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Chapter 1: A New Destiny

"There he is! Get the demon!" A loud shout came out in the dark stillness of the night. Men and women with torches and other tools they happened to pick up. "Avenge the fourth!"

The target of their assault was none other than a recently turned, six year old boy. He was kicked from the orphanage a year prior to this day. So far for one entire year he lived on the streets, finding alleyways and different training fields to sleep in. He scrounged trashcans and garbage dumps for anything to use as clothing or blankets. He ate whatever filth he could possibly find to keep himself from starving to death. He hoped there was a light at the end of this endless dark tunnel that his life was.

Deep within this six year olds mindscape, the demon was giving him directions. He was telling the boy where to go and how to get out. Naruto being a six year old didn't really know who was giving him directions but he just went with it. Only hoping that he could get away from it all. He suddenly came across a small stand with a sign that read 'Ichiraku Ramen'. The boy suddenly charged in and hid behind the counter and hugged the leg of the shop owner, Teuchi. The old ramen stand owner looked down at the boy and suddenly recognized who it was. Those whisker marks were a dead giveaway.

He heard of the things that his neighbors said about the boy, some of them were quite horrendous, while others were just ridiculous, but he lived in an anti-Naruto neighborhood. He didn't want to lose any customers by allowing the boy to stay hidden so the old man was about to raise his ramen ladle to beat the child, but he saw the deep blue eyes that this little boy had. The eyes that no child should even have. His eyes showed pain and sorrow that most adults don't even experience. The little boy was bleeding profusely but he was alright somehow. The old man called for his nine year old daughter Ayame to come and take the boy to their apartment behind the stand. Teuchi was suddenly met by a large crowd of people with torches and weapons.

"May I help-" Teuchi was rudely cut off by the leader. He glared at the ramen shop owner. But answered Teuchi's question anyway.

"We are looking for the demon brat Teuchi!" The leader slammed his fist into Teuchi's counter breaking a large part of it. "We saw the creature running down this street. Now I want to know what happened or we will destroy your little shop. Now what will it be old man?"

Teuchi glared at the man with little care in his eyes. The old man looked at the leader of the mob with a defiant eye.

"I do not know what you are talking about." Teuchi's face was suddenly smashed into the counter. The old man stumbled back but he was grabbed by the collar of his shirt. A very real wakizashi was held to his throat.

"Liar. The other shop owners on this street saw you tell your daughter to take him into your apartment. Now we all know where your allegiance lies, and it's not with Konoha." The leader smirked at Teuchi. "I used to respect you old man…ransack this terrible restaurant!"

The mob charged in and began to break the wooden chairs and began to destroy the wooden countertops. Teuchi was suddenly stabbed in the abdomen by the leader of the mob and dropped onto the floor like he was garbage. Suddenly Ayame and Naruto showed up. Both were being held by their necks by a massive man.

"Time to die Demon Brat!" The leader was about to behead Naruto, but something unexpected happened. Two anbu ninja showed up in an explosion of smoke. One anbu had a dog mask while the other had a weasel mask. Both looked to Ayame and Naruto and bowed slightly before speaking out.

"Weasel. Go bring the man to the hospital as quickly as possible." The anbu nodded and bent down to lift Teuchi to his feet. The anbu then shunshined as quickly as possible and left the dog masked anbu by himself. The remaining anbu drew out his tanto and looked at the men around him. The inu masked anbu swung his tanto with such speed and precision. The blade cut off the large man's hands. Naruto and Ayame choked slightly before regaining their composure. The anbu didn't even take a second look at the handless man.

"All of you, by order of the Hokage. You are all under arrest." Fifty clones popped into existence and put binding jutsu on the assailants of the three innocent people. "Ja ne. Naruto."

The next morning…

Naruto awoke in a hospital bed. The white was blinding to the young boy. He gripped his head tightly. A major headache had resided in his temples. The six year old sighed deeply as it finally clicked that he was in the hospital once again. He scratched his head in annoyance and blinked a few times. He yawned and looked around the room slightly hoping that someone came to his hospital room. He smiled brightly when his eyes laid upon the powerful figure known as Hiruzen Sarutobi.

