Harry Potter – Naruto Uzumaki

It All Ends

Chapter III

It All Fades for the New

Ginny sighed as she climbed off her bed and unlocked her door. "Well, I'm hungry. I'm going to get some dinner," she said causing her new friends in another place, wherever to gawk. "Oh, that, yeah, they treat me like I'm pond scum… well, mum, Percy and Ron do, but," she said sticking her head out of the door.

"Yep, dads home, you know he doesn't treat me like mum does, but getting those dolls, he won't believe us when we tell him they're girls' toys. He started getting them because Ron keeps complaining about getting nothing, so they were to shut him up, other people have to grow up faster than morons like him."

The other four couldn't help but smile. "So why's your mum like that anyway?" Hinata asked, confused as she remembered how nice her mother was, missing the cuddles.

She rolled her eyes. "Mum was raised to believe that girls aren't as important as boys, and both Percy, one of my older brothers and Ron are her favourites and take her lessons to heart."

"So they're just followers," Sasuke said quietly, not sure how to think as he thought of his mother. She followed his father, even when she didn't agree; thinking about that it seemed quite pathetic. "Don't know how to think for themselves," he said, wincing at the irony as he had always followed his brother around too.

"Yeah, pretty much," she said as she left her room and closed her door when she almost jumped as two identical older boys turned up behind her snickering.

"We heard you're not allowed out of your room or any food until you apologise to ikle doll carrying Ronikins," they said together teasingly.

"I'm not apologising to him," she hissed out venomously causing the twins to flinch, and it wasn't just them as her new friends winced too. "If anything I'll hit him again, harder this time."

They both laughed, picturing it. "We also felt the quake, did the weak little girl do that?" gasped out one twin. "We have yet to see more than a spoon twitch from Ron, so he must be well on his way to becoming Merlin's lovechild!" the other giggled, and that seemed to think they're the universes gifts to humour.

She couldn't help but smile as her twin brothers are always (mostly) fun and talk to her like she's not a mentally handicapped person. She sat at the table next to her father after giving him a hug and started eating dinner while her mother scowled at her, just pausing, and Ron looked smug, but she ignored them.

"Well, I'm waiting!" Molly demanded angrily.

"Oh," she replied turning to Arthur with her sad watery eyed expression at the ready. "Dad, Ron burst into my room, accused me of stealing a shoe from one of his dolls and pulled me off my bed by my hair. So I hit him between the legs, and mum thinks I should apologise, but I don't," she told him about what happened, and even the twins and Charlie their oldest brother (still at home), year seven looked at Ron in anger.

"Ronald Weasley!" Arthur said heatedly standing. "How dare you touch your sister, this is the last straw, touch her again and I'll let you sleep in the garden where wild animals belong, now apologise to your sister."

"But she's just a girl," Ron said angrily. "Mum, tell dad, she's just a girl, she doesn't matter like I do."

"Yes, Arthur, he's your son, and she's just a silly little girl," she replied nodding her head, agreeing with her son. "She just wants to cause trouble, and stir things up."

"No Molly," he finally said trying to calm down. "I'm sick and tired of this. I don't know, nor have I ever treated you any differently. I'm sick and tired of this, and if you don't get your head out of your rear I'll take the twins, Charlie, and Ginny and leave you and your sexist little world behind because this is getting ridiculous!" he said angrily. "Come on, Ginny, guys, I'll take you out for some dinner," he said leading them out of the kitchen, only leaving Molly, Ron and Percy, shocked he was finally putting his foot down hard and actually meant it this time.

Arthur, his 3 sons and 1 daughter exited the fireplace into an old warn out pub, which Naruto commented on being cool, (the walking through the fire, not the pub, the pub he thought needed a lick of paint, and cleaning, lots of cleaning). They were just about to find a table for themselves when they were called, (well Arthur was).

They looked over to see a stern looking witch with greying brown blonde hair sitting at a large table with a small girl with her reddish blond hair tied back into a plat. Arthur walked over leading his brood with a smile aimed at the woman.

"Amelia, what brings you out here?" he asked.

Her smile was tight-lipped as she gestured the remaining seats. "Arthur, won't you all join us. I'm afraid I wasn't feeling up to cooking anything today I'm so busy with work. So I thought I would treat Susan, here," she introduced the little girl while Ginny sat next to her and the others took seats too.

"Well, this is Ginny, Fred, George, and Charlie," he introduced his lot.

"I thought you had three more," she said looking them over, her eyes scanning and checking she didn't miss anyone.

