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Chapter 18: That Generator Though

With the two boys finally awake, they were quickly led from the hospital and towards the Hokage tower for some questioning and some explanations as to why they were gone for such a long time. Naruto though wasn't enjoying the trip towards the tower, knowing full well that the old hag was most likely going to lodge her fist into the side of his poor head, then as questions later.

Sasuke was thinking along the exact same lines, knowing how volatile their grandmother could be. The two boys made it to the Hokage tower with the hour of them waking from their slumber and entered the tower as quickly as possible. They charged up the stairs after nodding at Shizune and stopped just at the door of Tsunade's office.

Naruto and Sasuke were about to knock, but Tsunade said enter before the fist could even touch the wooden door. The redhead and the Uchiha shivered violently feeling extremely worried because of Tsunade's tone of voice. Naruto swung the door open to reveal Sakura and Ino standing in front of Tsunade.

"Baa-chan…what's going on?" Naruto asked. "We just woke up y'know."

"Naruto, Sasuke. There are things that the two of you will need to know, but right now, there are more pressing matters to attend to." Tsunade grumbled and pinched her brow. "A mission request came in for you four specifically."

"Three jounin and a high chunin?" Naruto asked incredulously. "Who?"

"A man who is working with the actress Yukie Fujikaze, I know that you two boys know who she is." Tsunade sighed. "But anyway, the man has already paid you four with enough money to make it a double S ranked mission. Do you accept?"

"What you guys think?" Naruto asked.

"Whatever you want Naruto. You outrank us all." Sakura said. "I'm with you nii-san with whatever choice you choose."

"Same here brother." Sasuke nodded.

"You already know my answer, my love." Ino smiled.

"Then I guess we accept the mission." Naruto smiled.

"Now that that's out of the way, Ino, Sakura…leave these two be for now. I have to tell them." Tsunade sighed.

Ino and Sakura nodded their heads and headed left the office with solemn looks on their faces. Sasuke and Naruto were confused and turned their attention to the Hokage. She motioned for the two boys to take a seat in front of her before she could continue. Once they were seated Tsunade took another deep breath and sighed.

"Naruto, I don't know if I should even tell you this yet." Tsunade said.

"Tell me what?" Naruto asked, his red tail scratching his head for him.

"I am officially naming you my successor for the Hokage title, but that isn't all." Tsunade stood from her seat and walked over to Sasuke.

"What is it Baa-chan?" Sasuke asked.

"Protect the idiot with all of your power Sasuke." Tsunade said with a hitched breath. "During your time comatose, the jinchuriki were attacked by the Akatsuki."

"Who's been hurt?!" Naruto and Sasuke shot from their seats. "Who's been taken?"

"Han, the jinchuriki for the Gobi has been kidnapped, and Yagura…" Tsunade trailed off.

"What happened to him?!" Naruto asked with tears forming in his eyes.

"During the tsunami caused by your two attacks merging together…Yagura ended up getting himself tortured and executed by savages in the Uzu islands." Tsunade said. "He was murdered by Uzumaki-blooded savages."

"W-What…?" Naruto's eyes were wide with confusion. "I thought the Uzumaki were…gone?"

"They aren't…Naruto…from Haku's report, the Uzumaki turned savage after the desolation of our homeland." Tsunade said.

"Damn…" Sasuke took a deep breath. "What else happened in Iwa?"

"There was another Akatsuki man with strange eyes that attacked them with even stranger powers." Tsunade replied. "But putting all of that aside, Naruto, Haku is in Kirigakure helping her father with repairs and Kurotsuchi is back home in Iwagakure helping her grandfather and father with repairs for their village. Kami. You two fucked up the entire continent."

"We didn't mean to y'know." Naruto said with a sheepish look on his face. "So what are the mission parameters?"

"Alright, I know that I should fill in the entire team, but never mind that, I know that you two will let Ino and Sakura know." Tsunade said. "That actress is actually Princess Koyuki Kazahana of the Kazahana dynasty in the Yuki no Kuni."

"W-What?!" Naruto and Sasuke's eyes were wide with surprise. They've seen that woman's movies all the time and they even met a couple of times during their time with Jiraiya. "Are you serious?!"

"I am Naruto." Tsunade said as she walked back to her seat. "Your team must protect her at all costs. Her uncle, Dotō Kazahana is the current ruler of the nation along with Yukigakure under his control with thousands of Shinobi under his command."

"Understood." Naruto and Sasuke were about to start smirking at each other, but Tsunade smacked the two of them upside their heads, nearly knocking them from their seats.

"Now time for me to get the point across." Tsunade said sternly. "After a series of perfect records with S ranked missions, you two have gotten extremely cocky. You two even ended up in the fucking hospital for nearly three months! So, I digress, this is an escort mission, not a mission to destroy and kill every person you see."

"G-Got it Baa-chan." The two boys mumbled while gripping their heads as tightly as possible.

"Now get the hell out of here. I have some paperwork to go through."

With the mission briefing over, Naruto looked to Sasuke and waved him off before heading off towards his mansion for their supplies. After an hour or two, Naruto and Sasuke quickly filed towards the main gate to find Ino and Sakura already waiting for them with the Actress and her entourage of men and women, guards and fellow actors.

She looked at Naruto and Sasuke and quickly looked away on her high horse. Naruto and Sasuke though, were drooling with their minds. Kushina and Kura tried to force the thoughts from his mind, but they gave up within a few minutes of doing exactly that. They knew that it was useless. Naruto and Sasuke slapped themselves from their stupor and started walking alongside the rest of the film crew and the actress herself.

"Excuse me, erm, Namikaze-sama…but are those tails…you know, real?" One of the crewmen asked.

"Damn straight they are! What did you think they were?" Naruto laughed.

