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The Newest Member: Confession

Naruto Uzumaki felt great, he had not walked this path for 3 whole years, The nostalgia made him excited to see his friends and teachers. He wondered how much they had changed. He himself grew a lot taller and most of all, Stronger. His training with Jiraiya was a success and Naruto felt emotionally strong as well. He felt ready to find and take on Sasuke and win.

"Oooohh ! I can't wait to get back to my research hehehe !" Cooed The Pervy sage and legendary Sannin, Jiraiya The Gallant.

"Seriously ... all you have done these years is perv Perv PERV! we barely got any training done with those cruddy old man pervert books that only Kakashi Sensei reads ..."

"I didn't see you complaining when we were at Bath Houses ... you started Joining in hahaha" Jiraiya's laugh was contagious and Naruto joined in too

The gates of Konoha were up ahead, the large archway and wooden reinforced doors brought back memories. how often had Naruto himself left those gates of missions and training. He certainly remembers using it to run from angry villagers who chased him because of the Nine Tailed Fox sealed within him

'I hope the villagers have changed ... the one group of people i can never please'

They passed through the gate and met up with the two Gate guards, Kotetsu and Izumo. Izumo was wrestling a jar of syrup from Kotetsu's hands when they both looked up in utter surprise. Kotetsu dropped the syrup and grabbed for his clipboard

"Naruto ! Jiraiya ! you are back haha ! great to see you two, its been so long. Lemme just write your name up ..."

They passed through the gate and smiled at the two guards passing by. Jiraiya slipped them a smutty looking book and they traded it with him for a bottle of Sake, which Jiraiya smiled and drunk happily. When Jiraiya was happy, Sake wa the only thing to calm him down, Naruto saw Jiraiya's excitement to be back in his old village again. Or maybe he was excited to see Tsunade

"Well while you go get bashed by Granny Tsunade I'm going to go check in to my house and meet up with people, ill be at the Hokage's office tonight, Okay ?"

"What the hell do you mean, get bashed ? I bet she will weaken to her knees at the sight of me ... I'm here to claim my reward hehehehe !"

Naruto left his giggling Sensei with a Sigh and made his way towards his old apartment .But first, to further add to the nostalgia, Naruto climbed atop the nearest water tower and took in the view of his home, he felt pride and happiness consume him, he also felt nervous about meeting Sakura again, had she changed ? Had he changed ?

"Woohoo ! This place is just like it used to be and one day ill be its Hokage ! Believe it ... Ugh i gotta stop saying that"

"Naruto ... ?" came a soft voice below

Naruto's hearth tightened as he spotted the pink haired beauty known only as Sakura Haruno, best friend and fellow member of Team Kakashi, she was taller and well-developed into a woman, Naruto held back a nose bleed. She looked even more attractive, three years does a lot to a person it seems.

"Sakura !" Naruto yelled leaping off the pole, he hit the ground and embraced her, making them both blush

"Oh my god ... look how tall you are ... you have grown a lot in the last 3 years"

she blushed a little at Naruto's appearance, he had grown a lot more attractive as well since he was that little scrawny loud mouth. She checked him out head to toe and feltwarmth grow inside her, She played with a curl of her hair and looked distracted at him while he babbled on about his training and adventures while he was gone.

'He has really grown into a man ... '

"Sakura ? ... hellooooo Sakura ?"

"Oh um sorry ... Sooooo ... Have I changed at all since we last met" she smiled bright

"Nope ... Your pretty much the same as usual ..."

" BAKA !"

she threw a punch that connected with his jaw, he flew ten feet back and hit into a fence. He slid down it like a frog against a windscreen, he felt his world grow blurry and the nostalgia returned. How many times had he been ruthlessly beaten by her. he brushed the dust off him and laughed, thinking to himself

'Ah just like old times ... except now she is 1000 times stronger ! I'm so screwed ..."

"Hahahaha I was only kidding Sakura ... you really have changed ... you are alot stronger, smarter, taller and ... Beautiful" he did not expect him to come out and say it, but shewas pleased he had. Sakura blushes heavily and smiled

"Oh ... Hahaha sorry ... Thank you ..N..Naruto look better yourself ..." she poked her fingers together in distraction

"Well I have an Idea ! You and me should catch up over some ramen tonight ! But first I gotta go see Tsunade .."

"Oh ... Ill come too !... If that's okay with you .."

Naruto smiled to himself, nothing would have made him happier.