"Naruto-kun…" Hiruzen gave the boy a sad smile. "Are you feeling better?"

"Hai Jiji." Naruto said while scratching the back of his head. "How am I here?"

"Two ANBU protected you, but by the time they finished disposing of the mob, you passed out from blood loss." Hiruzen downcast slightly. Naruto sighed.

"Jiji…can I ask you something?" Naruto looked up at his 'grandfather'.

"Anything Naruto-kun." Hiruzen replied.

"I…I want to become a shinobi!" Naruto said with deep conviction. "Those ANBU were powerful! I saw how those people looked at the ANBU! They looked at them with respect and fear! And then they look at you with even more respect and fear…" Naruto then had an epiphany. "Even better than just a shinobi…"

"What is Naruto-kun?" Hiruzen asked.

"I'll become Hokage!" He shouted in happiness. "I will become Hokage one day old man!"

"One day indeed, Naruto-kun." Hiruzen gave the boy a genuine smile.

"But…I have another question…" Naruto said.

"What is it Naruto-kun?" Hiruzen asked for the umpteenth time. Not that he minded.

"How do I go about becoming a shinobi?" Naruto asked. "Just yesterday, I became six…"

"Oh! How could I forget?" Hiruzen gave the blond child a beaming smile. "By law, every eligible child must be tested for chakra reserves and if they have enough they will be entered into the ninja academy."

"I wanna do that!" Naruto said with his child like happiness resurfacing. "…how do I do that?" Naruto asked with his head tilted slightly.

"Haha. Don't worry Naruto-kun. We can go to the academy to get tested for chakra later when you get out later." Hiruzen said.

"How about I get out right now?" Naruto asked.

"Ha! I know you heal fast, but you can't heal that quickly. You had cuts and deep bruises all-over your body last night." Hiruzen gave a hearty laugh.

"I am Naruto the Great!" Naruto shouted out. "I can't be held back by some little cuts! I'm going to be Hokage one day!"

"Indeed you will be Naruto-kun, but one thing at a time. Rest for now. I'll be back in a few hours, and if your fine, then I'll get you tested for chakra." Hiruzen got up and left the room. "Sleep tight Naruto-kun."

A few hours later…

'This can't be…all that is required is at least a score of two thousand, but this kid is going into the high hundred thousands, and there no sign of stopping either!' Hiruzen and the instructors at the academy were staring at Naruto's chakra level tests and gawked at the sheer amount the boy had, and the machine hadn't even started calculating the Kyuubi. Naruto sat in front of them still channeling chakra. The machines calculation already had two sets of zero's and it continued to rise. Hiruzen did a quick calculation of the numbers and surmised that Naruto could spit out tons of A and B rank ninjutsu without feeling tired or even losing half of his chakra reserves and probably one or two S ranked before he runs out of half, with the right amount of chakra control that is. 'Oh kami…this kid could damn well take the Hokage seat right now!'

"Ok. Naruto you can stop channeling chakra now." Hiruzen said as his chakra levels just got calculated well into the millions. The number just kept rising as Naruto continued to exert chakra from his system.

"But I can still go!" Naruto smiled and surged even more chakra. "Take this!" Naruto went all out and surged so much chakra, that the machine exploded from over-exertion. The last number the machine was able to calculate to was a startling twelve billion. The same amount that Hashirama was believed to be at...when he was at his prime. Not when he was a child.

Everyone present looked in complete awe. Some of the anti-Naruto teachers lost their hatred and replaced it with complete undeterred respect for the kid. No one in the history of the academy had been able to do such a thing. Hiruzen looked to the instructors with a wide smile and was replied with the same smile from the teachers as well.

"SWEET!" Naruto jumped up from the ground that he was thrown to. "I am totally gunna become Hokage!"

"Calm down Naruto." One of the teachers laughed.

"Sorry…" Naruto said with a blush of embarrassment. "Can I ask who you are?"

