Author's Note: So I didn't want to make this a song fic, it's just kind of based off of the song, "A Team", By Ed Sheeran. I was kinda roused by the thought of Iruka and Kakashi pairing, so I hope you like it.

Summary: Slight AU. Iruka's mind is in turmoil after a drunk Kakashi broke into his house and brutally raped him. Not sure if he should confront Kakashi about it, or if he even remember, Iruka attempts to live on life forgetting it ever happened. As the days turn to week, the pain growing inside of Iruka begins to take a physical form, and sooner or later he learns the terrible truth. Mpreg

Warnings: Rape, Yaoi , Mpreg, Alternate Universe

Pairings: IrukaxKakshi Slight Hinatax Evil Sasuke, KakashixOC

Ratings: Either T or M


That morning, when the sun had shone on his face, Iruka sat up as best as he could. He would wince, and bite back the pain that shot through the lower part of his body. So he sat there, and placed his head in his shaking hands. Before he knew it, his whole body began to tremble and a shiver ran down his spine. He felt cold, broken, violated and naked. Quickly, he snatched the blankets and covered himself in shame. He clutched the sheets and bit his lip, trying not to lose himself.

Don't Cry! He told himself, clutching the blanket even tighter. You're a ninja, things like this are supposed to happen. Iruka tried to convince himself that this was natural, that he was being weak by crying over it. But as he felt himself, his bruised skin and looked at the sheets coated with blood, he lost it completely.

His emotions overcame him like overflowing water, and before long there were streams of tears going down his cheeks. Half of him wanted to know why this happened while the other half was urging him that he needed to get up and get out of bed. He had a class to teach and he couldn't be late just because of something this minor.

Nevertheless he cried, and soon enough his emotions weighed down upon, causing him to blackout, and once again fall helpless on his mattress.

As usual, every Iruka sat in his bed and read reports given to him by the students. As usual, he had to face that fact that most students were smarter than others, as he graded papers, but nevertheless he treated them all equally.

In a course of an hour, he was done. He placed the papers on his desk and made way to turn the light on, when he noticed something. The window, which he had closed before, was wide open. The curtains flew on top of the breeze, and a cool draft caressed Iruka. On his guard, he jumped from his bed and closed the window.

Slowly, he looked around before heading back to his bed and lying down. His hand was encased around the light switch until someone or something touched him.

He drew his hand back and immediately jumped out of his bed in alarm.

To his surprise, there was a man standing there, right in front of him with one red glowing eye. When he stepped out of the shadow and into full view, Iruka gasped when he saw him.

"Kakshi?" He asked, slightly shocked and embarrassed. Even though he saw the man every day, he still couldn't keep his heart from beating like a drum. And of course, the fact that Kakashi was in his house took things to a different level. "What are you doing here?"

He saw the way Kakashi stood, and the way he attempted to balance himself. Something was off about him.

Iruka attempted to walk over to him, but in an instant the younger man was grabbed by his wrist and thrown on the bed.

"Kakshi_" Iruka was silenced by the way he didn't speak or even look directly at him. There was something off about him, something that made him look inhuman, almost as if he was possesed.

"Why don't you just shut your mouth for once, and let the grown ups do their work." Kakashi spoke in a deathly manner, causing Iruka to go cold. He stared at Kakashi, who slowly walked over to him, with confused eyes. What was he talking about?

He felt frightened, because he knew that if Kakashi tried to assault him, he couldn't fight him off.

"What do you want?" Iruka tried to hide the fear in his voice, but he couldn't. Kakashi's sharingan was already spinning.

Iruka blinked and before he knew it, Kakashi was on him, pinning him to his mattress. His grip surprised Iruka, he never knew that the older man was this strong.

"Get off!" He yelled, kicking violently. "Now!"

Kakashi only pressed himself onto his victim, and then Iruka smelt it. Alcohol.

Kakashi was drunk. He was not in control of his actions. This caused Iruka to scream.

"Shut the hell up!" Kakashi ordered while reaching down under, causing Iruka to shiver.

He felt Kakashi pull his pants and underwear down, Kakashi undid his own belt. Iruka braced himself, trying to pull his wrist free from Kakashi's one hand grasp.

"You're warm..." Kakashi whispered near Iruka's ear. "I'm going to enjoy this."

Iruka got enough strength to break free and he attempted to grab a weapon on his desk.

Sadly, Kakashi was there before him.

He grabbed Iruka's head and slammed it into the lamp on the nightstand, causing it to shatter. The room became dark as the drunkard forced Iruka in an uncomfortable position and began to do his deed.

He ignored Iruka's cries and pleas, even to the point of drawing blood...

Iruka's eyes shot open and he looked at the clock.

"Crap!" He said shooting up and darting to the bathroom. Looking at himself in the mirror made him want to cringe. He was a mess.

So quickly, he stepped in the shower and cleaned himself, spending minutes scrubbing single parts of his body.

After he finally finishing up, he tried himself and put his clothes on. Again, looking in the mirror, after fixing his hair, he tried to smile.

But he just wasn't happy...not at all. He placed his hand on the mirror, as if he tried to cover up his face. He felt to ashamed to even look himself in the eye.

"Hey," One of the students whispered to another when Iruka Sensei walked in. "He looks beat."

"Yeah." The girl replied. "Let's try to be nice to him today..."

That passed around through the whole class, and by the time Iruka was at the board, everybody was silent. By the way he wrote, the students could tell that he was tired and he walked with a...limp.

Students questioned each other quietly as he wrote down the lesson.

He didn't look at either one of them, and before they knew it, he was sitting down. They had a free block that day, and when the bell rang they were all quick to leave. All except a few.

"Are you okay?" One asked. "You seem a little_" "I'm fine." He managed a smile. "Really. Now you all go home, it's the weekend."

Hesitantly, the students left, leaving their Sensei there by himself.

When Iruka began his walk home, it was cold outside. He looked up at the winter sky and thought he saw snowflakes falling from the sky. But he shook his head, it was just a blur. He continued to walk past familiar places, and familiar people. Not once did the thought occur to him that Kakashi would be there, just as everyone else was.

When that thought made its way into his mind, he found himself picking up the pace.

He sped through the cold weather trying his best to get home in time, to avoid Kakashi...but realized that it was too late.

He saw the silver haired man, far away in the distance talking to someone...a woman it seemed like. The two walked in the park, hand and hand...and before Iruka could turn away, Kakashi planted a kiss on her lips.

Iruka felt his heart constrict, as tears made their way to his eyes and all of a sudden, he felt more lonely than ever.

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