"Oh…t-that's nice…" The man waddled off before fainting on the ground.

Sasuke looked to Naruto struggled to keep his laughter in. Naruto glared at the Uchiha and sent a small and quick blast of wind from the Boufuu-me and ruined Sasuke's hair, sending it in all directions.

"You bastard!" Sasuke howled. Sakura jumped in the way and started trying her hardest to hold Sasuke back from Naruto, while Ino stood by and laughed while Naruto stuck his tongue out at Sasuke. "My gel wasn't even finished drying!"

"Who cares about your hair?!" Naruto quickly replied. "I'm damn sure that everyone can agree, that my hair is better than yours!"

"Your hair makes you look like a girl!"

"At least I don't have a stick up my ass!"

"…No…just…no." Sasuke glared as the Mangekyō activated. "You just crossed a line…"

"And you just pissed me off!" Sakura rammed her fist into Sasuke's cheek, digging him into the dirt path below. "Shut up and stop being so narcissistic! And Naruto! Stop laughing or you're next!"

"Y-Yes ma'am!" Naruto's skin froze from the intense killing intent.

"I see that the two of you are still the same annoying idiots from all those years ago." Yukie sighed from the back of her horse.

"It's nice to see the great-actress Yukie insulting us, the two greatest shinobi on the planet." Sasuke replied with a scowl.

"Now, now. Calling you two the greatest shinobi on the planet is stretching it." Sakura said with a quick tongue.

"Great now you turned our teammate against us." Naruto sighed in defeat and ran a hand through his blood red ponytail.

For more than eight hours, the entire troupe was walking at a calm pace through the forests surrounding Konoha and was on their way to exiting Hi no Kuni and into Kusa no Kuni. Kusa though was known for rogue shinobi and massive amounts of bandits. Sandayu sighed but released a soft laugh as did the rest of the film crew. He looked over to his right to see Ino looking at the interaction of team seven with a disapproving look.

"Those two are such idiots." Ino sighed. "That's my husband alright."

"It can't be that bad Ino-san." Sandayu laughed.

"I know…I just wish he'd keep his stupidity to himself sometimes."

"In my opinion, his stupidity is great." Sandayu said.

"And…how is it great?" Kakashi asked.

"This trip would have been beyond boring if he did."

One day later…

Naruto and the entire troupe landed at the icy shores of Yuki no Kuni. It was exactly as the two boys imagined; Snow, ice and barren. There were lights in the far distance, but the lights were dim, unlike the lights that Konoha gives off during the night. All around them, there were perfect ambush spots that Naruto and Sasuke were completely worried about.

Small ice rocks tumbled down the side of the mountains and smashed through the snow covered glacier. Naruto activated the Boufuu-mei and stood next to Sasuke. The two drew out their weapons ready for an attack at any moment. Ino was just as weary and had her hands ready to fire off a storm of lasers. Sakura stood at the rear with chakra starting to slowly radiate off of her body.

They looked back and forth between the mountain tops and the flattened summits of the ice plateaus. Naruto sensed something. His tails tightened and senjutsu chakra flowed into his body. Sasuke noticed this and followed in the same actions to make sure that whatever Naruto sensed, wasn't a fluke. Naruto looked to Sasuke at the corner of his eye and nodded.

"AMATERASU/FUUTON: DAITOPPA!" The two attacks shot from their eyes and exploded in a massive inferno of black flame, covering the entire mountain side in black flame, burning and melting through the ice of the land. Suddenly, screams of pure agony were heard in the distance, echoing through the area, scaring some of the film crew.

"Everyone, get back to the ships." Naruto growled. "We need to find another detour towards wherever you're going to shoot your film."

"Sakura, Ino, go and lead them." Sasuke ordered. "Naruto and I will handle whoever comes after you."

"Understood Sasuke-kun. Come on Ino!" Sakura grabbed Ino and the two girls took off while directing the rest of the crew and Yukie towards the ships.

The girls and the entire film crew turned on their heels and quickly exfilled the area, leaving Naruto and Sasuke in the middle of the valley of ice and water. Suddenly, from over the mountain range, a large attack group of Yuki shinobi jumped over and started charging for the two boys. Naruto glared with the Boufuu-me shooting off lasers in all directions.

The lasers plowed through the ice, taking out a few of the attackers in the wake, but there were still a great deal of the Yuki shinobi. Sasuke looked at Naruto and drew out the Akuma Kokyuu and smirked with a deadly look on his face; the Mangekyō sharingan blaring brightly beneath his long bangs. Naruto smirked as well and channeled his chakra while drawing out the two blades of the Oninohan and the Kaminoikari.

As the Yuki shinobi drew closer and closer, Naruto and Sasuke dashed out to meet the shinobi. Naruto closed the distance first with wind chakra shooting off of his feet. The redhead swung out, beheading a Yuki jounin, and spun around on the heel of his right foot and lodged the blade into the chest of another. It was only a split second between, when Naruto shot forward a massive blast of wind through the Boufuu-me, launching the dead shinobi off of his blade and into the crowd of shinobi behind him.

Sasuke soon enough joined into the fray, but was more reserved and skilled with his blade, unlike Naruto and his wild swings and movements. Sasuke jumped and kicked forward knocking back a shinobi into a kunoichi behind him. The Uchiha spun around and sliced the throat out from another shinobi before grabbing the now dead chunin and using the body as a shield.

After a good few seconds, Sasuke pushed the dead body away from him and punched another shinobi in the face before following up with a sword through his chest. The Sharingan caught on to some hand seal patterns. Sasuke jumped back, going through his own hand seals and copied the jutsu right from the Yuki shinobi.

