Three hours had passed since the kidnaper had shown Dharma his little horror show and she was finally starting to calm down. Her body was existed from crying it wasn't just Jane being murdered that left her so broken hearted, it was the other two victims it was fear for her parents and Pete and strangely it was a deep sadness for the killer himself.

It was his dark eyes. The eyes where the windows to your soul and his soul looked like it had never known any light or compassion or love at all. As much as she wanted to hate the man for what he'd done to Jane and the others she still felt a kind of pity for the man

The door opened and the man from the pictures stepped inside fallowed by another man. Dharma did not reorganize the second man he handed her a bottle of water and some pills "for your headache" the first man told her she glanced down at the pills "gee thanks" she said softly "but Abby always said don't take candy from strangers." the first man threw back his head and laughed "and whys that?" he asked "you might get kidnapped?" he shrugged "well we'll leave them here in case you change your mind"

Dharma felt a new wave of tears coming on but pushed them back "you killed Jane" she said. he nodded and gestured to the second man "we did yes, among others" Dharma couldn't hold back her tears the second man leaned forward and wiped a few away then leaned back and played with the water on his fingers.

Dharma pulled back "why?" she asked the first man shrugged "do you know who we are?" he asked her she shook her head "my name is Jacob Ashford" he gestured to the other man "this is Robert Ashford" he waited for a moment "Ashford" Dharma repeated she nodded her head slowly "yes I remember Greg wouldn't work with your brother, you ran us off the road" she swallowed any feeling of sympathy she'd had for the man evaporated instantly "you killed Greg."

Jacob smiled "and you've been hiding from me ever since" he finished Dharma closed her eyes "so you're going to kill me now?" she asked he shrugged "soon yes, but not right this minute I need your help with something first" she shuttered but refused cower in fear "if you're just going to kill me then I really don't have any reason to help you" he smiled again. it was sick how much fun he was having.

"You'll help me because it's the lest you can do after what you did to my family" Dharma snorted "after what I did? you're the one running around killing people crazy guy "his smile disappeared "my brother came to your husband for help." he spat "and your husband turned up his nose and looked away while my little brother was chained like an animal and murdered" Dharma glared at him "your brother was executed for murdering nine helpless children" she reminded him.

Robert Ashford reached over and slapped her face. Jacob sighed and leaned back "pity" her muttered "I so wanted to keep things civil this time around" he crouched down in front of Dharma "have you ever heard of the behavior analyst unite?" he asked her holding the cool water bottle up to her face where his brother had hit her she shook her head. he nodded "I didn't think so," he admitted "it's part of the F.B.I, there are a few different teams in the unit, my target it a team of them working under a man named Aaron hotchner." He paused watching her face for any recognition at the name

Satisfied she didn't know it he continued "now Aaron aha well he's had a rough time. already married and left a widower by the time he was thirty five he moved hoping to make a new life for himself away from all that grief and all those old memories" he grinned at dharma "you know "reincarnate" himself much like you did my dear.

eight years ago he found a beautiful girl who taught him how to smile and love again .they were married and rushed off doe eyed into their bright brand new happily ever after. they even had a child together a bright happy boy"

He frowned "he's got his mother's looks but he's more serious like his father" he pulled out a picture of a little boy the boy looked about six or seven. Jacob sighed "he's really a beautiful child, keep the picture, sadly less than two years after the birth of their son she left him and sixteen months later one of his cases went wrong and she was murdered" Dharma looked down at the picture of the little boy "that's so sad" she whispered.

Ashford shrugged "at least he got sole custody out of it .and life has returned to some degree of rosy it's been almost three years since she died, he dating again and works going well" he pulled out another picture and starred at it "he's even couching his sons soccer team" he held the picture up so she could see. Her eyes light up

"No way" she exclaimed "Greg" she smiled ear to ear Jacob and Robert looked at each other in confusion "yes Greg" Robert stammered out "aren't you upset?" Dharma laughed "why would I be upset? This is the best thing I've ever heard" Robert frowned "he got over you" he said angrily "he's got a kid and he married someone else . . . he's dating another one –we're going to use you as bait to kill him"

Dharma blew a raspberry at him "yeah right" she giggled "he's gonna kick your ass" Robert stood up "really" he asked quietly "I doubt that" Dharma beamed up at him "look at him" she demanded "the universe has hit him with bad luck and darkness that keeps trying to swallow him up but there he is standing in the sunshine playing with his kid he's not boozing or shooting up crack or bent on getting revenge" she nodded at the two of them "I mean really how bad dose it piss you guys off that no matter what happens to him you just can't pin him down and beat him? She smiled at Greg's picture "I'm so proud of him" she mused more to herself then to them

Ashford pulled away the picture and smiled again there was something dark and dangers about it that knocked the smile off Dharma's face "oh I think we can" he told her "in fact I know we can he picked up the picture of Greg's son in one hand and stroked her face with the other his hand where cold and his touch made her sick "you two" he smiled "you and jack" he leaned in and kissed her neck Robert grinned and kept her pinned against the wall Jacob moved his lips up to her ear "you two are going to shatter him like overheated glass" he whispered softly

A/N I know I moved some of the timeline around –sorry, but I was trying to fit it all into ten years. Also sorry if I made Aaron/Hailey /baths' relationships sound unimportant but Ashford's cold I don't think he's capable of talking about anything in hotch's life with anything but distain.