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One second I'm standing in my living room facing everyone and the next I'm in a clearing in the middle of some forest. I don't know how far I was taken but I know it's far enough away that no one can get to me.

Reason why I'm so pessimistic is because I'm fairly positive the pack can't track me since I was practically teleported somewhere else, which I can safely say that there is no scent trail leading them to me.

Wherever my thoughts were leading to is interrupted when I'm being shoved with supernatural strength into the ground making the air rush from my lungs. Rude much?

"Thank you oh so much for the help Boss but I think I can take it from here without supervision. Although you're more than welcome to stay and watch if you'd like."

After getting my breathing back in order, I stand up so I don't feel as vulnerable as I was on ground. Even though I know it won't really do me any good, it makes me feel a bit better about the situation.

Looking up, my eyes are instantly locked on Crowley's. My face is neutral just as his is when he answers.

"No I'm afraid I can't stay. As much as I want to, I've been here too long as it is and I must be getting back." All the while keeping his eyes fixed on mine.

I stay looking at Crowley as he breaks eye contact to look at him when he speaks. I don't even pay attention to their conversation at all because my mind is going a mile a minute.

I wonder when exactly I became so good at reading people. Crowley's facial expression gives nothing away and yet I can read what he wants to say. What he feels.

He's regretful. And I can't understand why. He said he was helping me to help himself.

Clearly since he's helping him, it must mean the contract wasn't necessarily void.

So why seem apologetic towards me? Why regret? Maybe he regrets not being able to stay and watch?

No, the look was directed at me and for me.

Thinking back to what he said before he came.

'I really do like you Stiles.'

He sounded sympathetic enough that I really do believe he meant it.

'That's why this isn't as easy as it should be for something like me'

Why wasn't it easy for him to do? It should have been. But it wasn't for him. If he actually feels some form of emotion for me that isn't a negative one, why act as if he doesn't care now.

If it wasn't for my apparent 'mind reading' ability, I would have believed his nonchalant/bored expression. I would have believed him when he said he wanted to see me die. His whole I-don't-care-because-I'm-an-all-powerful-demon act is just that.

An act. A façade. A mask.

Guess I'm not the only one that's hiding. Maybe that's why I can read him like an open book. It's intriguing that he's hiding from a fellow demon. Oh. That's interesting indeed now that I look at it.

He's hiding these positively human emotions from a fellow demon. Some demon below him. Now what kind of demon would Crowley be if he had human emotions that weren't negative ones? It just shows how smart and cunning he is. He can deceive a true deceiver. In fact he's deceived his entire species if he's their boss.

Of course he sought out that position because he's probably power hungry. He seems like the type to like power, after all he's still a demon. Though I can't help but wonder if there was more to it than that considering this human side of Crowley.

I may not know him at all but I have no doubt in mind he would use his position to do some kind of human (good) things. Being the Crossroad Demon Boss lets him know about all the contracts being made or have been made. Therefore he can help in case of a situation like mine where the contact will have loophole that he can use. Which brings me back to our little relationship.

He actually went out of his way to come here and help me because my contact had a loophole. Sure it might have been true when he put in the letter that he was doing it for his reputation. That was partially true but he was helping me because he saw the opportunity to do so and get away with it. I can even understand why he didn't straight up tell me that he was here to help. He didn't really know me, so for all he knew was that I could have easily said so to another demon. Particularly him.

Damn I was right when I called him a cryptic genius.

Evidently being a genius didn't exactly get me out of this problem of mine. There's no way this demon outsmarted someone such as Crowley. I can't imagine anyone outsmarting him. So what happened?

His mask.

It has to be that. What else would there be? He probably was put at a position that would ruin him. His mask is the only thing allowing him to hold onto whatever's left of his humanity.

If I was him, I'd hold onto it too. In fact I could possibly be in his position seeing as how I figured out that my researched proved right. Demons used to be human souls. As frightening as it is, the reality is in fact, I could become a demon.

Wow. I must have him figured out. I won't believe that completely since this is Crowley I'm talking about. I can tell he's a bigger puzzle than that. One that could take decades or centuries to decipher.

Now onto that last thing he said. The one that caught my attention as soon as I heard it.

'But I promise it won't last forever so don't let them break you.'

So hell for me won't last. I have a time limit. That's good news but at the same time it's bad news being that they will probably give me everything they've got while being down there. With Crowley saying not to let them break me, I can only assume that, if broken, I either come back completely wrecked that I can't even function like a normal human being or if I break down there, I won't be able to come back up at all. I'm really hoping for the former of those options but I can't be careless.

I guess I'm sticking to that motto of mine.

But now it's my resolve.

I won't break.

Not now and not when I'm in hell.