He nodded with a sigh. "Unfortunately I've had quite the falling out with Molly, and I don't think I can fix it or want too. She keeps treating Ginny like she has no rights over my youngest son, Ron, letting him get away with what he likes when it involves Ginny. He and my third oldest have been led to believe that girls are just to become wives to look after the kids, and I'm starting to worry, as you can understand."

She rubbed her eyes, shaking her head while she let that sink in. "I knew Molly back at school. She was always like that then, trying to set back women's rights a century or two," she said sadly as a waiter came over and took their orders before continuing as if uninterrupted. "If you… you know what. If you do me a favour you and this lot can stay with us. We have plenty of spare rooms and it does get quite cold just the two of us. At least for a while, until Molly comes around."

"You mean we would be staying forever?" he asked, amused while she just laughed a little.

"Well, she is really stubborn and set in her ways," she reluctantly agreed. "But how about my, favour…?"

"OK, what is it?" he asked, curious while the twins, Charlie, and Ginny couldn't believe they might be leaving their mother. Though, they will probably miss her, even Ginny a bit, but they won't miss her rants on the way things 'should' be. Their ears burn with those rants and quite honestly none make sense to the kids so how their mother thinks they make sense they couldn't tell.

"I need a new head for the Misuse of Magic department," she said, putting her hand up to stall his refusal or whatever. "I know, I know, I've offered you lesser promotions before, and you refused because you like where you are. However, this position is the head of your whole department. I was looking to find someone, and I'm afraid that only a few people, yourself included are viable candidates.

"But a couple of those are in Dumbledore's pocket all the way, or in the Ministers, and through default, Malfoy's," she said with a sigh. "I know your family have had some strong ties with Dumbledore, but we've known each other since Hogwarts, and I know you can say no when you want to. I want it clear that I want you to run the department, not Dumbledore."

"Of course," he said with a nod. "I know Dumbledore isn't as great as too many people think he is. I've come home from work early before to find him talking with Molly… about what I can only guess, but I've asked him about Harry Potter before, and the way he says things. I don't know what he's really done with him, but-."

Ginny had to keep her mouth shut as Amelia Bones continued. "I've looked for him too, and I can't find him anywhere. I've even tried getting injunctions to force Dumbledore to hand him over, but he's always managed to block me, and I was a registered guardian, being friends with his mother while we worked together for a few years at Arrow Brooms, and I haven't heard from Ar..." she was interrupted as dinner arrived and the kids tucked in.

Arthur started as he looked to Amelia. "Then... Dumbledore has something to do with her not turning up...?"

Ginny didn't know who hadn't turned up but this news was surprising. This means as Hinata put it Harry was kidnapped, and is a kidnap victim. The same was going through the adults and other kids' minds, except Susan's, as she looked confused.

The red haired girl and her hidden friends all thought this over, and each promised some form of vengeance on this old man that would be humiliating. This is their brother after all, which again made them start as they realised thinking of each other as family was right, they are family.

"Then, if Dumbledore brings Harry to Hogwarts, even then he'll be able to stop you," Arthur finally added after a moment of deep thought as they started on their meal. "OK, you know what… no more listening to these fools, or Molly, I'll accept your offer."

"Great," she said smiling. "It will be good for Susan to have a playmate," she said smiling at Ginny; however she was zoning out of all that talk as Hinata called her attention, surprised.

"Hey look," she said pointing to Harry fast asleep on his hospital bed, even Sasuke looked as he was having trouble sleeping and no one thought to give him a sleeping pill or something, and Naruto had only just found himself a comfortable room to sleep in.

They looked to Harry's room, surprised as a nurse led in a woman with red hair and bright green eyes; age in her mid twenties. She looked like she couldn't believe something was real. She has a slender body and instead of wearing robes, she's wearing black hipster combat trousers, a white top and cream jacket, and brown walking boots, with a beaten look, as if she works with her hands and muscles, though that doesn't detract from her looks; she's beautiful.

She walked over to Harry with tears in her eyes as she reached out and stroked the hair from his head and took a seat holding his hand. She stroked his fingers with her thumb while the nurse left them alone. She didn't say anything as she just sat and waited for him with a watery smile.

"Who do you think she is?" Naruto asked as he slipped under some covers on his newly claimed bed.

"She must know him," Hinata said with a gentle smile. "It's so sweet, Harry's so lucky right now."

Ginny couldn't help but agree as she ate her dinner feeling better. Her dad had finally accepted a better paying job and they're going to live in a new house. It couldn't get any better could it? Well her mum could stop hating her, but that doesn't seem likely. She'll just have to get on with it and commit her acts of revenge against Ron when she goes to Hogwarts.