"My name is Iruka Umino. I'll be your instructor for the next seven years." Iruka gave him a small smile. "And uhm…congratulations on destroying the machine. It only cost the academy two hundred thousand ryo." Iruka said with a sarcastic mirth to his voice.

"Again…sorry." Naruto gave an embarrassed laugh.

"It's alright." Hiruzen said with a smile. "Naruto come on. We will go and buy supplies for you."

"Alright Jiji." Naruto ran up to the Hokage's side and held a small part of his robe with his small hands.

One year later…

After one whole year of training and working on the shinobi arts, Naruto had excelled as a chakra and stamina freak to the point that he couldn't do any simple academy jutsu.

At least the constant attacks stopped.

But he was made fun of as the dead last. It wasn't his fault though; he just had too much chakra to control. It was like trying to stop a tsunami with a sheet of paper. Yeah. It's not going to happen. Naruto struggled so much in class. While most civilians left the boy alone once he was enrolled into the academy, but some of the instructors that Naruto had were assholes and screwed with the young boy's academics.

But putting his school life aside, Naruto was basically a loner, except for the fact that he was friends with Chouji, the resident fatass, and Shikamaru, the resident lazy ass. They became friends shortly after they were enrolled into the academy. Well it was mainly because Shikamaru's father made him do it. Chouji was going to become friends with Naruto either way because he was the only one that didn't make fun of him because of his weight.

Naruto came to class late today and was forced to sit next to the all-so-popular Uchiha. Naruto didn't understand what the deal was with him. In Naruto's eyes, the Uchiha was just another kid. The only difference was that he was from a more prominent and powerful clan than the others in his class. And what was up with the hairdo? Who is he trying to impress? The mother duckling in the pond outside in the playground?!

Naruto sighed and pulled out a seat and sat next to Sasuke. Neither of them spoke a word to each other, but the tension was there. Naruto was a lonely orphan sitting next to son of the clan head to the largest clan in Konoha.

But all of that changed one fateful night…

Naruto came back to the academy the next day expecting another empty day filled with nothing because the oh so important Uchiha was nowhere to be found, but instead, his ears were enticed by the rumor of the Uchiha massacre. Naruto's ears perked up. Sasuke was now an orphan. Naruto smiled sadly to himself. Sasuke's eyes were empty and devoid of emotion.

'There's someone like me now…'

Later that day, the blond boy was walking on his own near the Naka River. His hands were in his pockets. He looked to a playground nearby and scowled when he saw how happy some kids were with their families. He hated being alone. Even the old man had stopped coming over to his apartment. So Naruto continued taking the scenic route towards his home until he came across a strange site.

Sasuke Uchiha was sitting on the platform jutting from the side of the river. He was staring out into the sunset but then looked up and glared at Naruto from the crest of the hill behind him. Sasuke then shut his eyes.

"Naruto…" Sasuke called out with a weak voice instead of the one he used in class. "Can…Can I ask you something?"

Naruto froze and shut his eyes. He took a deep breath, contemplating weather he should walk off or go and talk to the lonely Uchiha. Naruto steeled his resolve and turned around and headed down the steps of the hill and got ready to sit next to Sasuke who surprisingly moved over to give the boy some space. When Naruto sat down, there was a very sad silence that went off between the two of them.

"Naruto…do you know what it's like?" Sasuke asked breaking the silence. "I mean…do you know what it's like to be alone?" Sasuke asked.

"What do you mean Sasuke?" Naruto asked. "It only happened two nights ago…don't you-?"

"I know it did…but I was told to seek help instead of bottling it all in." Sasuke replied. "I am an orphan now…so the only plausible thought was to ask you…no offense…"

"None taken." Naruto replied. He looked out to the small waves in the river and heaved a sigh. "And yeah. I know what it's like."

"How do you deal with it?" Sasuke asked.

"It's hard, but you can manage as long as you have people with you to help you through it…" Naruto then went off to spill his life story. Sasuke got angry and disgusted at many of the atrocities that the villagers caused to the blond boy next to him.

