The rescue of Princess Steph


Chapter 1- Intro


Disclaimer: I don't own anything in the WWE, Vinny Mac does, I also don't own any fairytales or myths that are smooshed together to make this interesting little concoction. But anyway that's the disclaimer.

Summary: For any of you who've read Where for art my Jericho, the layout will be the same and probably the families and characters too, it'll be a smoochy fic, of course, about Princess Stephanie, who has been captured by the evil Duke of Game, and how a peasant boy, dashing Chris Jericho sets out to rescue her! It'll be a fairytale kinda thing! Corny I know and I've probably put all of you off now, but humour me, it'll be funny, even if you're just pointing and laughing at me! Oh and its probably better if you leave preconceptions at the door this will be very strange and probably rather confusing, but roll with it and don't think about it too hard, then it'll allll make sense :D Enjoy!

Oh and things in bold are thoughts and italics are dream sequences, flashbacks and stuff with extra emphasis, you'll get it don't worry! Just don't think!



Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a far off land, where many fairy tales begin, there lived a mighty king, King Vince of The Federation. He ruled many parts and 'twas called the federation because, in the interests of fairness, it was all classed as one big land.

Now King Vince was a fair man, and he was popular with his subjects…usually. He was also proud to be the father of the fairest woman in all the land. No not Snow White, Princess Stephanie.

King Vince wished Stephanie to marry, and sent many suitors to court her, but Stephanie was a picky girl, and none of the suitors that her father recommended impressed the princess. Now Vince was loaded, and Stephanie wasn't called the Billion Dollar Princess for nothing, so Vince offered to pay a great amount of money to any man who could capture Stephanie's heart and get married to her.

But still Stephanie couldn't find a worthy man. Until one day The Duke of Game, HHH or Duke Hunter for a shorter name, showed up at the castle, wishing to marry the princess.

He offered her the riches of Gameland and wished to make her his queen. But Steph wasn't impressed, she sent the arrogant Duke on his way.

Hunter was... less than impressed and was determined to have Stephanie as his queen, so in the darkness of the night he stole into the castle and KIDNAPPED THE PRINCESS!

Dum, dum DUUUUM!

Now in the main town of Vince's Kingdom, below the very castle where all this was taking place, there lived a baker and his three sons, Edge, Chris and Christian. The middle son was Chris, and he worked in his fathers bakery to pay for his wrestling training, wrestlers were the knights of Vince's kingdom and fought for him. Chris loved wrestling, but he was not wealthy enough to train.

Chris, like Stephanie, wanted to fall in love and although he was not a wealthy man, nor a powerful one, he was strong and brave, and rather handsome. So many young townswomen paid him attention, but he too was very picky, and he yearned for adventure.

And it is here, that we join him for our story.

Chris stood behind the counter in his fathers bakery. He scrubbed furiously at a practically nonexistent spot in front of him. This was how exciting his day usually was.

Just then the bell over the door tinkled merrily and his best friend Matt came running in.

"Hey Matt you're early it ain't 12 yet." Chris joked knowing how Matt always liked to come in at 12 for his daily dose of fresh baked cookies.

 "No it's not that this time dude, haven't you heard?" Matt asked

"Heard what?" Chris queried setting the cloth down on the counter and joining Matt at a table booth.

"The King's daughter Princess Stephanie has been kidnapped, last night from the castle."


"Dude this is big news, the King is beside himself, he says it's to do with the Duke of Game, HHH. We could end up in a war!"

"Why should we worry? It'll all sort itself out, why should we meddle in the Kings affairs?"

"Because you ass, he's offering a REWARD." 

"Why didn't you say so?" Chris' eyes lit up, although he wasn't a greedy man his family did need money and he could pay from his wrestling.

"How much?"

"The posters don't say, it just says a BIG REWARD for the rescue of Princess Stephanie."

"But I'm not a duke or knight, why would he appoint me?"

"All you do is you go rescue her first before these dukes get a look in. Just go to Gameland and find her."

"But Trips is a mean bastard, he's probably got her all locked up and protected, it'll be harder than getting into Vince's wallet."

"C'mon you wanna be a hero, you are itching for adventure and you are strapped for cash, so quit your belly aching and go already!" Matt grinned.

Chris stood up. "Yeah, I think I will! Gimmie one of your horses for travel!"

"I got the perfect one!" Matt stood up.

"I'll tell my dad that I'm gonna adventure! This is so cool!" Chris dashed off.

"I'll meet you at my farm!" Matt called after him.


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