"Hyouton: Haryū Mōko!" The Uchiha and the Yuki shinobi shouted out together. Sasuke didn't know what the jutsu would do, but suddenly, spikes of ice shot from the ground, impaling a few Yuki shinobi and dispelling a few Naruto clones in the process.

Sasuke made a quick backflip and hurled kunai and shuriken in the process. Once the landed on his feet though, there was a sudden spike in chakra from behind and around, and even from beneath him. He looked down and moved his foot around only to see a large being rising from beneath the ice and water. His eyes widened and without a second thought, he jumped away and barrel-rolled in the snow, just as an ice-whale of gargantuan size burst through the ice.

The whale smashed into the ground before freezing and turning into a gigantic glacier, cutting Naruto from Sasuke. Sasuke didn't worry though and simply channeled chakra into his sword. The magatama holes at the base of the katana exploded in purple flame as he continued to swing the blade about, exploding burning chakra and heat in all directions.

The Ice release ninjutsu were rendered useless against the boy. The blade though, was calling onto something that the Yuki shinobi weren't expecting. From the ice, came another being, this time much smaller, but more malicious. The being was a water oni; a water demon. The beast had markings on its forehead that signified Uzumaki binding fuinjutsu that basically made the beast the Uzumaki's servant.

Sasuke charged forward and the oni followed right behind him. The oni was a blue creature with yellow eyes and orange-red hair that went in all directions. The beast wasn't fat nor was it skinny, but rather muscular if anything. On its back was a massive spear-harpoon of sorts that was used to skewer shinobi and bash the ice in, only to trap the shinobi within the cold and harsh water of the near arctic temperature.

The beast jumped high into the air, crashing through the giant whale glacier, melting a large pathway through the whale because of its evil and radioactive chakra. After the beast finished burning through the ice, it dispelled leaving Sasuke to take down at least fifty other shinobi on his own. Sasuke shook his head and charged off with the Akuma Kokyuu in his hands, still raging in flames.

He jumped through the opening of the whale only to see Naruto covered in blood and the waters around him painted red with the blood and insides of his enemies, which in turn was going to be a mistake that would bite them in the ass sooner or later. But what he saw that really surprised him and confused him, the entire film crew and Sakura and Ino were back on the battlefield.

"Naruto! What happened?" Sasuke asked. "Why are they back? I thought we said to leave."

"You did, but the boats were destroyed in the first attack." Ino sighed. "Turns out that we were distracted by the incoming Yuki force and we ended up letting them slip by and blow up the ships. SO we're stranded here until we can reach the capital."

"Understood." Sasuke nodded his head. "Naruto. What are your orders?"

'Hmm…" The redhead scratched his chin and shrugged. His tails sheathed his swords back into their scabbards and the boy turned on his heel and faced the mountain. "It'll be a good idea to get some high ground first and set up a good camp."

"Naruto, what happened to the rest of your enemies?" Sasuke asked incredulously.

"I killed them all." Naruto shrugged. "Let's go. Daylight won't wait for us y'know."

It took a good two hours of trekking through the harsh snow and ice before they could reach a summit in the mountainside. Snow was already beating against their faces, nearly pushing a few of them off of the side of the mountain, but Naruto was able to save them thanks to his tails and chakra. But, they did lose a few thousand ryo's worth of film equipment. Better than losing a human life.

They reached the only summit they could reach for the day before nighttime rolled in. Naruto nodded to his team and the orders were given out immediately. People went back and forth setting up tents and setting up campfires and getting out meat to cook and rice to eat. It was still cold and getting colder, but the people were cuddled up together trying to stay as warm as possible. At least they were safe.

Naruto and Sasuke sat on the ledge of the summit with their feet hanging off of the edge of the mountain. Naruto and Sasuke stared off into the dark night of the land below and found fires raging in the distance and explosions echoing in the night. Men were shouting and small, but still audible clangs of swords and metal were heard.

Down, closer to the mountain's base, there was a great fire, with flags of the current regime of Yuki no Kuni, in flame. Men were running back and forth with torches and glinting weapons as they charged left and right for the Yuki shinobi they probably hated. Jutsu were seen getting shot back and forth through the forest. Grand Fireball techniques and even the frozen version of the Water Dragon technique.

Naruto looked closer and realized that there was another faction on the move in the darkness of the night. From the east, there came a large contingency, probably five hundred shinobi or samurai, coming from an unknown location and their goal was unknown to Naruto. The redhead ran a hand through his hair and sighed.

"Namikaze-sama. Uchiha-sama." Sandayu said from behind. "Is it alright if I speak to you?"

"By all means." Naruto motioned for the man to sit with him against the edge. Sandayu felt inclined to accept and did so, but with extreme care. He wasn't like shinobi with the use of chakra, but rather, he was just a samurai, a man.

"Down there…" Sandayu began. "Is a very dangerous and deadly place for a girl like Yukie to be in?"

"What happened here?" Sasuke asked.

"Dotō Kazahana happened." Sandayu said. "I am sure that Hokage-sama briefed you on Yukie's true identity am I correct?"

"Yes." The two jounin replied getting straight to business. "We have another mission that was given as the primary."

"Understood." Sandayu said. "What was this mission?"

"While the primary objective is to protect and escort Koyuki-sama home, we were also tasked with sneaking into the castle itself and placing her as the daimyo." Sasuke said. "But knowing us…"

"We'll probably end up blowing up the country if you let us have our way." Naruto sighed with a small laugh. "We'll do our best to hold back and not destroy this country."

"So what is the plan?" Sandayu asked. "There's got to be a plan right?"

"Don't worry there is Sandayu-san." Naruto reassured. "We just want to know something about the technology of Yuki no Kuni."

"That's easy." Sandayu sighed. "The Land of Snow has been building up on scientists and chakra theorists. They've been researching and studying the effects of metals and certain chakra types when mixed together into one metal or substance."

