The Rescue of Princess Steph

Chapter 2- Setting out

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Our dashing young hero quite literally dashed back to his fathers house a little way from the bakery to tell him of his quest.

"Hey bro- whoa, bye then…" His younger brother Christian greeted him as he rushed past the stables where the youngest of the trio was shoeing horses.

"Can't talk busy, tryna get cash." Chris explained as he pushed past his older brother Edge who was making cakes to send down to the bakery later.

"Dad!" Chris screeched to a halt beside his father Mick when he discovered him in the kitchen.

"Oh hello Chris, hey have you left the bakery unmanned?! What if we have some cust-"

"Dad that's not important right now, you heard about the princess being kidnapped last night right?"

"Well of course, its been everywhere, King Vince has sent messages to every corner of his kingdom offering handsome rewards for information about Stephanie. Why?"

"Just think about it! I can set out myself to go to Gameland and go and find her, Vince will pay me lots of cash when I bring home his precious princess then I can be a wrestler, he may even knight me just for doing it, then we wouldn't have to worry about money, but it sure could help!"

"Oh I dunno Chris who say's you'd even get there?! It's a long dangerous road, you'll probably just see a nice town you like and forget to leave. And even if you did get there what would you do when you were inside Gameland? Stroll up to Duke Hunter and demand the Princess back? Have you seen the guy? Massive and nasty looking, I wouldn't wanna get on the wrong side of him!"

"You don't give me enough credit pop, I'll come up with something I do have a brain y'know, c'mon we need the money what have we got to loose?"

"A son, and that's enough! Anyway who would mind the store?"

"Christian is way old enough now he absolutely hates being stuck doing all the dirty work like cleaning and shoeing horses and sweeping. He would love to do it, you don't give him any chances with me and Edge around, he isn't a kid anymore."

"You're all still my kids. Oh I suppose if your mind's made up there's nothing I can do to stop you, I trust your judgement son, I guess you can go, make me proud."

"Yes! Thanks dad! I'll bring you back lots of cash and a mansion to stay in!"

"Yeah, yeah go on! Oh and son, have a nice day!"

Chris grinned to himself as his dad waved him off however grudgingly.

Now I've just gotta go get a horse from Matt and I'll be on my way. Chris thought triumphantly.

"Yo Chris wait up!" Chris turned as he saw Edge running from the house after him.

"You gonna actually tell me where you're going?"

"I'm going to Gameland to rescue Princess Steph and claim my big fat reward cheque!"

"What? No way! I'm not staying here while you get to have all the adventures I'm your older brother for gods sake!"

"Edge, this is my deal, you always came top in school and were always great at training and you get the most attention from the ladies, now its my turn to be the best and prove myself!"

"Aww c'mon bro, I wanna look out for you not steal your deal. I didn't know you felt that way you should've told me, can I help it if I'm pretty? Anyway c'mon we are buds too right?"

"I guess, we do hang out a lot more than just brothers do, you're more like a friend I suppose."

"Well then, think of me as a friend, look I need to stop off at some towns and pick up some ingredients and recipes that we can't get around here so I can just be a tag along to get what I need, I wont do any brotherly stuff, I'll only be with you for a couple towns, promise!"

"Okay dude you're in, but I'm in charge okay, no big brother trouble!"

"You have my word as the most gorgeous guy in town!" Edge winked.

"C'mon then, we need to go get horses from Matt."


Matt greeted them at the gate to the Hardy family farm. "Hey Chris…oh hey Edge what can I do you for?"

"I'm tagging along with Chris here, until I get where I need to go for some shopping!"

"Well in that case I'll lead the way to the finest steeds in the kingdom, this way my good men!" Matt grinned and led them to the family's large paddock and stables.

They regarded about twenty or so horses running in the field, Matt explained that these were the ones who were already perfectly well trained or who were certainly near trained. Matt whistled and Chris and Edge saw four of the horses ran over to stand obediently by the fence where the three guys were stood.

"These are the five fastest horses in all the Federation, in fact the father of these horses is King Vince's royal steed, which we sold to him as soon as he was broken in."

"Wow, you sure you wanna lend a couple of these to us dude?" Edge whistled, regarding the horses.

"Of course, only the best for my best buds, you wanna look impressive when you pull up to that Dukes castle dontcha?"

"Of course!" Chris grinned.

