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Penelope Garcia raced into the round table room "sorry my darlings sorry I made you wait but I promise this was worth it" she said in a rush as she passed out tablet's to her teammates. She was running g almost twenty minutes late and was totally out of breath but she still made sure to have Reid file in actual file form.

Morgan grinned "I was just about to give up on you goddess" he winked she faked shock "never my love" she teased back. Hotch cleared his throat "let's get started" he hinted for the banter to end .

Garcia straightened up and started flipping through her slides carful to keep her back to the gruesome pictures behind her "right ok so this "she gestured to the dead woman on the screen behind her "is Amy Darns, she was found dead four days ago near a motel in Tampa there's no cause of death yet but as you can see by the giant cuts running from her shoulders down her arms and across her torso this obviously wasn't natural"

Reid frowned "those cuts aren't normal looking" he mused "the unsub didn't cut down into her deep tissue- it almost looks like they were just made to make her bleed -why where they ruled out as cause of death?"

Garcia sighed this kind of details where just so icky "the coroners sure the cuts were made after she died" she told him as she flipped the slid" three days ago this woman Bethany Reynolds was found in her car same thing no C.O.D same cuts" she flipped the slide again "and lastly this woman" she glanced up as she spoke to and noticed that across the table Aarons face had gone white. he mouthed the word Jane she stopped her slide show "sir, I'm sorry do you know her?"

the team turned and stared at hotch Rossi raised an eyebrow "do you" he asked Aaron quickly shook his head "what's her name" he asked .

Garcia blinked "Jane" she said Jane arums" Aaron put his head down "and?" he asked sounding wildly calmer then he felt "well" Garcia continued "her body was found in her apartment same cuts and again no C.O.D-but what's making her case so important is that it looks like whoever killed her also kidnapped her roommate"

she flipped the slid one more time Aarons breath caught in his throat. "Her names Abby Edwards" Garcia read out "there's a video of the kidnapping I'm sending it to your devices' you can review it en rout" hotch stood up "alright everyone we've already lost twenty minutes." He blushed and looked down at her shoes "We need to push on this." He contiued "Wheels up in fifteen" he had no idea if he sounded clam or was making sense his heart was pounding and he felt like he might be sick not only to find out so brazenly that Jane had met such a horrible end but because her roommate was someone he'd been told for almost ten years was dead dharma Montgomery.

Three minuet later he was standing outside strauss's office. she was on the phone so he sat down to wait. what he wanted to do was strangle her with phone cord and demand answers but there was no way he'd be able to help dharma if he got himself arrested. So instead he leaned his head back and tried to pross it all ,she was using my father's name. he thought she wouldn't have known his father had passed on eight years ago or that his mother had died last year how is she still alive? how did I not know strauss was lying? he glanced though the glass walls at the her he almost couldn't feel anything but hate for the woman. he blew out a deep breath. . . dharma doesn't know about jack- what am I going to tell jack? or . . .Beth? she hung up the phone he didn't wait to be invited in he walked in and after shutting the door locked it behind him stross stared at him her "Aaron?" she asked. he pulled the binds down and twisted them shut "dharma showed up in a file on my desk this morning explain that to me" he demanded she gasped "dharma?" she shook her head "that can't be" he turned around "I was married to her six years" he almost shouted "don't tell me it's a mistake" she shut her mouth and looked down at her hands a moment "look Aaron" she sighed looking back up at him "my orders came from high above both our pay grades" he slammed his fist down "you looked me in the eye, you told me she was dead you sat at my wedding to Haley." she finally looked back up at him "the Ashford case was messy "she told him calmly "when we do sloppy work people get hurt "the case had to be- erased, every lose end had to be tied. Aaron you know that" he almost shook her "dharma was not a lose end" that time he did shout. she stood up "oh yes she was and a deadly one, for far too many of my friends the only thing we had going for us was that -thanks to her crazy parents and all there under the table b.s she was so damn easy to erase". he had almost never felt this kind of rage the last time he'd been so angry he'd beaten a man to death with his bare hands. he had to get away from her he pulled back and started for the door "I'm bringing her home" from her desk stross snorted "of course you are" he slammed the door behind him. after he left she sat down heavily and sighed wondering how on earth she was going to convince the higher-ups to let any of the live after Aaron re-opened Ashford.

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