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Chapter 25

"It would appear that once again, my help is needed." He smirked. Caroline was still stunned, she shook her head back and forth as he smiled.

"You better move that ass Caroline." He chuckled and turned, running toward the few witches that were left. Caroline shook her head, breaking herself from her stupor. Her hands worked fast as she wiped the blood from her face, smearing it across her cheek. She rushed forward to help fight but an arm came into her vision and she collided with it, falling backward. She rolled over and saw the girl standing over her.

"Kedah." She growled. Kedah smirked as Caroline pushed herself to her feet.

"I take it my brother came clean about what we did, considering your friends are here." Kedah said.

"I'd be willing to bet your brother is dead." Caroline said.

"Well then you can join him." Kedah said with a loud hiss as she bared her fangs. Caroline rushed her and their bodies slammed into one another. Kedah swung around and slammed her fist into Caroline's cheek, she tasted blood. Caroline ground her teeth and grabbed Kedah's hair, jerking her downward, Caroline's fist came down hard on her throat and Kedah crumpled as Caroline dropped her. Kedah coughed and gagged, but Caroline didn't give her time to gather herself. She reared back and slammed her foot into Kedah's ribs, she felt them crack. Caroline moved to kick her again but Kedah latched onto her foot with her mouth and bit down. Caroline screamed and grabbed the back of Kedah's neck, but Kedah was expecting that and she swung up, hitting Caroline under the chin and sending her backward and into the railing of the staircase. She slammed through the wood and fell on the stairs. The wood scattered around her and she breathed deeply, her side aching. She looked down at the long piece of wood sticking out of her side. Kedah was coming toward her, running more like it. Caroline grabbed the wood in her side and pulled it out as Kedah leapt. Caroline wrapped her hands tight around the wood and shoved upward as Kedah towered over her. The wood sank into Kedah's chest and pierced her heart. Kedah gasped and her wide eyes stared down at Caroline.

"You hit like a bitch." Caroline hissed. She tossed Kedah's body off of her and stood, Kedah had been her friend, but she could care less though, as a brutal scream broke through her head. Her eyes flew around the room, Klaus was on his knees, his hands spread out, opening his chest to Patrick who stood in front of him. The other's where fighting, trying to get around the witches spells. A witch stood next to Patrick, her hand up toward Klaus, holding him still. Patrick had a pole in his hand. A pole was already protruding from Klaus' chest, and Caroline assumed it was silver considering his reaction. Patrick twirled the other pole in his hand and smiled down at Klaus.

"No." Caroline said. A single word released in a breath of air with so much force behind it. Her bare feet pounded on the floor as she ran forward toward him. Patrick drew the pole backward and Caroline felt her heart thrum against her chest as if it was going to rupture at anytime. Patrick stepped forward and Caroline jumped. When she felt the pain in chest she knew he'd hit her with the pole. The silver sizzled against her skin and she gritted her teeth, but she was not dead, the witch broke contact with Klaus, her wide brown eyes coming up to meet Caroline's face. Both she and Patrick were stunned, just long enough for them to react.

"Do it!" Caroline yelled. Pain tore through her as Klaus grabbed the pole from where it was protruding from Caroline's back. He ripped it out and Caroline spun on her heel, ducking down as Klaus came around with the pole. Caroline heard him nail the girl in the ribs and she fell backward, coughing loudly. But Caroline barely had time to think, her hands wrapped around the other pole sticking from Klaus' chest and she jerked downward, pulling it out of him. Caroline spun and swung, aiming for Patrick, but the metal hit the ground, he was fast.

"Behind you!" Caroline yelled as she spotted Patrick behind Klaus, his hands grabbing Klaus' neck quickly. Klaus froze and Caroline knew something was wrong.

"Take one step and I put this stake through his heart." Patrick said.

"It's white oak, I can feel it." Klaus said gritting his teeth. Caroline's eyes scanned the area below her, and she spotted something. A long piece of wood from where the railing of the staircase had broken. The other's where done fighting, all of Patrick's witches were dead. He was all alone.

"If any of you move, I kill him!" Patrick screamed.

"Even if you kill him, you'll never make it out of here alive." Damon reminded him.