"And then I blew up the chakra reading machine thingy." Naruto gave a little laugh at the memory from a year ago. "And then I became friends with Chouji and Shika and then here we are now."

"You make it sound easy…" Sasuke said.

"It's because I was able to get all of that off of my chest." Naruto said. "Now you try!"

"Fine…" Sasuke then spilled his life story. All the way to the Uchiha massacre. "Then Itachi told me, 'there is a great darkness ahead. Be wary little brother.' And then he hit me with a Tsukuyomi and then I woke up in a hospital the next day." Sasuke watched Naruto's reaction throughout the entire retelling of the night, and was happy that the boy got angry and felt repulsed at the same points that he himself was.

"Damn…" Naruto looked back into the river. "You actually had a family whereas I didn't…your pain is probably worse than mine…"

"No." Sasuke said suddenly. Naruto looked at the black eyed boy with surprise, but started smiling when Sasuke started smiling himself. "We are orphans. Our pain is the same. Naruto."

"Hm?" Naruto perked up to the boy.

"Will you help me take down my brother?" Sasuke asked.

"Damn straight, but will you help me become Hokage?" Naruto asked back.

"Hell yeah!" Sasuke said with a widening smile.

"Friends?" Naruto asked as he held out his hand for Sasuke to take.

"No." Naruto's smile faltered slightly.

"Why not?" Naruto asked slightly hurt.

"We'll be something even better. Brothers." Sasuke took out a kunai.

"What are you-" Naruto eyes widened when Sasuke slashed his palm open with the kunai. Sasuke winced slightly.

"Do the same." The Uchiha ordered.

Naruto drew out a kunai and dug the blade into his palm and slashed it open, drawing a large gash open into his palm. Blood poured from their hands.

"Now what?" Naruto asked. The cut started burning slightly.

"We shake hands." Sasuke and Naruto grabbed each other's slashed hand and shook tightly. "We are officially blood brothers."

"…what's a blood brother?" Naruto asked with a confused face.

"A blood brother is what we of the Uchiha clan did with clansmen that we were close to. We fight, train, study, and do everything as brothers. Like family." Sasuke said with a small glint in his eyes. "What do you say?"

"I…" Naruto weighed the pros and con's, and smiled brightly when the pro's drastically outweighed the cons. "I accept…Nii-san."

Many weeks later…

Naruto was happy. He finally had a person to call brother, and said brother was rich, had a large compound, had huge training grounds, and best of all, had a massive jutsu library. He and Sasuke also ran across some stuff in Itachi's old room that ranged from huge suitcases filled with money from bounties he collected as an ANBU, to boxes of pocky and the best of them all for the two adolescent boys was the limited edition glass case of the Icha Icha paradise books by Jiraiya of the Sannin.

It ranged from the famous orange, all the way to almost nonexistent grey. They were also in numerical order. Naruto and Sasuke smiled brightly when they opened the grey Icha Icha book. Its cover said in bold letters, Icha Icha Paradise: The Space Edition. Riku takes a 'spin' in 'space'

Sasuke and Naruto giggled perversely for the next few days as they read through each book. Each one filling their child minds, thus ruining their childhood completely. Their minds became that of closet perverts in one afternoon. Oh the wondrousness that Icha Icha is. The two of them also ran across another book underneath Itachi's bed.

How to screw with people (especially little siblings)

'Are you fucking kidding me?' Sasuke and Naruto deadpanned when they saw the title. But when they opened the book, they received the greatest wake-up call of their lives. It's time to prank the shit out of people.

A few years later…

Naruto and Sasuke were smiling like idiots as they sat down from returning from recess. Naruto made a quick count of his classmates like he always did, but then realized that one of them was missing. He looked to Sasuke and gave him a knowing look and they both charged outside and found that one of them was missing indeed.

It was the blonde heiress that Naruto had started growing a crush on for a while. She was surrounded by a bunch of boys. She looked in distress and seemed royally pissed off. Naruto was about to charge in but Sasuke stopped him and shook his head. Sasuke mouthed the words 'just watch'.

