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Chapter One: Forgotten

The steady beat of heart monitor rang through the otherwise silent infirmary, acting as the only indication that the cold, inert figure on the bed hadn't fallen into the hollow depths of death. If it weren't for that steady beat even the most highly trained individuals would mistake her for a corpse. She lay on her back, in what was left of her shredded leotard that ran across her colorless skin. Her mouth was agape, but her breathing remained to shallow, only to be heard by even the most acute ears.

The blinding sting of the bright lights blazed through the closed eyelids of the sleeping girl, stirring her from her unconscious state. Her wakening didn't happen abruptly. It was slow and peaceful, but when she finally regained enough consciousness to open her eyes she was devoured by confusion and disarray. She discordantly sat up on the scratchy mattress, calmly evaluating her environment. The room was not familiar, although she easily could easily conclude that it was some sort of hospital.

Knowing there were few earthly dangers that could truly harm her, found it quite odd that she would wake up in a hospital bed. She tried to remember how she had gotten to the strange place, she certainly never remembered getting injured. She grew slightly wearisome, put off by her sudden loss of recollection.

"Hello?" She called out weakly, gasping at the voice was only hardly recognizable as her own. She called out again, but was answered only by the silence. She went to step off the bed but she hesitated when she felt an I.V. uncomfortably pulling at her wrist. Following the skinny tube up from her arm, her eyes made contact with the bag of white liquid.

What happened to me?

The question haunted through her conscious. The last thing she remembered was... Well that was the problem, she didn't remember. Her memories had all muddled together, the way the did after a tremendous amount of time had passed. She had memories from her past, but could not seem to sort the closer ones into order, unable to deem any one of them as the absolute last one. Her strained thoughts were cut short by a soft but startling knock then came abruptly from the other side of door.

"Come in." She responded in her hoarse voice.

The door opened and in walked a man. She noticed how dashingly handsome he was. Tall and very, very fit, with short tousled black hair that glinted of hair gel and dazzling blue eyes that accentuated his crisp features. He was dressed in casually clothing, jeans and a red T-shirt, but he seemed rather young, far to young to be her doctor at least.

"I'm glad to see you finally decided to wake up." He said, giving her a cautious smile, as not meant to startle her. She could feel his nervousness, his worrisome anticipation, and it concerned her.

"Are you a doctor?" She quizzically probed.

"No Raven I'm not a doctor." He sighed, all the happiness in his expression fell, and she didn't have to be an empath to know that he was disappointed by her question. "I was concerned this would happen. I'm not a doctor, but you were in an accedent, I will explain everything to you but I must ask you a few questions to assess the severity of your injuries."

"I'm not in any pain." Raven told him.

"I figured such, I'm not concerned about physical damage, any injuries to your body have healed by now, however I do need to understand the extent the extent of your mental damage. I'm going to assume that since you thought I was your doctor you don't remember who I am?" She nodded no sympathetically, realizing that he wanted her to recognize him.

"What's the last thing you remember?" He asked her.

"I'm not sure, most my memories, seem so distant. I suppose the most recent event I could pinpoint would be when I saved a girl in Jump City from getting hit by a car. I remember because the car was a ridiculous pink van, but that isn't right. The memory, it's too old." She said, lost in her own confusion.

"Can you tell me what year it is?" He asked her again, but he already knew the answer.

"2006?" She responded questioningly, and the sadness on the boys face grew deeper as she had confirmed what he already knew.

"Raven its April fourteenth, 2013." The alarm on her face grew; she didn't understand had she traveled through time? How could seven years just vanish?

"I was expecting you to go through some sort of memory loss, however, I never imagined it would be this severe." The panic then settled in around Raven, as well as the anger.

"I don't understand. Who are you? What did you do to me?" She demanded from him.

"My name is Richard Grayson, and I have been your friend for a long time, I haven't done anything to hurt you, but you need to let me explain what happened." Friend. Raven didn't have friends. She was sure this was all some type of cruel prank. However, she didn't sense any malicious feelings from him, so she decided to remain calm, for the moment.

"Then explain?" If you can. She asked him.

"I am the leader of the Teen Titans, well now just Titans, a team of superheroes that you have been a part of for the past seven years. A few months ago one of our teammates, Koriandr, was contacted by her home planet of Tameran, requesting for aid defending off a mass invasion. The invaders, the Tironans, were brutal and tyrannical, but they were cunning, their intelligence far exceeded our own. We tracked them for months, gathering as much information as we could. For now I'll spare you the details, but in the end outnumbered by the millions and running out of viable options, you had mentioned to us a solution before, you called it Inversive Projection, you explained how the Azerathians used to use it to ward off invaders, but it had become a forbidden practice due to the detrimental effects it had on the castor. We, the team, were all reluctant but you convinced us that it was the only way to stop the Tironans, and you did." He explained to her.

Raven easily finished the rest of the story, she knew the effects of Inverse Projection, it was the act of releasing ones soul self to a massive and unrestrained extent, and then ripping it to shreds, theoretically destroying anything it touched. The consequences of Inverse Projection were detrimental to the mind, most stories she had heard about people who practiced it ended up lobotomized or in un-recoverable comas, if Richard's story was true, then she was surprised that she could still think at all.