"Maybe not, but at least I'll know I killed him first." He said. Klaus' eyes met Caroline and she looked down at the piece of wood right in front of her foot. Klaus' eyes followed hers and then he looked back up.

"I trust you." he said. Caroline knew she wouldn't hurt him with the plain wood, but if she was not fast enough, Patrick would stake Klaus before she could kill him. She was older though, and faster, she could do it. Caroline took a deep breath and Patrick glared at her.

"You're son deserved to die Patrick." Caroline said. His face twisted in anger and Caroline took her chance. She dropped down and grabbed the wood and her hands gripped the bottom tightly as she shoved upward, sending it through Klaus' midsection, behind his heart, out his back, and into Patrick's chest. It felt like time stood still as, what was supposed to be milliseconds felt like five full minutes. Patrick's fell to the ground, and Klaus dropped to his knees. Caroline moved quickly, flying around to his back, her hand running over him. No blood, no stake, nothing. She grabbed the wood and pulled it out of him and threw it away. Caroline was on her knees in front of him, her hands grabbing his face, lifting it upward. His eyes came up and met hers and a sob broke through her chest.

"We're ok." She said nodding.

"We're alive." She whispered. He nodded and his arms went around her waist, holding her tightly against him and their lips met. She kissed him deeply, her hands remaining on his face, his arms holding her to him, not wanting to let her go.

Elijah leaned behind the oven and knocked the gas line loose, letting the gas spill into the kitchen.

"That's the good thing about these old houses, gas stoves." He said with a small smirk. Caroline was holding the only witch left.

"Now, you have two choices." Elijah said.

"You can remove the infection from the humans and we will let you go free and back to your normal life, or you can say no, and end up like your friends." He said.

"I don't know how." She glared. Caroline's grip on her throat tightened and she hissed in her ear.

"Liar. Patrick had you by his side, you brought down an original, you know how to do it. You have ten seconds to make a decision." Caroline said as she dug her nails around the girls jugular.

"10…9…8…7…6…5…" Caroline counted slowly.

"If you kill me you'll never get rid of the infection." The witch stuttered, Caroline could feel her shaking and she knew she was scared.

"We can live off one another. 4…3…2…" Caroline gripped the jugular and the girl screamed.

"No, no stop! I'll do it!" she cried out. Caroline smiled and let go of the vein.

"I'll need her help though." She nodded toward Bonnie. Caroline looked over at Bonnie and Bonnie nodded. The girl began to babble the spell, the words flowing out of her mouth. Bonnie picked up with her, reciting the spell in the exact same way. In less than a minute Caroline felt the air shift, it was electrified and it shifted hard, causing Caroline to stumble slightly, and then they stopped chanting.

"It's done." the witch said. Caroline looked to Bonnie and Bonnie nodded again. Caroline's hand wrapped in the witches hair and she squeaked.

"I thought you said you'd let me go." she said as tears fell. Caroline held her for a second and then ripped a few strands of hair out of her head. The girl cried out and stumbled forward, rolling to her butt and staring up at Caroline.

"See this, if I ever even suspect you're messing around with my family again, I will use your hair to hunt you down and I will kill you in the most painful way possible." Caroline said. The girl nodded and spun around and ran out of the house.

"You know you can't really do that." Klaus said. Caroline chuckled and dropped the hair.

"I know." she smiled.

"Light the candle in the living room and let's get out of here." Elijah said. Elena was lighting the candle as they walked out the door, she followed behind and Elena closed the door.

"The house is secluded, no one will see the flames, the smoke will bring interested parties, but by then it will be too late. Bodies will be burned up and house will nearly be gone." He said as the climbed into the waiting SUV. They were barely down the drive way when Caroline looked back and saw the flames licking out the windows. Caroline turned and saw Elena reach across the console in the middle of the two front seats. Everyone was busy chatting and she slipped her hand down and into Damon's. Caroline smiled and closed her eyes briefly. She felt Klaus' hand on her knee and she looked up.

"Are you alright?" he asked quietly. Caroline nodded and a smile spread across her face. She put her hand over his and took a deep breath.