"So in other words?" Naruto led him on.

"They've been able to create suits made of chakra resistant and chakra absorbent metal." Sandayu continued. "The resistance of Yuki no Kuni has struggled a lot to try and punch through their armored corps, but their shinobi was still just as agile and powerful in the armor as they were without it."

"Interesting…" Sasuke whispered with a hand rubbing the bottom of his chin. "Hey…what's going on down there?"

"Another skirmish it seems." Sandayu sighed. "This one seems larger than the others."

From within one of the larger clearings in the white forest below, there were hundreds of shinobi and samurai fighting against one another, cutting and slicing against each other, painting the white trees red. Fires exploded out, spreading through the forest, filling the air with the smell of charred pine and burning oak. People could be heard screaming in pain as blades clashed and met with human flesh.

The flames started growing and the heat could be felt all the way to the summit of the mountain. That was a lot of fire it seemed. Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other with weary looks and felt a strange pull at their chests that made them want to go and down there and fight the Yuki shinobi again. But just as the two boys pushed themselves from the edge of the summit, they were stopped by Sandayu himself.

"Please. Not tonight." Sandayu sighed. "We've seen enough killing today. Enough blood was spilt."

"But, they need our help." Sasuke said.

"But you need to rest instead." Sandayu replied. "The two of you have eye bags that make rats look like specs of dust. You two are exhausted, and from what I was told by Ino-san and Sakura-san, you two had also just gotten discharged from the hospital."

"He's right you two." Ino and Sakura said as they came from their tents. "You two have done enough and it's only been the first day of this mission."

"I guess…" Naruto trailed off. "But what if something were to happen down there?"

"Then one of your kage bunshin would dispel, waking you from your sleep." Ino sighed. "Come on Naruto. You can't just waltz into a battlefield without properly introducing yourself."

"I have an idea for that!" Naruto laughed. "I am…Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto! The Orange Hokage!"

"…" The group was silent. Ino facepalmed and walked away from Naruto and went back to their tent and went back to sleep. Sakura shook her head and grabbed Sasuke right behind. Sakura glared and Naruto and mouthed the words: If Sasuke ends up like you, I'll kill you, and walked away. Naruto had never been so afraid before.

As the time went by, the fires grew larger through the night. With the moon shining bright above them, the fires only seemed to be more and more beautiful. Naruto stared off down the side of the mountains as another cold breeze went in. The wind swooped through his red hair. Since he doesn't get cold because of the bijuu chakra swirling within him, he sat there in a meditative pose without any jackets or even his haori over him.

His eyes were squinted as he channeled as much chakra as he could. Nature chakra started flowing into his body, but for some unforeseen reason, he seemed to not be able to pull as much nature chakra as he'd like. There were already too many different chakras swirling within him. The moment he'd gain more chakra, the chakra that was once in his body would simply vanish and go back to the flowers, leaves and whatever else was around.

Nature chakra was harder to control than what it seemed, at least senjutsu chakra from the plants and rocks. The nature chakra from the air was easier to control but hard to gather, while the natural chakra from the heart, and soul, the senjutsu chakra being used in kitsune sennin mode, was the middle ground between the three known sage modes.

So far, because of his kekkei genkai, he can create kitsune senjutsu chakra whenever he wants and have a never ending supply. But it wasn't as strong as Gama senjutsu, and it was easier to obtain compared to the Washi (eagle) senjutsu. Naruto sighed and opened his violet eyes and stared off into the skirmish fields below. There was once again another battle going on down in the valley between the summit and the next mountain range.

This time though, there were shinobi fighting shinobi. They were jumping around through the trees while throwing kunai and shuriken in all directions, making their targets disperse farther into the trees, only for them to be caught up in a trap rigged with explosive tags. The explosions were large and devastating, but they were so far away and so far down below, the explosions sounded like mere pops in the air.

Naruto sighed and stood from the corner of the summit and walked off towards his and Ino's tent for a good rest. After all, it was just a few minutes past Midnight, it's Sasuke's turn to sit around and watch for attackers. The redhead trudged through the snow and opened Sasuke and Sakura's tent and kicked the Uchiha from his sleep.

"Oi. Teme, it's time for you to take the watch." Naruto whispered so as to not awake Sakura as well.

"You didn't have to kick me." Sasuke growled. "I was about to throw some kunai at you."

"Good thing that you didn't." Naruto smirked with a cheeky grin. "I could die from that."

The next morning…

Naruto and the rest of the group were making good time towards the capital for some well-deserved rest in a hotel or something of that nature. As of now, they were traveling through a dark tunnel with the only light being that of the chakra Naruto and Sasuke were emitting using their swords. Then again, there was also a really dim light at the end of the tunnel signifying the exit.

Sasuke was nervous at first about going through the tunnel, but Naruto insisted and since Naruto outranked everyone present, they all followed his orders. The snow wasn't as high as it was outside, but there was still quite a bit. Naruto didn't mind but Sasuke was completely wary of the snow covered ground. Sasuke tightened his grip on his sword.

Suddenly, there was a strange feeling coming from beneath their feet. Sasuke grabbed Sakura and roared out to everyone nearby that there was something coming. Naruto shut his eyes for a moment and sensed a train rushing from behind. He and the rest of the troupe charged from the tunnel and made a sharp right and dashed up a hill that was conveniently placed.

They waited for a while and the train rushed from the tunnel and froze in its tracks quite literally and sat there for a good five minutes. Ino looked to Naruto with a worried expression stretched on her face. She motioned her eyes almost as if she were trying to tell him something. Naruto after another two minutes of staring at her, he realized what she was trying to say.