"I don't believe you, I would not be so foolish to practice in the arts of Inversity." She said coldly, Raven was many things, but she was not one to test her limits, especially in such an extreme way.

"It was not something you suggested lightly, and there was a struggle, we were all well aware of the consequences this would have on you, you would not have done so if you believed there was any other way." He told her. Raven wanted to protest, to stand up in outrage, and rip him apart for trying to convince her of such ridiculous stories. But she didn't, because she believed him, she didn't want to, but she did.

"And you want me to believe that I did this because I'm some sort of superhero? I am not exactly the hero type." She told him, and he almost smirked.

"You made that same claim when you first joined our team, but I assure you that everything I am telling you is 100% true, I know a lot of this doesn't make sense, but it will take much more explaining, I remind you that seven years is a long time, and a lot has happened. But right now I hope that you can understand and bear with me. You have been asleep in a healing trance for nearly two weeks and our team has been very worried about you, and while I know you don't remember them, I feel like I should let them know you have awoken and what's going on, I am sure they will be eager to see you. I am not demanding, but hoping that you will come out and meet them." Richard said to her.

Raven couldn't cope with what he was saying, she felt like her mind would implode, but she could tell that whoever these people were, they cared about her, or a version of her at least. Trust was not something Raven gave lightly, but she had never been in the presence of someone who trusted her, she could see it in his eyes, and in his aurora, the love, the concern, it radiated off him. So she meekly smiled and agreed to meet with the rest of the Titans, Richard then left, to notify the others and allow her to collect herself.

Seven years. I was gone for seven years. Raven thought, but then realized, she was not gone, she had very much been alive and well, but to her those years were nothing, she had lost seven years, if only she knew what she was missing.

Raven stood up and grabbed the set of spare clothes, which had been left for her, they were unfamiliar to her. Only once had she ever worn anything besides her cloak. Walking into the infirmary's washroom she pulled off her tattered uniform, which was thankfully familiar.

She then turned to face the mirror. It was April, that made Raven just a month past twenty two, and she definitely looked the part. She was no longer the underdeveloped fifteen year old she remembered, the unfamiliar reflection in the mirror was of a fully grown woman. The woman had long indigo hair that fell to her rips, it was tangled from going unbrushed for so long. Raven always remembered being short and unevenly proportioned but this woman was far from. She was at least six inches taller, and the length of her legs were complementing and balanced with her smooth torso. However it was the face that un-eased Raven the most, because unlike the other changes, the face was unmistakably her's. It proved that her transformation was real. The features were the same, her straight nose, her curved lips, her amethyst eyes. But the face was different, it was slimmer, and more angled, as if all the innocents of childhood had been chiseled away.

The girl in the mirror looked strong and beautiful, enveloped with confidence and independence. But it wasn't Raven.

Raven sighed, hardly able to convince herself that she and the reflection were one and the same. She felt no connection to the reflection though, just an allusive emptiness. Raven abruptly turned from them mirror, tearing her eyes away from the hollow picture and reaching instead for the knob of the shower. As she turned it she noticed something glisten on her middle finger, a ring. She pulled her hand close to examine it. She had never seen it before; it was oval and made out of a dark charcoaled grey, with a smooth, opaque, plum colored stone. The ring, while it was beautiful, only added to the list of questions. That was another thing, this person wore jewelry, and Raven didn't.

Garfield sat on the floor of the dimly lit room in front of a dusty bookshelf thumbing through the pages of a book, not actually reading any of it. The book was in Latin, or Italian, or some other language that he couldn't understand. He sighed as he stared at the book, this wasn't helping him.

"Hey Gar, I really don't think Raven would appreciate you in her room." The Changeling looked up to see his friend, who had appeared over his shoulder, staring down at him.

"And she would you?" He said, returning the book to its proper place on the shelf.

"Point taken, but seriously dude, what are you doing in here?" He asked, although the six-foot Cyborg already had a good idea.

"I dunno I just figured being in here would, I don't know help." He said, questioning his own answer.

"Listen B, I know its hard bu-"

"She's not waking up is she?" He interrupted his friend. Victor sighed at Garfield.

"It's been two weeks, I know everyone keeps saying she'll wake up soon, but I mean what if she doesn't." He said, trying to keep himself from crying. "I can't lose her to Vic, I just cant."

"Oh yeah that's what I came in here to tell you, Rave's awake." Victor said, flashing a huge guilty smile. Beast boy's eyes grew wide with joy.

"Dude for real?" Victor nodded.

"Seriously you could of started with that? Why didn't anyone tell me?" He said and sprang up, dashing through the door.

"I just did tell you." Victor retorted from behind him.

"How long has she been awake, have you seen her yet? Please tell me I'm not the last to know, I'm always the last to know things. Where is she, I have to see her." He rambled, as he stepped down the hallway, but was stopped by Cyborg's large metal hand.

"Wait, B there's something you should know before?" Victor said, pulling his green friend to face him. Garfield didn't like how he had worded that, like something was wrong with Raven.

"Ya know how she said the blast might have some… negative effects? Well it did, and well she doesn't remember you." Victor told him, and the words shattered through his ears like broken glass being dragged across his heart.

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