"I'm amazing." She said. A phone rang and echoed around the car. Elijah moved and pulled a phone from his pocket. He pressed it to his ear.

"Hello." He said. A voice on the other line spoke, but Caroline did not listen in. She gave Elijah his privacy.

"I'll be right there." he said. Klaus looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

"We have to go to the hospital. Turn left right here." he pointed.

Caroline was absolutely positive they were a sight as they walked into the hospital. They all carried smears of blood on their clothes and bodies, as well as dirt from the numerous things they'd broken. Both Caroline and Klaus had holes in their shirts from being stabbed with various things. But Caroline had borrowed a jacket from a woman outside and Klaus had done the same to a man, so they were pretty well hidden. They followed Elijah, because he knew why they were here. Klaus hand was tight in Caroline's as they walked toward a room. Elijah pushed the door open and they stepped to the side. Caroline and Klaus walked in first and Caroline was slightly surprised to see Maggie. She didn't know Elijah knew her. Maggie smiled at them from where she was laying in the bed. She didn't looked well at all. She was pale, sweat covered her face, and she could barely move her arm to wave.

"Maggie." Caroline said gently as she walked toward the bed.

"Hey." She said. Her voice was so low Caroline would not have heard her had she been human. Caroline eased down onto the bed and took Maggie's hand.

"What's going on?" she asked. Klaus came up alongside the bed as the others gathered in the room. She slipped her other hand into Klaus' and she squeezed both their hands. Her grip was incredibly weak.

"I need to tell you both something." she said in a hoarse voice. Caroline nodded quickly.

"Anything." Caroline said.

"I got really sick about a year ago, it felt like the flu. I didn't go to the doctor because I thought I'd get better, and I did, somewhat, never really got rid of all the symptoms. I waited too long to see the doctor, because I just didn't think it was serious. Finally I collapsed at work and they brought me in. He said I had leukemia and it was too late to do anything. He gave me six months. When I was stabbed my already weak state didn't take to well to it and my organs started to shut down. I don't have much more time. I know I'm dying, an hour maybe." She said swallowing hard.

"No, no Maggie, we can feed you our blood, you'll heal." Klaus said. Maggie shook her head and smiled weakly at him.

"I don't want it. I'm human Klaus, and I plan to stay that way and die that way. No vampire blood." she said.

"Maggie, be reasonable." Klaus said.

"No." she said harshly. A fit of coughs took over her body and she gasped for breath, her body shaking.

"Niklaus." Caroline said softly, using her free hand to touch his arm tenderly.

"I'm sorry Maggie. Ok, no blood." he said.

"Niklaus used to tell my mother stories of his family and she in turn told me. When I became sick and found out that it was terminal, I sought out Elijah, seeing as Klaus always told mother how kind and gentle Elijah was. He found me and after some time of us knowing one another I entrusted him with something very precious to me." she nodded to Elijah and he left the room. He was back within minutes, the door opened and he stepped through, but on his hand was a small child. She was gorgeous and Caroline's mouth fell open. She looked so much like Anna.

"Caroline, Niklaus, this is Anna. She's my daughter." Maggie smiled. Caroline looked back and forth between Maggie and Anna.

"She's 15 months old. I always kept her hidden from you Niklaus, and for that I am sorry, but I never showed her to anyone, I always kept her hidden away from the world, just me and my girl." Maggie smiled as tears came to her eyes.

"I remember mother telling me stories of your Anna, and when she was born, the name seemed to fit. I handed her over to Elijah when she was just 10 months old, he's had her every since then." Maggie said. Caroline stood off the bed and continued to stare at the little girl who looked so much like her Anna. Blonde curls topped her head and bright blue eyes stared back at her.

"I want you two to take her when I'm gone." Maggie whispered. Caroline and Klaus whirled around, starring at Maggie, both their mouths open.
"Maggie." Caroline whispered.

"No one is talking me out of this. I know you will both take care of her. She will be loved, spoiled, and treated like a princess. I want you two to be her parents. Be her Momma and Daddy, don't tell her about me until she is older. I know you will protect her and love her. I'm dying, and there is no way I am giving her to anyone else." Maggie said.

"But…" Klaus started.