Naruto was reluctant but nodded his head. Ino suddenly sent a haymaker punch into one of the boys' jaws and sent him flying into a tree. The rest seemed pissed off, but Ino rammed her fist into another boy and sent that boy into another behind him. Ino then jumped up and rammed her foot into another boy and brought her foot around and rocketed it into another boy's groin.

Both Sasuke and Naruto covered their groins as the high pitched scream reverberated in their ears. The unimaginable nightmares that they had after reading about Ryu getting the same punishment from Riku and Hana in the Icha Icha series. Sasuke and Naruto were crying anime tears as the thoughts of receiving the same started floating in their minds, but then they heard it. The loud scream of pain and anguish followed by a shout of pure rage.

They both hopped up to the second floor window and stared into Iruka's classroom to see all of the students laughing at a singed Iruka covered in itching powder. The two boys laughed even harder and high fived each other. But they high fived a little too loud. They looked back into the classroom to see Iruka glaring death upon the two boys.

"YOU TWO ARE GUNNA GET IT NOW!" Iruka screamed with his bighead jutsu activated. "A TRUE NINJA SHOULD BE ABLE TO SURVIVE THIS FALL!" The teach opened the window and threw some itching powder on the two boys causing them to lose their grip. All the while, Iruka was laughing like a maniac. They fell while trying to relieve themselves of the itching sensation, only to fall on the two remaining bullies that surrounded Ino.

She looked at the two most popular boys in her class, even though one was a genius and the other was a retard. She gave Naruto a small smile and nodded a thank you at the two and ran back into the building. She didn't even notice Iruka's bighead jutsu still activated with him still laughing like a psychopath.

Sasuke then looked to Naruto. "Think it's time to go ahead with stage two?" Naruto then nodded his head with a devious smile on his face. "KAI!"

Suddenly a weak explosive tag attached to a desk behind Iruka went off and sent him flying out of the classroom window and into the pond in the playground. After he splashed about he found the two pranksters and picked them up by their collars and scowled deeply at his star student and his worst.

Another year goes by…

"Sasuke-nii…" Naruto asked. "Do you think I have a chance with Ino?" The boy asked his brother.

"Maybe, maybe not." Sasuke sighed. "Out of all of the annoying girls in this class, I'd probably date Sakura."

"S-Sakura?!" Naruto choked on his spit. "W-Why?! She's the loudest one!" Naruto growled the last part.

"I know, I know. But she has potential…I have a really good feeling that she could be the one."

"Yeah, and I'll be a dolphin." Naruto sighed and looked to the front door. He took a deep breath and faced the front of the class. Ino then walked in with her popular strut like she did since the New Year started. Naruto didn't really like it, but who was he to judge. He sighed and sat back waiting for the inevitable trigger of their prank.

Shikamaru and Chouji walked into the classroom and sat in front of the two boys and smiled brightly when Sasuke filled them in on what they had done. Then it happened.

Iruka walked into the classroom with a cautious pace. He eyed the floor, ceiling and even eyed the desks. Turns out that Sasuke and Naruto were trying to break their previous record of seventeen pranks in one week and they were already at seventeen. All they needed was one more and their record was broken, and today was the last day of the school week.

Iruka took a deep breath and eyed the four boys who were smiling like mad scientists. He nervously trekked from the door to his desk. The moment he moved his seat over for him to sit, he went up in a pillar of flames. When the flames died down it came to reveal a deeply singed Iruka, but before the fire would continue to do any damage, a bucket of ice cubes fell from one of the ceiling boards and toppled its contents down onto Iruka.

Sasuke, Naruto, Shikamaru and Chouji were on the floor holding their sides as their laughter was sucking the air from their lungs. Iruka then pulled out three kunai with paper tags attached to them and hurled them with deadly accuracy and embedded them into the desks in front of each student respectively. The tag said in big bold letters; DETENTION

"What a wonderful way to start the day, huh, Sasuke?"

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