The couple turned towards the train and channeled chakra for a combination attack. The Boufuu-me started spinning and spiraling as it molded chakra. Ino and Naruto didn't even say a word and fired off a barrage of lasers and wind water techniques that in turn, the water techniques turned into ice. The attacks smashed into the broadside of the train, pushing it over, and nearly toppling the entire vehicle, but the train merely shot back over and onto the tracks beneath the snow.

"Shit." Naruto grumbled. "The tracks must be laced with chakra."

"Naruto. I'm getting a really bad feeling about this…" Ino whispered. "I-"


All heads turned for the train and narrowed their eyes at the vehicle. The train cars suddenly opened up to reveal small turrets and a large platform. On the platform stood a man of large built and a small entourage of shinobi standing behind him. They wore similar armor with strange sigils on their chests and shoulders that seemed to be funneling chakra to and from their bodies from what Naruto could sense.

"I would like to introduce myself." The large man stated. "I am Kazahana Dotō, and you have someone of great importance to me: Yukie Fujikaze, or should I say…Kazahana Koyuki!"

Yukie's face froze and her eyes shot wide open. The film crew members dropped their supplies and tools and simply stared at the woman. She was the lost princess from all of those years ago. Naruto and Sasuke were ready to fall back and protect Koyuki, but suddenly, from the behind the bushes and the shrubs, Sandayu appeared in full samurai armor and finished with a sword. Behind him stood at least fifty other samurai.

"Dotō Kazahana!" Sandayu shouted out with a powerful voice. "We, the people of the Land of Snow, will defeat you now in the field of battle!"

Naruto looked confused and snapped his head to Sasuke with his eyes wide. Sasuke was just as confused and shrugged. Naruto turned to Sakura wondering what she was thinking of the situation, but she too, shrugged. Naruto sighed and quickly turned to Ino, while drowning out their battle speech. But he couldn't find Ino. He looked frantically as Sandayu continued his speech, but Naruto sensed something from behind.

Ino was speeding through hand seals and sent out a powerful mind shock technique. The shinobi and soldiers at the turrets of the train cars along with Dotō and his shinobi guards were sent to the floor of their platforms relieving them of their advantage. Ino gave Naruto a small smile and nodded. Naruto activated the Boufuu-me and smirked at Sasuke.

"Let's take this country back!" Naruto roared as he and Sasuke drew their swords. "You might want to film this director. It'll be a sight to behold!"

The two Uzumaki half-bloods charged down the hill with the fifty samurai of Yuki no Kuni right behind them. The snow shot up from underneath their feet. The directors and camera crews were amazed at the sight. But just as the men got to midway down the hill, the shinobi of Dotō shot from their backs and charged for the turrets.

Naruto narrowed his eyes as the turrets started firing off barrages of kunai towards them. His eyes spun for a while and sent off a massive wave of wind that not only deflected the kunai, but also sent the kunai back, killing a great deal of the shinobi and destroying a few of the turrets while killing their gunners. Dotō saw this and snapped his fingers while hopping off of the platform.

The samurai with the help of both Naruto and Sasuke, they were able to take over the train and kill the drivers and conductors. Naruto and Sasuke narrowed their eyes at Dotō himself along with his two guards. They were already ten yards from the train. But on the other side of the train, there were a few samurai standing watch.

"Who are they?" Naruto gripped his bloodied sword. "Should we get ready for another attack or…?"

"For Yuki no Kuni!" One of the samurai shouted from the top of the hill. He raised his sword and quickly brought it down, revealing at least another fifty or more samurai charging down the hill with spears and katanas. Dotō though, didn't seem nervous. If anything he looked like he was going to enjoy this confrontation.

Suddenly, from over the mountain and tunnel, a large balloon appeared with turrets just like on the train, attached to the bottom. Naruto narrowed his eyes at it, but he was too late. The turrets opened fire killing a good number of the samurai. Ino was prepared and sped through a few hand seals and ran up next to Naruto and shot her hands up towards the bottom of the airship.

"Ranton: Reizā Sākasu!" Lasers shot from her hands and spiraled for the turrets, frying and destroying each one with deadly accuracy. Ino turned to Naruto and smirked softly, but from the airship, ropes shot down from the sides of the balloon.

On the ropes there were at least twenty shinobi dressed in the same armor as Dotō and his guards. The shinobi dropped down in front of the samurai and merely stared at the inferior and small men before them. Naruto was extremely surprised by their size. Many were well beyond six feet. While Naruto was six feet, these men and women towered over him.

Without a second thought, the samurai charged forward to engage the newcomers, but they were sorely outmatched. The armored shinobi tore through the samurai like tearing a sheet of paper. Naruto nodded his head and channeled chakra into the Kaminoikari and dashed for the nearest armored shinobi.

He made a quick slash, but the shinobi jumped away and sent a long and spiked chain in his way. Naruto sliced to his left cutting the chain, only for the chain to reform right before his eyes. The redhead of surprised, but didn't let it show on his face. He channeled chakra from his senjutsu reserves and charged once more, this time completely aware of his opponent's power and moves.

The shinobi punched forward, but Naruto dodged at the last second and sent a powerful senjutsu punch into the shinobi's gut. The shinobi bounced around, bumping into a few other armored ones before stopping himself. Naruto smirked with a cocky look on his face before quickly dispatching three armored shinobi in less than a second. He popped his neck and channeled more chakra into his movements.

The redhead plowed through a few more shinobi, but was stopped when he met face-first with Dotō Kazahana's fist. Naruto fell into the snow screaming in pain from a broken nose, but the chakra of his senjutsu came in and healed the damage he sustained. Sasuke jumped in with the Akuma Kokyuu along with three smaller demons at his command.

"Holy shit…" Dotō whispered. "That can't be…"

"Surrender." Sasuke said with a dark tone lacing his voice. "These demons would be more than willing to tear your armor off of your worthless little bodies, and then move on to removing the skin from your bones. What will it be Dotō?"