They can hack and slice or rip and shred but they won't break me. Not when I have a chance to come back and live a real life. A life where I have a shot of my father actually treating me as if he loves me. A life where I have a pack a werewolves and humans waiting for me. I don't even care what any of them have done to me. I forgive them all. I can never hate them. Any of them. My father, the pack and…my mother.

I can't even hate her at this moment seeing that Crowley has left and it's only me and him. Knowing what is coming and that she's the cause of it. I want to hate her but I just can't no matter how much I try to.

"It's almost time you know." Looking at him I see how smug he is at the fact that he has me and I can't possibly escape this fate I call mine.

Looking away I ask, "How long would you say seeing as I don't have a watch or my phone?" My voice is even because I'm not scared of him now that this is happening. Maybe it was more of the suspense of not knowing when exactly he would show up that made me scared of him. Probably. It makes sense.

"Any minute now. Don't worry we'll hear the howls before we see them." He doesn't sound smug anymore and when I look back at him, he's got the 'I'm bored' face on. It upsets me that he's completely casting me aside after all this. Like I'm nothing anymore.

"You don't seem so excited anymore." I state cautiously and also curiously.

"That's because I have you already. I'll admit I loved the challenge I was given. It was exciting. But now I have to wait till you're down in the pit. After that I'm free to move on." It amazes me how lightly he taking it, but what else should I have expected. He probably does this daily.

"So you're not going to be the one to do the, you know…torture?"

"No I make the deals. I leave the fun to someone else." Oh doesn't he sound disappointed. At least I won't have to see his ugly face down there. One less thing to worry about.

For a while we just stand in silence. Surprisingly enough, it's not me to ruin it.

"Ten years." He says out of nowhere leaving me confused.


"Ten years in the pit. That's what I'm giving you. Well that's what I was 'told' to give you. Nothing more, nothing less." He looks directly into my eyes giving me an all knowing smile. Question is, who told him to do it? Was it Crowley?

"And who told you to?"

"Now it wouldn't be much of a secret if I told you." That answers one thing. It wasn't Crowley. It's someone I don't know or don't expect. So who?

"It wasn't Crowley." It's not a question but he still answers with the same knowing smile.

"Nope but that's all I can tell you. So don't press." It's not much of a hint if I figured that out on my own.

Once again we are engulfed in silence. It's an unnerving silence since he stays staring at me. I advert my eyes so I can try to ignore and wait. I can still feel his stare and I know he wants to say something so I wait for it.

And I don't have to wait long.

"I always wondered something." He pauses to study my face some more when I face him. I don't know what he sees but he continues. "How did it feel? Or really, how does it feel?"

How does what feel?

"What do you mean?" I'm genuinely confused.

He sneers at me and I don't know what he's aiming for but I'm not going to like it. I steel myself because I at least know that I can't let him get to me.

"Knowing what your mother did. It must be soul breaking that she did it. Oh but that's not the worst part is it. I can tell you personally feel dejected by this one little fact a whole lot more since you go by Stiles Stilinski." His smile is just plain evil. I know what he's doing now but I won't even bat an eyelash at him. "How did it feel finding out that your own mother not only betrays you but brands you with said betrayal? How does it feel knowing that she named you after the same demon she made a deal with? The same demon that's going take you away from everything you know and love. How does it feel to be named after me?"

His smile turns into a scowl seeing as how he didn't get a reaction out of me. It's not that I don't want to break down, I just won't allow it. My face is may be void of anything but inside I feel as though hell would actually be paradise compared to what I'm really feeling.

"What did she tell your father when she named you?"

"That it was a family name." I can tell my voice is hollow and it just makes his smile return with him thinking he got to me. It's the truth though.

He gives a short mocking laugh. "I should feel honored that she considered me family."

I don't answer him as I turn away staring off into the woods willingly begging in my head that the hounds show up sooner that way I can get away from him.

And there they are. Way off in the distance.

Any other time I would have smiled hearing howls tear through the night signaling that my…yeah, my pack...was around. But not now. These howls make my blood run cold because they signal my eternity of doom. And there's no stopping it.

My breathing speeds up as the sounds draw closer.

I thought I was ready. I must have been fooling myself into thinking that because I was wrong. I feel the panic and dread bubbling up inside me getting ready to burst just like my rapid beating heart.

"Well you can run if you'd like. Everyone does but it would be useless." Genim says with his back turned to me as he walks off to the edge of the clearing.

He unknowingly snaps me out of my misery. As much as I want to run, now isn't the time to give in. If I turn tail and do just that, my resolve would be for nothing. If I run now I run from my control. Like I had said before it's an inevitable ending for me.

I slip on my mask once and for all as the hounds tear into the clearing.

I won't cry.

I won't even scream.

I won't break.

The End.

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