Tiny flames melted the assortment of wax candles adorning the room, filling the enclosed atmosphere with the scent of vanilla frosting- it was the closest smell to custard that Melody Pond could find. She cleaned her new house diligently, humming along to the very loud, up-beat music she was playing; something she recently listened to while in Earth in the year 2012, called "dubstep". She held a little dance party to herself, twirling and shaking her body around to the music as she dusted, mopped, rearranged, etcetera.

Rough hands crept upon her shoulders, as she heard a voice from behind her say, "Enjoying yourself, dear?"

River Song screamed, whipping around and smacking the man in the face from pure adrenaline and fright.

The smack was so hard the man turned 180 degrees. "OW!" he touched his face, turning back around to face his wife.

River immediately recognized her husband. She blushed a shade more red than a fez, completely embarrassed. "Never creep up on a woman like that! How long have you been standing there!?" she scolded, walking over to the kitchen table to turn her radio off.

"Long enough," he chuckled as he thought of her dancing. He could only grin as she wriggled her mouth, her face becoming even more flushed from embarrassment. "And maybe you would have heard the TARDIS materializing or me entering your home if your music wasn't so loud! What kind of music is that, anyway?" he crinkled his nose and cocked his brow.

"It's called dubstep. Very popular around my parents' time stream," she answered, crossing her arms.

"Not exactly what I would picture you listening to. But you moved your body..." he stopped, grinning very widely as his eyes glanced over her figure. "..quite nicely."

She winced, raising her hand as if to slap him again. He grabbed her wrist, and pulled her waist into him. "Now, now, it was SUPPOSED to be a compliment," he told her in a husky voice before pulling her in and planting his lips upon hers. River squeaked from the unexpected kiss, then moaned, relaxing her body and wrapping her arms around him. Their lips crashed against one another's slowly but passionately. They turned their heads, leaving light and sloppy kisses just below one another's lips and along one another's jawlines. River finally pulled away, gently caressing his face and smiling brightly.

"Still cross with me?" the Doctor whispered, kissing her nose.

"Mmh, with kisses like that, how could I?" she leaned in, kissing him again."You're dressed nice today," she noted upon breaking the kiss, scanning him from head to toe. "Is that a new bow tie?" she asked, lightly touching the light blue garment.

"Why yes, it is, thank you for noticing," he responded, grinning brightly.

"Alright, what are you up to?" she asked after they had been staring at one another for a moment.

"Up to?" he asked, seemingly shocked. "I'm up to nothing, nothing at all. Am I not allowed to drop by and see my wife? Without any particular motive other than to bask in her wonderous company? Do I not frequently do so?"

"Yes, sweetie, you do... and you are always welcome...but you look far too nice for just a casual visit. Not that I'm complaining," she smirked and bit her lip. She loved seeing him dressed up almost as much as she loved seeing him dressed down to nothing-almost.

The Doctor smiled. "I suppose you've caught me. Well, I've been thinking quite a bit lately, about you, of course, and I wanted to ask you-"

"Ask me what?" River Song questioned nervously, cocking her brow.

"To marry me!"

Her eyes widened, her other brow rose, and she held a bewildered expression.

"Again!" he added.

She continued to stare.

"...properly," he added once more, clasping his hands together and giving a wide but suspicious smile.

After a few moments, River squinted and finally responded, "So you want to have a proper wedding?"


"And I will arrive in a marvelous white dress?"


"And we will make vows? Have guests? Invite my parents?"

"Yes! Yes! And of course I'm going to invite Amy and Rory, yes!" he answered, still grinning brightly.

River finally smiled, surprised but thrilled. She and the Doctor hadn't had much of a wedding, and it wasn't very legitimate or even romantic and if you want to get technical, it happened in a rewritten point of time that happened but didn't really happen because it was rewritten again. Wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey. "When?" River simply asked.

"Well, I don't know, let's see... I've got a time machine so I am thinking Earth, around Amy and Rory's timeline?"

"Well, I MEAN when is this going to start by YOUR time?"

"I'll pick you up tomorrow, how does that sound?!"

"That's... a bit soon. Most women need much longer to plan a wedding, sweetie."

His smile faltered in the slightest, but still remained upon his face."Well alright, then... when do YOU want me to pick you up?" he inquired.

She took a moment, gazing into his eyes and thinking. "Alright, take me to my parents. I can stay there for a couple of weeks and I'm sure Amy and I can throw something together."

He smiled. "Done. Grab your belongings and meet me in the TARDIS, dear."

She nodded excitedly, and as she ran to her room her heart began to pound rapidly as she marveled over what had just occurred. That man could be so delightfully random.