Invasion of the Super Sue's

Was sup, FF freaks! It's me, the great, wonderful, beautiful, smart, talented- oh, never mind. So, I've had some experience with Sue's. I can't stand them. So, I'm creating a story about them! I know, smart, huh. So, without further ado, may I present: Invasion of the Super Sue's! Oh, yeah, and thanks to my beta and co-author(s): little-fox25, Tohappyformyowngood, and DramaQueen1649.

Disclaimer: If I owned PJO, Piper or Jason would never have existed, Leo would've hooked up with Reyna, Nico would have a girlfriend, Percy and Annabeth wouldn't be in Tartarus, and there would've been a crossover by now! So, yeah, I don't own PJO. I do own my OC's.

It was a beautiful day at Camp Half-Blood. Apollo's sun chariot flew up above. The lake sparkled as if someone had dried the lake up and filled it with millions of jewels. The birds sung, and bees flew around from flower to flower. All in all, life at Camp Half-Blood was peaceful. Or so they think…

Annabeth's POV:

Percy and I were sparring when it happened.

"Hey, Wise Girl, I uh, I need to, um, tell you something. Actually I-" Percy was cut off by Nico di Angelo.

"Perce, Annabeth, come quick. Two new half-bloods just stumbled into camp. And they're…

Beatrice's POV:

I'd just found out I'm a demi-god. Though, I already knew, because of Athena's Blessing. I just chose to ignore it. My twin sister, Angel, knew it too. We have a sad tale, actually.

You see, we where both abandoned as babies. We were sent to an orphanage, where they starved us, and beat us for trivial things. Then, a supermodel and his famous singer wife adopted us. They just had to have the two most beautiful girls in the world. Even though I didn't think I was beautiful. And likewise for my dear sister.

We were sent to school. Even though we'd never been sent to school, or really learned anything, we were the top of the class. All the boys wanted to go out with us, but we refused. We became the most popular kids in school, despite our unusualness compared to the other kids. We received nothing less than an A+.

"Angel, I think it's time we go to Camp Half-Blood. We are of age. It's time," I told my sister one sunny afternoon.

"You're right, Bea. It is time. Come on, I have our bags packed.

We grabbed our bags, and then we were off…

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