Soon, even Hinata had said goodnight to Ginny and slipped under her covers before going to sleep, which dimmed all of the 'windows' a bit, but Ginny could still see them, but that left her semi-alone. She was starting to get used to this odd connection, and now has to wait to see them awake again, but at least she still has Luna.

Ginny's mum had been furious later that evening when her father had arrived back, packing all of their things. It seemed odd that a woman who thinks women are dirt compared to men would speak to him like that, and very bigoted and biased. They left pretty quickly as she started throwing stuff at them, and arrived in a large house.

Ginny had never seen a bedroom as big as the one Susan showed her, the empty one next to hers, eager to have a little 'sister' to play with. They did play some games for about an hour before they were tucked into their beds and were soon fast asleep, and Luna, as she climbed into her bed was the last to say good night to her.

Harry groaned and stretched as his eyes flickered opened tiredly, and then widened as some strange red haired green-eyed woman had moved to obscure his sight of the ceiling for her face, and teary eyes. She looked down at him as if he was her one and only miracle, and could now die happy.

"Oh god, Harry, you're safe," she said, whimpering, hugging him quickly before pulling back. "I thought I was never going to see you again, and that Dumbledore would get away with kidnapping you!" she cried out cuddling him tightly this time, baffling him, but it was nice and warm.

"Oh god, sorry," she said pulling back, worried as he flinched a little that time, thinking she hurt him. "I'm Artemis, Artemis Evans, but I suppose that's Aunty Artemis to you, or Aunty Art if you like, or you can just call me Artemis if you like. Dad was an archaeologist like me, though mum was a linguist. He named me after, well, never mind, mum wanted the flower thing like Lily and... Oh, I mean your grandpa and grandma.

"Sorry, I don't know where they are, and truthfully they could be... well, umm, anyway," she said wiping her tears away with a small smile. "Sorry, I guess I'm blabbering, but I've looked for you everywhere, and tried everything to get you back. I couldn't find you, or mum and dad, and others too, old friends..."

"Y-you're magic like me?" he asked, worried she isn't even though he knows she is.

She smiled and nodded her head frantically. "Yeah, I was so relieved when I found out and… augh, I'm blabbering again. I heard you've… been through some things, and when I get my hands on that filthy sister of mine I'm going to turn her and her family into rats and donate them to a muggle research lab."

"T-that's OK," he said shyly, mainly because that's a good idea and he wants the pleasure. "So… umm… I've never even heard of you before," he said blushing while she smiled and held his hand, stroking his hair back from his eyes.

"Yeah, well, I'm… I was a few years younger than your mum, Lily," she said sadly as she retook her seat. "And when I finished, Hogwarts… umm… magic school, it was just after your mum married Potter. He was OK, not the sort of person I would ever go with… wrong… umm… never mind, but he was all right, and looked after your mum. Well, anyway, with Voldemort on the loose I decided I wanted to get out.

"I tried to convince your mum and dad to leave too, but they were headstrong to stay with Dumbledore," she said, talking without the knowledge that he shouldn't really know who they are, but he wasn't going to correct her. "Well, I wanted to see the world and make some awesome discoveries, and I never trusted Dumbledore. It's something about the way he looks at you, or the giant fear Voldemort's name jinx has all over the magical population of the UK.

"Though, some see through it like me. So I left and travelled around, finding dig sites here and there, Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome are my specialities. I was there for your birth though, and your first birthday. It took me a couple of days to hear about your mother and father, and that you survived the Killing Curse, so I went back to get you and bring you home with me, as I had already settled here with a job with some magical archaeological sites they had just discovered at the time with the hope of finding some new connections to Greece.

"But Dumbledore had just laughed in my face and said that I couldn't have you, and that he would never let you leave the country. You would be out of his grasp, but now you're here. I'm your legal guardian, and he can't do naught to get you back if he even realises you're gone until school age, but what am I talking about. I'll tell you the whole story when you're older, you probably barely understand," she said, smiling as she kissed his forehead.

"I pulled a few strings with some friends here," she said with a grin. "So that… oh, that's how I found you; word travels when you're listening for any hope. Anyway, so your appointment with the operation theatre will be in just a few hours, and the replacement eye specialist will be here soon after, and we can even add some special features if you want? They'll be sure to help you out in any coming confrontations with our enemies."

"B-but I don't have any money," he said blushing, confused, and his mind whirling in hundreds of different directions of uncertainly.

