This last will be the final chapter will have a lot of feels and get pretty sappy. Lots of special guests. I only mentioned a few of the people that were there, but there were more friends of the Doctor that were there than those I highlighted. This has been my first fanfiction so reviews would be lovely!

Amelia's pale fingers weaved through her daughter's long, golden locks, placing tiny white flowers within the curls. She smiled upon finishing, reaching for the veil and placing it upon River Song's head as they both looked in the mirror.

"You look beautiful..." Amy took River's shoulder, turning her body so that they were facing one another. Tears welled up in both of their eyes.

"Thank you, mummy," River said sweetly, smiling big.

Amy choked as she laughed, tears streaming her cheeks. "I'm sorry, it's just... I remember the very first time I held you in my arms. I was scared, so scared. I didn't know what they were going to do to you, where we would end up. I spoke to you, saying your name over and over again. Melody, my sweet Melody... I wanted nothing more than to raise you, love you, give you everything. I wanted to see you grow up and start liking boys, going to school dances. I wanted to watch you graduate, go to college, get...married," her mother sobbed quietly, still smiling.

Melody's tears fell as well, and she embraced her mom tightly. "But you did get to see me grow up. You did get to love me. You gave me every bit of your friendship, and that WAS everything to me. We went to school dances, together...picked out our dresses together just like we picked out our dresses the other day. And boys, well, don't even get me started on Owen Grale," her and her mother both laughed at this.

"Let's not tell your father about that," Amy mused.

"And I may not have graduated, but I did go to college. Ph.D. in archaeology," she smiled. "And now, look... we are here, and I'm in a dress about to attend my wedding that you and I planned out as mother and daughter."

Amy sobbed a little more, nodding her head along.

"I know that nothing happened the way you thought it would... but it happened. We may not have the relationship you imagined, but Amelia you are my mother and my best friend and I do love you so very, very much..." she smiled wide, her cheeks stained with tears.

"I lah-ah-aurv yea-oo t-t-oe," Amy's thick Scottish accent mixed with her crying made it hard to decipher what she was saying. But River understood, and they held one another for several minutes in comfort and love.


"Alright, I do believe everyone is here!" the Doctor said, looking around the back yard of Amy and Rory's home as he scanned the friendly faces. All except one was smiling, a woman with long, red hair who was looking down and twiddling her thumbs. "Thank you all for coming and if you will please be seated!" he gestured to both sides of the aisle which were both rowed with a handful of white chairs.

"Why did you make me come to this again?" the red-haired woman asked her grandfather in a hushed whisper as he took her to a seat near the back.

"This man has done a great deal for me, and you, and this is important to me, Donna," he answered. "Besides, it's completely tacky to show up to a wedding without a date," he chuckled. He seemed light-hearted, but the old man's eyes were worn with so much sadness as he watched the Doctor speaking to his other guests.

"He looks rather young to have done so much for you. What did he do exactly?" Donna asked, still slightly annoyed.

Wilfred smiled solemnly. "You couldn't believe me if I told you."

"Couldn't?" Donna looked confused.

"Wouldn't! I mean wouldn't... I'm getting old, can't even say things correctly." he shook his head, knowing it was a slip despite how subtle.

Sarah Jane looked older than the Doctor had ever seen. His invitation had been the first time that he had seen her with his new incarnation, but she was so very happy to see him-and so very surprised to know the agenda of his visit. "Ah the timeless Sarah Jane," the Doctor approached her, sitting down next to her.

"The timefull Doc- I mean John Smith," she said with a smile. "Never imagined you getting married, you know. As nice of an idea it was," she told him, playing with her hands.

"Yeah, well, I've been hanging around you humans so long that I suppose I am adapting your customs," he joked, chuckling.

"She must be one hell of a woman."

"Hell in high heels," the Doctor laughed lightly, looking back at her face. "Thank you for coming."

"How could I miss it?" she replied.

"I understand how difficult it must be for you. For so, so many of you. I touch your lives, and you touch mine- and then I regenerate into a completely different person. And yet you still care for me so much..." he said, his smile quickly fading as he looked away from her again.

"Your not really all that different," she responded, causing him to glance at her with a shocked expression.

"Really?" he questioned, raising the nigh invisible patch where his eyebrow should be.

"Sure, you have different personalities. Different likes, different dislikes, and don't have the same emotions as you did towards people from your past... but when I look into your eyes I still see the same man I met. The same good man. The same little boy who grew up in Gallifrey. The same time lord who ran away with a TARDIS and is the savior of a thousand worlds. The same hero who would sacrifice so much just to save one person. It's like even though you become different people, a part of every incarnation lives within you. I will always love those parts," she smiled very sadly.

She could see his mouth tightening and tears welling in his eyes. The Doctor looked over at her once more. "Sarah Jane Smith, you are an incredible human being," he told her, before rising to his feet and making his way to Martha and Mickey, who held hands tightly. They looked up at the Doctor, smiling wide at him as he sat down. "Never in a million years would I guess it would end up being you two," the Doctor smiled.

Mickey and Martha smiled at one another before looking back at the Doctor. "Quite glad it happened the way it did, actually," Martha told him. "And YOU! Getting married?! Not exactly to who I expected.."

The Doctor caught a slight glimpse of awkwardness upon Mickey's face. "She couldn't be here, could she?" Mickey asked.

The Doctor shook his head. "No... no she couldn't. Besides, I want her to live as normal of a life as possible. After all, it wasn't necessarily me she fell in love with. It was another version of me.." he felt so uncomfortable talking about Rose, and Martha could see it on his face.

"It's so..weird," Martha told her old friend. "You're so different."