"But nothing, it is my dying wish. You fulfilled my mother's wish, you watched over me. Fulfill mine, please, take care of my baby." Maggie said as tears rolled down her cheeks. Caroline closed her eyes and felt tears come up, she couldn't deny her this, she was giving her her child. She couldn't imagine how hard this decision was.

"I swear to you, we will take care of Anna. She was never need for anything and she will have everything she wants, to an extent of course." Caroline chuckled softly as she sat down and took Maggie's hand. Maggie smiled and closed her eyes, squeezing Caroline's hand.

"Everything goes to her when I die. The money, the house, all of it. I would like for the house to stay in the family, please don't sell it. Use the money to buy her anything she needs. It won't last forever, but it will get you started. Elijah has her crib and clothes." Maggie said.

"We would never dream of selling the house." Klaus said. She nodded to Elijah and he slid his hand into his coat pocket and passed a folded up piece of paper to Klaus.

"That is a list, it tells you everything you need to know about her. What kind of diapers she wears, her favorite foods, colors, toys, everything." She said. Klaus nodded and tucked it into his pocket. Caroline stood and kneeled down in front of the small child.

"Hello Anna, aren't you just the cutest little thing? Can I hold you?" Caroline asked as she held her hands out. Anna grinned, a wide grin and she stepped into Caroline's arms. Caroline lifted her and then walked back to Maggie's bedside.

"She is so sweet." Maggie said as her eyes closed, her breathing was becoming erratic and Caroline could smell the death in the room.

"Here we go." Caroline eased Anna down into the bed and Maggie affectionately kissed Anna's forehead.

"I love you." she said to the little girl. Anna smiled down at her and then stretched her arms up to Klaus. He smiled down at her and lifted her up.

"We'll give you a minute." Elijah said as he carefully took Anna.

"Thank you for everything Elijah." Maggie said. Elijah nodded and dropped a kiss on Maggie's forehead before he and the others left the room. Maggie was struggling to breath and her face showed a lot of pain.

"Are you hurting?" Caroline asked.

"Yes, but this is a shitty hospital, they won't give you anything." Maggie smiled weakly.

"I'll be right back." Caroline said. She stood and walked from the room. She wasn't going to let her suffer, she refused to watch her hurt. Caroline approached the nurse's station and one of the women looked up and smiled.

"I need enough morphine to stop someone's heart. Painlessly." Caroline said as she stared right into the woman's eyes. The nurse nodded briskly and turned away. Caroline waited patiently as the nurse walked down the hallway. The nurse emerged with a syringe and passed it to Caroline.

"Forget you ever saw me." Caroline said as she turned away. She went back into the room and returned to her position on the bed. Maggie was gasping in pain and grunting, she coughed and blood ran from her lips.

"Maggie, I can make all of this go away, just say the word." Caroline said gently. Maggie looked up at the needle and nodded slowly.

"Do it." she said calmly. Caroline nodded and gently unscrewed the morphine drip from the port in Maggie's vein. It wasn't helping as much as it should have been. Caroline popped the top on the syringe and unscrewed the needle, tossing it aside.

"Promise me that you'll always love Anna." Maggie whispered. Caroline felt tears running down her cheeks and she nodded.

"I swear to you, we will love her and cherish her." Caroline said. Klaus sat down next to Maggie and took her hand, bringing it to his lips and kissing it.

"Now." Maggie said softly. Caroline screwed the syringe into the port and hit the plunger, sending the medicine into Maggie's veins. She unscrewed it and tossed it down and grabbed up Maggie's hand.

"Be happy. I'll be ok." Maggie said to them both.

"Shh, rest." Klaus said. Maggie tried to nod but her head barely moved. Her grip loosened on Caroline's hand, the beeping on the heart monitor next to the bed started to slow, the beeps becoming less frequent, until the beep was a steady beep signaling that her heart had stopped.

"Her body will be delivered to the funeral home in her will, we'll set it up. We need to go." Klaus said. Caroline saw the fresh tears in his eyes, and her heart ached for him. Caroline watched as he leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Maggie's forehead he lingered for a moment, a few tears escaping and rolling down his cheeks, some falling to Maggie's eyelashes. A hard sob racked Caroline's chest as he moved back and nodded. Caroline leaned down and kissed Maggie's cheek and then pressed her hand gently there.

