear that there is going to be three new students and I made strawberry pancakes for you, chocolate chip pancakes for Buttercup, plain for professor and blueberry pancakes for me" I say as I put down the final plate of pancakes on the table.

"cool" she says as she sits down and starts eating.

"hello girls" Professor says as he starts to eat his pancakes.

"gggggggggrrrrrrrr" an overly tired Buttercup growled "oh, pancakes yay" she says as she wolfs down her pancakes. Her outfit is baggy green pants and a shirt that says " be scared because I bite". After we are done we go to our cars/motorcycle. Blossom goes to her pink ford escape, BC goes to her green motorcycle, and I go to my blue cobra mustang. We all get to school around the same time and we head our separate ways I go to my popular jock type group, Blossom goes to her nerdy group, and BC goes to her group of guys.

Butch's P.O.V.

"dude wake up or you will be late." Brick yells in my room I finally get up and get ready when I'm done I grab Boomers sandwich and start eating it.

"Hey that was my sandwich" boomer complains.

"Well now its mine" my brother should have really known that I would have done and said that.

"so not fair" he frowns and goes outside and into his ford cougar and goes to school. I am guessing that Brick is already at school so I go to my motorcycle and head to school.

When I get to school I see girls who are standing under a tree checking me out which is not surprising I give a nod at them and they giggle. I walk to the office and I see my brother talking to the lady behind the desk she handed them there schedules.

"you must be Butch Jojo" the lady says as she hands me my schedule. I take it look at it, then go to my locker and my, oh my who do isee at the locker beside mine getting her books.

Sorry to leave you guys on a cliffhanger but I hope you liked it I will try to make my next chapter longer. I will do shout outs to any one who review's or follows love all of you for reading see you next time.