Tsunade sat at her desk by the window and poured three cups of Sake, one for Jiraiya and two for herself. When she was around her dear old friend she became nervous and a bit excited. She felt the old days rushing back to meet her, the days she spent with Jiraiya and Orochimaru, before one became a rebel criminal and the other became an old sleazy perv.

"Well good to see neither of us has changed over the last 3 years ... I guess that's reserved for the younger Ninja huh ? But i must say ... Your breasts look like they are 120 cm's, not the usual 106 cm hehehehe maybe they are happy to se ..."


Tsunade punched Jiraiya hard in the Jaw sending him hard against the wall, he slid down it like a Toad on a windscreen. But he laughed like usual and Tsunade grinned lightly, the nostalgia was certainly thick in the air. She blushed as the Sake began to kick in, she knew that one day they would get together, she could not wait until that day. If it ever came ...

"Are you old farts done yet ? I've waited 3 years ... I don't wanna wait another 3 years Ya know ..."

"Naruto ... Good to see a familiar Baka like yourself ... How was training ?"

"Good ... I'm alive right ... hehehe"

"Glad to hear it Naruto ... Missions will resume in about 2 weeks ... we ar pretty cleared up on missions so that's why ... Don't argue just deal with it"

Naruto clenched his fist and let out a sigh, he could use the time to settle in and catch up with everyone so he was okay with the decision. He smiled and pulled a thumbs up.

"What ever you say ... Well i better go get settled in. I've got plans tonight" He turned to Sakura and smiled, she blushed yet again.

"We sure do ..."

5 Hours Later

Sakura stared into the mirror, her hair recently washed, dried and combed to perfection, she took great pride in her preparation for her plans with Naruto tonight, she wondered what he was going to wear and if he would bother to even wash up for their night.

"Is it a date ?... or just dinner ? ... hmmm .. I wouldn't mind either ..."

She heard a knock sound at the door and turned to slip on her shoes "Coming !" she opened the door and was shocked at Naruto's appearance. Naruto wore slim black pants which molded around his strong lef muscles and a white long-sleeved collared shirt with 2 buttons popped open to further increase his already attractive looks. he held flowers in one hand and a winning grin to top it all off, Sakura felt her warmth increase highly at the romantic surprise 'I guess it is a date ...'

"Oh ..oh Naruto ! I did not expect you here so soon ... I'm not quite ready yet, please come inside ..." she gestured for him to enter and he slipped off his shoes and accepted the offer

"Gee Sakura this place is amazing ! I really love the decoration you got going Ya know ..." Sakura bought her own apartment since they last met with her mission income

"Oh thank you Naruto ... I'll be right back mister .. take a seat"

Sakura turned and went back to the bathroom to finish her hourly preparation, she slowly closed the door. Once it shut she let out a huge exhale of nervous excitement, she had never felt so hot and happy to see Naruto before, she felt glad he was back and possibly now she would not have to be alone in the village. While Naruto was gone Choji and Ino became a couple, as well as Temari and Shikamaru, also Neji and Tenten recently started going out. She did not want to feel left out this time, If only Sasuke were well in the village.

"No ... he is gone ... that's all ..."

"Sakura ? you okay in there ?"

"Oh yes I'm fine hahaha ... I'm great ..."

"Where do you want to go for dinner anyway ?"

"Oh ...Uhm... How about Good Ol Ichiraku then ?"

"Sounds good Ya know ! hahaha"

Sakura opened the door and stood as a complete woman, all her clothing, hair and makeup applied and perfected. Naruto pretended to cough to secretly wipe away the minature nose bleed that formed on her entrance. he couldn't help it any longer, he let out an impressed whistle and she curtsied with a giggle and a deep blush

'Her and I have never been this close ... I love it'

"You ready to go Naruto ?"

"Oh uh wha ! ... OH ! ...uh yes !" her beauty had yet again caught him off guard,

They both sat and ate at Ichiraku Ramen and talked for hours about how they have been, whats been going on both inside and outside of Konoha's walls and the various missions completed and failed over the years. Naruto told Sakura all about his travels and training he underwent with Jiraiya and the odd toad summoned here and there. He mainly talked about what he missed aboutKonoha and who he missed most, Which was obviously Sakura. The bill came and was payed off in a heart beat by Naruto, who pulled a huge bloated frog purse stacked with cash. Sakura fantasized about all the dresses she could buy with that money while Naruto fantasized about all the Ramen he will buy with it. They grabbed their things and ead out the flap into the cool night

"Dinner was amazing Naruto ... Thank you so much ..." she blushed

"Yeah ! Ichiraku has not changed a bit ... But i know a few people who have ... Hey how about we take a walk through the park next to the river, I used to go there to clear my thoughts ..."