"Don't be silly," she said, rolling her eyes. "Your grandparents… umm, mine and your mums' parents are quite wealthy, not to mention what I've amassed, and I still get money in my account, so I'm fine to fit the bill, but that does make me wonder.

"Your fathers' family died during the war with Voldemort, and they were really wealthy, and I'm talking some of the wealthiest wizards on Earth. So where is all of that? If I find out Dumbledore has given a single Euro to that bitch Petunia for your 'keep' I'll... well, never mind now, we'll deal with that when you're old enough to make a dispute of line theft.

"I still don't get how Dumbledore could bypass me, or your god mother," she said, seemingly lost in her own thoughts. "I know Sirius; your god father was falsely imprisoned for murder, but I wonder how he got at Kennedy, I always liked her. She was Lily's best friend at Hogwarts, but... I wonder how Dumbledore..."

"I-it's Okay, Aunt Artemis," he quickly interrupted her spillage of information, smiling at her; he took her hand while she blushed and returned his smile, embarrassed. "I'm sure everything will work out now we're together where we should be."

"Yes, you're absolutely correct, Harry," she replied, sighing, stroking his cheek in a loving manner. "So, don't worry too much, just get a little more rest before the medi guys get here for you, but don't worry, I'll be here for you from now until forever, OK?"

He smiled, never before feeling so happy. "Yeah, thank you, I know everything will be so much better now..."

Meanwhile, outside of Harry's worries and troubles, a young Uchiha had been let out of the hospital in Konoha, just like that. He hadn't been told what to do, and no one was there to take him in or anything. It felt wrong, criminal even, but at least he has his families' property, and his new brothers and sisters.

So after feeling annoyed that he loses all of his blood family and Harry at least gets someone (not that he'll hold that against him) he headed back to his district. Though, he did think that a potentially traumatised boy should have been kept in the hospital for a few weeks with one of those talky-head-doctors he's heard about.

He would be feeling good if he hadn't just remembered that his whole blood family had just died, and it was probably ordered by the village. He didn't know whether he should get vengeance against the village, or the people who live there, greedy.

"Look what I got!" laughed some teen as he charged out of the main gates of his district.

Sasuke's eyes widened as he saw the boy with a cheap sword. It wasn't much but it was covered in blood. Sasuke snuck in, wide eyed as even ninja were looting his home. He quickly dived out of the way and activated a secret path, underground before closing the door behind him, panting.

There was still blood all over the district and people were robbing, and tearing apart his home. It made him grit his teeth, furious before he took some deep breaths, ordered by Hinata as she had woken a few hours ago and saw what he did. She didn't seem like she was going to leave her room anytime soon, but with a quick nudge and a secret wink from Harry while his aunt wasn't paying attention she ventured out.

Sasuke sighed as he went downstairs to wake up Naruto. He hadn't actually met the blonde in person before so when he entered the boys' room, he was unsure how to wake him.

"Just shake him," Hinata suggested quietly as she walked to breakfast.

He nodded and shook the boy. His blue eyes flickered open as he swatted at Sasuke, falling from the bed, and they both ended up in a heap on the floor. Naruto gave him a sheepish look as he pulled himself up and helped Sasuke stand before making his bed, stretching and yawning.

"Wow, Sasuke, you're really here?" he asked in shock, poking him just to be certain.

"Yeah," he replied, annoyed, swatting away the poking finger. "And the whole of my district is being ransacked and looted and nobody is doing anything to stop it."

"Bide your time, get stronger, and then punish them," Naruto suggested with a clear head. "If you went out now you might get beaten up!" he said, thoughtful. "I don't know why the village would let them, but obviously the evil people of Konoha need to be punished, and only you, me, and Hinata can do that until we meet up with the others. We're family now, and I think family should be that for each other."

Sasuke looked away for a moment before looking back. "You're right, we only have each other. It's obvious now that we're connected like this for a reason, three ninja and three mage, and together we can avenge ourselves!"

"That sounds nice but can you keep your voices down, I'm still sleepy," Ginny mumbled from her bed contently snuggled under her covers.

"Sorry, Ginny-chan," Naruto said sheepishly; his voice quietening as he looked from the bed to Sasuke. "I think we should go to your family's hidden jutsu place and start training. Hinata-chan can come and join us after breakfast..."

He paused as his tummy grumbled. "Well, maybe we should get breakfast first."

Sasuke sighed and couldn't help the small smile; it took his mind off his heartache and made him feel a little more whole. "Sure, let's grab a bite, then training, OK?"


To Be Continued...