"Thank you for trusting me with your baby." She whispered before Klaus took her hand and they left to room.

Epilogue: 2 years later

Caroline was completely relaxed, her whole body at ease. She was lying in a field of wildflowers, her head was resting in Klaus's lap, his fingers running through her hair slowly and softly. His hand slipped into hers and he lifted it up, placing a kiss right below the ring on her left hand.

"Remarrying you was the second best decision I ever made." He said.

"And the first?" Caroline asked. He chuckled and dipped down.

"Marrying you the first time." He said placing a peck on her lips. Caroline smiled and opened her eyes when she heard a child's laughter. Anna came running from the side and jumped on Caroline. Caroline caught her and laughed as Anna sat down on her stomach.

"Momma, did I come from here?" Anna asked pressing her little finger against Caroline's stomach.

"No baby, you didn't." Caroline shook her head. Anna grinned.

"Daddy where did I come from?" she asked.

"You know where you came from." He smiled at her and ran his hand through Caroline's hair again.

"I came from an angel right momma?" Anna asked. Caroline nodded and smiled.

"That's right baby." Caroline smiled. Anna beamed and laid down on Caroline's chest, her small head tucked into her neck and she kissed Caroline on the cheek.

"I love you momma." she said.

"I love you too angel." Caroline said. Anna leapt up and grabbed both Klaus' cheeks and pressed a huge kiss to his nose.

"I love you too daddy." she grinned. Klaus chuckled and kissed her nose in return.

"I love you right back." he said. Anna laughed and turned, she ran back out across the field, a huge smile on her face. Caroline put her hands on Klaus' leg and smiled.

"So, no plans for world domination in the future?" she asked

"No, I am perfectly content. I have my love, my family, and friends. I could not ask for more." he said.

"I cannot believe what I am hearing, the infamous Niklaus Mikaelson doesn't want more." Caroline said.

"Actually." he said slowly. Caroline chuckled and rolled over, climbing to her knees to face him.

"What is it? What do you want?" she asked. He grinned and ran his hand down her arm.

"I want a home. I'm tired of running the roads, staying here and there. Anna owns the house in New Orleans. Let's go there. We will always be safe." he said.

"You want to settle down?" Caroline asked.

"I do. I want to live in a house with a swing set in the backyard for Anna. I want to have a bedroom I can sleep in every night with you by my side and Anna right next door. I want a kitchen where we can cook dinner and a table where we can sit down as a family and eat together. I want all the simple things Caroline." he said. Caroline grinned from ear to ear. That was all she'd ever wanted with him, the small things, the life.

"Let's do it." she said.

Caroline heard the cars pull up into the driveway as she finished pouring the liquor into the four smaller glasses she continued on and poured wine into the three wine glasses on the counter.

"In the kitchen!" Caroline called as she heard the front door open. Damon was first around the corner, Elena right behind him, followed by Stefan, Rebekah, and Elijah.

"So domestic." Damon smiled and dropped a kiss on her cheek as he walked around her and grabbed a glass from the counter.

"Very funny." She said. Stefan chuckled and walked around her, dropping a kiss on her other cheek.

"Ignore him." he said lifting a glass.

"I assume Klaus is wrapping the gift?" Elijah said lifting a glass and Caroline's hand. He pressed a small kiss to her knuckles and released her. Always the gentleman.

"Yes, he is out back. Will you take this out to him?" Caroline said passing Elijah the other glass. He nodded and the men mumbled their goodbyes and headed out.

"You look very happy." Elena smiled as she sat down and took a glass of wine. Rebekah grabbed one and Caroline lifted the other as she looked around her home.

"I am very happy." Caroline said. Rebekah beamed, "We are very happy for you." she said.

"Well what about you two? Rebekah how is Stefan? Elena how's Damon?" she asked.

"Stefan is kind, gentle, and very giving." Rebekah smiled and sipped the wine.

"And Damon is the same as always, but I adore him for it." Elena smiled.