"Never surrender!" Dotō shouted and pressed a button on his chest.

Suddenly, the armored shinobi and Dotō exploded in electricity and chakra. Their bodies grew even larger than before. They growled like vicious animals and charged forward, bashing through the demons and through the samurai standing by. They tore through their opponents with no remorse, leaving Naruto, Sasuke and Ino fearing for their lives. If a group of shinobi could tear through three demons in less than a second, was something to fear.

The armored shinobi grabbed onto the ropes still hanging off the side of the airship and climbed up with an ungodly speed and reached the airship in time just before taking off into the air, leaving the battlefield below.

The samurai and the three shinobi stared at one another for a while completely silent with troops everywhere. Naruto looked around and locked eyes with Sandayu and nodded his head. Within a moment's notice, cheers and celebration broke out as samurai pat each other on their backs and hugged each other as tightly as possible. It was after all, the first victory in eighteen years. Sandayu walked up to Naruto and bowed deeply along with the two samurai commanders behind him.

"Namikaze-sama. Uchiha-sama." Sandayu began. "We are forever in your debts. If there is anything Koyuki or I can do for you two…please ask away."

"There is something." Sasuke began. "We want to know why Dotō wants her so badly."

"I believe this conversation would be better in a different and…quieter scenery. You might want the rest of your team present."

Hours later…

"I see…" Naruto sighed. Sasuke shook his head in disgust as did Sakura. Ino rested a hand on Naruto's shoulder and stood from her seat. "So Dotō is a complete madman huh?"

"He is Namikaze-sama." Sandayu replied with a shake of his head. "He's already executed much of the Daimyo family and even murdered his own wife and three kids. He went mad when Koyuki's father denied him the crown. As of now, he is holding the capital of Yuki no Kuni hostage and has a large army of conscripted samurai and ashigaru along with a massive host of mercenaries and Ronin."

"After that, he went on a crazed hunt for this 'Treasure' of Yuki no Kuni that Koyuki's father had created." Sandayu said. "He can't get to the treasure. I don't even know what it is. For all we could know, it's just an empty field filled with nothing, or it could be filled with gold or riches. Who knows?"

"Indeed." Naruto shrugged. "Does Yukie know?"

"She does." Sandayu replied. "Koyuki-chan…can you come in?"

"What is it?" She asked.

"Why don't you tell our guardians what our true purpose was in Yuki no Kuni."

"W-We were supposed to head off towards the treasure site and place this necklace into the keyhole." Koyuki replied with an almost whispered tone. "I don't know what would happen if I do though."

"How do you know that the necklace pendant is the key?" Sasuke asked.

"I…saw it in my dream once." Koyuki replied. "The dream was more of a lost memory."

"You'll need an escort Koyuki-sama." Naruto replied with a nod. "Sasuke. Go with her and protect the princess with your life."

"H-Huh?" Sasuke gave Naruto an incredulous look. "Why me?"

"Just do it teme." Naruto replied. "I'm going to lead the attack on the capital city to take Yuki no Kuni back from Dotō's control."

"Will I have a team or will it just be the two of us?" Sasuke asked.

"I will need healers and attack types so Ino and Sakura will have to stay with me." Naruto replied with a sigh. "Sandayu-san. When will we attack?"

"I don't know yet Namikaze-san. We need to reallocate our forces first." Sandayu replied. "It would be a good idea though to get Uchiha-san and Koyuki-chan on their way towards the generator."

"I concur Sandayu-san." Naruto agreed. "It'll be better to get a few days ahead of Dotō. He'll probably be on the hunt again for Koyuki-sama."

"Then it's settled. Uchiha-san, please watch over her and protect the princess with your life." Sandayu nodded before walking over to the other side of the tent to go over battle plans for the attack.

Three weeks later…

Sasuke and Koyuki were walking through the forest at a fast pace. With the rebel camp far behind them and them being closer to the generator with each step, they found that the journey was fun, unlike what they originally thought it would be. From the first moment they met each other two and a half years ago, they didn't click at all.

She was after an Ice queen both literally and figuratively. She glared at Sasuke constantly and put him down while always pushing Naruto up and feeding the redhead's ego. But now that they were able to have a conversation without glaring or shouting at one another, Sasuke felt that she wasn't too much of a bitch like she was before.

They managed to get a good conversation in and as Sasuke continued to think about certain things, he realized that he was turning seventeen in just a few weeks and Koyuki was probably only twenty-six, give or take. Sasuke was never one to check out another woman since he and Sakura were a thing, but he had to admit, if anyone were to play Hana in his Icha Icha world, Koyuki would be the Hana to his Ryu.

Little did he know, Koyuki was checking him out too, albeit a bit more subtle. She didn't want any ideas running through his little teenager head. She admired his will to fight and definitely admired the aura he carried himself with. But he had to impress her first, after all, she was a princess.

Sasuke walked up ahead and stopped just at a large ridge that overlooked much of the valley and much of the rest of Yuki no Kuni and the capital city itself. The black haired boy was completely mesmerized by the sight. The fields of white and the never ending sight of snow. He never got such things in Konoha. He looked onward but the smile dropped from his face.

"What's going on…?"

With Naruto…

"Alright!" Naruto shouted over jutsu and explosions. "We need to get ready to break down this gate! Cover us! Ino follow me!"

"You all heard the general!" One of the samurai roared over the commotion of battle. "Protect the generals!"

Naruto and Ino charged through the hundreds of samurai and rebels built up at the front gate of the capital of Yuki no Kuni. Naruto sped through hand seals and slammed his hands down summoning two large eight-tailed foxes and ordered them forward through the gate. Naruto looked to Ino and the two sped through hand seals and shot forward a barrage of lasers that plowed through walls and defenses.

