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Lady In White

When the group reached their destination, Iruka already knew his purpose for the mission. So as the others entered the small building, Iruka was instructed to create a barrier, so no one could get in or out. He sat there alone, focusing all his chakra on the perimeter so that the barrier could withstand even the strongest attacks. He only prayed that the Akatsuki had left, and that everyone one be safe.

"They're in there..." A familiar voice spoke. "Every single one of them...but, I'm not sure it's the actual Akatsuki..."

Iruka turned around in surprise to see the same woman with long black hair who had healed him in the snow. She wore a white kimono however, as she made way to sit down on the ground next to him.

"You're looking better, Iruka." She smiled.

"I want to thank you, for healing me in the snow...for making sure my baby was alright." Iruka said, his eyes were still closed, as he was focusing.

"It's lucky I found you...your baby was already dead, and so were you."

The way she said those words, sent a chill down Iruka's spine.

"What..." He opened his eyes for a second, and the barrier weakened. Focusing his chakra and closing his eyes again, he repaired the barrier.

"You were dead! And so was your baby...actually your baby is dead right now. I understand you probably haven't felt anything right? You've been keeping that bit to yourself, which is good."

"Dead?" Iruka spoke quietly. "How do you know?"

"I just do, and that's why I came to find you again. I'm going to give your baby life one more time, but when he's born, take good care of him! His daddy you see, was always sick as a little boy...and so was his daddy...Sakumo? Haven't you ever wondered why their hair is white?"

"I thought it was common..." Iruka admitted, still confused.

"For someone's hair to be white? Do you see how young Kakashi is. Listen, when he was born his hair was black, as well as his father's. However, due to an ailment that runs through the Hatake family, their hair turns white after the sickness has passed. It's a good thing, when their hair is white. If their hair is black when they are born, then it means they'll get sick later on, and their sickness can potentially be fatal." She paused. "Every wonder why Kakashi is the only Hatake left? They're all dead!"

"Kakashi never mentioned that." Iruka protested.

"Of course he didn't." She smiled. "That's not something he'd want someone he cares about to know..." She placed a hand on Iruka's stomach. "And it seems the sickness is already taking over the baby...I need to hurry."


"Just keep you eyes closed and continue to focus. This will just take a second."

Iruka did as he was told, suddenly feeling a warm sensation in his stomach. There was a terrible twist that pained him for a second, but then...he felt something he had missed for such a long time.

A small heart beat.

"There, that should do it, Iruka! And while I understand your good intentions, you are being reckless don't you think. Wouldn't you rather be in bed? Six months pregnant and you decide you want to go on a rescue mission?"

"Yes, but I kind of...I want to make sure Kakashi is safe. It's dumb, I know...but I love him." Iruka sighed. "I was surprised when Lady Tsuande, gave me permission to go."

"Well you see," The woman took her hands from Iruka's stomach. "She was stuck in the same situation, years ago. I think she sees herself in you, Iruka..." The woman stood and rubbed Iruka's shoulders. "I think I'll be taking my leave now, but I'll see you_no, you'll see me after the baby is born." She smiled. "Take care, Iruka..."

"Thank you." Iruka wanted to hug her or something, but that would risk destroying the barrier. So he only closed his eyes tighter and focused on the obstacle at hand.

However, he couldn't contain the smile making its way on his lips, every time he felt a small movement or powerful heartbeat.

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