"If you would have told me five years ago that I'd be sitting in my house, remarried to Klaus, sitting with two girls who are my best friends, a yard full of family outside, and my precious girl upstairs who reminds me more and more of Anna every day, I would have called you insane." She smiled.

"Cheers to that." Rebekah smiled and lifted her glass. Caroline clinked her glass with both girls and took a sip.

"Mommy, mommy, mommy!" Anna called loudly as she came down the staircase.

"Kitchen baby!" Caroline called out. Anna came around the corner in her birthday outfit. Her bright green shirt, huge pink tutu, and shoes that lit up every time she walked.

"Oh look at my gorgeous niece!" Rebekah said.

"Aunt Bekah, Aunt Elena, it is my birthday!" she said loudly with a huge smile.

"We know, happy birthday baby!" they both said. The backdoor opened and Damon peeked in.

"Gifts are set up, bring the cake." He said.

"Uncle Damon it's my birthday!" Anna said smiling. He smiled at her and nodded.

"I know, happy birthday angel." He said. Caroline opened the fridge and grabbed the cake.

"Ok, Bekah, grab Anna. Elena grab the wine." Caroline said. They nodded and Caroline walked out into the backyard. Klaus was grinning from ear to ear as Anna came skipping out into the yard. Caroline put the cake down on the table and Anna hopped up into her chair.

"Can I open my gifts first?" she asked. Caroline opened her mouth to say no but was quickly interrupted.

"Of course you can baby." Klaus said. Caroline smirked and crossed her arms. Of course, he told her she could, she would expect no less from him when it came to spoiling Anna. She chuckled as Anna ripped into all her gifts, opening one after the other and getting everything she could ever think of wanting. When she was finished she looked up at all of them.

"Thank you!" she cheered. Everyone chuckled and Caroline leaned down and placed a kiss on her forehead.

"One more baby." She said as Klaus ran around the corner. Caroline was not sure what he'd gotten her, but he'd promised it would be huge and she would love it. Anna stood up in her chair and looked for her dad. He emerged from the corner pulling something on a rope. Caroline's eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped as she saw the all white pony come around the corner, paired with a dyed pink mane and tail.

"A PONY!" Anna screamed and jumped off the chair. She rushed to Klaus and he lifted her up and put her on the horse's back.

"Daddy, walk me around." Anna said as she beamed with joy. Klaus looked at Caroline and gave a small grin.

"Actually I think I'll let Uncle Elijah do that, because I think I need to talk to your mother." He said passing the rope to Elijah.

"You got her a horse." Caroline said nodding. Klaus smiled and slid his arm around Caroline's waist.

"I know I probably should have told you, but I knew you would not be happy. But, before you get too angry, look at how wonderfully happy she is." He said. Caroline's arms were crossed as she looked over at her daughter. Anna was laughing and giggling and smiling. Caroline's heart soared seeing her baby that happy. She sighed and uncrossed her arms and leaned into his embrace.

"Fine, ok. But next time, talk to me." she said.

"Of course." He said placing a kiss on her cheek. Anna climbed off the horse and ran forward. She stopped in front of Caroline.

"Momma, you're not mad are you?" She asked. Caroline smiled and squatted in front of Anna.

"I could never be mad when you are so happy." She said. Anna threw her arms around Caroline's neck and squeezed her.

"Thank you for my gift. I love it." she smiled and released Caroline and ran back to the horse.

"And what about you Klaus, are you happy?" Caroline asked as she turned to face him. He smirked and slid his hands around her waist.

"Me? I am the happiest man in the world. I do not think there is anyone else on this earth that is as happy as I am. I have the only woman I've ever loved in my arms every night, and I have the most amazing angel in the world for a daughter." He said. She smiled and slid her arms around his neck.

"And you my love? Are you happy?" he asked.

"I am more than happy. I am blissfully and utterly in love with my life. I fall for you more and more each day and I have the most amazing daughter. I feel like I have my family back. I believe if I was any happier, my heart would burst and I would die." She smirked.

"Well then we'll just have to make sure you don't get any happier." He said with a small chuckle. Caroline smiled and Klaus leaned his forehead against hers.

"I love you." he said. Caroline's heart thrummed with joy and she closed her eyes briefly.

"I love you too." She said as their lips came together.