The problem with the siege, there were those turrets at the top of the walls. The men manning the guns were firing off barrage after barrage of kunai and shuriken without remorse killing a great deal of their men. At least the gate wasn't reinforced with chakra. The beast summons burst through the main gate, showering the defenders with splinters and planks of wood while Naruto and the rest of the rebel army charged into the city with their battle cries and shouts echoing throughout the city.

With Sasuke…

"Koyuki-sama!" Sasuke cried out when he realized that she hadn't responded at all. Sasuke spun around fast enough to see a group of shinobi trying to run off with Koyuki kicking and screaming out for Sasuke. The Uchiha growled and activated the sharingan. He charged off without another thought and followed through the snow and the forest.

There was a moment where he thought that he lost the princess and the shinobi that grabbed her, but he sighed in relief when he saw them coming up to the mountain side. He was about to go up there as well, but he was suddenly stopped by a flurry of shuriken and kunai lodging in the ground in front of him. Sasuke looked up with a glare and found a group of armored shinobi charging for him with their weapons drawn.

Sasuke drew out the Akuma Kokyuu and bashed one against his head and spun around on the ball of his heel, and slashed the spine out from the shinobi's back. Sasuke spun back around, spinning the blade as he did. Chakra ignited into a beautiful purple and blue flame. Sasuke dashed forward for the other two shinobi in his way.

The Uchiha slashed towards his left, cutting clean through the shinobi on his right and twirled the sword just before he lunged for the one on his left. The shinobi jumped over to the side, dodging Sasuke's attack and replied with a heavy roundhouse kick that sent Sasuke to the ground in a painful thump. The Uchiha ran a hand through his hair and tried his hardest to quell the ringing noise in his ears. Once his vision cleared, the shinobi was ready to stab him through his chest.

"SHIT!" Sasuke rolled over just in time to dodge the attack and successfully escaped death. He pushed off the ground and sent a leg sweep connecting the attack, knocking the opponent onto his back. Sasuke jumped onto the man's body with two kunai drawn out. The jounin lunged down digging the right kunai into the unprotected neck and digging the other kunai in the shinobi's temple, stabbing through the skull and into his brain.

"Fuck…where is she?" Sasuke groaned.

But there was a sudden rustle from behind him. His sharingan eyes twitched slightly. He snapped his head around and sent a large wave of Amaterasu flame, engulfing a poor Yuki chunin that came to try her strength against the Uchiha.

Suddenly, a powerful searing pain dug into his eyeball and into the muscle surrounding his face and sent the boy to the ground below with blood pouring from his eye socket. He growled in pain, but tried his hardest to hold back against the pain. He knew that it was too good to be true to have the powers of the Mangekyō through training and not receive the side-effects.

"I have to find Koyuki-sama before anything happens to her!"

With Naruto…

Naruto looked over the barricade covering much of the main street and sent a few attacks through the use of his doujutsu. The lasers and wind dragons plowed through Dotō's defenses, but there seemed to still be quite an army garrisoned within the city. Naruto growled when he noticed another group of shinobi coming into the street with more of those blasted turrets.

Ino stood from behind the barricade and fired off a barrage of lasers burning through the banners and men who tried their hardest to kill her. She sped through another pattern of hand seals and clapped her hands together. The sky above them darkened and soon enough, Ino pulled off the Ranton: Shuchu gou in less than a second.

Lasers hailed down upon the defenders and the buildings they were taking refuge in, keeping the entire assault at bay. While the lasers would have been more devastating in a one on one fight, the lasers were dispersed to spread the damage radius, but the explosions weren't enough. The burning and mauling weren't enough. Dotō's army was too much for the time being.

"Shit. I guess I'll have to go all out then." Naruto sped through a different set of hand seals and slammed his palms onto the ground below. "Kuchiyose no jutsu!"

From the massive smoke clouds that were created, four foxes of six tails plowed through. They were quite large almost four times as large as Naruto was with fur as brown as dirt and the tips of their tails being white and grey. The foxes snarled at the army in front of them and charged forward with their teeth barred and their claws sharp.

With Sasuke…

Sasuke kept his hand on his left eye as the blood continued to pour, albeit slower. He grunted in pain as the pain was slowly returning, but with less punch. He was weak in his legs but he wasn't about to give up yet. He walked through the freezing winds and trudged up the rocky stairwell towards wherever the shinobi took Koyuki.

Sasuke grunted but felt his body freeze up when a massive explosion shook the entire area, nearly causing the Uchiha to fall from the ledge on the mountain side. He looked towards the city and found that there were large fires and some parts of the city were completely smoke with nothing to be seen. He could see the banners of Dotō and the rebels waving in the winter winds.

He shook his head and shut his eyes. With slow and heavy breaths, Sasuke was able to calm himself down and started his walk once more up the mountain side and towards an opening if there was one.

Almost ten minutes had past, and Sasuke still hadn't found one and his eyes weren't helping him out in any way whatsoever. He shook his head of the lightheaded feeling and the strange hallucinations. He walked toward a strange buildup of rocks on the ledge and started pushing them over. With the blood that flowed from his eyes finally done, but the blood itself frozen, Sasuke was free to use his hands and started pushing rocks off of the ledge and off into the valley below.

"This has to be it…" Sasuke gasped. There was a metal door that seemed to have been bashed in by ninjutsu or most likely someone's war hammer or heavy bludgeoning weapon.

Without another look towards the capital city behind him, he charged down the tunnel and into the complex within the mountain without even knowing what could possibly lie within. His left sharingan eye started clearing up and within a few minutes, he was finally able to see with a clear vision and mind. All around, there were chakra signatures that were of varying sizes and distances and floors.

