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Tail's Tale

"Stupid! I said that I needed it today but no... Oomph!" The teen's sentence was cut off as he blocked the demon attacking him with his Devil Bringer. Why couldn't he use Red Queen? Oh yeah, that's right, they needed it in order to repair someone else's engine powered blade.

"You're rather miserable aren't you?" The demon currently attacking him was a bit of an oddball, it seemed to be pretty darn intelligent, and a damn good fight too.

"Shut up!" Nero shouted, snatching the demon's blade and shattering it in his Bringer, he tossed the broken pieces over his shoulder, smirking at the demon's expression.

"Dude! That was my sword!" She shouted, her long tail slashing angrily through the air. "That wasn't cheap!"

"Go to hell." the teen deadpanned, the demoness stood from her defensive position and crossed her arms, sticking a lip out, looking for all the world like a petulant child.

"That's mean," She pouted "I just wanted to have some fun. And here I thought that the rumors said you always had fun with your fights."

"Rumors?" Nero stood as well, but he didn't let his guard drop, she could just be trying to backstab him. Upon hearing his words, the rather feline looking demon dropped her pout and stared at him with open shock.

"Seriously? You're the Son of Sparda, how could you not think that there'd be rumors going around hell about you too? Especially after what you did to Mundus..."

"Son of Sparda, you think I'm Dante?" The slayer was now getting irritated, why did they always think he was that pizza loving clown?

"You're not?"

"No." Nero said flatly

"Damn!" The demoness swore "I wanted to fight him! Not that you're not a good fighter!" She amended quickly "I just wanted to be able to say that I've gone toe to toe with the infamous slayer. Me! Eliza!"


"Well since you aren't him I've got no quarrel with you." She gave a wink and gave the now baffled teen a quick peck on the lips before vanishing into midair.

"What the hell...?" Nero muttered, unsure of what had just happened. Shaking his head and deciding that as long as the demon was gone his job was done, he began trudging back to town.

The white haired male tried as best he could to ignore the glances and stares he received from the townspeople, pulling his right arm closer to his body as though that'd keep it from sight. Things hadn't improved all that much since the Savior incident, at point and time, most of the city had been hiding and still suspected that Nero had somehow triggered the whole ordeal. The teen sighed, wanting only to go home and sleep, he headed quickly for the small home that he and Kyrie lived in, he was back much earlier than he'd said he'd be but he walked right into the house anyway and froze. The two occupants in the room froze as well.

"Kyrie..." Nero couldn't help but stare in blatant disbelief at the scene before him. His adoptive sister turned girlfriend, the one person he'd nearly gone through hell for, was sitting on the couch, or rather crossways over another man's lap who was on top of the couch.

"Nero I..." the redhead disengaged herself quickly, the shine of tears already showing in her eyes. Before she could say more, the slayer turned and dashed back out into the city.

He walked right out of the edge of his once beautiful hometown, still in shock, before long, the shock became heartbreak. How could she do that to him? He'd risked his life for her, gave everything he had to protect her... Before the sadness had time to become rage the teen felt his Devil Bringer pulse in warning, something was coming, something pretty strong.

Nero turned and came face to face with an extremely pissed off looking Blitz. The shockwave off the creature knocked him off his feet and disoriented his senses, the young slayer didn't have time to regain them again before he heard footsteps to his left, the demon he saw wasn't familiar but those claws looked like they could dish out some serious damage. He tried to get to his feet but his limbs failed him, the double hit of the physical and emotional shock was too much for his frayed nerves and the partial demon screamed when those vicious claws tore into him.

-Neko! I Mean Nero!-

Eliza returned to the battlefield from earlier, hoping to salvage the remains of her sword. If nothing else it could be melted down for scrap metal, just as long as her father didn't find out about it... The she-devil was almost back when she sensed the boy's aura from earlier, he was nearby. As the curious devil she was, the slayer's former opponent went out to find him.

What she didn't expect to find was the poor white haired boy being nearly shredded by a rare breed of chimera and a Blitz. Eliza growled, her tall orange ears flat against her hair and long claws at the ready, her mostly human guise began to slip and razor sharp blades ran smoothly parallel to her forearms. The Blitz backed off immediately, the blind demon sensing the danger and deciding to take its meal somewhere less dangerous, the chimera wasn't as lucky as Eliza's blade decapitated it and sliced it in half in the same scissoring motion. She then knelt down next to her former opponent.

The boy was in bad shape, this was the kind of thing that even strong devil's blood (which the boy had) wouldn't be able to heal.

"Hey, I don't know if you can hear me but I feel as though this is partly my fault, I wore you down, if I hadn't, you wouldn't have had any trouble with those pesky scum. I'm going to save you as best I know how, you may not like the outcome but it's the only way you'll survive. Just please, make good use of the life I give back, leave this miserable city, go find happiness." With that, the she-devil poured some of her own blood into one of Nero's many gaping wounds, filling it with her power, pushing the qualities of her chimera blood to help him and heal him. When the wounds began healing steadily she gave him a soft pat on the head, already feeling a slight bump near the top, and vanished, her broken sword long forgotten.

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