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He stared at them enviously, feeling that slight jealousy that he couldn't control. He always felt longing for his own family every time he saw a family having fun in the snow, but it usually went away as soon as he thought of his own makeshift family of his fellow Guardians.

Still, he had that uncontrollable longing for his human life...

"Are your feet cold?"

He jumped, glancing down with wide eyes as big bright blue stared up at him in a curious fashion. His mouth quickly grew dry and he gaped unattractively for a few moments before he forced the words up his throat.

"Y-you can see me?"

Yes, Jamie and his friends could see him, but that certainly didn't mean the rest of the world believed in Jack Frost, especially in Asia where Jack Frost was considered more of a western myth.

The tiny girl blinked, tilting her head like a curious puppy, "Where are your shoes?" She asked, ignoring his question as she looked at his bare feet, "It's snowing."

He counted himself very lucky he could understand many languages only because he lived so very long, "It is snowing," He forced himself out of shock, kneeling down to the little girl's height and smiled softly, "What's your name?" And he swore to himself that he would never forget her answer.

"Higurashi Kagome!"