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Queen Cersei walked up the steps of the Great Sept to attend the funeral of her father Lord Tywin Lannister, The Hand of the King, at her side walked her young son King Tommen. As the High Septon droned on he her turned and whispered, "Grandfather had a hard life didn't he?"

She kept her face expressionless as she answered him equally as quite, "Yes, he had a very hard life."

"Is he at peace now?" He asked anxiously.

She suppressed a snort, she did not what, if anything happened after death but that wouldn't be what he wanted to hear. So instead she said "Yes…

Great Here After

Tywin's head snapped back from the blow dealt him by Eddard Stark. Stark pulled back his arm for another blow. "Hire the Frey to kill my family will you, you money-grubbing fence-sitter!" Before he could deliver the blow, however Tywin dove forward and talked him to the ground, getting in a few blows of his own. Since both men were spirits and not beings of flesh and blood neither could actually hurt the other but this did not discourage them.

"The only reason I was able to do it was because your son was as foolish as you 'Mr. I am so honorable I walked right into a trap and got my head chopped off!'"

Starks's eyes flashed with fury. "Oh no, you do not want to go down the 'My kids are better than yours' road 'Mr. I got shot by my own son!' And while we are on the subject let me clue you in on a little something something about your other two…"

A little ways off Robert Baratheon whooped with laughter at their struggle, "That's it Stark, let him have it!"

A light tapping on his shoulder distracted him. Turning around he found he found his younger brother Renly standing there. "What do you want?" He asked, annoyed at the interruption to his entertainment.

"Well brother, with the way things are going it seems only a matter of time till dear brother Stannis arrives. In anticipation of this I was wondering if I might borrow your hammer."

Chuckling Robert handed him his hammer, "Good to see your finally growing a spine. But, he may not be here for some time, any reason why you need it now?

"Oh, no reason, well I must go now."

As Renly walked away he hid a smirk as a loud voice rang out.

"Baratheon, where are you!" Bellowed Prince Rhaegar.

"Tell me I am not a man will you?" Said Renly to himself as he walked away giving the hammer a few practice swings.

Nearby Khal Drogo tried in vain to escape from Viserys, his head still covered with gold.

"I am the rightful king you had no right to lay hands on me you unwashed, horse-eating savage!"

Growling in frustration Drogo turned and swung his sword at Viserys, naturally it did not do anything but as it hadn't done anything the first 1,236 times Drogo had tried it he wasn't terribly surprised. However, the movement did wake his son, who promptly began crying, again.

Nearby Robb Stark perused a band of fleeing Frey, several of them sported rope marks on their necks. "Betray and murder your king will? I'll teach you!" So intent were the Frey on escaping their erstwhile king they failed to notice Graywind running past them to head them off.

Off a little ways a screaming Joffery Baratheon was pursed by a Lady while Mycah charged in for a flying tackle.

Great Sept

"…Yes, my son," Said Queen Cersei, "The dead are peace."