"Curse of the time lords. But we had some good times, we did. Everyone here," that same smile appeared on the Doctor's face. That same, sad smile. "Thank you for coming," he told them, before rising and moving along to Craig and Sophie. It was nice to see more recent faces.

"Craig, Sophie! Stormag- I mean, Alfie you've gotten so big!"

Alfie laughed. "You don't have to speak baby to me anymore!"

"Speak what?" Sophie asked, confused.

"Nothing," Craig laughed along with the eleventh.

"Doesn't mum know the Doctor can speak baby?" Alfie looked up at his dad.

"No, she most certainly does not.." Sophie answered herself, unsure of how to react.

"Well, I can," the Doctor briefly explained. "Can't exactly teach you though it would apparently come in handy," he said with a smile, looking down at her very pregnant belly. "Boy or girl?"

"Girl," she answered with a bright smile.

"Have you thought of a name yet?" the Doctor asked.

"Not really. We can't decide," Craig answered.

"May I?" the Doctor asked, holding his hands out to her stomach.

"Of course!"

The Doctor felt her belly, closing one of his eyes. "Let me see... don't tell me you want to be called Stormageddon, too. No? Good. Let's see... you want to be called..." the Doctor's eyes widened a little bit, and he stayed quiet for a few moments.

"What is it?" Sophie questioned worriedly.

"Rose.. she wants to be called Rose," he answered, managing to form a slight smile. "I think that's a lovely name."

"That sounds perfect!" Sophie said, rubbing her own belly now that the Doctor had removed his hands. "Rose..."

"I'm fine with it," said Craig. "It's quite pretty."

"I still think you should name her Stormageddon," Alfie shrugged.

They all laughed. "Thank you for coming," the Doctor said, walking over to an ignored group of three people. Well, one person, and two aliens. Jax, Vastra and Jenny sat next to each other, smiling up at him.

"And of course, my friends, thank YOU all for coming. Sorry about having to wear perception filters..." he said, looking at Donna. "I can't let her remember anything and I don't believe seeing random aliens would help that. I must be very, very careful."

"Sad, what happened to her," said Jenny with a frown.

"Are you going to talk to her?" asked Vastra.

"A little... but like I said, I must be very, very careful," he frowned. "Enjoy the wedding, guys," the Doctor bid them farewell and finally made his way over to Wilfred and Donna.

Wilfred rose, shaking has he hugged his old friend. "John Smith, how have you been?" he asked.

But they both looked at one another and knew by the reoccurring sad smiles that neither of them were in high spirits.

"Great, just great," the eleventh lied. "You?"

"Fine and dandy," Wilfred responded. "Donna, this is my friend John," he looked at the red-haired woman, who managed to look up at the Doctor and smile.

"Nice to meet you," she said, extending her hand.

Finally, the eleventh smiled brightly. He had expected her to shrug it off, act annoyed as the Donna he first met would. "Very nice to meet you as well, Donna," he replied, taking her hand and shaking it as he greeted her. While he knew her nice demeanor was very faked, it still meant a great deal to him that she had changed enough to where she showed kindness to a stranger as opposed to rudeness. Wilfred smiled as well, proud of his granddaughter.

The Doctor turned as the pianist started playing. "That's my cue," he said, beginning to back up and head towards the front of the altar. "Thank you so much for coming.."

The ceremony went askew from the normal wedding. No flower-girl, no bridesmaids. River simply appeared with Amy on one arm and Rory on the other, looking like a goddess as she floated down the aisle in her marvelous white dress. The Doctor smiled bigger than he had all day. She was so completely and incandescently beautiful. She reached the altar, Amy taking her side as maid of honor and Rory standing beside the Doctor. The wedding venue itself wasn't much; simply the back yard of Amy and Rory's home decorated with sunflowers and sweet olive trees. They were married under a tree by a minister, which was very bizarre for both River and the Doctor due to their lack of religous beliefs- especially of Earth origin for the Doctor. They announced their vows to one another, and soon enough it was time to kiss the bride.

"I'll make it a good one," the Doctor repeated his words very lowly so that only she could hear him.

"You better," River replied with a grin, as they kissed sweetly for a few seconds under the tree.

The sun began to set and the reception began. Cake, wine, an assortment of foods, and fish fingers with custard decorated the long table that resided indoors. The celebration lasted til late in the night. The Doctor said final goodbyes to his friends, a couple of which he had to leave momentarily to take them to their homes. He returned seconds later to his in-laws and a very tipsy wife.

Amy and Rory looked at one another, before wishing them both a goodnight. "Try not to be too loud, she IS our daughter after all," Amy warned with a giggle as she left the room.

The Doctor sat next to his beaming wife. "You must be warm in that dress," he said, moving his hand across her skirt.

She smirked devilishly. "And you must be steaming in that tux," she responded, biting her lip.

"We should fix that," he whispered, rising and helping her out of her seat. "As much as I love dear Amy and Rory, I think I should take you home for this."

"I agree. I'm quite the screamer," River Song winked.

"I know," he kissed her passionately, and upon pulling away they exited Amy and Rory's home, sauntering half-drunkenly into the TARDIS.

"I love you, River Song," he told her as they took off, wrapping his hands into her curls.

"I love you too, sweetie," she responded, kissing him once more. "Thank you for this, I couldn't have asked for a better day."

"You are welcome, darling. I could not have had a better day either..." he said half-heartedly, his mind still lingering on the old friends he had seen today and the curse of the time lords. He loved River Song so deeply, but at the same time, his previous incarnation felt the same about Rose. His biggest fear wasn't losing himself when he regenerated, it was losing everything he felt for the beautiful, amazing woman in front of him.