"Sounds like a lovely Idea" Her heart began to pound harder and faster at each of his compliments, she felt drawn into his charm

They walked along the still waters and listened to the songs and chirps of Konoha's "Aburame Pets", a light gust of wind chilled Sakura's soft, pale skin and she shivered, without saying a word Naruto removed his jacket he had brought and placed it over her shoulders, she felt goosebumps raise as she slipped on Naruto's much beloved jacket 'He always wears this ... and he gives it to me freely ... wow'

"Hey ... I've got an Idea ... you ever been dancing ? hehe"

She gawked at him "Dancing ... you dance ... No way ..."

Naruto grinned and nodded "Yup ! I learned on my adventures with Jiraiya ... we both had a bit of Sake and Baam ! I'm a ball room dancer haha !"

"Well ... I don't know ... where would we ..."

"Right here on the water !" he took a step onto the water and powered his Chakra to keep him above the surface, Sakura followed suit

"I don't know Naruto ..."

"It's fine let me guide you through it"

He took her hand and guided her onto the water's surface, she pushed up against him and they giggled. They swayed to music that never played in reality, but only in their minds. she folded her fingers round his and he twirled her and pulled her back into him forming the main steps of the formal dance, their eyes met and fireworks seemed to ignite between the two. He saw the samebeauty he had seen for years, she however, saw the handsome charms of Naruto for the first time, she was enthralled in it. She twirled again and laughed as Naruto lost his control and fell waist deep in the river, Sakura howled with laughter. He smiled and pulled her into the water, which made her "Eep !" in surprise. He was worried he ruined her makeup and hair, but she came to the surface laughing and smiling brightly. The two dragged themselves to the shore and lay wet on the grass side by side

"Sakura ... Tonight was amazing ... You are amazing ... Thank you ...I...nevermind" he lost his words and dismissed the thought

"No please ... Tell me ..."

He turned on his side and stared close into Sakura's eye "I ... I like you a lot ... More than friends ... I always have .."

She blushed heavily and smiled "I like you too ... I've never seen this side of you Naruto ... never ..."

"I ... I want to be with you Sakura... nothing would make me happier ... Not even the title of Hokage ..."

she pulled him in closer and gaed into the blue sapphires of his eyes and bit her lip " I want you too"

"She pulled him in and Their lips met, the fireworks intensified as their lips molded together and parted as one being, their nervous tongues moving in to meet each other and explore the new found territory of each others hearts. She breathed hard and gripped his hair, pulling him in Closer. He kissed down her lips to her cheek to the tender skin of her neck, she breathed through a relaxed grin of longing and pleasure. She kissed his cheek and sniffed in the welcoming scent of his hair. she climbed atop him, their wet clothes drying on each other. She lay on him, lips locked and refusing to part. They spent a good 5 minutes making out beneath the stars and truly sharing the passion of youth.

He parted from her "I love you Sakura ... I always have ..."

She felt a stab of pain hit her 'I love Naruto ... but he's not the only one I love ...'

"I love you too Naruto ..."

They headed back to Sakura's for hot cocoa and warm towels, neither of them knowing that the future was already decided and its Harbinger was heading to Konoha as we speak.

Mile distant from Konoha, A shadowy figure traveled. His robe and hood covering his face and body. He looked like the Grim reaper himself, minus the Scythe and plus the Katana. He walked silently and gracefully as if he were walking to the market to buy fruit, not to kill his old friends. Under the darkness of his hood, the only thing that shone, were the bright red pupils ... Of the Sharingan.

Sasuke had been traveling for days from Orochimaru's hideout, Kabuto had received word that Jiraiya and Naruto had returned from their training and were settling down at the Hidden leaf for good. Sasuke longed for the Mangekyou Sharingan, which almost guarantee'd victory over Itachi and those responsible for the Uchiha massacre.

'If I kill Naruto ... the closest thing I had to a best friend ... I will achieve amazing power, beyond anything Orochimaru can posses'

He checked to see if his Uchiha Katana was clean and sharp, he hoped to stain it red by the end of tomorrow.

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