"Well then, now Chris as you are the dashing young hero sent to bring hope to those in need you must have the clichéd white horse. This is the oldest stallion out of the five, and the fastest. Plus its pretty big so you'll look all cool and intimidating." Matt opened the gate to the enclosure and the white stallion strode out and stood beside Chris without a pause. "His name is Fluffy-"

"Man you have got to be kidding me!" Chris gaped.

"Unfortunately not, but its okay it's Fluffy Lightning, so maybe you can call him lightning when you're tryna impress people. Y'see Jeff insisted that he pick one part of the name and I had to pick the other."

"Lemmie guess, Jeff picked lightning right!" Chris quipped.

"Haha, do you want the thing or not?" Matt mock glared.

"Sure man me and Fluffy will be best buds." Our hero sighed.

"Now for Edge, hm…a little trickier, I'm thinking Titan."

"Titan, ooh I like the sound of that, lead me to him, I bet he's wild as the wind huh!" Edge grinned eagerly.

"Erm, not quite." Matt stepped aside and a rather small brown pony stood beside him.

"What?! He aint a titan!" Edge cried indignantly.

"That's right, he aint a he either." Matt grinned and handed over the reigns to the exasperated man.

"Well, the whole family can't be massive and strong can they!" Matt reasoned. "Anyway at least your feet aren't dragging along the ground, y'see the others are mine, Jeff's and the other one."

"Well Gimmie the other one then! Anything's better than mighty mouse here."

"If you insist." Matt stood aside and the one that had looked quite intimidating and wild from a distance had been overlooked when the five had ran over- as Chris and Edge had only noticed four- it walked up to Edge and barely came up to his chest.

"Y'see, Flash here is still a foal, but if you really insist…"

"Titan will do just fine!" Edge said quickly, patting the russet mares head.

"Alright, I guess that's everything, unless you wanna come with us?" Chris asked.

"What? Naw I couldn't this seems like a family affair…"

"Nonsense, I need someone to help me keep Edge here in check, you can stay with him if you don't wanna go the whole way."

"Well I guess it'd be okay… as long as nobody minded." Matt frowned.

"Great! Send a message to Jeff and we'll be on our way!" Chris advised before leaping onto his horse.

Edge regarded Titan warily and she looked back at him disdainfully. He more or less stepped up into her saddle and sat uneasily, quite aware of the distance between them and Chris who towered over on Fluffy.

Matt returned quickly with Jeff in tow to wish them all good luck.

"Don't be too long Matt, I'll have to do all your work too, and that will just plain suck ass!" Jeff sighed.

"We'll keep in touch little bro, I'll write from every village we get to, to let you know how we're doing okay?"

"I guess, older ones get all the luck, I can't wait til I can just skive off and go 'questing'. Bring me back a duchess or lady or something to 'court' me or whatever, tell any cute ladies that Jeff says hi!"

"Yes, much better than a souvenir." Matt rolled his eyes and mounted his own horse, a fine black mare called Ebony.

"Don't be too much of a pain in the ass for dad!" Matt shouted as the three tore away from the farm.

"So where are we headed first?" Matt asked about half an hour later when they were well out of the capital.

"We have to go to Olympian Town, Where the Earl of Olympia, Earl Angle has his castle, according to my map through it is one of the most direct routes to Gameland."

"That's the place where everyone must be intelligent, intense and have integrity, and if they aren't then they are put in the Ankle stocks until they reform. Or so I've heard." Edge said cryptically.

"Sounds like it sucks ass." Matt commented.

"Oh well, we gotta go there, isn't that the place that organises the Wrestling Olympics every five years?"

"Yes and Earl Angle has won the overall achievement award for three times running ever since he was old enough to compete, good thing the next one isn't for another four years now. Everyone said it was a rig, but the Earl maintains its because they lack intensity." Edge explained.

"How did you become so knowledgeable about the different parts of the kingdom anyway?" Matt asked.

"I know many interesting people with many interesting pieces of information Mr Cookie Fetish."

"Well now I'm not sharing!" Matt stuck his tongue out.

"I don't want any anyway, they are for five year olds!" Edge countered, this sparked a loud argument between the two, ending when Matt let out a whistle which spurred Titan into a mad dash ahead which got Edge out of the way.

"Im starting to think this wasn't such a good idea." Chris sighed, burying his head into Fluffy's mane.


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