He took a step forward, but was suddenly stabbed through the stomach by an armored shinobi hiding behind one of the tunnels nearby. Sasuke roared in pain and fell over onto the rocky ground screaming in pain as the blade was twisted in his gut.

The shinobi that stabbed him reached into the tunnel and grabbed Koyuki by her hair while another shinobi picked up the princess and ran off through one of the other tunnels on the other side of the room. Sasuke coughed out blood but deemed himself fine and pulled towards one of the walls.

"Shit…I'm going to need some healing…" Sasuke shut his eyes and clapped his fists together and began to meditate.

Within seconds, senjutsu chakra flowed into his body, and the eye shadow began to take shape and color. Whereas Naruto's was orange, Sasuke's was a blood-red-scarlet color. The sharingan eyes of his melded with the senjutsu eyes and soon enough, his wounds were healed from damage and the knife was ejected from his body.

Sasuke pushed himself off the ground and limped to his feet before trying his hardest to sense where Koyuki was. Within a few seconds, he was able to pinpoint her chakra signature and ran through the tunnels for her. He knew for a fact that she was with Dotō, but where they were, he had no idea. It was all really strange to him.

Sasuke jumped over some rocks and through some boulders while still in sage mode. But the moment he was close to Koyuki and Dotō's chakra, he was stuck in front of a boulder of ungodly size. Sasuke growled and got ready to pound the boulder down. He cocked his fist back.

With Naruto…

Ino was running. She was running hard with her blade of water swishing in her hands as she and Naruto; side-by-side took on the defenders head on. Those who attacked them without thinking about their situation ended up dead on the snow covered ground below. Ino was vicious and showed no mercy to the conscripts and shinobi.

A more experienced Yukigakure shinobi of jounin rank ran up to Ino thinking women to be useless, felt that he could defeat Ino of all people in an easy one on one fight. Ino didn't even give the man enough time to blink. Within a split second, her water blade had beheaded him ending his life.

Naruto was spinning through his enemies as both the Oninohan and the Kaminoikari exploded with his chakra. He was more than just a red cyclone, he was a blood tornado. Naruto wasn't going to stop any time soon and felt that this was the most fun he'd had in a long time. Behind the couple, the samurai of the rebels were following up close behind taking down any stragglers as they got closer and closer to the castle.

With Sasuke…

The rock exploded sending a hailstorm of rocks and pebbles to the two inhabitants of the strange area behind the boulder. The smoke cleared and the dust disappeared. Sasuke stood in the wake of the attack covered in sweat and blood. Behind him were the rest of Dotō's armored shinobi, with giant holes in their chests probably from Sasuke's lightning covered left hand.

"S-Sasuke-kun…" Koyuki gasped with wide eyes.

"You." Dotō growled. "Why do you want to help this cowardly bitch so badly huh? Why do you want to help this country?! What did I ever do to you personally?"

"It's nothing personal." Sasuke growled as the senjutsu left his body. His muscles went lax and his body hunched over almost as if he was completely put out. "I don't like oppressive people like you. BASTARD!"

Chakra started building up in his right hand. The chakra built up and formed a spherical shape and started exploding with fire. Dotō, in a quick move without another thought, grabbed Koyuki by the throat and tore the necklace from her neck and jammed the pendant into the keyhole of the object behind the two Kazahana.

Sasuke tilted his head slightly as the rasengan continued to grow. Dotō though smiled at Sasuke as if expecting the action to somehow, miraculously defeat the boy. It didn't though. The mountain suddenly shifted from behind them and it came to reveal a series of gargantuan mirrors that started reflecting the sun's rays.

Dotō's smile dropped completely as the rays of the sun were reflected towards the land and started melting the snow below. Koyuki was frozen in place with her eyes wide. Sasuke was confused but used this moment of confusion as a chance to strike. The Uchiha charged forward and rammed the rasengan into the Kazahana's back, tearing apart his armor and sending the man forward at amazing speeds.

Koyuki's breath was forced from her lungs at the heroism. Dotō was shot off through the sky with the chakra streams glowing like a rainbow of light as the man was smashed into one of the mirrors cracking it completely, taking it out of commission. It didn't matter though. Dotō was finally defeated. The princess turned to face the hero of the moment, but found that Sasuke was hunched over and breathing ridiculously hard.

"Heheh…that generator though…" Sasuke managed to whisper before passing out completely.

Four weeks later…

Naruto, Sasuke, Ino and Sakura stood before the Hokage covered in heroic garbs and fabrics from Yuki no Kuni, now called Haru no Kuni or Land of Spring. Tsunade looked calm, but deep inside the four children in front of her knew that they were probably going to get it big-time. Not only did they disobey her orders but Sasuke ended up having a bit of too much fun with both Koyuki and Sakura during their first week of reprise in the capital of Haru no Kuni.

"I've read over your report Naruto." Tsunade began with a straight face. "To say that I am surprised is an understatement."

The Hokage rose from her seat and glared at Naruto and Sasuke more importantly. She sighed and growled quite ferociously before calming down with a quick swig of sake from her desk.

"Not only did you two manage to defeat and replace a corrupt government, but you also managed to change the name of an entire country and let's not forget about Sasuke's wonderful night with his girlfriend and the Daimyo of Haru no Kuni! CARE TO EXPLAIN?!"

"I would love to Baa-chan- GAH!" Sasuke's eyes suddenly started bleeding once more. His once onyx colored eyes was now grey and stony looking. Blood fell over and down onto the floor below, while cascading down his cheeks. Sasuke collapsed onto his knees while everyone charged for him. He was hoisted up to his feet by Naruto and Ino and carried towards the door.

"We'll meet you at the hospital Baa-chan." Naruto nodded. "This is urgent it seems."

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