Yup, it's still Ivy.

I've had weird dreams in my life. The weirdest one yet, though, was the one I had after I passed out.

It was about a man. He wore a tweed jacket and a bow tie. His hair was red brown. A small device dangled from one hand.

"Hello!" He talked with a British accent. "I'm the Doctor, and you're Ivy. You probably have loads of questions about what's been happening to you lately."

"Yeah, I do."

"Well, I'm here to answer them. First, you're probably wondering how these fictional characters are coming to life. Well, you are in a different universe, just confirming that. When you were a baby, you were exposed to a crack in time and space, and, long story and a lot of complicated science short, the result is your ability to transport between universes."

Most of you are probably wondering why I wasn't more surprised. Trust me, after the last few days, pretty much anything could happen and not surprise me. And if he was offering me answers… "Why didn't I start doing it sooner?"

"You've been doing it for years, you just didn't notice because the ones you got to were so similar and, when you were younger, your body wasn't strong enough to take you anywhere for very long. Now you're older, you can transport yourself to one and stay there for an extended period of time, until you bring yourself back again."

"How do I do that? How do I control it, Doctor?"

He swallowed. "You don't control over it, really. Reading comics, watching these movies, even just talking about them. That may help trigger it. Beyond that… I don't know. Sorry."

"How did I get Miranda into it with me?"

"You touched her while in being transported yourself. Every time you touch someone, you run the risk of doing that."

Was I going to be like Rogue from X-men, then? Unable to touch people because of what might happen?

"So… Avenger lands a plane in random area that just happens to be where I am, because the Tesseract just happened to fall out and nearby."

"It's not coincidence. You're like a magnet. You draw these things to you. You're like a gap, between the many universes. Any traffic between them, it's drawn to you. Think of it like… like things into to a black hole. The gravity is too much for them once they get too close, and then they're sucked through."

I didn't know much about black holes, so I took his word for it. "I'm a black hole."

"I suppose, in a way. Between dimensions. You can switch people between the many universes. You're like a portal, able to switch between the two."

"You're a dream. You aren't necessarily right," I protested.

"I'm not a dream, not really. I'm actually sitting right next to you, projecting my voice and image into your head with the sonic."

"Sonic screwdriver."

Sonic screwdriver? Who looks at a screwdriver and says, "hey, this could be a little more sonic"?

"I'm going to use it to heal you. You travel between dimensions, you get covered in interdimensional energy – whatever's between the universes, you get covered in it. And you've got a good thick coating of it from all of your travel between them. The sonic will help your body absorb it and turn it into energy that your body will use to heal your injuries and wake you up, with no pain. You should be up and feeling fine pretty much as soon as you wake up."

A tingling feeling passed through my body.

"Got to go now," said the Doctor. "They'll see me if I stay any longer. You'll probably see me again soon. Goodbye!" And then he vanished.


I woke up in time to see the door shut. And wonder what on Earth had just happened.

Is that explanation enough for everyone, or should I expand on it more at a later time? I probably will in any case, but in case anyone's confused…

Who likes my inclusion of the Doctor? I may write a Dr. Who fanfiction with some of Ivy and/or Miranda at some point. Would anyone like to see that?